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Hi and happy Sunday. First announcement is the winner of the fantastic skin care giveaway. By the way they are having a whopping sale (29% off site wide today and tomorrow) details on the bottom of this post.  Congratulations goes to-

Hi Tina – thank you for all of your generous give-always – it is so much fun to enter & “hope” to be the lucky winner!
Enjoy the holidays!!

Please email [email protected] to provide your shipping info so you prize can be on the way!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Can you believe we are just about to turn the page to December! This year has flown and frankly,  it’s one I am OK to close the book on.  We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving (except we were missing a few immediate family members) but overall had a great time in beautiful PB. It is now time to roll up my sleeves and get down to the business of Christmas!

Have you done any retail therapy this weekend? The mother of all shopping weekends? I haven’t yet but plan to do a little today , as I am hopefully going to avoid what I do every year, desperately looking for gift ideas at the very last minute…you think I would have learned by now!

Our incredible 2021 gift wrap collection has been tied up in customs due to the immense shipping/port delays but we finally got word we are getting it on Tues or Wed. Did a little happy dance over that news!! All elves will be on deck and ready to start getting orders out as fast as humanly possible. OK let’s move along to this Sundays post-



1 ONE GORGEOUS HOME If this isn’t the essence of the quintessential holiday home, don’t know what is. Farmdale is one of James Farmers homes on a sprawling piece of property he and his family own. This is so beautifully done, it has instantly put me in the Christmas spirit. What a treat! Click here to read more about it at Atlhanta Homes Magazine.


2 A BEAUTIFULLY CURATED COUNTRY HOME I really like this new (to me) designers style, Catherine Pooley.  Elegant, classic, timeless, collected and interesting. I think her aesthetic is so elegant and peaceful and yet it manages to be very welcoming, and not at all stuffy. Thought all you interior design fans might enjoy this too.

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Of course it’s inevitable that the holiday/Christmas decor on Instagram is out in full force 1 hour after competing my Thanksgiving dinner:) In that dept, I am way behind the 8 ball (still haven’t even put away my pumpkins) but will admire from afar.

If anything these absolutely motivate me to get busy which I plan to start doing this very week. In the meantime, hope you enjoy this dose of holiday beauty….

4 OBSESSED WITH THIS CULTURE I NEVER KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT. Do you know about miniature/tiny cooking? Maybe I am the one who was in the dark but I came across this and became totally mesmerized.

Who knew there was such a thing! Guess nice things do come in small packages,…..very tiny packages. This is unlike anything I have ever seen. Seems incredibly labor intensive but I find it fascinating nonetheless. There is an entire cult following for this and growing. Who knew! Thought it was would be a fun share.

Intrigued? There are an endless number of websites devoted to this growing culture, just google and go down the rabbit hole:)

In fact click on this link below to see an endless number of videos that will surely entertain you…don’t blame me if you get lost in time!


5 TODD EVENTS Such a big fan of this talented event planner’s work. Who knows, maybe one day we will call on him for a wedding of our very own (I do have 3 sons after all:) Some of this exquisite work is below, click here to visit his website and go down a rabbit hole of incredible events…..


6 OUR CUSTOM TRAYS! Just had to share this latest and very exceptional batch of our custom house trays which will be shipping out this week. I am continuously wowed by what works of art these are. Truly incredible, like mini original oils but in a tray!

As many have asked about Christmas delivery, our deadline has passed however we are doing out best to get as many out in time for Christmas as possible, no guarantees though. What we do offer is a beautiful picture of the tray that can be inserted into a card, if we cannot get your tray to you by Christmas so that your recipient knows something very special is coming! Click here for info.



7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So where are you on the holiday spirit scale? I have to admit I am not totally there yet. Part of it is that I have not been home, another part is having a mom who is sick and cannot travel means that we cannot all be together as we traditionally have been for decades. That is still something I am adjusting to, but the holidays for me have taken on a slightly different meaning.

I now cherish my intimate family gatherings (also due to Covid) and we may even host a small holiday dinner for some close friends. I am determined to get into the spirit and relish the joys that this magical season brings. I am looking for the silver lining and will be sure I find it. And you?


And that friends,  is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post. A big shopping weekend this weekend. I plan to spend time today and tomorrow doing some cyber Monday shipping and hopefully starting to make a slight dent in my Christmas list.

Speaking of,  today at 11 am EST our Cyber Monday sale will start so do check back. Also we will have a section entitled Cyber Monday super deals which are definitely worth checking out. Click here to visit shop (all categories are on the left and that one will be on top)

Our Cyber Monday sale goes live at 11 am today

Hope you are all doing well, many of you traveling back home after being away for the holidays…safe travels to everyone! Wishing you a great day, until  next time…..

PS An amazing sale on one of my new favorite skin care lines is worth shouting about! 29% off!!!I am ordering a few jars of the 7 minute lift as gifts for a few skin care loving friends/family

Click here to visit Adonia Organics

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I so love your blog and it’s the best way to start my morning! so much to love today, that decorated holiday house is so beautiful and cozy.
did not know about the tiny food but now I also am obsessed😊
Love the new tablecloth‘s can’t wait. Have a great day Tina!

Always a favorite to start my morning with your Seven on Sunday and extra fun today to see our local event planner extraordinaire Todd Fiscus and Todd events featured!

10 here — not so much because I’m feeling so great, but because it’s so needed.

Thank you for the dose of pretty to help get us through. Best wishes navigating your mother’s illness.

I was inspired by seeing your home decorated for Christmas in Flower House and Garden Magazine! My Fall decorations came down yesterday and were packed up . Decorating for Christmas began. I put out a little each day. It brings such joy to use some of my mothers decorations she left me as well as some of my treasures from my past!

Exciting news on the wrapping paper! My tree will be decorated by this evening and all of my Christmas shopping is done early this year (Yay!), so the presents are just waiting to be wrapped in your gorgeous paper!

Enjoyed this Sunday’s blog post.

It also was a nice surprise to spot Enchanted Home in the January/February edition of Southern Lady!

Join the World of the Enchanted Home!



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