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Good morning friends, hard to believe Christmas is a week away. Wow, has this month flown! I cannot lie,  I am personally going to be happy when this month is over. Its been a long, stressful (sometimes fun) month. Lots of things went wrong, and the day before we were to host our family Christmas party, husband found out he was exposed to someone sick with Covid so we had to cancel the party. Even putting his exposure aside it still felt like the responsible thing to do, disappointing as it was. He got the rapid test which thankfully came up negative, waiting on the PCR results. Onward we go….

Covid,  at least around here is suddenly really changing things, and fast. I cannot believe we are back to some of the measures we had to take well over a year ago. Two other things we were invited to also canceled. This is our new norm and boy, did that change fast! That said, having had Covid, I have no desire to have it again and will happily take preventative measures to ensure I keep not only myself safe but others as well.

It definitely  takes away the spirit and magic of the holidays. If anything it just makes me look forward to the next holiday season, and I just bet it’s going to be a lot more “nominal”.  Let’s move along to happier subjects, shall we!


1 A FABULOUS HOME IN PROVENCE! Who hasn’t dreamed at one time or another of a house in Provence? I know I have…. many times! This beauty is a treasure, my mind instantly ran away with all the things I would do it, while keeping it’s beautiful character intact. Quite spectacular! Click here for more info.


2 WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA I so was touched watching this. How thousands of volunteers all over our country go to various cemeteries where veterans are buried and lay wreaths at their graves. What a beautiful way to honor these fallen heroes with such a touching gesture during the Christmas season.  Incredible that nearly 1.6 millions wreaths will laid all across our beautiful country. I just love this.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST It’s full on holiday beauty from here on it, we are in the home stretch so let’s enjoy the amazing inspiration that abounds on Instagram, one thing in the world there is not a shortage of!


4 A PERFECT CHRISTMAS COCKTAIL Made this cranberry apple Moscow mule punch over Thanksgiving and it was not only so tasty but really pretty and very festive looking. Certainly something you can make bedside the holidays, which we definitely will be doing! Make it in a large pitcher and pour into individual glasses, be sure to make extra as everyone wanted a refill! Found over at Whitney Bond.


  • 2 cups vodka
  • 1 cup cranberry apple juice
  • ¼ cup fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 1.5 liters ginger beer, 2 – 750 ml bottles
  • ½ cup fresh cranberries
  • ½ cup apples, diced


  • Add the vodka, cranberry apple juice, lime juice and ginger beer to a large pitcher.
  • Add the fresh cranberries and apples.
  • Add ice to serve immediately, or chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

5 THE MAGNIFICENCE OF MAGNOLIA By now,  you know what how much I love magnolia. There is only one place to get it….Weston Farms of course! The rich rusty underbelly of the leaf against that glossy green is a hard combination to beat. Add blue and white, and you have a showstopping arrangement, even something very simple.

I got fresh greens from the yard, added my magnolia and voila! Instant holiday elegance.

Click here to visit Weston Farms they are shipping all through the week, and get your fresh magnolia just cut from the tree, they are shipping all this week just in time to arrive fresh for Christmas!

Love them in my outdoor planters mixed in with fresh greens

And they are so easy to use in lineally any container, mixed in with fresh greens (and berries if you wish). Makes such a showstopping arrangement, added magnolia to this centerpiece in my breakfast room, added some berries and voila!

So pretty mixed in with fresh greens (and of course a sprinkle of blue and white)!

I am. not done with this, still need to add my fresh greens and berries but even with just magnolia, its stunning. Literally took 2 minutes to do this.

6 SOME GOODIES COMING VERY SOON! We are getting our biggest container of porcelain around Dec. 29th and it’s a showstopping container. We will hold an arrival sale as there was no time to hold the presale. Here are some of the magnificent items arriving. I cannot wait, so many good things coming in this one! Stay tuned…..


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK, if I didn’t know better I could have sworn one of my kids was trying to punk me. Over the last few weeks, I have been out to get this or that and was literally dumbfounded at the empty shelves/lack of stock. A few examples- I wanted to find little pearled 3″ balls to fill a bowl, so went to both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, I walked into to literally near bare shelves and this was 3 weeks before Christmas. I mean they had nothing, what there was I wouldn’t have taken for free. I asked the salesgirl about it and she said they only got a fraction of what they normally get (how well I can relate)

Went to the market yesterday for paper towels (they were totally out of bounty) and had only 2 brands on the shelf, and very little at that. I use these little clips to keep my hair back,  went to three drug stores, who always have them, it looked like hair accessories famine, the shelves once again near empty. Is anyone else experiencing this across the board?




Thank you for stopping  by. Hope you enjoyed the post. Putting them together is always one my favorite activities during the week as it keeps me calm and focused, kind of like my little version of therapy. Our Holiday Love contest will begin this week and it is so good. So many amazing entries.

Wishing everyone a smooth, sane week as many run around to check off their lists during this last week before Christmas. It’s a busy,  hustle and bustle week, so pace yourself and take time to smell the evergreen:) Until next time….

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Went to two grocery stores and lo and behold, no Rice Crispies to make my holiday buckeyes!

Have been volunteering for Wreath across America for about 10 years now, not only donating but also placing wreaths on graves, and removing them after the holidays.

Your Long Island Michael’s must be managed better than my Michael’s here in Connecticut….. our Fairfield County Michaels is always a mess. It’s disorganized and has plenty of what i don’t want. I’ve stopped shopping there and have started ordering the few things i need online. Costco though, has been out of Bounty at times. As long as we are healthy, unstocked shelves are something I can adapt to. I am, however, beginning to get concerned about my adult vaxx’ed kids in their 20’s coming home. They are very careful but do go into work. I know that in the past week alone, both have vaxx’ed friends without any symptoms test positive. My kids are waiting for PCR results as well. I am triple vaxx’ed so I hope if I catch anything it will be mild, but I am still very concerned.

Just a heads-up, Tina. The Weston Farm link takes one to an unrelated YouTube video. Otherwise, a beautiful post!

Thank you for sharing the post about the wreaths across America.

Your thoughtfulness and compassion is always inspirational

Another delightful post. I love how you used the magnolia and your Instagram‘s are always the best!

Yes, around here in the Atlanta area I have noticed a tremendous shortage of everything. I hope this is not a forecast of what this winter will be like.

I just wanted to tell you I got in my paper and ornaments and they are simply spectacular! my daughters and I will be wrapping presents all day😊

I,too, will be glad when this week is gone. I know that sounds like a bah-humbug attitude, but the holidays have been a difficult time for me for the past 5 years. We are having our family dinner tonight, so it’s pretty done after that. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone in wanting it to be over.

I have a magnolia tree and hate it! It is sloppy tree. All year long I have to pick up leaves in my yard, the sidewalk and street. I cannot afford the cost to cut it down.

Wishing your family a wonderful Christmas 🎄 I hate you canceled your family celebration, but I do understand your concern for safety.
I know that very many people have had the “Covid” flu and have been very sick and are still experiencing effects, but look at Florida with no restrictions; they’re not giving into the “hype of covid”. If we don’t stand up and let the government know that we’ve had enough, we will never return to normal.

Dear Tina,
I hope you and your husband consider purchasing that gorgeous home in Avignon! Just think, you could create a new branch of your fabulous business…..”La Maison Enchantee”! What vicarious fun we, your loyal customers and blog readers, would have watching you transform that (sleeping) beauty with your taste and style. Fingers crossed, your Santa ‘hubs’ is reading your Christmas list!

Prayers your husband will continue to test negative and you and the rest of your family stay well and safe until we have an acceptable level of normalcy. AND that THAT will be soon…… Enjoy your Sunday posts so much, Tina, as well as all the beautiful things you’ve found for me!

Hi Tina, The shortage you are seeing is due to the ships from China being backlogged in Long Beach, CA. The truckers UNION have worked with the Biden administration to harass and force independent truckers to join the UNION. So these truckers cannot pick up their goods and are not allowed to do so. Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida has issued an invitation for these ships to come in to any Florida port. And unload their goods to these truckers. It’s going to be frightfully expensive, of course. The truckers will have to drive from California across the USA to Florida to pick up their goods. Pete Budieged (sp?) as you know, is the director of transportation. He’s been on “maternity leave” for four months. As a independent business woman/retailer for 22 years it is imperative that the shipping costs are added to your product. Which will naturally rise.
I wish you the very best merry Christmas and a wonderful happy new year!

Merry Christmas!
Just wanted to say a big thank you. My custom orchid arrangement that I ordered for my best friend’s new house…arrived perfectly and before Christmas. I know you’ve been swamped…but we were both so impressed and thrilled.

Have you tried to find a “gift box with lid”???? Good grief!! I know there are worse things…it’s just a cardboard box…*sigh* Honestly, it is just….oh, well….franki

This holiday is not what we or me hoped for, either. Parties cancelled. The season is not quite as fun as I HOPED WITH KNOWING SO MANY ARE SUFFERING LOSS FROM TORNADOES AND ILLNESSES. Pray for good next year. I didn’t deck the halls like I usually do, either. Oh well. Life and I will survive.

I order Bounty from Walmart online, always in stock and not at a crazy price and delivered less than 2 days

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