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****Our Sunday post got sent out very late Sunday so we have extended the melamine sale until Monday 6pm EST.*****


Hello and happy Sunday to you all. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. With luck I will be visiting my parents and taking a very quick trip with my sister. Summer is flying by and I cannot believe its already mid July…about time to start seeing the back to school supplies:)

Onward we go to this Sunday’s post-



1 SANGRIA IS FOR SUMMER  I have enjoyed trying and testing some new cocktail recipes this summer. Some have been home runs and others were a one shot deal.I loved this comprehensive articles from Stylecaster, featuring the best sangria recipes. I have tried two so far and am not done yet! For anyone who equates summer with sangria, this ones for you!

Like summer in a glass, click here to read all about it.


2 GARDEN PARTY Love France Schultz’s carefree elegant style. This garden party is a stunner yet manages to feel casual and inviting. Love the colors against the California sky. Click here to read more about it.



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Another speculator a round of summer and interior goodness. Definitely flower heavy this weekend,  works for me!

4 A TRANQUIL LAKE HOUSE This beautiful lakeside abode is so well done. Reflects today’s classic modern ascetic yet manages to e so convincing an calming, i can imagine arriving for the weekend and leaving all my cares behind me. Beautiful executed, probably wouldn’t budge from that waterfront view porch with the rocking chairs! Click here to read more about it.

5 EASY PEASY APPETIZERS When we have people, over, i am increasingly looking for things that are easy to make, tasty, can be made ahead of time and don’t require going into an oven. Call me lazy, I call it pragmatic:) Making a cheese boards is always the first thin I do, everyone can nibble on a cheeseboard, I always add some fruit, olives, nuts, etc…so there really is something for everyone.

I also love my little individual crudites. I fill half the cup with hummus, then add asparagus and carrot sticks, with a few pieces of seeded flatbread. Tasty, delicious, pandemic proof and pretty!

And then brushetta is a no brainer, it is sooo good. I always hope I will have a little left for the next day! It is a perfect appetizer that is always a huge hit whenever it is served!



6 A GREAT NEW PRODUCT I kept reading about/seeing so decided to try it. I am happy I did. Love it, its a sunscreen with a subtle shimmer which makes everyone skin look prettier. Great new product, adding to my arsenal! Click here


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY  We are already half way done with summer…sound crazy? Yes, agree it’s going by a bit too fast. Are you fully “back to normal”? I feel like we are getting there, but not totally. We have not taken a summer trip yet which is something that was on my bucket list. I think if we are lucky we may get to plan something for Sept. Wondering how many of you are staying on track with your normal summer plans, traveling, etc…..its encouraging for me to hear so many are back in the saddle again!


Last day to take advantage of our big melamine sale, 30% off all patterns! Click here to see this amazing collection and mix and match to your hearts content:)

And that my friends is a wrap for this Sunday. Love knowing you make my Sunday posts part of your Sunday routine. Believe me its as much a part of mine as it is yours:) Hope everyone is enjoying a fabulous weekend, until next time……….

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Eve on

Love the individual blue and white crudites cups. Do you sell them in your shop?
Always look forward to Seven on Sunday!

Any on

great post! love your appetizer ideas…always beautiful and so tasty!
those sangria recipes look so good! perfect for summer😊

Karen on

This post arrived at 11:09 pm…no time to take advantage of the 30% off!! Sunday is over.
Why so late?

Maria on

We’re traveling from New England to the Midwest to see son and DIL. Driving our own car instead of flying, renting AirBnB with private entrance rather than hotel to avoid lobbies/elevators/etc., and son is stocking up on food to host us for all meals — no restaurants, not even grocery shopping (their market delivers). I’m still very wary but so looking forward to seeing them again.

Kayhy on

The crudité cups are wonderful! Can we find them in your shop?

Jennifer S on

The little blue and white bowls are so great. Do you sell them? Would mix well with my Enchanted melamine.

Franki Parde on

This read is just a whiff of summer pleasure.. my herbs are my friends. franki

Cathy on

Hi, Tina! I love your blog, and all your pretty items. One off the topic question: where did you get your dog bed? Thanks!

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