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Hi friends and happy Wednesday. Hope this finds you well. Over here, busy busy. Lots of balls in the air. We are already prepping for the holidays and with the supply chains disrupted, we had to start way earlier than usual.

Its been a challenging year but I do see light at the end of the tunnel except for the outrageous shipping fees which are affecting everyone. I am trying my best to avoid a price increase but  whats going on out there is absolute insanity!

Then you add in the untold sadness in our world, the situation in Afghanistan, the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the Covid surge around the globe…it’s just so sad right now. Sometimes its hard to reconcile such profound devastation with looking for and trying to live in beauty and happiness. But I have found for me personally, finding beauty and things that make me happy are essential. I think we all have to figure out that balance for ourselves.

We are donating 20% of all shop sales today to the Red Cross and offering 20% off site wide today only. Win/win! Use code Haiti (details on bottom)

Trying to soak up these last few weeks of summer and hoping to get down to PB around Labor Day. Playing it by ear but sure hope we can carve out some time for a much needed getaway. I cannot say its been the most relaxing summer, but there’s always 2022:) Ok,  onwards to my post today, as I occasionally do,  I share random musings taken by my trusty little iPhone:) Forewarning- this is food heavy so hope you are not hungry:)  Hope you enjoy…..


Set a table for a family dinner, love this blue and white figurine melamine, sets such a pretty table

And of course white flowers add an awful lot:)

These were from a photo session….thankfully these lasted a long time and are still going

 I love all colored flowers but white has always been my absolute favorite:)

Pesto pasta is always a good idea in my book:)


We got in the most exquisite silver salt and peppers….absolutely in love with all three styles (will be for sale on our upcoming tabletop sale next week)

Did some fun blue and white rearranging with some of our new ginger jars:)


Things are going well in my little greenhouse, haven’t added much as I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew, but will continue to add more in the coming months!

Thankfully have lots of wonderful containers at my disposal

My youngest son begged me to make spaghetti and meatballs the other night…..forgot how insanely good it is! Ultimate comfort food!

Nature is so amazing. Skipped totally over my garden this summer, but one day when I needed basil and really didn’t want to go to the market, I decided to walk out there in desperation to see if there was any that grew back and lo and behold it did! One single beautiful bright green cluster of basil awaited me… was the best basil I have ever eaten not having to go out and buy it!

And then there were two tiny little tomatoes growing too…..nature never ceases to amaze!

I was able to make my yummy bruschetta (not from the two tiny tomatoes) , I could live on this morning noon and. night!

Summer cocktails!

On a perfect summer day

Love paella? Its one of my favorite dishes and this one is sensational from a local restaurant, Hunter

I could live on a cheeseboard…anyone else?

Finally (after months of waiting) got in our incredible wicker pagoda dog beds….so in love with them. Kind of makes me want a small dog:)

Received these gorgeous flowers from one of my dearest friends and loved that they were given “just because”

I am one of those who gets excited over my picture taking at farmsteads, anyone else?

I love nothing more than buying tomatoes during the height of the season, August!

And what is better than an August peach!

Hold onto your hats….this is taking pet beds to a whole new level. Chinoiserie pagoda pet bed anyone? How AMAZING is this!! We are going to be doing a special event on these new personalized chioniserie pets bed very soon…stay tuned!


And there you have the highlights, the good and pretty only of course:) Hope you  have a wonderful day.  Until next time……

Starting today (ends tonight) we are offering 20% SITEWIDE and will be donating 20%  of all sales to The Red Cross to help in the relief effort for Haiti. Save 20% and help Haiti at the same time.

Click here to visit shop

use code Haiti


Our annual photo contest celebrating summer is now open to your entries! We will take photos until around Aug 24th or until we have 80 pictures. We are already about 70% full so send them in soon.

You can send in your pictures to For full details,  click here. We cannot wait go get your pictures in celebration of summer!

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Franki Parde on

Our basil, too, is having a banner year! It “drapes” right over my garden bench!! Mother Nature surprises. Hope you get away…Duke is waiting….franki

Louise Gorham on

Really thoughtful and generous of you to donate to Haiti victims. Bless you!

Mary Jane Strawn on

Please do a deep dive into the Red Cross and the human trafficking that has been going on in Haiti for years before you give one penny to them. Wake up America!!

Doreen Snyder on

Oh my gosh! Can you share your spaghetti & meatball recipe? Looks amazing!

Piper B. on

Human trafficking is real My niece’s friend had a tracker placed under her car. after a picture was snapped of her. Lucky the teenager was quick-witted enough to take a picture of the WOMAN who placed it there. This happened in NJ outside of a convenience store. No word if the creep or the group were apprehended. This is not only a third-world problem. Be aware and educate the women in your lives. Such scary times.

Thank you for the discount, Tina. I refilled my supply of wrapping paper.

Denise on

Every thing I have read suggests Haiti requests donations NOT BE MADE to the Red Cross. There are many other organizations worthy of your consideration.

BP on

Everything is so beautiful, love seeing all the flowers and all of the delicious food. You gave me a great idea to make bruschetta tonight! it’s my husband‘s favorite do you drizzle balsamic over it as well?
I personally like giving to the Red Cross and do my due diligence before I do so, charity navigator which is a very reliable source endorses them as well.
thank you for adding such beauty to my life!

Jana W Rinehart on

A wonderful humanitarian organization in Haiti is Sumaritan’s Purse. It is run by Franklin Graham. It is an outstanding organization that goes where it is really needed…as it was in New York City last year. They are not political and they use their money very wisely. I too do not give to the Red Cross anymore.

Victoria on

What a beautiful post, just what I needed to see except now I am very hungry!

Love your white flowers and I’m the proud owner of many pieces of your gorgeous melamine, the prettiest out there.

Thank you for your generous donation towards the earthquake victims, I endorse the Red Cross, I know the structure of their organization well as my sister-in-law sat on their board.

Your donation is in good hands! Now off to do a little shopping so I can help support your campaign.

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