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Hello and happy Friday everyone. Hope everyone had a good week and that it will be smooth sailing into the weekend. If you love anything having to do with the home, then sit back take a 15 minute break, don’t think you will regret it. I have a lot to share with you and doing a little giveaway. We have so much happening over here and I am sharing some of it with you here today. There is still more and I will share that in the near future.

Also, for those who have asked, Carolyne Roehm and I have been busy behind the scenes and are just elated to announce our collaboration in about week, so please be sure to check back. Its just beautiful and one I am really proud of, plus getting to work with a style icon like Carolyne was the ultimate validation to what I do and why I love it so.

OK onward to whats new and exciting over at Enchanted Home and don’t forget to comment so you can eligible for the giveaway.



PORCELAINS Super excited for this next container, it is the biggest one we have ever imported, over 2100 pieces of amazing porcelains! We will hold a presale on this huge container week after next. Lots of new things coming in plus many customer favorites being restocked, here are just some of whats arriving….




SILVER We are getting in two huge silver shipments in the next 3 weeks, in preparation for the holidays. It is hard to believe that its hard to find a really reliable source of high quality silver that is reasonable and beautiful. We have you covered….and then some. Here are some of whats coming in. Cannot wait…..fall and winter is such a beautiful season for the gleam of silver!

TOLE We just got a big shipment of wastepaper baskets and these gorgeous new trays. They were just added this morning, click here to see. One was put on my vanity right away and I will use another for serving. Just love these.

Cannot believe how we blew through almost our entire collection of these most exquisite floor plants. I have two and LOVE them. One of my proudest creations! We have a few left in small and medium. Click here to see

Excited that we are going to be bringing back brackets! These are going to be offered in a few colors and 2 sizes, stay tuned:) If there is a particular color you would love to see these in, leave it in the comments.

OUR HOLIDAY GIFT WRAP For your eyes only! You are seeing it here first! SO beyond excited over our four papers this year. We will have them in about a month and will do a presale on these around the first week of Sept. Each pattern is reversible and is a high quality paper, the thickest in the market 110 lb.

Plus we are getting tote bags in all the patterns and matching tissue. We will also be offering both grosgrain and velvet ribbon that match so we will have your gift giving needs covered.


We are also getting in a big shipment of ornaments later Sept and will as we always do, hold a presale sometime in Sept for all you early birds:)

PORCELAIN PUMPKINS AND BUNNIES We are excited to be adding a new fourth large pumpkin to our pumpkin family, plus 2 new patterns! These will be here around end of Sept, perfect timing for your fall decorating! We will hold a presale on these. Bunnies will be here later Oct (these are really for the spring market but getting them in early) and now offering them in green which I think are gorgeous, so fresh and pretty. See I do listen to all you green lovers out there:)


LINENS We have had such an amazing response to the introduction of our linens. These are handblocked in India and are made of the finest cotton. Truly gorgeous linens that makes me excited to set a table. Click here to see the current patterns.


I am ecstatic over 3 new designs I worked on that will be here next week! We will hold an arrival sale on them, I already have so many tablescapes in mind:) There were many renditions and I didn’t stop until I got it just right (in terms of how I visualized them) and I am smitten with the 3 new additions.
Not the professional shots but you get the idea-

Finally decided on the colors for the above linens..its a real process!

TABLETOP We have two huge wicker containers arriving in about 3 weeks. One will have our long awaited wicker breakfast trays…finally! More wicker consoles, urns and pedestals, hurricanes,wicker pagodas, etc…

And will get more of these sensational pagoda dog beds in early October

They are coming in, in 5 colors- pale pink, navy, cornflower blue, green and white


So, as you can see, there is no grass growing under my feet. Lots happening and it’s all incredibly exciting! It has admittedly been a bright spot in a difficult and challenging year. We look forward to sharing with you as things come in and we will hold presales for all items. We are busy little elves over here as we wind down with summer and eagerly await a bustling holiday season.


One winner will win a $50 shop credit to use however you please. Just leave a comment on this post telling me what most excites you on this post. I will announce the winner on Tuesday morning.

Thanks for stopping by. Love what I do and getting to share it with all of you. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and a fabulous weekend. Until next time….

Starting today all melamine is 30% PLUS spend $100 or more and receive a free serving platter! Use code summer

Click here to see our amazing melamine collection

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Ilene Fridling on

Very excited to see the blue and white pet bowls!

Janet W on

Love the new linens? Can’t wait!

Julie Shuchman on

My favorite item?: definitely the floor planters. No wonder they are best sellers! Smart design elevating them on “feet”, charming patterns and colors which will enhance foliage plants. Love them!

Denise on

Cant wait!!! Loce the porcelains & wicker!!!

Anne on

I cannot wait for the wicker breakfast trays!

Jennifer S on

WOW WOW WOW. ! So many beautiful new and returning beauties! Need to go back and check out everything again! Already know I will need to order ornaments( to tie on packages) early!

Tim F. on

Love the blue & white Chinese emperors!

Marilyn on

The gift wrap is over the moon gorgeous!

Terry P. on

Well, I must say – Your earlier post showing the Wicker Pagoda DOG Bed – was so cute – that I really wished I had a dog – LOL.

Blessings 🙂

Bobbie Veeder on

I love the last wicker piece the most, just beautiful

Debbie Spartin on

I am so delighted to have found your shop a few short months ago! So far I have purchased your porcelains and wicker, and have loved it all – thank you! Most excited about these beautiful wood wall brackets – would love to see the brackets in your celadon green and a corner bracket would be fabulous as well!!

Vinita Phillips on

Love the wicker pedestal and urn. New porcelains are fantastic.

jan on

Too hard to pick a favorite wicker piece but I love that you have listened to your readers and added new colors. Can’t wait for the new wrapping papers. My daughter asked me last Christmas where do I get such pretty paper! I’m going to buy some extra this year and give both my daughter and daughter in law some to use.

Lynne on

Love love love the new gift wraps. Also the breakfast trays are so charming.

Ashley on

I’ve been waiting for some of these silver items to use on my holiday table (and elsewhere)! So excited!!

Linda Mazzei on

I love the bunnies! What. a wonderful addition.

Michelle B on

Beautiful linens indeed! They are gorgeous 🙂

Victoria on

kind of painting from all the beauty, I’m in love with all of it. The gift wrap, the linens, of course the porcelain the bunnies the pumpkins, I’ve lost track of how much I love!

Janet on

Absolutely love and anticipating the wicker urns! I am envisioning two in the foyer of my new Bluffton home some day 🙂

LP on

You knocked it out of the park with the gift wrap! the linens swoon!

Silver, the brackets it is all scrumptious

Deborah M Hunt on

The silver and the Christmas wraps are my favs!!!

Nancy bohdan on

Very excited to see the brackets you will be getting!

Cindy on

The silver!!! Can’t wait for that presale!

Linda on

I have “no words”
I want it all!!!

Sharon LaRoe on

I adore the round and square silver boxes. Also can’t wait to get one of the white or blue ”breakfast in bed” trays. I’ve looked at them for awhile now and they always sell out before I can get one🤣. Thanks for the beautiful blog and incredible merchendise🌸

Marge on

Gorgeous items for the home and outdoor spaces. I always pick all things blue and white as my favorite items!

Stephanie O. on

I always get excited about the porcelain arrivals!

Stephanie C on

The pale blue and gold trays, the blue and white pumpkins, the wicker, the Christmas wrapping, oh my!

tahani on

Beautiful Love this all

Eve Melia on

I adore the bunnies!!! Also love the lovely new trays!! Every color is so pretty, it’s hard to pick one!!

Jenni Toebben on

The brackets and the wicker are my favorites, but I love everything!

Sharon F. on

Love everything but especially the breakfast trays. Thank you for all the beautiful things you offer.

Ms. Tracey on

I’m thrilled for the linens 🤩

Linda Anzalone on

Love the pet bowl, will have to get a few for my grandKitty!

Susan B on

So excited about the new brackets! Nice brackets are so hard to find, and I know yours will be of such wonderful quality! Thanks so much!

Susan C. on

I LOVE the new gift wrap. The new reversible styles are so gorgeous that I can’t wait to see presents under my tree dressed in these beautiful papers.

Janet on

Tina — Love the worker, the tole, the wrapping paper, the linens, but at heart I’m a blue and white porcelain girl. The new pieces look amazing!

Mandy Puchalski on

It’s impossible to pick one thing to be most excited about but the silver collection for the holidays has us swooning over here.

Megan on

Wow, what an impressive selection! I love mixing my blue and white with green and one of those floor planters would be a perfect addition!

Susan on

Love the wicker breakfast trays – hard to decide what color!

Susan N. on

Tina, there are so many gorgeous items to dream about, but my favorite in this group is the first planter, I own two and love them! Hope to purchase one in the next shipment for a gift. Of course, I would also love the wicker pagodas to use both indoors and out, especially when setting a casual dining table, they are so charming.

Sharon on

I’m so excited about the new arrivals – especially the linens and giftwrap!

Kristen on

Love the new pumpkin designs! I will be ordering them to go with the rest of my collection.

Kay on

Excited to see the Christmas ornaments!

Linda Rubin on

Hi Tina….everything is so beautiful, it’s hard to pick just one item but I must say, I love all the silver pieces.

Kelly Hinkley on

I love the blue and white dog bowls! I was lucky enough to find the smaller version years ago but could never find a mate for it. Unfortunately my dog has now passed away but I’m still eyeing up a second one just incase. At the moment I have it nestled in with some ginger jars with a spikey white shell ball in it and it looks fantastic! I stopped short of using it for a dip bowl, because it was so beautiful, in case someone relized it was a dog bowl. 😉

ruth on

The Silver pieces are fabulous! I use them year round but especially at Christmas ❤️

Deb R on

I can’t decide whether the wicker console or painted waste baskets are best! One of each please!

Lorraine Hutchinson on

It’s so hard to decide whether it’s the silver or the wicker urn and pedestal that is so wonderful and makes my heart go pitter patter

Julia F. on

The breakfast trays are my favorite! Sold out so quickly last time.

Anna Monroe on

Pagoda dog bed and blue and white bowls? It’s a dog’s life!

Nancy on

Loving the new silver pieces and the dog bowls for the pet who has everything….now!
Fun and beauty rolled into one.

Mary on

Can’t wait for the porcelain fish bowl planters. I’ve been trying to get my hands on them!!!

Jackie S on

I have been looking for some brackets and these look great!

Elaine McCarty on

Wow! Love the wrapping paper♥️ The wicker urs are a favorite too!

Susan on

Oh I love the return of the brackets! I have enjoyed mine so much and I love the new style!

Susan on

Absolutely adore the wicker Pagoda Dog Bed!

Barbara on

Can’t wait to purchase some beautiful gift wrap. Love it all!

Susan Hayes Long on

Regarding the brackets, would love to see black with gold trim and oxblood with gold trim.

MJ Accurti on

Beautiful new porcelain!

Liz on

Just had built-ins completed so I am excited to add some blue and white porcelain pieces to my new shelves! I have already ordered a pair of 14” jars for the mantle that are due tmrw 🙂

Lois Munn on

Thrilled with all the new items and what’s yet to come. Please don’t get so busy that you don’t have time for the blog!

Pat R on

Am excited about the new gift wrap. Beautiful and UNIQUE.

Jeanne M. on

I love your Instagram page and look so forward to your blog and all of your inspirational! That said, my favorite from this post is the porcelain, the fishbowl planter in particular. I have several of your porcelain items, and absolutely love them!

Claudia McCauley on

The brackets will be a wonderful addition to a spot needing a refresh…so excited…thank you!

Ms. Rosemary Wussler Boorman on

You and your creativity and work are inspiring! Thank you!

Elizabeth S. Anderson on

I am so-o-o glad you are bringing back your wonderful brackets – they add so much to any room!! I am hoping there will be a black and gold one!!!!

cheryl P on

Love all the new wicker pieces, especially the side table! Great new porcelains too!

Charlotte on

I am very excited to see the beautiful new linens and the wastebaskets. Everything is exquisite as always.

Maureen Winchell on

It would be fabulous to be served on a wicker tray while my dog has his breakfast from a blue and white dish!

Darlene Ryan on

Every dog should live in luxury of their own blue/white food and water bowl. One of life’s simple pleasures but so pretty.

Sandy Hudson on

Love it all, especially the new linens!!!

Susan M. on

Love the holiday wrap and table linens!

AFN on

So many fabulous new items coming in hard to choose. Always love the silver, especially the small covered container. . The gift wrap is better than ever. So exceptional.. I especially like the pattern with the candy cane, ornament and blue/white vase.

Joans on

I am going to look closely at those beautiful table cloths. Lots of new items!

Doris Kristmann on

The green acorn wrapping paper is really cute!

Deanna on

I have been waiting for the return of the beautiful blue and white porcelain planters. I have never seen anything like them anywhere. Have one of the floor planters, love it! So unique.

Laurie on

So excited about your blue and white linens from India. They are stunning!!!

So beautiful!

michelle l oleary on

Hard to choose one item to be excited about. So many beautiful items. Especially love the wicker lanterns, new papers and the green bunnies.

Rosemary on

Oh my Tina—love the new Christmas gift wrap and the wicker table is a fabulous piece. I am excited to see the mini tie on ornaments for my beautifully wrapped gifts.

Mary on

Love love love the linens!

Carolyn on

I am building a new home and am so excited to see so many lovely items to add to my decor! The linens and planters are first on my list. 🙂

Susan on

I could never pick a favorite thing because I love way too much here, this is going to get me in trouble😊

The gift wrap collection, the new linens, the bunnies, the pumpkins are all sensational. Of course I see new porcelain pieces I must add to my growing collection!


Faye on

Be still my little blue heart !! I love the beautiful linens !!

Emily on

Bright spot for the week! Love, love, love…….

Michelle on

Evvvvveerrrrttthhhiiiiinnnnngggg excites me about this post!!!!!

Lizzie on

So many beautiful things! Love the pet bowls and the wrapping paper with the berries on it.

Mary on

Everything is beautiful, but I particularly love the new linens.

Anne Nelson Morck on

I’m really excited about the new linens and bamboo flatware. Can’t wait to see your posts!

Rebecca Cope on

Love the linens! Can’t wait!

Teresa Tario on

Love those pumpkins bunnies and handblocked linens!

Karen Bauer-Tortorella on

The wrapping paper is beyond gorgeous this year. Great job.

Marie K Ketchersid on

Love, love, love the garden seat!

Angela Middleton on

Very excited about the porcelain fish bowl coming back! Incredible looking piece of blue and white! Needing a large one for my Fiddle leaf fig.

Susan K on

Love the foo dog ginger jars!

Debbie smart on

I love the rabbits; especially the green ones. That is my daughter’s favorite color and it can be hard to find items that are green for those special holidays.

Barb on

Can’t wait for the porcelain offerings and absolutely need a wicker breakfast tray. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Elizabeth on

I love EVERYTHING, but I am really excited for the new table linens!
They are so beautiful!

Donna on

My favorite items are the pumpkins and bunnies! Great way to add pattern & texture seasonally while keeping decor minamalist.

Deanna on

The gift wrap is gorgeous, but I’m most excited about the ginger jars that will be here. I can never get enough of your beautiful porcelains.

Dr Ari Karga on

loving the pet bowls and the quality of the silver is amazing! I missed the silver tray last time so I am definitely looking forward to get that! It will match my silver pierced bowls!
Tina, thank you for sharing your optimism and love for beautiful things to make our life colorful and bright!

Teri on

Love love it all. Fabulous new collection of goodies. Love also the new shades of blue in some of the jars.
So glad to see the pet bowls. I had some years ago that were broken during a move. Would love to get new ones.
The wall brackets are terrific. I’d like to see in black to hold my blue and white. Yummm

Judy on

The bunnies are precious

Peggy Wilkins on

Just wow on the silver, linens and porcelains! I love it all. Silver is so classic and timeless, so are the linens, as well as the porcelains. What can I say, it’s all spectacular. Of course, I’m drawn to the blue and white porcelains, particularly the peacock motif.

Florence M Mynar on

One can never have too much blue and white. Beautiful!

Rose on

I am absolutely in love with the silver boxes. What gorgeous tea caddies they would be to add to my collection!

Rachel Mcqueen on

DYING sober the new gift wrap- please bring it asap! you have inspired me to decorate for the holidays this year based around your beautiful gift wrap!

And adore the linens- wow!

Karen on

It is 90 degrees and storming but your new gift wraps are calling to me—every pattern is fabulous. When one uses your wrapping papers the recipient actually receives TWO gifts—the wrap and the gift inside the wrap.

Ellen on

I’m soooo excited about your new inventory! Silver, new porcelains, wicker and fabulous linens. I can’t wait for the presale!

Janet Masterson on

In love with the tole chinoiserie trays……so fabulous! I need to get my wish list started!

Liane on

I love the new gift wrap especially the one with Topis.
I am so ready for the holidays bring it on !

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Wonderful selection of new things. A wicker console is on my list. Love the brackets too. In White Dove and FB Stiffkey or Hale Navy. Always find a Must Have at EH and your quality is fabulous!

Suzanne Johnson on

In love with the silver covered platter!!! I’ve been waiting for it to come back in!!! It’s fabulous!!!💙💙💙

Jane C on

I swoon over the brackets!! Celadon Green would be perfect in my home!

Jane R on

Oh my goodness, where do I start? I’m in the market for one of your blue and white garden stools for sure. I love the standing emperors and will hopefully order those in the near future. Those wall brackets are to die for. Anxious to see the sizes you will offer. I would love to see a wishlist on your website for gift ideas from my husband and children.

Patricia on

Hi Tina. The lidded bowl/tureen is divine. I love the brackets also and the tole planters. Love love 💕

Carol Lane on

Loving the wicker ( most of which I own LOL) as well as the stunning tole planters ( own one of these too)!

Jo Shafer on

Looking forward to these new table linens, especially the blue & white patterns. They’d go especially well with a white or cobalt blue wicker bed tray; I’ve always wanted one of those and could really use one as the “old lady” I am becoming.

Marilyn Stirrett on

I love the green and the white floor planters. Would probably use one for a wastebasket in my bathroom.

LeeAnne Jordan on

Always excited to see the new porcelain shipments! Love all of the linens, planning to buy some for my daughter for Christmas, but choosing is so hard!

Shirley on

I am so excited for the brackets! Of course everything else is just beautiful too!

Andrea on

Tina, my favorites are: the porcelain tureen is stunning, love the blue pumpkins, silver is gorgeous, and I love the linens! Hard to choose on the linens, all gorgeous! Thank you!

Sandra L on

I love the new brackets! I would love to see them in green and perhaps pink!

Blake Seeds/Blue Creative Interiors on

Too many things to list or choose ONE! But, I absolutely love the navy and white cloth napkins!

Nancy Behrmann on

Thank you for bringing us the opportunities to buy quality, beautiful and different gifts for ourselves, families and friends!

Jill on

LOVE!!! new wrapping paper….best ever!!!!!

Sue Gaston on

Oh boy ! What doesn’t excite me ! The linens , rattan console , the porcelains ! So much goodness. Can’t wait

Terri Lin on

I am so excited about everything arriving in the warehouse. Like you I want one of each planters. And I also love the porcelain figurines.

Kay D on

I love all the porcelains! So beautiful!

Carol on

I am liking the candy cane wrapping paper. Lots of good stuff coming our way

Patti S on

so many beautiful items, especially love the tray for a vanity or serving!

Hilary Merrington on

I have been looking for ages for a breakfast tray, yours are the best I have seen absolutely delicious

Susan Alexander on

Linens, linens and more linens! All are just beautiful and can’t wait to explore the possibilities with various tabletop combinations😊

Kim M on

Everything is just so beautiful but I neeeeeed a doggie bed and a new tole tray…..and maybe more pumpkins and the blue table linens and a couple more bunnies for spring! Keep the goodies coming!

Donna A. on

The hand blocked linens are my favorite, as well as the wrapping paper.

Marguerite on

I just decided I need a breakfast tray to use my laptop in various venues around my house!

Hilary Merrington on

Delicious breakfast trays

Anita Morgan on

Brackets, wicker urns, breakfast trays grabbed my attention as I scrolled through the exciting items that will be available soon. Thank you for all you do to make the world a more enchanting place.

Debbi Benedict on

I think I am most looking forward to the pet bowls! Oh, and the pumpkins!

Susan Kayden on

I love your new wrapping papers! Truly gorgeous and unique!

Joy Searles on

Love the adorable pet bowls!

Carol W. on

The new items are all lovely! And choose just one? I’ll choose the Christmas wrapping paper. It’s nice to start looking ahead to the beauty of the Christmas season.

Requi on

So many gorgeous items, hard to choose a favorite. In love with the blue and white cache pots with gold finials and absolutely adore the wicker bed trays.

susan on

love your table cloths. Would you consider doing a few in a longer length? 144?
Several years ago you carried beautiful cutting boards. Are you ever going to carry those again?

Fran W. on

Love the silver ‘bamboo’ flatware. So pretty!

Kimmie Saba on

Completely thrilled with (way too) many upcoming items!! I’ve been crossing my fingers that the large silver covered serving piece would be restocked and lo and behold…wish granted =) Wrapping paper is a must and just in time! Never enough wicker in my house and I have my eye on a few new table linens. I’ll be checking in daily (as always 😉

Susan E on

It’s all fabulous but I loved the dog bowls. I’ve never seen them in this pattern before and would be a great addition to my other blue and whites. Thanks for sharing all this goodness! Happy Weekend!

Marjorie Andresen on

Love love the silver!!

Ingrid Ayres on

I’m excited about everything wicked! I have 2 of your box planted and I absolutely adore them.

Laurie on

Hi Tina. Telling you my favorite item is next to impossible as everything you posted was amazing! My all time favorite is the porcelain dog bowls. They are just beautiful. I’m also really excited about your wicker line. All so great!

Sandy W on

It’s too hard to just pick one favorite. But love the blue and white porcelains of course! And the wicker items are beautiful.

Kelley on

I can’t wait to see your collection with Carolyne Roehm! I’m also super excited about the new porcelain (ginger jars). Also, ditto on the request for a longer tablecloths.

Marilyn on

I love those bunnies. The white with the green would be perfect for my Saint Patrick’s Day decorations.

Kristen on

I discovered your website through my designer and what a treasure trove a beautiful items! I think I have become addicted to your things!

So excited about the beautiful Christmas gift wrap, the magnificent linen, the pumpkins for fall, too many porcelains to name. love it ALL!

Cindy Wise on

Will the pierced container in your recent (2 days ago) Instagram picture be available soon?

Thank you!

Eileen on

The linens that you have designed are just so beautiful and are a wonderful addition to all the wonderful items in your shop.

Marsha Natkins on

I am so excited for the brackets. Please make in blue. Thank You.

ReneP. on

Be still my heart! ❤️ The silver fretwork tray and covered engraved boxes are beautiful!!

Jackie Bunge on

The linens & porcelains are so beautiful!!

Mary Ann on

Absolutely love the new pastel trays. They are beautiful and could be used in so many places in the home plus you can always use them to serve guest. A total winner!

Millie Drehmel on

Some of the most beautiful silver pieces ever! I can see a special lidded piece on my vanity now! Gorgeous!!

Heather on

I love it all!!!

Linda on

You are so busy and very creative!
You actually got me motivated to do some cleaning and rearranging! I love your linen and am crazy about you wrapping paper. I want to purchase your tall wicker urn and pedestal. It’s gorgeous!

Mickey on

Love, love, love the wicker dog beds and I don’t even have a dog! Trying to think of another use for such a beautiful item. Maybe a guest bedroom doll bed for antique dolls.

Cheryl Brewer on

I love the new gift wrap! So pretty!

merilynn bergstresser on

Melamine sale!!!

Christy on

I’m really looking forward to the beautiful silver bamboo place settings!!!!

Pat Burdette on

Especially love, Love, Love, the blue and white cache pots.

Lucy Porter on

I am over the moon excited to see the dog bed! It is adorable! I think my little granddaughter will want to claim it for a doll bed!

Elizabeth Hassell on

The new linens make my heart skip a beat. They’re addictive! How can I decide?!

Alissa S. on

There are so many beautiful things, but I absolutely love the console!

Phyllis Klish on

I love it all, but especially the pumpkins and bunnies! Best way to combine enjoying the change of seasons and my love of chinoiserie!!

Diana S. on

Hard to choose what I loved most but I am very excited about the bamboo style silverware sets! Looking forward to to all of it! Well done! ❤️

Holly on

I’m so excited for your breakfast trays. My mom is sick and I’m going to order one for her and surprise her with a breakfast in bed. I am imagining fresh flowers on it, fresh squeezed orange juice and a stack of my famous pancakes. Watching her smile and relax and surprised is going to bring such a wonderful moment. Your items are sometimes more than just things. They bring friends and families and guests together as well as provide happy and beautiful surroundings. Thank you!!

Victoria on

That wrapping paper collection! I will be watching for the presale!

Alexandra T on

Seriously, how to pick when there’s so much good here? I just love those tole planters! And the linens! Oh, and that gift wrap! Well done!

Eve on

Love the wicker urns! Wish I had a larger home. I would buy one of everything!!!

Carol on

Love the diversity of all items presented. Especially am drawn to the linens, and wicker items.

Therese Jones on

Fantastic selection of new products.

Marilyn Cole on

So many beautiful items! It makes it so hard to decide!
Thank you for providing us an avenue to purchase items to
decorate our homes elegantly!

Sherry B on

What is exciting is all the beautiful choices! So much to imagine how I would use each item in my home. But the console table, oh my!

Linda Beth on

Love the pagoda dog beds – our little dog needs one!

Donna DeMarino on

Love the trays and wastebaskets, the wrapping paper with the red and gold ornaments is gorgeous.

Diana on

The wicker bedside trays look so sturdy and beautiful for breakfast in bed!

Suzanne on

Everything is just beautiful but I am totally in love with the garden stool. So pretty!!

Maureen O on

What beautiful items. I Like the floor planters, trays and linens. So pretty and functional!

Janet S. on

Love the porcelain pumpkins! The blue and white patterns are so cheerful and unique, especially for the fall season.

Laurie on

I adore the bunnies in. It’s colorways!

Erica Cyboron on

Oooh I’ll take all the wicker❤️

Laura S. on

I can’t wait for alllll the wicker!!

Denise Gardner on

So excited!!!

Joan Richards on

I love your porcelains! They are so beautiful. Can never have too many!

Ariela V on

Love flatware with bamboo style handles!

Jessica Calvert on

Sooo many beautiful things! I love the blue & white garden seat!!

Chris P. on

It’s all so wonderful!

Susan Johnstone on

So many wonderful items! I am especially excited about a number of the porcelains coming back to the shop.

Colleen B. Frick on

My traditional home loves all of the above…but I am still a linen and silver table girl!
Can’t wait for presale!

Nichole on

I love the porcelain pumpkins! They would look great with my fall decor! ❤️

Mary Lou Layden on

So excited to see some favorite items I’ve been wanting- the floral cache planter with gold finials is one that has stuck in my mind for months & months. I’ve been hoping the chunky ginger jars were coming back. And I’m hoping your “Ralph” vase is returning ( I want a second one to make a pair for my mantle. There’s more too !! I’ll have a hard time deciding !! Love everything !

Jeanette on

I love the blue and white pheasant ginger jars. I am ecstatic that you are working with Carolyne Roehm, she is an incredible person and shines in every thing she does.

Luigie Madlambayan on

Cache pot 😍

Rachael W on

I’m dying over the dog bowls!!! They’re perfect for my sweet Golden Retriever puppy girl 🙂

Kristen C on

it would be impossible to choose a favorite because there are so many beautiful things here, But of course I love your porcelain s, you have the best selection around.

Beautiful job on the gift wrap,!

Those linens…wow!

The wicker, bunnies and pumpkins, I could go on and on!

K. P. on

Oh my goodness! Love the new table linens -and the silver -and the toile – truly can’t pick! All just Gorgeous!!

Martha Kennedy on

I love everything on this page but I am especially excited that you are bringing back the brackets. I love the white/cream colors and have also thought that gold might work well in some rooms.

Donna Wilson on

All things blue and white!!!💙🤍💙
Also loving those breakfast trays!!

Susan Sikes Davis on

I have procrastinated ordering your line for my shop, but this line-up has me ready to get an order together fast! As for what are my favorites, that would be a hard call. It is all so beautiful, but the blue and white lidded jars that are aged are my most favorite. Thank you for doing what you do so well.

CMT on

Those console tables have peeked my interest

Kathy Chandler on

Everything is gorgeous! I am really excited about the breakfast trays, such pretty colors! And those three emperors have always been a favorite, would be perfect on my bookshelves or mantle.

Ann on

Love 💕 the pet bowls! They are adorable and would make an awesome addition to my kitchen. The linens…! Can’t wait to see the ones coming as well. You do everything so well and certainly make me start thinking about Christmas.

B. Woodring on

Oh, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the bamboo flatware 😍

Diane R. on

Love the new wrapping paper & pet bowls!

Lisa Fansher on

Love it all. Excited about the reversible wrapping paper!

Jill M on

Paper…paper…love the holiday gift wraps!

Karenann S. on

Loving the pumpkins and the pet bed!

Lisa Glieber on


Sandra C on

A blue wicker tray adorned with a linen napkin, porcelain pumpkin and a silver pot filled with steaming Kona coffee…perfection!

Aimee Hreha on

Oh my gosh! I am so excited about the wrapping paper, the linens, the wicker pieces and the porcelain!
Everything looks just beautiful!

Melissa Ritchie on

The bunnies are my favorite but I also LOVE all the porcelain. Well, truth be told I love it all!

Evelyn Scullawl on

I can’t just pick one. I am excited about all of them !

Joan on

The wicker consoles are great, have the perfect spot for one in our new lake house! Have a weakness for block print linens, love the new designs, especially the second/green pattern.

Kate Shotwell on

The hand blocked linens- so pretty!!

Deborah Cisneros on

I love all the porcelain pieces. The designs and artistry are exquisite.

Sally J Rice on

All your items are beautiful–it’s hard to find just one! But I would have to choose the pretty blue and white waste basket. I have the perfect spot.

Jennifer Thrailkill on

Love everything but have my eye on the wicker console table for the beach house we just bought in Hilton Head!

Judith Foltz on

Where to begin! I have been waiting all summer for your new Christmas wrapping paper and was so excited to get a preview of these beautiful designs! Can’t wait until September for the sale- love planning my Christmas wrapping paper designs each year and your paper is the best! Love all the blue and white (have my eye on that beautiful tureen!) and the silver pieces would be wonderful on a holiday table (praying we can entertain a bit this year!). Thank you for your posts they are so appreciated during this sad, tragic time in our world.

Maria on

I adore your blog! The film on Afghanistan is awesome. The post about Villa D’Este will guide my next visit.! The photos are all devine. . I just love the all-white table and roses in Italy.. i wish I could find those beautiful slim candle “hurricane lanterns” somewhere. They are stunning! I’m following your recipe as soon as I get my gas turned on again! ((Leak being repaired.) All your products are really elegant, and I am especially looking forward to the wrapping paper. Thank you for a beautiful, inspiring blog!!

Ashley T. on

Looking forward to all the new silver pieces!!

Juawanna Schuller on

YAY CHRISTMAS! I love the topiary wrapping paper! It’s beautiful. I bought some last year and LOVED the quality. So fun to gift!

Donna on

Well… I always love everything!
But the linens really caught my eye.
They are so lovely!!!! 💗

Michelle R Shevlin on

My fave are all the blue and white classics that make decorating a simple no brainer. They endure, never go out of style, and guarantee a beautiful home environment. I would make dresser lamps out of the figurines, load the planter with hydrangeas sneaking in a few roses, and put my best gardenia tree in the fishbowl! You can’t miss.

Liz on

The wicker is speculator especially the console table 😍

Philip on

Love the fish bowls with bird motif as I have admired since you posted with shaped artificial trees
at sides of your office doors. Also, love the solid white ones with lions heads on side to go in my blue loft upstairs. Still taken with the presence of wicker pots on wicker pedestals empty or filled with flowers, reminds me of summer and upcoming fall!
Take care and Enjoy!

Sara on

The new linens are beautiful!

Brenda Murphrey on

Love the wicker pedestal and urn. Looking forward to seeing tie on ornaments too. Love love.

Theresa on

I love the tulipieres and the gift wrap!

Constance on

Absolutely love the new and affordable hand blocked linens!

Peggy Thal on

Love it all!

Brenda Merz on

Can’t wait for those brackets, this size is impossible to find. Thank you!!

Joan Brogan on

Love the blue & white pumpkins & bunnies! They are so unusual & not seen very often! Pertfor those who love to decorate with blue & white!

ruth on

First the Silver and also the wicker table❣️❣️

Brenda Adams on

Love the blue and white dog bowls. Unfortunately I live in Canada so don’t think I will be able to get any😪

Pam Norwood on

Can’t wait for the precious pet bowls and linens!!

Victoria Taylert on

Sorry I’m just now getting to this, but I’m in awe of the selection you offer! It’s difficult to choose a favorite but I’d have to say the garden seat is so unique! I can picture it adorning my enclosed porch. The flatware is also so impressive, both in style and quality! So many beautiful things (sigh) …..

Tamra Lee on

I’m excited about all of the silver coming in the new shipment. I especially love the pierced butler’s tray along with the mint julep cups!! I’m making my wish list.

Deborah B Sorgi on

I believe in all things blue & white. I don’t have a dog, but I love the doggie bowls. They are darling. 😉

Bobbi Harris on

The silver bamboo pattern flatware is fabulous! And who wouldn’t love the green bunny family!

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