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Hi friends, so we were supposed to launch part one of the Enchanted Home x  Carolyne Roehm collection today but something came up on Carolyne’s end and we need to put it off a few days. I promise very soon!
So instead we are holding our silver presale/arrival sale and this is so so good, have been chomping at the bit to share all these with you. You will want to sit down and take 15 for this one:) It feels like forever since we did a silver sale of any sort. Now that things are moving once again, we are ecstatic to get back on track.

Unfortunately,  due to soaring metal prices we will soon be implementing a price increase on our silver collection (about 15%) . We have not done a price increase ever so that makes today’s sale prices particularly advantageous. The discounts today are based upon old pricing so this is an especially great time to take advantage!

Not a minute too soon to start thinking about the holidays when silver really shines and of course these make incredible gifts.

This sale is divided into two parts, one half is coming in any day now and the other around Sept. 24th. We have indicated which items are coming in when. Please read over the rules prior to placing your order, specifically if you are new to these sales.

  • Email or call in your order 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected]
  • Office hours are 9-5 EST Monday- Friday
  • If emailing your order in, we need- your name, address, phone number and items numbers (and quantities)
  • Please refer to item number only when ordering (and style if applicable)
  • These are heavy duty silver plate with a brass core and a lacquer finish to cut down on polishes
  • Like all silver, they will require polish from time to time
  • Limited numbers of each item
  • This sale will end Thursday evening, Sept 2nd.
  • All items are part of 2 containers, one due in any day and the other on Sept 24th.
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Any order over $500 gets an additional 10% off
  • International orders, call us for shipping quote
  • Questions? Call us at 1-800-804-9565
  • Wholesale? Email [email protected]


ITEM 1 (SEPT 4) This fabulous pierced tray with  gorgeous engraving and a spectacular pierced metal border rests on four elegant feet. It is the perfect size for entertaining, serving cocktails or used as a vanity tray filled with perfumes. I own two of these and love them.

Measures 17″ x 11″ x 2″





ITEM 2 (SEPT 25) So happy to be seeing this best selling planter/beverage tub coming back. It is gorgeous! I have used it for orchids, hydrangeas, filled with magnolia during the holidays and have often used it to hold 4-5 bottles of wine, sparkling water, whatever your choice may be. This does double duty and then some. Two convenient handles make it easy for transporting.

Measures 17.5″ x 12.5″



ITEM 3 (SEPT 4)  NEW! This fabulous new etched flatware is stunning. I love that its traditional but feels classically “now”  too. I cannot wait to set a table with this gorgeous new flatware.

Sold by place setting

1-6 place settings $26.00 per setting

7-12 place settings $24.00 per setting


ITEM 4 (SEPT 4)  Our fabulous equestrian horseshoe mint julep is coming back. Love hits piece, for so many purposes. It looks fabulous with a tight bunch of flowers to use as a bud vase, filled with fresh greens and berries and I have used mine to hold utensils too.

Measures 4″x 5″




ITEM 5 (SEPT 4)   Our beautiful large square beaded etched mint julep is coming home! One of my all time favorites. I have these in my bathroom filled with makeup brushes, pencils, and my toothbrush. They make a perfect bud vase too for end tables, nightstands and perfect for powder rooms too.

Measures 5.5″ x 4.5″


ITEM 6 (SEPT 4) They are back! This incredible engraved ornate charger is a customer favorite and what a beauty. The details are sublime, raised floral engraved border, really substantial! These don’t last long so get them while they are here. Amazing for the most elegant holiday dinner table! Really exquisite.

Measures 14″ round

1-6 chargers $48.00 each

7-12 chargers $45.00 each

ITEM 7 (SEPT 4)  Our chic equestrian flatware is being restocked. If you are an equestrian lover, then this ones for you! Sold as a five piece place setting which includes dinner fork, salad fork, knife, teaspoon and soup spoon. So chic!

1-6 sets $25.00 per set

7-12 sets $22.00 per set

ITEM 8 (SEPT 4) Our stylish bamboo and equestrian salad servers are coming back in stock. A beautiful set to use for your everyday entertaining and makes a great hostess gift.

Salad fork and spoon

$25.00 either style (specify bamboo or equestrian)

ITEM 9 (SEPT 4) NEW! How gorgeous is this scalloped, pierced wine cooler! I adore this piece and know I will get lots of use of it when we entertain. Perfect hostess gift, double the pleasure and give with a bottle of wine.

Measures 5.5″ x 4″


ITEM 10 (SEPT 4)  Our stunning bow and garland mint julep will be back in stock in the medium. Once again a beautiful piece for a multitude of uses. I personally love them as bud vases and use them all the time.

Measures 5″ H x 4″ W


ITEM 11 (SEPT 4)  And we are getting our engraved beaded mint julep back in medium too!

Medium: 5″ H x 4″ W


ITEM 12 (SEPT 4)  I love our bamboo flatware, so stylish, substantial  and elegant. This works indoors or out, for every season.  Sold as a five piece place setting which includes dinner fork, salad fork, knife, teaspoon and soup spoon.

1-6 sets $26.00 per set

7-12 sets $24.00 per set

ITEM 13 (SEPT 4)  Love this scalloped floral raised mint julep. Looks like a special family heirloom. Add a few small rose stems and it crates the perfect elegant bud vase.

Measures 4.5″ x 3.5″


ITEM 14 ( SEPT 24) NEW! These gorgeous bow boxes are so stunning, reminds me of antique silver boxes that you can only find in expensive antique shops. Such pretty pieces. Offered in a square or oval. Features beautiful detailing like etch work with a gorgeous cutout bow resting on four little dainty feet. Perfect catchall container or a pretty piece to finish a vignette atop a stack of coffee table books.

Oval $42.00

Measures 5.5 ″ x 5.5″ x 5″

Square $45.00

Measures 6″ x 5.5″ x 5″

ITEM 15  ( SEPT 24) There are no words to describe just how spectacular this covered dome and platter are. One of my all time favorite pieces. This is grand and if you want to make a statement at your next dinner party or at your holiday table this is your piece de resistance!!

Such spectacular details, with the engraving and beaded inset border. Beautiful top with two handles. This is showstopping and of heirloom quality.

Measures 22.5″ x 12.5″ x 9.5″

$240.00 for both pieces

 ITEM 16 ( SEPT 24 ) How gorgeous is this fabulous tea set featuring the tea/coffee pot, sugar and creamer. This works beautifully on an any of our trays. Love the elegant reeded design, heavy silver plate, just fabulous.

Three pieces $120.00

ITEM 17 ( SEPT 24) Our large incredible fluted planter/beverage tub is finally coming back. This is a spectacular [piece. I use mine both as a elegant planter and filled with bottles when entertaining. You can use any kind of plant thin plastic liner or even line it with saran wrap or a small clear bag of some kind, add ice then your bottles. Features two. handles and a beautiful engraved design on front. So fabulous!

Measures 14.5″ x 11″ x 6.5″


ITEM 18 (SEPT 24) And how about this incredible raised engraved border planter with two lion head rigs on either side. So pretty! Amazing for your favorite flowering plant, great during the holidays with fresh greens and berries too.

Measures 10.5″ x 7.5″


ITEM 19 ( SEPT 24) Stunning flared scalloped planter featuring elegant engraved front and two lion heads on either side, stands on four pretty “shell encrusted” feet.

Measures 12” L x 8.5” W x 6.5” H


ITEM 20    ( SEPT 24) Another popular mid sized planter. This scalloped beauty is idea for arrangements of flowers, a topiary or your favorite holiday arrangement. Features two handles, and rests on four pretty little “feet”

Measures 11.5″ x 7.5″ x 5.5″


ITEM 21 (SEPT 24) This large popular antiqued beverage tub is coming back. This amazing antiqued scalloped tub will beautifully hold 4-5 bottles of your favorite beverage. Such an elegant way to entertain and doubles as a gorgeous planter. This is a nickel finish and does not require polish.

Measures 12″ x 10″ (15″ across including handles)


ITEM 22 ( SEPT 24)  Behold this beauty!  One of the most large regal gallery treys I have ever seen. LOVE this piece, it features a Chippendale pierced border with exquisite etch work resting on four delicate feet. This is heirloom quality and is a steal for what it is. Amazing for the upcoming holiday season!

 Measures 25″ x 17″ x 3.5″




We are giving away one etched mint julep to a silver loving reader! Simply comment on this post telling us your favorite item here and how you would use it. We will announce a winner on Sunday morning!

This was like going into a spectacular silver vault! So much prettiness and some great gift ideas if you are an early bird holiday planner. If you see something calling your name, give us a call or email your order-


[email protected]


Thanks for stopping in. Until next time……

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These pieces are all so beautiful; but the lovely little scalloped mint julep ( item 13 ) has won my heart. I enjoy having small bouquets all over my home and this would be absolutely perfect with fairy roses and ferns. Keeping my fingers crossed!

it’s almost impossible to name a favorite but if you would be the cupboard down which I am definitely ordering as it will be perfect for my Thanksgiving table, all of the planters that double as wine holders and those beautiful charges!
I collect silver and tell you that you have the best selection out there

I agree Tina…..all gorgeous but the new etched flatware has won my heart…so stunning!! Ordering mine today to add to my Fall tablescape!

All of your flatware is so gorgeous! I wouldn´t know which to choose – I want them all!

Actually the etched Mint Julep is my favorite piece. I would use one for each dinner guest filled with a holiday flower arrangement with their name on a place card. I have already planned my Christmas dinner and guest list for my family this year.
I always love everything that is posted in your blog and have shared this with all of my friends.

I’ve been eyeing the bamboo flatware for a long time. I would use it every day!

The covered dome and platter is gorgeous! It is just perfect for entertaining!! I love all of this pretty silver!

The three mint juleps, items 5, 11, and 13 are so special, and would be the perfect solution for my make-up brushes as you suggested. What a great idea!

Love the planter/ beverage tub (item 2). Perfect for Prosecco bottles @ Sunday brunch. 🙂

Love the cute little boxes and all the mint julep cups! So many uses……nice gifts too!

This large regal gallery tray stole my heart!! How beautiful! I would place it on my table with flowers right now for my birthday month, then use it for my ribbon, gift tags, tape and scissors for Christmas wrapping – then add food! Probably cupcakes or petit fours for the season. And how adorable would it be in a baby’s room with supplies? Oh my, can’t quit thinking about it. You have beautiful things!! Luv luv them.

I love all the silver pieces, they are all gorgeous. I think my most favorite would be the bamboo place setting. They remind me of my brother and sister-in-law’s silverware, and I have always loved that style!

I love the silver trays, can’t ever have enough! Would use another one in entry way table.

Everything is beautiful, but I am eyeing up that new etched flatware…perfect for the holidays!!

I appreciate item 21, the antiqued beverage tub. It has a beautiful nickel patina, bonus, no need to polish.

Impossible to choose a favorite, but that large Chippendale gallery tray is spectacular!

Love the garland and bow mint julep. Perfect for small fall flowers, then holly for Christmas season.

My favorite today is the scalloped footed mint julep cup! It’s beautiful and I would absolutely fill it with roses or ranunculus.

Hi Tina,

As always, everything is so beautiful! The Covered Dome and Platter is stunning! So elegant! The mint Juleps are so pretty!

Thank you!

Have been looking for a vanity tray and haven’t seen anything as nice or aw well priced at Item #1, the 17″ x 11″ silver tray. Definitely would take pride of place, perfect spot to display my toiletries, especially the vintage Guerlain Shalimar factice I use as a mouthwash decanter.
Am keeping my eye on the Bollinger beverage tub as a Christmas gift for son and his fiance.
Looking forward to seeing your new Carolyne Roehm collaboration!

I love the engraved planter with lion heads. It is my favorite even though everything else is beautiful ( especially the last gallery trey!!)

All of these items are so classic and beautiful. I love that so many of these items can be so many things – wine coolers can be plant holders, mint julep cups can hold flowers as easily as make-up brushes, trays for cocktails in the living room or a place for toiletries on a dresser or bathroom. You are only as limited as your style and imagination. Bravo!

Love the antique beverage tub!
The bow boxes and all the mint juleps are just so pretty!

I truly love the antiqued Bollinger tub. The perfect use is at a Derby party with my horse crazy friends. We all have a love of horses that will never end!

The bamboo flatware would be stunning for a formal dinner or a casual weekend brunch— my kind of all-around versatility!

Hi Tina and all,

Item 18 is on my wishlist. I think it’s a perfect size for holding a few bottles of fine wine for dinners of 4 couples! Love the lion heads on each end!

Love and miss the escapades of the days of Sweet Teddy and I do keep watching to see if perhaps news of a pair of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels will have been added as members to the Enchanted Home family,.., ☺️

Love the bow boxes. Quite versatile in the decor throughout the home and a great hostess gift!

Everything is so lovely. I especially love the antique beverage tub, item 21. That is one beautiful piece that is so practical!

Absolutely adore the silver tray. I can see it for make up and perfume in my new bathroom but that bamboo flatwear is also calling my name. There is absolutely NOTHING here I don’t love. My first time here, I look forward to seeing this new line you are talking about, too.

Tea or coffee would take on special significance when poured from such an elegantly shaped pot as found in this sparkling tea set.
As fitting for today as it would have been for my Grandmother’s afternoon teas, this three piece set would be a fabulous way to delight one’s friends when having them in for a spot of tea or coffee. Even just sitting waiting for its next brew, this elegant tea set would be a stunning addition to any side board or buffet.
Some pieces are timeless and for me this gorgeous tea set perfectly blends memories of my past with a modern twist for today that would look perfectly at home in any setting.

All the pieces are gorgeous ! Love them.
For me I would love to have item10 [sept 4]
Hope to win!!! (502)2241171

All pieces are beautiful . I would use the equestrian mint julep at my ranch house to hold small batches of flowers.

I love the lidded square box. Would be beautiful on a stack of books as indicated in your description. Fill with wood matchsticks?

Love the tea/coffee service. Have always wanted one. I would display it on my mother &fathers hutch. It was the first piece of furniture they ever bought.

Item #2 large container is my favorite ❣️ This filled with Magnolias this Christmas look so elegant in my Entrance Way..

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