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Good morning,  whether you are have been visiting my blog for a month or 5 years, you know there are some things I am rather obsessed with. One being fresh magnolia. Especially around the fall/holiday period. Nothing is prettier! I have incorporated fresh magnolia for years, every fall and Christmas.

The premier supplier is Weston Farms, I consider Erin a fiend and amazingly talented, I have even dubbed her the “magnolia maestro”! Few places will deliver just cut magnolia to your home for the price point that they do. And you can be sure its always super fresh, and just magnificent looking. Nothing like opening up a box of fresh magnolia, the best!

I think something else that surprises people is just how easy it is to work with. She sells not only loose stems and gorgeous wreaths but does tons of custom work too. Her  12″ tied bunches or bouquets are a piece of cake to make an arrangement with. They can make you look like a real pro. In less than a minute you can have a gorgeous spray of magnolia. Especially pretty in blue and white porcelain but then again I am bias)

For my readers only, receive a free 12″ bouquet with any purchase! Just use code enchanted. Click here to visit Weston Farms

What I also love as much about Weston Farms is Erin’s backstory. In 2002, Erin Weston moved from New York City to North Carolina to help with her family farm. She wanted to create a luxury farm product grown and cultivated at Weston Farms that utilized her art background and incorporated her father’s horticultural knowledge.  Her vision, talent and perseverance has allowed her to shine as brilliantly as her prized magnolia as the go to source and she has single-handedly revitalized this beautiful southern tradition!!

I am excited to share Weston Farms with you today. Erin has generously offered a free 12″ magnolia bouquet with an purchase for my customers only.  Let’s take a look at the magnificent of magnolia, shall we!


Here is Erin at work….

You can see she loves what she does!

A special Weston Farms delivery I got last year!

Love how this came out when we did this photo shoot with Flower Magazine! Scarcellas crafted this with fresh greens and Weston Farm magnolia.

One of my all time favorite looks which I will likely recreate this year with magnolia and, sugar cones and fresh greens cut from the yard!

Here I used some of the bouquets in various urns

I even added it to my Provence planters at the base of the boxwoods to create a little fall magic (this used five 12″ bouquets)

So easy to place a few bouquets in a big bowl and you have an instant centerpiece that looks so professional!

One of my favorite arrangements!

During the holidays, I to like to add a small sprig with fresh greens even to champagne buckets for a special little holiday touch

I think I will need to copy this, this year! Catherine Wall Home

How stunning is magnolia in silver!

Just obsessed with the combination of blue and white with the rich colors of the magnolia!

Love it mixed in with faux magnolia flowers too

Here I used three 12″ bouquets to make a pretty sprat in a blue and white vase!

Spectacular!! Roux MacNeill

Here I took about 6 of the 12″ bunches and ran them down the center of my table and added pumpkins, it was so easy and made for a beautiful Thanksgiving Day table!

I love it on my mantle with the blue and white, it really pops! Here I used 4 bunches and some fresh greens cut from the yard. In the vases, I used some loose branches with fresh greens

Love magnolia on a mantle, and this is breathtaking!

Absolutely love this display from Weston Farms at one of their shows…showstopping

So easy to make an instant centerpiece, here I used 3 of the 12″ bouquets and placed them in one of my large favorite silver planters, easy peasy!

Also like cutting them down and placing them at the base of a candle holder/hurricane (shown here is our etched glass 12″ hurricane, these are 20% until tomorrow, click here) use code gobble

Filled our large pierced silver planter with magnolia and faux magnolia flowers, I only use magnolia now for my Thanksgiving table…you don’t need anything else!

They also make magnolia “chargers” which are like mini masterpieces under your favorite china! Here, shown with our Lilly of the Valley plates with Carolyne Roehm

So love the richness of the magnolia leaves next to blue and white.


If this has you suddenly “needing” magnolia,  then look no further than to Weston Farms. You will be overjoyed I promise! And plus you will get a free gift which is a nice little treat. Just use code enchanted when checking out. Perfect timing to get your home ready for Thanksgiving! Magnolia definitey has a seat at anyThank you for stopping in. Wishing everyone a fabulous day!

Click here to visit Weston Farms

A few announcements-

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Use code gobble

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So pretty! you have given me some great ideas here definitely going to order some magnolia! so lovely!

Beautiful decorations! I’m so glad I live in Georgia where there’s a Magnolia tree on every corner and almost every yard!

Magnolia arrangements are elegant and beautiful. But the leaves dropping from trees is an ugly mess. Vacant lot behind us has several volunteered magnolia trees that are always dropping leaves and blowing on my property.

Tina, I just placed an order with Weston Farms but there was no option to enter your code of “enchanted home” on my order…….FYI…..

So pretty! I’m wondering how long the magnolia wreaths and garland lasts….through the holiday season, or just a few days? It’s all so beautiful.

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