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Hello friends and hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend!  So happy to be here today to introduce part one of my collaboration with Carolyne Roehm.  Let me tell you this is a “pinch me” moment as I, like much of the world have been a long time admirer of Carolyne’s and her iconic style. When she became a customer, I  knew I had succeeded with Enchanted Home,  as I needed no further validation.

Then we soon bonded over our love of a host of things- blue and white, flowers, creating a beautiful home, tabletop, gardening, dogs and horses and I could go on. Don’t want to forget our continuous love/hate relationship with technology…one we cannot quite seem to keep up with!

Special recognition must go to the tireless Rosa (Carolyne’s wonderful assistant) who was instrumental in making this connection and for whom we are both forever grateful:)

So,  when we decided to collaborate over her magnificent  lily of the valley painting (her talents know no bounds), the ideas just started flowing. We have two small collections, one which we are introducing today and the second will be next week.

We are delighted to introduce this beautiful and most elegant capsule collection of  gift wrap that transcends the seasons and is perfect for year round gift giving.  Even more beautiful in person, this was an absolute thrill to work on with Carolyne, as you know our love for gift wrap:)

Despite the hiccups of this uniquely difficult pandemic year (translation- major delays) we got it done. Of course, not without a few tears, screaming sessions into a pillow or two, delayed air shipments, way too many deep breaths to count and a measured dose of finger crossing.  In the end, the stars were aligned and everything ended up working out just as we had hoped. We recently received our big order of gift wrap and it was like Christmas in August.

So today,  we are introducing you to our elegant gift wrap collection. Then we will unveil the second part of our collaboration next week so please do check back! We both agree wholeheartedly that this culmination of what we mutually love is indeed a celebration of how we like to live…..finding the beauty in everything!

I think the pictures do all the talking, nothing I can write can possibly do justice to just how beautiful this collection is. Just so happy to bring it you after planning and plodding for several months now. And as we always do,  we are offering special introductory pricing as we introduce this wonderful collection to you as well as a special giveaway to one lucky reader. Get it while you can……..

Please read over prior to placing your order-

  • You can call or email your order in (this is not yet online)call 800-804-9565 (office hours 9-5 EST)
  • If emailing your order please email [email protected]
  • When ordering via email, specify item number, quanity, name address and phone number
  • All items are in stock and ready to ship
  • High quality (110 lb weight) gift wrap is reversible (one side green lily of the valley and other side blue lily of the valley)
  • Tote bags come in sets of 2 (heavy duty paper with rope handle)
  • Tissues packets are 25 large high quality sheets (20″ x 30″) high quality tissue
  • Shipping is extra
  • Any order over $150 gets free shipping
  • Limited stock of the ribbon (but will be restocked in 2-3 weeks)
  • Questions? Call us 800-804-9565
  • For international orders please contact us at [email protected]
  • Wholesale? This will soon be available wholesale,  you can contact [email protected]



Below is our introductory pricing along with pictures of the products. We have not gotten the professional shots back yet of each item.

The gift wrap is reversible- one side green lily of the valley and the other is the blue

Tote bags-


Ribbon- offered in a beautiful 1.5″ grosgrain, a jumbo 100 yard roll!

And let’s look at how pretty they look all wrapped up-

The lily of the valley is such a delicate and elegant motif and translates beautifully into both the green and the blue

Love them together!

Always nice to add a little fresh something to the top of a gift

Carolyne printed out these gift cards

Tote bags are such an easy and elegant gift presentation

Couldn’t get any prettier!

And I can absolutely see these for the holidays!

Add a little fresh greenery,  a pine cone or berries, and you are good to go!


One lucky winner will win 2 rolls of this beautiful gift wrap and one pack of tissue. Leave a comment on this post, we will announce a winner on Thursday!


Told you this was fabulous! Love that this elegant and timeless pattern could be used literally for any occasion and year round. A most beautiful way to elevate the art of  gift giving. Call or email your order in.

These will be online at the normal selling price,  later this week. Hope you enjoyed it, we are so proud and just love this collection, it is timeless, elegant and oh so beautiful. Be sure to check back next week for the second part of our collaboration……promise it’s worth it! Until next time…..


[email protected]

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Jackie on

I LOVE the lily-of-the-valley tissue and gift bags–so elegant!

Marge on

Beautiful paper with lily of the valley, one of my favorite flowers!

Sheryl on

Well Done, Ladies🌿

Linda C on

Timeless and pretty live the colors of ribbon

Patricia Q. Patterson on

I am also an admirer of Carolyne Roehm. I can sit and look at her books for hours. You ladies did great!

Linda C on

Timeless and pretty love the colors of ribbon

Sandra M on

So pretty!

Nancy Greco on

Just exquisite!! And, I think you and Carolyne have just created a refreshing wallpaper pattern!!

Cheri P on

Absolutely stunning!

Rose on

The wrapping is as good as the gift! I love all this!

Mary Lu on

Such elegance! It would be difficult to open a gorgeous gift wrapped in this lovely paper.

Susan K on

Love this as my daughter’s name is Lilly. Every year at Christmas I pick a wrapping paper theme for her presents. This year it will be your lily of the valley wrapping paper! Love love love it!

Bev Braun on

Lily of the valley has been mine and my daughters flower since her wedding 19 years ago! We each enjoy a rambling bed of these spring gems in our yards.
Have been an admiring fan of Carolyne Roehm for years.
Also been called the “bow lady” for my love of ribbon.
Love the new line!

Anne Dewees Hart on

Oh my! Perfection! Wonder if I could use this beautiful paper as wallpaper? Lie love love this!

Michelle on

These elegant designs are perfect for most any occasion!

Vicki Carver on

Beautiful and elegant wrapping. Who wouldn’t want to get a gift wrapped like this.

Deb R on

So very elegant and timeless-gift wrap that can be used year round. I love the navy best!

Paulette P. on

What a beautiful collaboration with Carolyne Roehm! From the exquisite paper and ribbon to the perfect gift tag and bags, you two have created such loveliness.

Eve on

Well done. I have always been an admirer of Carolyn. My late Mother’s loved lily of the valley. Always think of her when I see anything related to them.

Sherry B on

Just beautiful! I love both the blue and green color ways. Congratulations on this new line.

Becky Vice on

Lily of the Valley brings me back to my childhood where it grew voraciously next to our garage. Oh the sweet smell. This paper evokes that memory for me.

Sandy W on

I’ve always loved lily of the valley flowers and your new collaboration with Carolyne is beautiful.

Carmella on

Very pretty

Vicki on

Absolutely Beautiful!

Jennifer S on

Oh my gosh! What a beautiful collaboration. The wrapping items are glorious!

Anne Marie O’Connor on

“Lily of the Valley” Collection, definitely beautiful and a great addition to Enchanted Home collection of wrapping papers. Your Wrapping paper, Tissue paper, Gift Bags are all beautifully designed. BRAVO! 🌸

Jill M on

Perfect for under my tree this holiday season! A perfect match…Enchanted Home and Carolyne Roehm!

Jennifer on


Kristen C on

Wow, this is so gorgeous! it is incredibly elegant and like you said could go for any season, placing my order now! You are both my favorite style setters, a great pairing.

Jennifer Toebben on

Soooo beautiful!!!!

Teri on

Simple and elegant!!
The note cards are beautiful and worthy of selling on its on for quick thank you notes as well.
Fabulous collection!! Well done.

Judy on

I love this wrap! Lily of the valley is the flower for my birth month, and it is such a fresh look for wrapping paper. Well done!

Karen on

Simply beautiful! You and Carolyne Roehm have created a timeless collection for us!

Anita Morgan on

Two of my favorites Lily of the valley and giftwrap. Swooning over everything in this collection. 🤩

Marlene on

WOW! So Beautiful. The gift bags and wrapping paper both colors are simply gorgeous.. Who wouldn’t want to receive a gift wrapped with this paper.!

Jo Stewart on

Absolutely beautiful. I can’t think of any occasion that this paper wouldn’t work for. Love it – both colors are wonderful.

Caryn Buchhorn on

Such a pretty package with the ribbon!

Maria Clifford on

Beautiful! I especially love the tote bags and tissue. Perfect for any occasion! and a great collaboration!

Lynne on

Love the new paper especially because it is for all occasions. I also like the idea of you partnering with Carolyne Roehm for this project. What’s not to like…beautiful lily of the valley and lovely colors.

Jane C on

Just beautiful! Forget what’s inside, the wrapping is a gift in itself!

Celene Miller on

I love the new collection! Great job!

Regina on

This gift wrap is beautiful abs elegant.

MB on

Ordering now! How beautiful- love the green and white 💛

Cindy on

Stunning!! Such a perfect collaboration!

Lucy Main on

Absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to you both.

Ann on

Love the new gift wrap design and tissue papers. Really love that you can use it year round.

Beth on

I have loved anything lily of the valley since I was a young teenager when I did not leave the house without spraying Muguet Des Bois on my body. Love this collection, is the green on green check ribbon available?

Anna on

Collaboration of two of my favorites! Love it all!!!

Stephanie C on

Beautiful! Paper for all occasions!

Nancy Caswell on

Two incredibly talented women creating something beautiful together that we can all enjoy!

Thank you!

Terri on

Beautiful and classic gift wrapping. Will make lovely packed gifts.

Ginybel on

The Lily of the valley design is classic, simple and beautiful just like everything The Enchanted Home and Carolyne Roehm does in their designs. This will be useful for any occasion. I love love it!


Gorgeous collaboration with two incredible persons!! I adore to gift wrap my gifts always in a special way!! Would be honored to have these in my gift wrapping corner!! Congratulations

Sharon on

Congratulations on such a wonderful collaboration. The design is lovely!

Evelyn Hatfield on


Barb on

Just beautiful, worth the wait The gift bags are exceptional.

Ilene Fridling on

So pretty!

Susan Hayes Long on

The perfect birth of a fabulous new collection from two incredible tastemakers.

Susan Sugar on

Blue and Green! A winning combination of nature’s sky and carpet. Your launch is perfect timing and sure to be admired by many. Congratulations!!

Hendon Coody on


Marsha Natkins on

Oh my.
Too pretty to open.

Anna Rives on

Just plain elegant!

Heather McCormick on

A beautiful collaboration of two very talented women. You two are on a roll (literally & figuratively) – definitely wallpaper – then you can retire!

Katie Aseltyne on

Lilly of the Valley is so meaningful in our family. Would love to win your giveaway.

Tonya Everley on


Mari McAlister on

Beautiful! Everything about this is perfection!

Susan Kayden on

Unique and soooo pretty. The new gift wrap is a winner! How about table linens in this pattern?

Sharon on

Stunning! I see wallpaper in your future too!

Deborah Cisneros on

These wrapping designs are timeless. Congratulations on this collaboration. All of the products are beautiful.

Rita Singer on

I’ve waited for you to bring back your beautiful design items for your followers. I have the lovely glassware from before and other of your things graving my home. Can’t wait for more to come❤️

janet masterson on

My favorite color combo….blues and greens……just stunning. I love the lily….but I would be so excited to receive any gift wrapped like this!

Lynn Allen on

Just perfect!

Denise Aschmann on

A present wrapped in this gorgeous gift wrap, would be a gift unto itself! Two inspirational ladies = a match made in heaven!

Carol on

Great combination of 2 very talented ladies. The gift wrap is exquisite and will be well received by blue and white followers everywhere. Congratulations on a wonderful product. Love and follow both of these talented ladies. How about a book next.


Absolutely beautiful! Enchanting! Elegant! Full of Grace! Simply Perfect!
These words come to mind as I viewed the gift wraps for all season!

Joyce Ward on

Wowza! The elegant and beautiful gift wrap papers would be lovely additions to my growing gift wrap collection – Love;)…
Thank you ever so very much for the giveaway!

Eileen on

Fabulous collaboration!!! So beautiful!!!

Kathryn on

Absolutely beautiful wrapping! Wrapping a package is part of your gift to that someone special. Well done ladies.

Carol Low on

Impressive… stately

Donna Early on

This collection is so beautiful, and will be perfect for not only holiday use, but for year-round use as well!

Eve Melia on

I absolutely adore Lily of the Valley in any way, shape or form!! So pretty & smells just as good as it looks!! Love all of these new items 🤗

Carol K on

Congratulations on your collaboration……it’s beautiful!💙💚

Andrea on

So beautiful! I love that it could be used all year round! Exquisite!

Diane Chapman on

I love the lily of the valley motif and how beautifully it looks wrapped with the beautiful ribbon!! How clever to have the paper reversible so you can choose either color.

Requi on

Indeed, dream collaboration of style icons! Love this beautiful collection from The Enchanted Home and the incomparable Carolyne Roehm.

Deborah on


Mary Judith O'Malley on

Absolutely beautiful, can’t wait to shop, so I can wrap my presents in this beautiful paper! Thanks so much for making my day!

Camie Marion on

Absolutely exquisite! It’s wonderful to see the collaboration results of two such extremely talented women!! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

Maggie on

ohh I love this design! I had Lily of the Valley grown in my aunt’s garden in my wedding bouquet!

Roxanne M. on

These packages are almost too pretty to open! Cannot wait for next part of your collaboration!

Francesca on

Beautiful products! So happy you two collaborated.

Holly Eggert on

Love the green color, the bags and ribbon. Now these things have gotten me excited to find gifts to give!

Jill Wagner on

This collaboration is so exciting! Bought some of the gorgeous gift wrap that Carolyn used to sell on her website several years ago and have loved the gift wrap you have been offering so I am thrilled that you both have combined your talents to bring us such a lovely selection! Cannot wait to use it!

Gail Herson on

These designs are so evocative and heart opening. I can’t wait till next week to see what else you do together!

Mrs Mair Glosson on

Have all of E. H.’s papers and tissues! Love love it all. C.R., I have heard you speak in Providence , RI and have every book yours!! Huge fan. ❤️

Ivy on

Absolutely beautiful!

Linda Wishart on

Very unique and beautiful!

Anamae C on

WOW! How beautiful. Who would not love getting a gift covered in this new paper.
Wonderful addition to your line.

Kelly on

Such a beautiful delicate flower…and the blue and green color selection will look elegant for every event!

Maureen O on

Beautiful! Wonderful colors and who wouldn’t want to be the recipient of a wrapped package! The gift is the package!

Carol P on

Absolutely in love with the new gift wrap, bags, tissue and ribbons!!! Tina, you have done it again!!! Congratulations on your collaboration with Carolyne Roehm. I also enjoy her work!

Pat R on

Unique gift wrap designed with classic, elegant taste. So refreshing!

Deborah C Johnson on

Absolutely beautiful! My month flower is lily-of-the-valley…not easy to find! It’s my happy flower!

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Tina, I have been a fan of Carolyn’s for decades. It makes sense that you both have paired up to create something lovely~as you both have an eye for elegance. Her talents are boundless and I am always amazed at how she keeps surprising us with new designs. Love the wrapping paper line!

Susan Dietz on

What a match made in heaven! Gorgeous collaboration to produce gift wrap that is perhaps nicer than what’s inside the wrapping. Thank you!

Samuel on

These are beautiful! Both colour ways are stunning! Great job!!

Rose Lee Josephson on

With the green check ribbon, the new Carolyne Roehm paper is a 100% match and not so formal. You two are wise to establish a work relationship. Both of you are uniquely gifted.

Donna on

The gorgeous wrapping paper and lovely velvet bows are incredible!!!! Makes me want to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving- and decorate for the holidays!!! ❤️

Philip on

Very beautiful-simply elegant!
Love the colors and various choices of ribbon you can select to coordinate with this wrapping paper and other supplies.

Lizzette S. on

Beautiful design!

kelly avant on

All so incredibly gorgeous!!!

Deborah Manning on

Brava! This collaboration is Stellar, my favorite flower with the polka dots sending it over the top. Yes!!

Carolyn on

The Lily of the Valley gift wrap collection is beautiful! I am looking forward to receiving and wrapping up gifts for the holidays and birthdays coming up!

M C on

Lily of the Valley is one of my favorites, and you have done an outstanding job of interpreting the flower for this gift wrap collection. It’s very versatile and so beautiful!

Carol Lackey on

So happy to have such lovely gift wrap available. All of the other matching items available are simply wonderful. Reversible! Wowza! Congrats all around. Great match you two!

Beverly on

Gorgeous papers, bags, and ribbons!!!

Carolyn Anderson on

Be still my heart! Such sublime beauty! Timeless!

Susan Farcy on

I am over the moon with your exquisite new collaboration with Carolyne Roehm! Congratulations!
I can’t wait to order.

Carolyn Tillery on

Stunning and elegant – just what I was expecting!

Emily Files on

Love this wrapping. Lily of the Valley is my favorite! So classic and stylish! Gorgeous!! Is the green velvet ribbon available for purchase?

Jo Shafer on

Beautiful new collection! I can’t decide between blue or green. If only I could order one of each ~ wouldn’t that be grand.

Jo Shafer on

I’ve been waiting for a collaboration between you two, and here you are. Fantastic, with more to come, I’m sure.

Adrian on

These are absolutely gorgeous!

Stephanie Kramer on

Very attractive items and well priced. I especially like the ribbon.

Blair on

How exquisite!! Love it all..

Maureen on

Congratulations on your collaboration. The paper is lovely and a classic for sure! I can’t wait to see what else the two of you have designed for us.

Angela on

These are just beautiful!!!

Moji on

They are so beautiful! Congratulations 🍾

Sally Cain on

Love the new papers, tissues, and sacks! How beautiful It inspires me to also line all my cabinet drawers with this beautiful paper! Makes me smile!

Donna on

My flowers for my wedding, 50years ago. Still my favorite, glad I have to great ladies,that feel the same!

Alison Comstock on

Our front garden in London had a bed of these sweet flowers that had been planted by our houses’ previous owner, Lady Margaret Stirling-Aird. She had grown up in a castle in Scotland, since her father was Lord Glasgow. Hence I always thought they must be flowers of some merit since she was such a wonderfully charming lady!

Paula Leighton on

These are absolutely stunning in every way! My Grandmother’s May birthday flower was her beloved Lily of the valley and always brings back such sweet memories her. This collection actually brought tears to my eyes… now I can enjoy them for every occasion all year round. I have all of Carolyne’s books and these are a great addition. Thanks to you both!

Laurie Marsh on

Lily of the valley is my absolute favorite flower. It is so delicate, smells so wonderful and is unusual in bouquets. Thank you for such a beautiful gift wrap!

Piper B. on

This paper is so simple and elegant. Just stunning. Lily of the Valley is the birth flower of May the month of my mother’s birth. 95 in 2022! I will put my order in and may not wait for her birthday. Just wrap all of her Christmas gifts in the green – Save the blue for May.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mother, Tina.
Congratulations on the partnership with CR:) Birds of a feather….. You both are so talented. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

Ms. Tracey on

Everything is absolutely beautiful Tin. The tote bags by far my favorite. Well done

Connie on

Well, this paper is as stunning and irresistible as the lily of the valley in my yard! Carolyne and I now have two things in common , Scottish Terriers and this enchanting flower.

Sheila Gurr on

Love this. Want note cards

Tamara on

Absolutely love your collaboration
I have all of Carolyn Roehm”s books and her bee necklace and earrings
I found your website through a magazine and love to see what you are offering
Truly elegant and beautiful!

Marilyn Holliday on

I have been wondering what you and Carolyne Roehm would come up with. I thought maybe something with flowers. It is lovely.

Nancy on

Stunning color combination. I absolutely love your first introduction.

Patti Dunn on

Beautiful, as one would expect from your company!

Caroline w on

This collection is spectacular, I am always so disappointed with the gift wrap options out there, ever since you introduced gift wrap you are my go to source and now you come up with this, just brilliant!
I already put my order in and ordered plenty to wrap favorite gifts for a bridal shower I’m hosting next month this will be perfect😊😊

Marilyn on

Absolutely stunning!

Beth on

Beautiful gift wrap! Would love to receive a gift wrapped like these!

Susan Luka on

Absolutely beautiful!

Vicki Bartley on

You two are a wonderful partnership…..
These are like none other!!!
Lily of the Valley…the most beautiful..

Donna Favicchio on

How stunning!!!!! I love your idea presenting gift wrap!!!! The gift received is one thing but the beauty of that gift the way you ladies decorate it is memorable!!!!

Beth Bates on


Meadow Washington on

This looks fabulous!
Great for year round use

Lisa on

Simple designs, yet so lovely, and both ribbons are beautiful. Excited to see what is coming out next week!

Sally Kretchmer on

Gorgeous collection anyone receiving a gift wrapped with this is wrapped with love. My goldie Duke says hello to your beautiful golden.

Denise on

So lovely! 💐

Patti S on

congratulations on a beautiful collaboration!

Maria Bastone on

Not only, Lily of the Valley is my Birth Month Flower, The Gift wrapping is just divine and with the collaboration of the two most amazing talented ladies. a WIN, WIN! Congratulations to you both, and looking forward what is next.

Linda Jainchill on

I am over the moon in love with these beautiful wrappings!!
Now to shop for what to wrap!!

Elaine Mccarty on

Beautiful! I am so thrilled to see your new paper and can’t wait to see what else you two come up with. Love it!

Terry on

The loveliest idea about this fabulous collaboration is the bringing back of beautifully wrapped gifts. Away with the generic gift bags! Layers of sumptuous ribbon and exquisite paper and delicate tissue enhance the mystery : What’s inside??
Doesn’t really matter – the presentation of the wrapping can even outdistance the gift itself, but it shows the giver was being thoughtful and artful in their process.

Barbara Morris on

Gift wrap is so sophisticated and so crisp looking! Who wouldn’t just love to get a gift wrapped in this beautiful paper!

Cindy J on

I love the green lily of the valley motif. The ribbon makes the package, too. I’ve always loved the simplicity of lilies of the valley! I can almost smell their rich perfume

Kristin on

Beautiful! Emailing my order shortly!

Deborah Hunt on

Absolutely beautiful!!! Love the green checked ribbon.

Amy on

You did a beautiful job on these designs, as well as getting them in stock and ready to ship! Lily of the Valley was the theme of my wedding 40+ years ago. It works for ALL seasons.

virginia valentine on


Karen on

Beyond beautiful!! Congratulations on a stunning new line and gorgeous collaboration!

Stephanie Barkhuff on

This collection is stunning! Well done ladies👏🏻

Denise on

This design is lovely! I’m placing my order tomorrow!

Rachel on

How about wallpaper ladies? I would love this in my kitchen, bedroom, or laundry room, I cant wait to get mine I might be lining my drawers with it. Lily of the valley is my favorite flower because of its simplicity and the most delicate scent.

Lindsay Nelson on

This paper is stunning!! And I love how you guys showed such classic styling for the upcoming holiday.

Charlotte Stapleton on

A lovely and timeless collaboration… congratulations to both of you.

Jan on

As always and forever, whatever Carolyne touches becomes a masterpiece❣

Susan Hamilton on

Regardless.of how simple or extravagant a gift gesture is, it’s the care put into the wrapping that shows just how much you care. Beautiful wrap can make even the littlest gift extra special.

@addingtontx on

Beautiful design and colors! 💕

Kathryn on

Dream Team! Gift wrap paper & ribbon are beautiful! 💙💙. Can’t wait until next week’s reveal!

Joyce Woodward on

This paper will make any gift extra special.💕

Preetika on

Carolyne is BEST IN CLASS!! Subtle elegance..

Joan on

Congratulations on this latest (and prettiest) endeavor! Love the two colorways!

Katherine Vizcarra on

Classic and timeless. I want to wrap a gift to myself!

Laura Best on

Incredibly beautiful! I love it when people “matchmake” and such beautiful things happen!

Diana Atkins on

Lily of the Valley, embodies springtime’s promise of new beginnings and symbolizes happiness. Such a beautiful choice and beautifully done.

ConnieSimonnet on

Absolutely stunning! Will you expand to the colors of pink, gold and silver?

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Beautiful collaboration from my 2 favourite blue and white ladies!

Martha Spiegel on

This just made my day! Stunning. Thank you.

Cynthia on

Beautifully done! It makes such a impressive first impression yet very artful! Just lovely.

Peg on

These beautiful wrappings, will always make sure our gifts are always dressed in their best!

Jane on

Such beautiful gift wrap and ribbon! Looking forward to seeing what’s next in your collaboration!

Siti on

All the items are so elegant and beautiful. Lilly of the Valley, happens to be my favorite flower.

Loved the article. Thanks for sharing.

Ky Jennings on

You’ve done it again! Love the design. The colors, the simplicity & lily of the valley is my birthday flower, too. Beautiful & Congratulations to you both!

Yvonne on

One of my favorite flowers!! So beautiful.

Sharrie Mezzanotte on

How absolutely ENCHANTING! The lily of the valley collaboration between my two favorite blue and white “artists” is indeed elegant and timeless. I am thrilled to share this beautiful way of expressing gratitude and gifting love to all my dearest friends and family.
Thank you!

Cindy Dacey on

You really did it! Absolutely exquisite! And my favorite decent & flower . Who knew how pretty lily of the valley would be ? You did ! Thank you for your creativeness.

Cindy Dacey on

Oooops I meant scent😳

Eric Michael on

The papers and tissue are gorgeous. I can’t decide which I like better. Do you ship to Canada?

Lisa Garner on

So lovely, the lily of the valley is also my birth flower. The green paper is so unique, and the blue is classic.

Karen on

I love the lily of the valley paper! You two are a great match.

Diana on

The new paper is beautiful!!!

Susan on

Such beautiful paper and ribbon! Wrapping a gift is part of the fun of giving a gift!

Ethel J Craig on

From the time I first discovered Carolyne Roehm I have been smitten! Now, the two of you together …. amazing! A perfect team. Thank you.

Gayle Carrick on

Gorgeous in its refined simplicity!

Lin on

Can’t wait to see the rest of the collection!

Marie Firmenich on

I absolutely love this muguet creation!

Emmeline Faubert on

Very exciting. Have followed you both for years and have several of Carolyne’s books on my coffee table right now.

Sheryl McGowan on

Lovely!! Classy!! My bridge club still gives prizes for high😉 Gifts so beautifully wrapped will be a cause for excitement for our 80+ year old members.👍

Sheryl McGowan on

Lovely!! Classy!! Will enjoy!

Kim Owens on

What a perfect collaboration! I love it all!

Maria on

I love your collaboration with Carolyn Roehm. It’s a double bonus, and the wrapping paper is gorgeous!

joy dicenso on

Squealing with excitement!!! I have loved everything Carolyne Roehm for years and this collaboration is a natural!

Christina Clifford on

Paper and ribbons are so elegant

Renee SHANNON on

Your collaboration looks like it was made in heaven!!!! Bravo !!!

Patricia Wilks on

Hello Carolyne!
What a fabulous elegant collection…I will be ordering .
I do appreciate the plastic bags tho for my handmade gifts which ithink you’ve offered previously in Lily of the Valley. I have the blue Tulip bags and love useful, your artwork, books, and gift wrap items are the product of a gentle kind mind. Thank you. Blessings, Patricia

Irene Kelly on

Very pretty gift wrap I will be placing my order soon. Lily of the Valley are one of my favorite Spring Flower !

Casey Broome on

How beautifully you’ve captured the meaning of lily of the valley “ a charm to attract happiness”

Debbie Smart on

I love the lily of the valley print!❤️ And the colors are perfect! Can’t wait to wrap a gift in it and give it to my sister.

Jill Barden on

So stunning! The gift that keeps
On giving!

Linda on

Love these beautiful Lily of the Valley designs. These flowers came up the day of my wedding in my Mother’s garden and were my wedding bouquet. I lost my husband last year, but these are a lovely memory of that day and many others. Thank you for producing these, can’t wait to order.

Blaire on

I cannot believe my two absolute favorite style mavens have come together! This is a match made in design heaven and hopefully the first of many more to come! brilliant job on this gorgeous gift wrap! I buy your gift wrap year after year and it’s the best quality and prettiest out there. Congratulations!

Laura-Lee Kelsey on

Timeless ~ I feel this paper can be used for any occasion!!

Jacqueline Simmons on

That paper design is absolutely so beautiful! Simple and elegant and the best part- all occasion!
Love it!

Silvia on

Tina y Carolyne las felicito !!! Las 2 tienen un gusto exquisito 👌👌🔝
Felicidades y exitos para ambas !!!👏👏🤩

Merilynn Bergstresser on

so pretty and simple

Ruth Ann Sander on

My mother had a flower bed of Lilly of the Valley right by our front door. I’ve loved the scent since I was a little girl. It was also my sorority’s flower in college so it’s one of my favorites! The paper and bags can be used for any season. The design is absolutely fabulous and the colors go so well with my blue and white.

Susan Moore on

So tasteful and elegant.

Greta Breeden on

So excited to be able to order these gorgeous items !
I will have the most beautiful gift wrappings and be the envy of many..
And finally be able to be a little like Carolyn Roehm !

Joan Byers on

A look that is so fresh and versatile for any occasion. I’m a huge fan.
Thanks for bringing this collection online.

JoAnn on

The packages are gorgeous!

Catherine Heers on

Great collaboration Two of my favorite designers!

Mary Ellen Cowhey on

I’ll take one of each please… so beautiful!!!

Sandra C on

Exquisite! Ribbon and wrapping from paradise.

Linda Fitzgerald on

A gorgeous collection from two creative women! The green/blue combination is lovely!

Ramona G Higer on

The stunning lily of the valley put me in just the right mood, thank you.

Karen Evans on

I agree that beautiful gift wrap is a part of the gift itself. Presentation matters.

Susan on

Classic! Well done!

Mrs. Andrew Hoefer on

Fabulous collection. How do I order it today? Phone number?!

Karen Bliss on

As I am running out of my beautiful wrapping paper and ribbons from Carolyne’s earlier collections this is perfect timing! I love wrapping presents and sometimes spend more on the wrapping than the gift. I especially like to add a decorative flower or ornament to my packages and would love anything you might offer in that regard for items that need to be shipped. Thanks for such great news!

Patricia Olsen on

Extraordinarily beautiful and classic!

Mary Joy Webster on

My favorite flower!!! This is like a dream come true!

Jane Rips on

Oh! How I have missed beautiful packages tied up in lovely ribbons! Thank you!

Julie Seiler on

Lily of the Valley is one of my favorite flowers. Tina you have outdone yourself! This new collection is gorgeous❣️

Sue Laytham on

Indeed, this is yet another beautiful, elegant creation from Carolyne Roehm in collaboration with you Tina. Helping Carolyne get this out to share with us is greatly appreciated. Now, you will have to make the giftcard part of the collection. Until then, a cut of the paper and my trusty glue stick on notecards will have to do – for now…
What a wonderful kick off for true beauty and class – just like Carolyne has always displayed.

Teresa on

JUST WHAT I NEED!!!!!!!…..for my thriving small business!!!! I take GREAT CARE in gift wrapping every single purchase I receive…..and this collection will inspire MORE repeat business once they receive their purchase with THESE BEAUTIFUL GIFT WRAPPINGS, ribbon and tissues….THANK YOU, Carolyne!

Kimberly on

Gosh how beautiful! Ready to get wrapping!

Mary ann LaRose on

I am so excited to see this new collaboration and want the holidays to hurry up and get here so I can creat beautiful packages for my family and friends. The packing is sometimes more
Wonderful than the gift! Such eye candy for the soul. I love how you find such beauty in everything you do.

jan finger on


sara kasten on

elegant beyond words ! Always in good taste which at times may be very hard to define, but you ladies have it in abundance !!

Mickey H on

Love the new designs,

Kelley Novak on

Oh my goodness. Lily of the Valley was my sorority flower. Are there any more Alpha Phi sisters out there loving this? So sweet 💙

Sharon F. on

So elegant.

Diane on

Oh my, Carolyne Roehm and The Enchanted Home, enough said. Love every item.

Donna on


Eva Burke on

Exquisite and timeless!! I’d be using the wrapping paper for every occasion. Love the color-ways, too. Adding different color ribbons will add to the beautiful print.


Kudos🎉🎊🎉 What a beautiful collection. Thrilled that the paper is reversible. Congratulations on this new venture. Your hard work has definitely paid off!

Margaret on

If it’s from Carolyne, you know it’s beautiful.

Charlene H. on

Another gorgeous pairing💙💚

Camille on

Wow! So excited,I have Weddings and Showers coming up,can’t wait to use them!

Sherri Wright on

The perfect gift giving accessories!

Andrea C. on

I love how the octagon “frames” around each stem will keep the “wrapper” on the straight and narrow, so that the results will be picture perfect!

Maureen Winchell on

Love this! Would love to be able to purchase the gift cards as well. They are so pretty.

LeLe on

Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous! Brava to you, Carolyne, and team!

Sheryl Perdue on

Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower!

Cheryl Swarthout on

So glad that you offer the complementary grosgrain ribbon as well. Will you offer velvet for the holidays? I’m looking for a source of beautiful navy velvet ribbon. Regards, Cheryl

Elvera Howard on

Wow! I am really very impressed with your design. I too love flowers and “bleed blue” so your products truly appeal to me. I have Lily of the Valley growing in many areas of my garden, a true harbinger of spring ! I look forward to wrapping my bouquets of them in your products …so perfect! Thank you

Anne Surovek on

Love this gift wrap and ideas!

Colleen Dumont on

In our worrisome world a gift received with this beautiful, peaceful packaging would make such a huge difference in someones day! It shows that you truly care. I can imagine someone keeping the love by lining their closet drawers with the beautiful patterns, and remembering that love every time they open the drawer!,

Marilee Huntley on

True elegance! This gift wrap would certainly enhance any present.

Lynn on

What a lovely collection ! I cannot wait to order some !

Donna on

So elegant and timeless.

Elizabeth cummings on

Love love this print either color is amazing!!!

Nancy M. Daniel on

Hi Tina, I’m so glad you and Carolyne did this! I have everyone of her books and when I need a special gift I always give this one of PRESENTATIONS that she wrote in 2005. You both are so very clever and I am thrilled that you collaborated in this endeavor.

I do have one question. Is your wrapping paper made in the USA? I hope so. I would really like to use this for wrap.

All the best,

Nancy M. Daniel

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