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Hi everyone,  a few times a year I like to post about beauty products that I am super devoted to and sometimes include new products that are brand new to my arsenal worth telling you about. I love learning about new products and feel like one of the best parts about having my blog is the ability to share and glean knowledge from my readers too.

I have discovered some great new products thanks to you. So that is what these fun posts are all about!

I have been blessed with good skin but realized I was taking advantage of that so this last year have made a much more concerted effort to be more mindful of my skin and am really sticking to a daily routine.I am seeing the difference and also branching out and trying new products. They say its good to change things up and I am getting better at that!

So here are some new discoveries and a few tried and true favorites….


Spoke of this self tanner which is fabulous. One of the best I have ever used. I love how natural it looks, truly like a real tan, subtle but just enough to give you that healthy glow.

Nothing orange about it, and in fact they have a “no orange guarantee”! I like that. I feel so much better with a little color, pasty white legs just don’t do it for me:) So happy to have discovered this product!  You can get 10% off using code save10. Click here

You know I am a big fan of Mac lipsticks! I swear by Angel, a color I have used for years and years. I now have a second favorite from them, this shade is called Modesty. Similar in that it’s a soft toned neutral, great for every day when you want a hint of color. Modesty is a new backup to my number one, angel. Click here to see it over at Ulta.

Favorite new conditioner. I change often as they say its good for your hair to do so. I bought hits accidentally thinking it was Pantone, but what a happy mistake! I am obsessed with the way this new Dove conditioner smells….soooo good. Plus it leaves my hair very silky. Whatever is in it, is working beautifully. And the price is more than alright! My hair is dry so I found this to be very nourishing, it might be too rich if you have oilier hair. Found in any Target, CVS,etc….

I don’t wear blush I use bronzer. I normally,  in the winter like to use a light colored self tanner then will use a light bronzing powder for color. I have used Hard Candy’s “hotel heiress” bronzer forever but recently found another one I really like a lot too. This is from Too Faced and you only need a little. I like that it has a silky texture and goes on easily. A very nice product, a bonus that it has a compact mirror) Click here

I love Thrive mascara but recently was sent the new one that supposed to rival it by Mac and must say this is good, really good. Definitely competition for Thrive as it seems to use the same “fiber technology” that Thrive does. When applied it looks like you could be wearing a very lifelike falsie, it definitely extends the lashes with just a few strokes, definitely a keeper. Click here

OK this s really interesting and something you will thank me for later. Apparently a secret of many red carpet bound celebrities and celebrity makeup artists,  and with good reason, its a little miracle! My friends mom was raving about this saying its like a temporary facelift in a jar. I was curious so tried it and wow! This is incredible. It acts as a skin tightener temporarily removing all the fine lines and unevenness. I couldn’t believe the result!

It is perfect if you re going out to a big event or really need to look exceptional. You apply it and cannot move your face for 7 minutes as its sets. Think of it is as a time to mediate and take a 7 minute break out of your day. What you get is a nearly flawless smooth as silk skin. Your makeup just glides on practically line and wrinkle free and I am telling you this is like a 7 minute miracle! Click here for info and use code “enchanted20″and get 20% off!!

You can thank me later:)

On the low end, this little highlighter stick is so good, I have spoken of it before. It’s under $6 and to me works as well as any other more expensive highlighters that I have used. Perfect for cheekbones, the brow bone wherever you want a little shine. I love this stick and bought three to be sure it sticks around awhile:) Click here

Have heard a lot about  Skinceuticals and this product in particular. So I decided to try it. Its only been a few weeks but my skin definitely feels much more hydrated, (I have very dry skin) and so far I am really loving it. I also swear by La Prairie’s Caviar cream which I have spoken of often so I use these together.

In general, I have been taking better care of my skin in the last year and I think its paying off. It is loaded with retinoids and ingredients to restore the lipid loss. It’s a keeper for me! Click here for info

If you get your hair highlighted then you. know that feeling between visits of the blonde starting to look dull. I only get my hair done 3-4 times a year so any product that can help brighten things up in between visits is welcome. I use the purple shampoo from L’Oreal on a regular basis and discovered this jiffy little spray for touch ups. Only used it once and ts great, and super easy. It is sublet but definitely softens the color. Can be found on Amazon and most stores that sell cosmetics/hair products. It is very subtle but definitely helps!

Speaking of purple shampoo, really like their purple shampoo too! I was using Kevin Murphy angel shampoo,  but this is a quarter of the cost and I think does the same thing. I have bought these at Target and CVS. Reasonable and every bit as good as the higher end brands.

I just ordered a new set of packing cubes, kind of obsessed with them. Had another set from years ago and it was time for a new one, I love this set from Mark and Graham. Perfect for holding all your toiletries,makeup, lingerie, etc….also wonderful holiday gift idea and in fact I already have 2 on order for holdiay here for more info

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So that’s whats new in my beauty arsenal! Lots of new discoveries to love and share. I am all ears if you have something you want to tell us about too. Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time……

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I appreciate your new beauty finds and will definitely be trying a few of these.

I love this post,I am a product junkie with plenty of drawers to prove it! definitely a few things I will be adding!

I, too, have very dry hair and have been using DOVE intensive repair shampoo for decades. I smear it on, watch a television show, and then shampoo/cream rinse as usual. The extra time really does a lot to moisturize my hair.

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