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Hello friends, hard to believe we are talking holiday isn’t it! This year has flown by. We are so excited over our new papers and ribbon. Can I say this is my favorite holiday collection ever! The response to the sneak peek we provided was incredible, happy you like them as much as we do! Just thrilled to be offering them up in our first presale today.

Our big shipment is due here around Nov 9th and we will start shipping all orders as soon as they arrive in plenty of time for all you early bird holiday planners. Ribbons are here now. Today is our sale on papers and ribbons and within 2 weeks we will hold our presale on holiday arrangements and pagoda trees. Lots of holiday beauty heading this way.

Please read over the following rules prior to placing an order, especially if you are new to our presales.

  • You can only email or call your order in
  • Call 1-800-804-9565 (9;30-5 EST) OR email
  • If you email your order, you MUST include- name, address, phone number in addition to your order
  • We will then send you an invoice that is payable online (all payments due within 12 hours)
  • This sale is on for four days and will end Friday night
  • All sales final
  • We ship internationally, you would need to contact us for a shipping quote (email
  • Every purchase over $250 gets an additional 10% off!(it’s like getting free shipping)
  • These papers are due in on or around Nov 19th (give or take a week given the shipping crisis)
  • Ribbons are in stock now but we only ship orders complete
  • Shipping is extra
  • Wholesale? Contact
  • Questions? Call us 1-800-804-9565

ITEM 1 Our incredible reversible gift wrap . The paper that is as pretty to give as it is to open! This gorgeous paper is the 110 lb weight so is heavy duty and really substantial. Best part is that these gorgeous papers are reversible so you can create different looks and it’s like getting two papers for one. Really spectacular…

Reversible gift wrap measures 30″ x 8 feet

Reversible gift wrap reams measure 30″ x 204 feet


1A Blue and green ginger jar print

1B Citrus boxwood (could easily be year round)

1C Red/green ginger jar print

1D Citrus topiary (another great paper for year round use)

ITEM 2 Our fabulous high quality large tote bags are perfect for easy gift giving. We stepped up the design and used the coordinating prints on the sides for a little extra pizazz with a pretty coordinating ribbon handle. What a fabulous gift presentation! You can mix and match styles when buying 2 or more.


Citrus topiary

Blue/green ginger jar

Red/green ginger jar

Citrus boxwood

ITEM 3 Our fabulous tissue is available in 5 gorgeous prints that mix and match beautifully with all our papers. Sold in large, generous sheets that measures 20″ x 30, each pack includes 25 of these large high quality tissue sheets. Mix and match, that is part of the fun!

Each pack contains 25 large sheets that each measure 20″ x 30″

1-6 packs $9.00 each

7 or more packs $8.00 each

Specify patterns when ordering (can mix and match)


Blue/green ginger jar

Red/green ginger jar

Citrus boxwood

Citrus topiary


ITEM 4 Ribbons are coming by popular demand! This year we are bringing in grosgrain in your favorite holiday colors. High quality grosgrain is a fabulous way to complete a gorgeous gift . If you know the prices of ribbon you will recognize the amazing deal here. 100 yards is a whole lot of ribbon and this is a tremendous value!

1.5″ thick grosgrain ribbon, 100 yards for $46.00

Specify red, navy, ivory or mossy green

ITEM 5 The velvet ribbons were such a hit, we are bringing them back in coordinating colors for our exquisite gift wrap. If you know the prices of velvet ribbon you will recognize the fabulous buy here.

1.5″ luxurious velvet ribbon, 25 yards $38.00

Specify red, navy mossy green


One lucky winner will win 2 rolls of paper and 2 tote bags! Simple leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite pattern and item. You will be in the running, and we will announce a winner on Sunday morning!


Thank you for stopping by. Don’t know about you but this has me feeling serious holiday vibes, I think we al need a beautiful season to look forward to! Simply call or email your order in-


Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time….

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Karenann S. on

I absolutely love the citrus boxwood pattern! Living in Florida, this is the perfect Christmas wrapping paper for under our tree!

Debbie smart on

I love the blue and green ginger jar paper. Those are the colors running throughout my house and I’ll be decorating my trees this year with a blue theme. Happy Holidays!

Valerie K on

I always look forward to each email post and a journal of photos. Christmas is one of my most favorite times and I am always
about the presentation of each gift. Look forward to receiving my order.

Janet on

My favorite item is the elegant velvet ribbon in mossy green-love the color and rich look! A gift topped with a classic tied ribbon is the icing on the cake and elevates the look of any paper.

Linda C on

I love the citrus topiary with the green ribbon

Julia F. on

Citrus Topiaries for me. Use clove studded oranges in decorating so it is perfect!!

Deborah B Sorgi on

Love the Citrus Boxwood tote bag and tissue paper combo!

Anna Monroe on

Love the velvet mossy green ribbon!

Stephanie O. on

It’s so hard to choose just one! I think I am leaning towards the blue and green ginger jars and I definitely need some gift bags!

Sandy W on

My favorite is the blue and green pattern. And the blue velvet ribbon.

Jennifer on

Citrus topiary!

Bonnie on

I love the citrus boxwood and the topiary. It is a wonderful paper to use for anything. Since I celebrate Hanukah the blues are just perfect. Thanks Tina.

Ann M on

I LOVE the Citrus Topiary that reverses to the gorgeous Trellis–and all the matching ribbons!

Fanny on

They are all so pretty. I love the fruit topiaries paper and all the ribbons are wonderful too. I’m excited for the holidays!

Linda Wolf on

My favorite pattern is citrus topiary! I have been wanting to do order this for years and Iam going to do this right now! Linda Wolf

Maureen on

How wonderful the Red/green ginger jar print. I love the gift bag. It brings happiness for the holidays.

LeAnne G. on

I love the blue/green topiary! Your whole collection is beautiful!

Deborah Cisneros on

You have created a beautiful selection of gift wrapping. My favorite is the red and green ginger jar paper. It looks so elegant wrapped with the red velvet ribbon..

Sandra on

I love the citrus topiary design! So pretty under the tree and can be used after the holidays as well!

Linda Duncan on

Love the new giftwrap designs, so colorful and unique.

Charlene H. on

Fabulous! Each and every one❤️💚💙

Joan on

Love the citrus topiary paper! One year I drove down to Virginia to meet up with a dear friend and we spent an afternoon at a holiday decorating workshop at Colonial Williamsburg. I had started making orange & clove pomanders (so easy to make) when we were newly married, had purchased our first home and had to make a little go a long way! I purchased a Williamsburg fruit tree form while I was there and have picked up others at estate sales. Nothing makes the house smell better than orange pomanders (displayed in a blue& white bowl) and this paper will compliment those decorations perfectly!

Alicia on

Wow! Who wouldn’t love to get a beautifully wrapped gift in the blue and green ginger jar paper and a beautiful blue velvet bow! A decoration before Christmas and a beautiful presentation on Christmas to tell someone how special they are to you. Beautiful job on the design.

Tim F on

I really like the citrus topiary!

Stephanie C on

Red/Green ginger jar everything! With the velvet ribbons! Oh my!

Mary Lu on

I LOVE the Blue and Green Ginger Jar print! My new home is all in blue and white and this would look lovely under the tree. I got compliments last year on my topiary paper! Thank you, Tina, for another winner!

AFN on

Citrus topiary is very versatile. Like the grosgrain ribbons, nice and crisp into beautiful bows.

Maureen O on

All the gift wrap is exquisite but I like the citrus topiary! I could use this year round and with different ribbon a present would look gorgeous! Thanks for the generous giveaway.

Mary Judith O'Malley on

They are all so beautiful, hard to decide. I may just order all of your beautiful and festive papers! I love the tote bags, easy to wrap the hard to wrap gifts! Thanks again for brightening my day!

Jennifer S on

The citrus boxwood and topiary patterns are so wonderful for anything , year round! Beautiful.

Christine on

Wow! How elegant and I too love this holiday and the spirit that goes with it. I love love love the red & green ginger jar ! Just the best!

Debbie Thicksten on

I love them all yet my favorite ribbon is the green and my favorite paper is the red green ginger jar! Cheers to you on another creative year!

Nancy on

That tissue paper is dreamy! I’m in love with the citrus topiary!

Nancy Kaufman on

I love the citrus boxwood paper and the green velvet ribbon’

Kelly on

Love love love the citrus topiary my favorite item has to be the roll of velvet green ribbon!!! Its a must have for the holidays💚

Philip on

Love the Citrus paper and Velvet ribbons for any wrapping or change to non velvet ribbon when cooler times.
Great to see all your beautiful work!

Jane on

I love topiaries so I love the citrus topiary pattern. I love the gift bags with matching tissue!

Mary M. on

I love the citrus boxwood paper and both kinds of blue ribbon!

Rosemarie on

Your papers are THE best! Beautiful prints, quality weight – just lovely! Elevates any package to “special”. The citrus boxwood is my fave along with the velvet ribbon.

Catharine R. on

Citrus topiary gets my vote for favorite! Every single pattern is beautiful but that one just does it for me!

Linda Owens on

The citrus boxwood is beautiful and will be perfect for a tropical area like I live in.

Deb R on

I LOVE the citrus boxwood and the citrus topiary papers for their year round versatility!

Kathy Scheider on

Tina, you never cease to amaze me with your fabulous ideas and products! We live in Erie, PA and I’d love to have you open an outlet store here called “ChinoisERIE” ! My favorite pattern is the citrus topiary and the blue and green velvet ribbon is exquisite!

Marie K Ketchersid on

Beautiful wrappings! A favorite is tough to pick, but I believe it would be the blue/green ginger jar and the red/green ginger jar.

Barbara Weaver on

How can I choose a favorite? I love them ALL! But if I must, Citrus Topiary, with green velvet ribbon. What joy it would be to receive a gift so beautifully wrapped!

Alissa S. on

It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but I think mine is the citrus boxwood wrapping paper and the navy velvet ribbon. Just beautiful!!!

Joyce on

Love the velvet ribbons in such rich colors❤️

Boehme Susan on

I love your citrus topiary and citrus boxwood pattern. I will be ordering

Osment Fran on

I love the orange trees and the ginger jars! Swoon! 😍

Judi Hildebrand on

All of the paper and velvet ribbon are so lovely. I feel proud to give someone dear to me such a beautiful package. It makes people happy before then even see their gift inside.

Rebecca on

I just love all the new wrapping paper and the variety of ribbons as well! I can’t wait to see them under the tree!

Theresa Gue on

Love the orange topiary wrapping paper!

Meredith B on

Love them all but love the citrus boxwood the best! Can’t wait to receive my papers and start wrapping. I take much more pleasure in wrapping my Christmas (and birthday!) gifts now that I am wrapping them in your beautiful papers. Thank you!

Sharon F. on

I love the blue and green ginger jar tote bags. Gorgeous! You know some of these patterns would make great wallpaper.

Eve Melia on

It’s all just lovely – I can’t say I have a favorite!!

Jane Horn on

My favorite is the citrus topiary and the moss green ribbon. However, they are all beautiful!

MaryM on

Love them all but my favorite is the citrus topiary!

Marilyn on

The velvet ribbon is beautiful.

Karen F. on

So many fun looks in your holiday wrapping paper this year. My favorite is the citrus boxwood with the green velvet ribbon ~ stunning!

Nico Crispino on

I am completely obsessed with all of them but my favorite (and the one that will go with my bedroom tree/decor) is the red and green ginger jar wrapping! It’s absolutely lovely and the fact that it’s reversible is pure perfection! Merry Christmas!!!

Sherry B on

Blue and green ginger jar and green velvet ribbon! Perfect!

Cheryl Brewer on

It’s a toss up between the citrus topiary and citrus boxwood. Both are just gorgeous!

Ann Weiler on

You knocked it out of the park with these beautiful papers! And love your velvet ribbon! Thank you!

Ann on

The citrus boxwood is fabulous! Love the velvet ribbon, but cannot choose a favorite color, so I pick them all!

Therese Jones on

The wrapping paper and ribbons are absolutely gorgeous…truly hard to lick a favorite. Thank you for the lovely gift giving accessories.

Mickey H on

My favorite is the blue and green ginger jar gift wrap.

Patti S on

My favorite is the red and green ginger jar paper. Perfection with velvet bow!

Sally Cain on

Seeing these Christmas wrappings gets me excited about the season! I love the red and green ginger jar and the blue and green ginger jar papers. The velvet blue and green ribbon rolls are exceptional! Presents you would look forward to opening!

Fosdick Melissa on

Blue and green ginger jar – what’s not to love with matching mossy green and navy grosgrain ribbon!

Beth Tefft on

This is your most beautiful collection yet! My favorite is the blue and green ginger jar print. It’s a classic!

Kathy West on

Citrus topiary. Cuz I’m practical and like to have pretty things all year round.
What size are the tote bags and can you tell us about the blue gingham ribbon?

Sarah gibson on

I am so excited about this!! Placing my order today! I cant wait to get all of my items in and start wrapping!! 💙

Sarah gibson on

My absolute favorite item is the blue green ginger jar wrapping!

Suzanne Torbert on

That blue/green ginger jar paper with the green velvet ribbon is to die for. Not only would I love to receive a gift wrapped so exquisitely in this paper, but I would love to see my friend’s reaction when I present their gifts to them!

Connie F on

I just signed up for Instagram this week and yours was one of this first I followed! It was the gift wrap that caught my eye! I love the citrus topiary and the moss green ribbon! Perfection!

Jordan Welch on

Favorite Pattern(s): The “Blue & Green Ginger Jar Print” AND the “Citrus Topiary” are absolutely gorgeous!! And unlike anything else created out there on the market. Favorite Item(s): My very favorite is always your tissue paper- so unique and different! But also loving the gift bags & velvet ribbon!

Barbara Morris on

My fave is the reversible wrap with the green velvet ribbon!!! Actually, use with all colors of the velvet ribbon. Really elegant.

Melissa Burger on

This wrap is just gorgeous! Can’t wait to get my order. Thanks

Gina M Guajardo on

I love the citrus boxwood pattern! I feel its is so chic and very versatile, and it adds the perfect amount of cheer to my Christmas in the Northwest life. Happy Holidays!

Kim S. on

Love the circus topiary paper and velvet ribbon

Donna De on

I really love the ribbon especially the green velvet. The citrus topiary is my favorite tote and paper.

Jean Ellis on

I must say, all patterns are beautiful…hard to choose favorite! I love the red/green ginger jar!

Dana Lassiter on

Red/green ginger jar is my favorite !! But love them all!!

Elaine McCarty on

By far the blue and green ginger jar wrap. Perfect!

Jane Brannock on

All of the papers are lovely. I especially like the red/green ginger jar paper. With the red velvet bow, it would look perfect under the tree.

Caswell Nancy on

I grew up in Florida and absolutely LOVE the new orange topiary paper!

CeciliaKey on

Love blue/green ginger jar paper & navy velvet ribbon

Maureen Winchell on

I can’t believe it’s time for the holidays!! The citrus boxwood paper and the red green ginger jars are rivals for my favorite. Love the velvet ribbons also! I need to get busy!

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina
All the papers are beautiful! I love the citrus topiary and the green ribbon.
Thank you

Kiley on

It’s almost impossible to pick just one but I LOVE LOVE the Citrus Boxwood! Stunning!

Elizabeth Geise on

The velvet ribbon is my favorite with all the papers and bags. So rich and luxurious. Beautiful holiday gift wrapping!

Judith Foltz on

Love both the green and blue/red and green ginger jar pattern- very difficult decision to decide between the two but am going to go with the red and green as it is festive and will go beautifully with my decorations and I always like a touch of red! Happy Holidays!

Meg Burke on

I just love the Citrus Topiary/Topiary double sided wrapping paper!

Dylana Gaume on

Citrus Topiary Rolls. Love this!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Mckown Shelley on

I love the ginger jar wrap with red bows, so Christmaasy but with a different look! Love it!

Helen Irion on

Love, love the blue green ginger
jar paper. Definitely my fave!

Linda L on

I love them all, but I have always decorated my home with a variety of greens and citrus fruits at Christmas, so I am choosing Citrus Boxwood & Citrus Topiary. For the first time ever I will be away from home for the holidays, and these wrappings are just the touch I need. TY!

Michele Pittel on

Absolutely the most extraordinary wrapping paper I have seen- the quality & depth of color is unmatched!!! Simply beautiful 😍

ruth on

Love! Love! The acorn papers❣️❣️

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