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Hello friends! Had visitors in from out of town and we did a quick whirlwind tour in the Hampton. It was a speedy tour but I was able to capture some beautiful highlights, not a difficult thing to do given how pretty it all is! Lots of picture taking options out there, and never at a loss of “material” to shoot pictures of.

Haven’t been out there as much as usual and when we hit 2 hours of traffic, I realized why:( The only downfall is the horrendous traffic not only on weekends but even on weekdays in the summer now. So late spring and fall to me, are an opportune time to be there sans the crazy crowds. But there is no mistaking, that it is one beautiful place! Just some fun highlights from the day….


The shingle and gabled roofs get me every time, this architectural style which is so popular there is always so appealing

Charming shops, churches and historic buildings galore that ooze charm!

Love seeing the American flags every where!

Mecox Gardens is  a stunning well stocked home emporium which is always worth the stop

Can we talk about how absolutely stunning this entrance is! As if they knew I was coming….may need to copy!


And can you even believe how gorgeous this is!!! This was in front of a beautiful home, we assume there had been a wedding there or this man really really loves his wife:)

No trip to the Hamptons is complete without a decadent lobster roll from the one and only Lobster Roll aka “Lunch”….worth every calorie!

I could never visit the Hamptons without a few stops at some favorite farm stands, everything just tastes better from a farm stand, don’t you thikn!


Sunflowers galore…loved taking them home and putting them in one of my blue and white jars, one thing I will never have a shortage of.

And let me tell you, these peach pies are legendary from Briermere Farm and yes, they are as heavenly good as they look!


And that’s a quick  glance at our funfilled day! Hope you enjoyed seeing our highlights. Have you been? Have a trip planned? It’s most certainly worth the trip, just be sure you allow for plenty of time to navigate the traffic particularly on weekends. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a great day!

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Oh my .. the giant chinoiserie planters full of hydrangeas.. just stunning! I’m in Florida, does anyone know what I could substitute for hydrangeas by the pool? Love the flowers but not the mess … need full sun and heat tolerant.

Your pictures are so beautiful, I wish we had a farmstand nearby! and your sunflowers in the blue and white vase are exquisite!
my niece got married at the Maidstone two years ago and we had the best time spending a week in East Hampton but I am not going to disagree, the traffic is a nightmare and that alone would keep me away!
love lobster rolls!

I totally agree with you. The entrance with the hydrangeas in the large blue and white containers are breathtakingly beautiful !

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