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**Reminder our office is closed Dec 24- Dec 27th**

Hello and happy Christmas eve…first things first, let’s announce the winner of our Holiday Love 2021 contest!

Congratulations to Kathy From round 2 for submitting this wonderful picture-

Please contact us at so your prize can be on it’s merry way!

And a hearty congratulations to the runner up and the others who were not far behind. All winners, and all such beautiful examples of the magic of this season.

Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas? This has been a strange year and an “off season” in that Covid in the last few weeks. really put a dampener on things. Suddenly everything started getting canceled, things at the shipping pots came to an even greater slowdown (due to breakouts of covid among the workers0 and it goes on and on.

Of course, it was not all doom and gloom,  I had fun decking my halls (not quite as extensively as usual) but the little I did do, brought me joy. And loved hearing from all of our happy customers about all the things they found from us for gifts, gift wrapping, etc…that part of it makes it so fulfilling. But so many factors made this year feel a bit different. And the final straw was that,  as you are reading this,  I was supposed to be on a plane for a nice holiday getaway which was not meant to happen. We canceled a few days ago.

I am OK with it, because I was starting to get nervous about traveling during such a busy time with all the Covid will give us a reason to plan something in the spring. And don’ think for a second that i think these are big problems, I am well aware that there are so many suffering from all the victims from th horrific tornadoes to all the suffering going on across the world in Afghanistan there are a lot of people to pray for and I am very mindful of that.

Today is a random musings post which I haven’t  done in quite a while. And here are some random highlights from the last week or two….


I had a birthday in Dec….kept it low key had a fwe samll celebrations with friensd, and on my actualy day walking into my coutnero pwoth all these beuatufl flowers and gifts made me feel so loved

Loved all my beautiful flowers!

Driving through Locust Valley one night , this sunset took my breath way!

Beautiful platter sent over by a friend

You know how much I love white….cannot wait to get our whiter pierced bowls in

And the blue and white has become a go to favorite!

My hallways, where I managed to add some greenery and holiday accents, but nothing crazy

How precious is Sailor my sisters baby (and 3rd dog)! It was his first birthday!

Had a small dinner, using our gorgeous blue lily of the valley plates (our collaboration with Carolyne Roehm) and these flowers going on 9 days old! I keep them outside every night:)

Love seeing our etched hurricane illuminated at night….so beautiful (this is the small Greek key) and these are our deal of the day! (details at bottom)

Love the way my faux amaryllis arrangement came out, will do again next year, so easy!

Another gift that was too pretty to open:)

Love the golden light of the late day

Our new blue and white bowl filled with mini nutcrackers

Love both of these settings for the holidays….

Thankfully I will never run out of my gorgeous gift wrap…it was such fun to wrap the few gifts I bought this year. (our 50% off sale starts Sunday)!

Can you believe my peonies are still going through (kept them out overnight, 9 days and counting)! Next to a treasured photo of my great grandmother holding me as a baby.

Friends stopped by……

Mixed faux and fresh greenery on this chest mixed with a healthy mdse of blue and white

Just got in a huge container which we are just starting to unload, but among the beauties are these incredible new chinoiserie wastepaper baskets and tissues in SIX glorious color combination! Just wait till you see them…..

A special friend gave me this book, if you don’t have it…GET IT! It is so fabulous, cannot believe I didn’t have it! Its a winner! Thanks LC:)



Our gorgeous Greek key etched hurricanes (sold individually) normally $90, today they are $65.00 for one day only!

Price comes off at checkout, no code necessary

Click here



And there you have it, hope you enjoyed my post. And wishing everyone a calm and sane day as I am sure many of, like myself will be running around doing things we know we really don’t need to do, lol. We weren’t supposed to be here so I will be scrambling to palm for Christmas dinner now, so I have a very long list to get through. Stay sane and jingle on…….

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Fran W. on

Happy belated birthday! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Vicky on

Happy birthday and Merry Christmas. your post and all the beautiful pictures are always such a bright spot in my day!
Received my lily of the valley plates and in LOVE with them. they are even prettier in person and will be used for our Christmas Eve dinner😊

Terry P. on

Merry CHRISTMAS 🙂 Just ordered the coffee table book as gift to ME ! Blessings for Healthy 2022 !

Rose on

Happy birthday to you and Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Eve on

Wishing you a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with Health, Peace and Love!

Eileen on

Merry, merry Christmas!!

Mary Anne on


Deanna on

You taught me to keep my flowers in the cold garage at night, and my flowers last so much longer. Thank you for that huge tip! Your home looks very festive, and I hope you have a happy Christmas, Tina. You and your family.

Jo Shafer on

I always enjoy your Random Musings, Tina, because they’re full of delightful surprises. Sorry your winter holiday didn’t work out this time, but there is always tomorrow. As for me, I’d rather be home in my cozy house of lovely lights and rich greenery and — oh, yes! — enticing aromas. Everything is [finally] ready except tomorrow’s Christmas dinner. This year I’m reverting to my Southern roots with a glazed baked ham. Two later will be our 52nd anniversary!

Amjean on

I have a black/gold buffet that I would love to put fresh greenery on for Christmas but have been hesitant, questioning whether the oils would damage the paint finish. I noticed that you have them on one of your cabinets. Have you ever had any issues?
Or, are there greens that are better than others?

Rose Lee Josephson on

Merry Christmas, Tina, and to all who joyfully follow you.
Rose Lee

Sue Schmitt Haidon on

Happy Birthday, Tina and Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎁🎄🧑‍🎄❤️🌹

Cindy J on

I bought Dragons and Pagodas book as a little St Nicks give for myself. I will enjoy after the holidays.
This season is a little off center, but there is always next year. Planning a quiet New Year’s Eve , only few friends.
Happy New Year!

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