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Hello,  we have continued to do our massive clean out in anticipation of many shipments coming an preparation for the holidays. We still have so much to unload. I toyed with the idea of an in person warehouse sale but because of the Covid situation decided against it, so now you can shop from the comfort of your very own home:)

These items tend to go fast, and with good reason given that most items are about 50% or more off their normal selling retail price.

Today is another round of sensational bargains,  all about half of their normal selling prices. This is a combination of items that are slightly defective or “seconds” or items that we only have 1 or 2 left of and are not coming back in stock. If you are in the mood for a deal, you have landed in the right place! Please read over the rules below prior to placing your order-

  • There are two ways to place an order, call or email- 1-800-804-9565 or email (office hours 9-5 EST Mon- Friday)
  • If emailing an order, we need your name, number, address and item number with quantity (color/design if applicable)
  • Limited numbers of all items shown so subject to availability
  • Only a paid invoice guarantees your order, all invoices sent must be paid within 12 hours
  • We do not hold items
  • Final sale, all items sold as is
  • Shipping is extra
  • Some items can be shipped internationally, please contact for a ship quote
  • This sale will end on Friday
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565



ITEM 1 Last of a few of our beautiful hand painted chinoiserie tole lamps. Simply exquisite in any space.

1A Last one of this spectacular soft blue hand painted chinoisierie hexagonal lamp. A beautiful lamp, one  I have in my own home.

Base measures 18.5″

$115.00 (includes harp and finial)

1B This rusty red and gold beauty is just waiting for a new home. Our last one!

Measures 18.5″


1C And this scalloped lamp painted in a beautiful scene with tones of blues and browns is another stunner. Only one left

Base measures 18″


ITEM 2  Pictures cannot convey how stunning these lattice double arm sconces are. We have only one or two pair left of each color. They feature two arms, beautiful lattice detailing and four charming little bells.

We have a few pair left in pale green and pale blue and one ivory. Spectacular is fitting!

Each sconce measures 19.5″ x 13″ x 7″

$145.00 each

A pair is $280.00

specify pale green or pale blue or ivory

ITEM 3 We have a few lampshades left. These are pleated cotton and a steal if these work for your colorway!

 3A 3 left,  measures 12″ x 17″ (at widest point) x 13″


3B One left of the golden yellow/white buffalo check.

Measures  12″ x 17″ (at widest point) x 13″


ITEM 4 We have several “orphans” from our best selling Staffordshire dog collection, they are missing their mate! We are sold out of these dogs right now (all coming back in stock) but have a few  single figurines left. These are a perfect piece to finish a vignette and also look fabulous on top of a stack of coffee table books.

4A Pale blue large (these are in production and coming back in Sept)

measures 6″ x 11′



4B 2 left of the cherry blossom dog (these are in production and coming back in Sept)!

Medium 8″ x 5″


4C We have two of the large blue and ivory (also coming back in Sept)

Measures 6″ x 11″


4D Three of the large black/ivory

Measures 6″ x 11″


4E One left of this pink beauty!

Large measures 6″ x 11″


ITEM 5 Found more of these lowball/juice cane glasses. So these fabulous rattan wrapped drinking glasses are stunning. Offered in two sizes. We had a quality control issue with this vendor and decoded to not go through with them. So we have about 100 of each size. Here is the caveat- the rattan “sleeve” is supposed to come off.

And on many the sleeve does come off but not all. So these are being sold as is. They can easily be washed with the sleeve but you have to be careful in how you do it. I own them and have washed them many times. Just letting you know that some may have the removable rattan sleeve and other will not.

Set of 4 $20.00 *specify open weave or cane weave

measures 5″ tall

Cane weave

Open weave

ITEM 6 These are available for non payment. Last two of these beautiful pale pink/white chinosierie scalloped lamps. These are so pretty and how I wish I had a pink room to put them in! Base measures 18″ tall, including 2 solid brass pagoda finials with these! Almost half off! I love this lamp:)


$115.00 each

$215.00 for the pair

Includes harp finial and beautiful white pagoda finial!

ITEM 7 We found a big box of these adorable topiary robes! These were styled after our best selling gift wrap pattern and are a must have for any hostess, a great stocking staffer gift idea for those who plan ahead. Includes 2 roomy pockets, a matching sash/belt, 3/4 length ruffled sleeve, a perfect robe for sizes 4-14!  We did not have our professional shots taken as these came very late. Such a fun darling robe. A bargain!

$40.00 each or 2 for $75.00

ITEM 8 Have a lot more silver, these are perfect for those who are looking for a little DIY project. All are new but in need of a really good polish. Sold as is. We are grouping mint juleps together and selling them as sets. We have more to group and will includes those next time!

8A Features a small beaded square, a etched large square, an embossed medium and an acorn medium mint julep.

Set of four $50.00

8B This set of four features  a large etched, a scalloped medium, a square beaded medium and medium Christmas wreath mint julep.

Set of four $55.00


8C This fabulous engraved scalloped bowl is a beauty and just needs a really good polish. Perfect for a display bowl, to fill with candies, fruit or berries. 5 available. Measures 13.5″ round, rests on four delicate “feet”


8D Have a few of these darling etched pierced small silver bowls. A perfect piece for candies, berries, etc…. such beautiful detailing.


8E One left of this beautiful three tiered silver serving dish, perfect for desserts or even small tea sandwiches. Such a pretty piece, just needs a great cleanup!



8F One reindeer wine coaster left, darling for the holidays!


8G Three left of these beautiful small pierced planters with etch work and piercing…a perfect and elegant catchall.

Measures 6″ x 7″ x 5″


8H Last of these scalloped elegant planters, which doubles as a wonderful wine/beverage cooler. Just needs a great polish!

Measures  11.5:” x 7.5″ x 5.5″


ITEM 9 Adore these fabulous large pagodas, perfect for indoors or out. These are really gorgeous and hand painted. Offered in two styles (one have one of each).

These measure 18″ tall

Hand painted gold chinoiserie scene on pale blue body $95.00

Hand painted Pale blue and white tall pagoda $85.00

Pale blue with gold chinoiserie

Pale blue with white

ITEM 10 Calling all early bird holiday planners. We had received some of our ornaments last year in the wrong die lot. So they are up for grabs at sensational savings. Sold by boxes of four only.

10A Our top selling Staffordshire dog ornament in poppy red. Measures 5″ tall

Box of 4 $25.00

10B Our popular 5″ floral ginger jar came in orange instead of red, works great for those who like to decorate with brighter colors

Box of 4 $20.00

10C Same color in our pretty pheasant flat top ginger jar, 4″

Box of 4 $20.00

10D And our gorgeous 5″ dragon ball in a pretty shade of green.

5″ ball box of 4 $24.00

10E And then we have our gorgeous 6″ cherry blossom jar that was supposed to be gold but came in a soft buttery yellow. Still very pretty.

Box of 4 $24.00

ITEM 12 Speaking of the holidays we have a handful of tissue packs from our holiday patterns last year. These are beautiful quality and such pretty prints.

Each pack is 25 large sheets of high quality tissue (20″ x 30″)

Each pack $9.00

2 packs $16.00

Specify red Christmas trees, mossy green jars, stockings, red jars or green Christmas trees

ITEM  13 These basketweave etched hurricanes are gorgeous. Beautiful workmanship. Down to our last few pair of both small and large. Not only are they stunning hurricanes but they make such elegant flower vases too. Lots of possibilities with these elegant beauties.

Medium measures 12.5″ x 6″ $60.00 each

Large measures 15.5″ x 6.5″ $90.00 each

ITEM 14 Calling all DIY’ers.Some of our new wicker mirrors came in with broken glass. Easily replaceable. So we are selling the petal frame, and all that needs to be done is replace the glass. Or another edesign customer is using one as a bulletin board, I love that idea! Great idea for a DIY! I will be attempting to make one of these my bulletin board, love the idea!

We have a few navy, cornflower blue, green and white

These measures 42″ across


ITEM 15 Stunning tall vertical leaf and reeded hurricanes on brass footed pedestal.

Measures 15″

$65.00 each

 ITEM 16  Pagodas in large, limited numbers of the large size in several colors. Same deal, most are missing glass and/or bells.

$45.00 any color

16A White with pink (2)

16B Mossy green with white (1)

16C Pink chioniserie (1)

16D White with navy (1)

16E Citron green with gold (1)

16F Pale aqua with white (2)

16G White with gold (1)

ITEM 17 We found a whole host of colors, something for every decor! These are seconds and are all either missing glass panels and/or a few bells. These can either be used without the bells, or placed a certain way  to feature a particular angle. Less than half off. Sold as is.


$35.00 for all mediums

17A Black with gold (1)

17B Apricot with aqua (1)

17C Soft florals on blushy pink (1)

17D Mossy green with white (2)

17E Kelly green with white (2)

ITEM 18. Avails bale for non payment. Last of these gorgeous tole obelisks in a very soft blue with gold chinoiserie handpainted. Sold as pair only. These are handpainted in the prettiest very soft pale blue and are ideal for a fireplace mantle.

$135.00 for the PAIR

Measures 16.5″ tall

ITEM 19 Can’t believe we found one of our fabulous floral straight fishbowls. Been sold out of these (getting more in late Sept/early October) This is a beautiful, great size for indoors or out. Features a fully handpainted floral scene with raised small “lion head” detailing.One left

Measures 17.5″ tall


ITEM 20 Found more of our fabulous shaped open ended hurricanes. Offered in a few sizes and styles.

Large hurricanes $65.00 (swag and garland or Greek key)

Medium hurricanes $45.00 (swag and garland)


Greek key large


Vertical leaf large

Swag and garland medium

ITEM 21 One last wicker pagoda, these are so fabulous. This one is the large (we will get more in mid Sept) Makes one heck of a beautiful centerpiece!

Large measures 15.5″  x 10″


ITEM 22 We are down to the end of our fabulous high quality chinoiserie tissue paper. Offered in ivory or pale green.

Each package has 25 sheets that measure 20″ x 30″

Each pack $9.00!

2 packs $16.00

ITEM 23 Two fabulous pale pink chinoiserie murals left. These are spectacular and framed in a pretty gold toned fretwork frame.  We have four of these beauties left and then they are gone!

Measures 48″ x 26″ x 2″

$315.00 each

ITEM 24 We have one antiqued bird chunky ginger jar left and it is missing one of the small raised “lion heads”. Otherwise it is perfect. Offered at less than half of its normal selling price.

Measures 18.,5″


ITEM 25 We have one left of this beautiful soft pink chinoiserie mural. So delicate and pretty, hand painted with a pretty gold toned fretwork frame

Measures 48″ x 26″ x 2″

$285.00 each

ITEM 26 Three  left of these gorgeous mossy green hand painted chinoiserie framed murals.

Measures 48″ x 26″ x 2″

$315.00 each


And that is a wrap for this round of the warehouse sale…lots of goodies! Call or email your order in. Wishing everyone a fabulous day!


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Thanks for listing the beautiful products and your sweet baby in t-shirt ❤

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