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Hello friends! Hope this finds you doing well and coming off the heels of a wonderful Christmas season. We had a wonderful time, it was small and intimate but so enjoyable and relaxing. Onward to what lies ahead…..

I like to share Enchanted Home shop new a few times a year, with what is new and upcoming. Truth is this post was started back in Oct. and it fell aside into my draft box. Since then lots has happened so the Enchanted Home shop news is being divided into two parts . What a year 2021 turned out to be!

What you hear on the news daily about the insanity taking place in the world of shipping and logistics/supply chain is not an exaggeration and is still happening. Never has it been this way and this is after speaking to veterans who have been in this industry for 20, 30 years. The Covid resurgence  has created yet a new round of wrinkles in supply chain.

It was. a tragedy to see the logistics chain literally fall apart. As an example I had my beautiful porcelain pumpkins shipped THREE months ago. They had been sitting at the port for over a month! They claim “labor shortage”. Can you imagine how infuriating it is to  know something you worked hard on, paid for an shipped with plenty of time to spare is just sat in a warehouse  warehouse,unable to be touched. Maddening! So the supply chain crisis is R E A L!!!! PS We just got our pumpkins……..on Dec 3rd!!! Silver lining? Ready and stocked for fall 2022:)

That said, I  have been fortunate to get most of our shipments. Every one that comes in, I do an extra special happy dance for….feels like a major victory. It was a nail biting season for all retailers particularly those who have season specific goods coming in.

I am grateful however that some of our shipments have made it and our containers due in late Dec are only running 2 weeks behind, coming mid Jan….woo hoo! As I periodically like to do, I  like to update you with what is new, exciting and upcoming. So let’s turn our attention to the good, pretty and positive……


CUSTOM TABLECLOTHS We had offered these amazing custom tablecloths a couple of years ago and sold out fast. When I featured it on my Christmas table, I got a huge influx of inquires about how to order. Yes, I know it is nearly impossibly to find gorgeous tablecloths aseptically for large tables. The fabric is just exquisite, best part is its machine washable (gentle) and looks like a million dollars. We will offer it in this very soft pale icy blue.

I was able, after a very long time of trying,  to secure more fabric. I will know in  the next day or two exactly how much I am getting. We will offer a limited number of these custom tablecloth to be made in pretty much any size. The most popular sizes were, but are not limited to.

70″ x 90″

70″ x 108″

70″ x 128

70″ x 144″

70″ x 162″

60″ round

If you want to be on the list to be contacted about them, please email We think we will have enough for approx 20 custom tablecloths.

You will receive information within the next 1-2 days


HYDRANGEA GARDEN MELAMINE Thrilled to announce the hydrangea garden melamine has just come out of production! We had such a fantastic response to it and I cannot wait to get it (and decided to do the chargers in all three colors, white the green and blue). Stay tuned……hope to have our first shipments later Jan/early Feb!!

PORCELAIN We just received a big porcelain container yesterday and getting our biggest porcelain container yet in 2 weeks. Below are just some of what is coming in, we will hold an arrival sale on this container within the next 1-2 weeks, so stay tuned as this is one you don’t want to miss.

Thrilled to announce just yesterday we finally go these sold out beauties back in stock, after being out for nearly 6 months! ~ Click here to see them

SPRING!  So excited about our new bunnies and eggs, coming in Feb, now two colorways, green and blue! Makes me so anticipate spring….

Also very excited to introduce these fabulous french wire baskets. I can see them lined with moss and planted with spring flowers, orchids, ferns, so many possibilities! These beauties will be here in 2 weeks.

CAROLYNE ROEHM COLLABORATION Our collaboration with Caroylne Roehm has been a huge success and we are so grateful. We have reordered three times, a sure sign that you love this collection. Currently we are sold out of some of the pieces, but more are on the way, coming in about 2 weeks when we will replenish.


TABLETOP Just got in a huge shipment with some long awaited customer favorites. Our gorgeous wicker urns and consoles, square ginger jars are all restocked.

Click here to see our entire wicker collection-

Finally got these beautiful wicker hurricanes back in stock after waiting nearly 8 months!

New wicker planters are on the way, how gorgeous are these new cane style in white, green and soft blue

SHADES! Our lampshade shipment which many were waiting on was finally cleared and should be here in about 3 weeks. Some of the beauties heading this way and well worth the wait below-

And how about these fabulous 8″ and 10″ bamboo tole planters!

LINENS We will introduce a few new patterns one of which is our stunning new lily of the valley trellis which pairs beautifully with our new china in collaboration with Carolyne Roehm. WE will introduce this sometime in March.

CHINOISERIE TOLE We have a shipment arriving around Jan 14th, which will be our last tole shipment for 2021. It will have tons of amazing goodies, including our new wood brackets, fabulous new floor planers and a big shipment of Provence planters among other things.

Here is a sneak peek-

GIFT WRAP Our gorgeous holiday wrap was a huge huge hit. Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm. Our 50% off sale is going strong and you can click here to get your stash…..

SILVER Our silver is always a big hit during the holiday season. We had a shipment arrive 2 days before Christmas that was due here in Nov. Some th8ings you need to recognize you just don’t control over.  We are getting another container in about 3 weeks with more silver chargers and flatware, slowly but surely it’s all tricking in…..


One lucky winner will win a special surprise box filled with Enchanted Home goodies, all you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite item I discussed here. I will announce a winner on Sunday.


And that is about all this little post can handle:) I will have a part two in a week or so with more updates. I love what I do and though this year has been an unprecedented challenge, we feel like the little engine that can.

We keep on going and I am cautiously optimistic that 2022 will bring about a sense of much needed normalcy. I know it will take a while, but it has to get better! And of course every retailer on he planter is praying for shipping costs to come down dramatically, it has really created such havoc in the retail world.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping in, wishing 3veryone a wonderful and peaceful day. Until next time…..

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cheryl p on

I am in love with the wicker-wavy table! Such a beautiful design. Wishing you and your family and happy and healthy New Year’s! May 2022 be a good year for us all~

Jaydee Atkins Ager on

Spring bunnies and eggs! YES! Will have to order some! 🐰

Nancy Hawkins on

My absolute favorite is the custom tablecloth. I have to have one!

Marsha Horton on

Your posts brighten my day each time I open my email. And the fact that they end with your beloved fur baby makes it even more uplifting!!
I know you must miss him greatly.

Robyn Dubinsky on

That custom tablecloths. Beautiful fabric and not dry clean only :-).

Julie Shuchman on

My favorite is the Gorgeous Chinoiserie wood shelf in red, a la Tony Duquette. Colorful, eye catching and practical. Absolutely stunning.

Samia on

So excited to see the hydrangea garden melamine will soon be available! The beautiful pictures of the plates give hope that spring is around the corner.

Amy on

Will you be restocking the etched cake domes?

Kim M on

Oooh! I love the new plates with butterflies! 🦋 I will definitely need those in the blue! Glad everything is starting to come in for you! Happy New Year!

Jane on

The French wire baskets make my heart sing

Karenann S. on

I am in love with the pale green ginger jar! Absolutely gorgeous!

L Herzog on

I love the pastel ginger jars! Such a beautiful design!

Carol Lane on

I am so excited for the Lilly of the Valley green placemats to match my beautiful collection of the Lilly of the Valley plates!

Loretta Turner on

Hi, how can I possibly pick just one thing 🤣
I’m in love with the Carolyn Roehn collaboration, the dishes are stunning and I especially like the octagon shape of the salad plate.
I’m anxiously awaiting my large pagoda, 7 months and still waiting but I know when it arrives it will be so worth the wait!

Mary Anne Liljedahl on

I love the wood wall brackets and the wicker urns and can’t wait to order! I actually love everything you offer! Wishing all a happy and healthy New Year!

Paulette P on

The new wicker planters are looking great. The introduction to the new melamine pattern is a winner for sure as well.

Sheri Levitt on

Love the silver beaded and double handle container!
Happy and healthy New year to you all………

Anne Louise Greer on

Thinking about the beautiful custom tablecloth!

Anita Morgan on

The French wire baskets and the pedestal white bowl are on my New Years list. Best wishes for 2022.

Betty Coco on

I love everything but the silver planter is my favorite.

Edith-Anne Duncan on

These new pieces are gorgeous! It’s hard to pick one. If only one, my favorite would be the Carolyne Roehem hexagon shaped salad plate.

Alissa S. on

Everything is so beautiful, but I love the wicker console and the blue and whole garden seat!

Ellen V on

In love with the solid blue bamboo tole planter…

Mary Ann Frasher on

I absolutely love the wicker hampers. They are so unique, and belong where you can see them the minute you open the front door!

Shirley @Housepitality Designs on

So happy that your orders have been delivered or on its way.!! So hard to chose a favorite among so many beautiful items! Must say I am loving the new Hydrangea dinnerware! Fabulous!!
Thank you for the great giveaway!
Happy New Year!!

Jill Downs on

I absolutely love the wicker urns. What a fun addition they would make in really space because they are so versatile.

Karen on

Brilliant extension of the Lily of the Valley line! What could be more beautiful than the linens ( especially the place mats) to accent a Spring table? In these gray days—such a lovely image.

Heather Black on

I love, love your silver and the blue and white large ginger jar with the lion’s head on the lid! The large ginger jar is my all time favorite.

Ms. Tracey on

I hope I can score a tablecloth. The wicker console table are just simple beautiful. Haven’t seen anything else so lovely as that piece.

Linda on

I LOVE almost everything, I do not have a local store that offers all of these beautiful items. The lampshades are really pretty and unique.

Nancy Caswell on

First thing I want to order is the footed bowls —- in blue and white AND in plain white!!! For fruit or ornaments or just standing alone! Soooo pretty!!!

Sharon on

I love the custom tablecloth along with any of your silver items. They are simply gorgeous.

Happy New Year,

Cheri P on

Ready for 2022 – adore the light blue ginger jar!

Marcia on

So many beautiful items coming in ! Especially like the linens, placemats and table cloths as well as the lamp patterned lampshades. These are the finishing touches that I have been searching for !

christine on

What to pick? Who could chose just one thing? I love it all! The beautiful tablecloth, the lampshades, the wicker seats, the planters, the plates…… And I need the wrapping paper in every pattern!

Lynne on

I love the delicate blue and white cut-out dishes.

Debbie M on

Love, love, love the proposed new lily of the valley trellis linen pattern! Perfect to use with the Carolyne Roehm china collaboration or other patterns! I’m already envisioning a spring table that also features the eggs and bunnies as a centerpiece! So pretty!!! Wishing for all a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2022!!!

Jennifer S on

The large blue and white porcelain bowls-always a favorite! And, anything wicker! Such fabulous items for the home.

Claudia McCauley on

Serious wow… wall brackets and wicker planters…definitely!

Elissa Cron on

I’m very excited about ordering a custom table cloth made from that magnificent fabric! Also in love with the footed blue waste basket for my master bath! Lots of ideas for the French wire baskets as well!
Your post is like a breath of fresh air!

Shanda on

Love, love, love the blue tole bamboo planter. I can’t wait to add hydrangeas for a table centerpiece.

Deborah B Sorgi on

Customer tablecloth is stunning–a must have for every formal table.

Michelle on

So many beautiful items,I really love the wicker urns!
Happy New Year!

Helen Irion on

Silver and tablecloths such wonderful surprises in this post! Full of inspiration, just what we need right now. Keep it coming!

Kathy Chandler on

The custom tablecloth is just gorgeous! It is so hard to find a beautiful tablecloth and this one is stunning.

Susan K on

Looking forward to all of the arrival sales as I love looking around my home and seeing all of the beautiful items that I have from TEH!

Rebecca on

The French wire baskets have limitless possibilities……….I would love them with spring bulbs and eggs for spring, hydrangeas in summer, a variety of pumpkins and feathers for fall and bulbs and balls for Christmas………

Jenni Toebben on

Love it all, but am already looking around my house to see where I can use the wall brackets!

Ashley on

So many beautiful things! I love the white pierced, footed bowl!

Ann Weiler on

Everything is gorgeous! A feast for the eyes. My favorite is the garden hydrangea melamine, which is perfect for dinners outside during the spring and summer! And it blends well with my other Enchanted Home blue and white pieces. Can’t wait!

Mary on

I am in love with your new placemats and tablecloth to coordinate with your lily of the valley plates! I cannot wait to order!💚🤍💚🤍💚🤍

Lois Munn on

I cannot pick one thing! Everything is beautiful!!

Susan Hayes Long on

Just exactly what we need after the excitement of the holidays, something to look forward to. So many wonderful items on their way. What to choose is the big question. Thanks so much for the exciting update.

Sherry Tilton on

The quality of your merchandise is amazing. Can’t wait to receive and use your French wire baskets.

Joan on

I can’t decide between the lampshades and the placemats! Everything is beautiful. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Shanda Corl on

Love, love, love the blue tole bamboo planter. I can’t wait to chat a centerpiece.

Kristen on

I love the wicker pieces from your collection that I’ve added to my home. Definitely want to add the console table! It’s gorgeous!

Diana on

So many beautiful items! My favorites today are the beautiful lamp shades. Love!

Megan on

Too hard to choose a favorite- kind of like having to pick my favorite child!

Janet Masterson on

So much to love….my favorites are the staffordshire dogs, french wire baskets, lampshades, and white footed bowl. I see a pretty Spring vignette in my future.

Tim F. on

Love the new linen offerings.

Allyson on

Please consider an oval tablecloth. I need one desperately!

Deb R on

Love the wicker pieces for a more relaxed, but sophisticated way to brighten up interiors!

Anne Nelson Morck on

So hard to choose, as everything is beautiful! The wicker hurricanes really caught my eye, along with the wavy console table.

Faith Boggio on

I love everything, but I am loving the Lily of the Valleys.

Becky molenhouse on

Love everything but have my eye on Carolyn’s dinner plates! Happy New Year!

Tracie Sullivan on

The Caroline Roehm Lily of the Valley trellis linens will be stunning. I can’t wait until they are available! Looks like you may offer place mats and tablecloths!

Suzanne Johnson on

Love everything, but my very favorite would have to be the custom tablecloths!!! So beautiful!!! 🙂

Anna Monroe on

Love the French wire baskets! Perfect for spring!

Marie on

I am sorry the supply chain issues have been so frustrating but I appreciate what you do. I look forward to your posts and pics – always beautiful and bring some much needed cheer…..and shopping!!!

Leslie on

I love the wicker planters in white, and the wavy wicker table…both are fabulous. I was watching the potted shed on utube, and a decorator had one very similar in her den in dallas. Just wonderful. Happy new year!

Barb Moore on

Your items are so gorgeous! How do you choose one? You have such an eye for beauty.

Rose on

You’re doing it to us again, making us choose! Ok. Mine is the garden seat. I love the shape of it. This would look great on my porch, in the gazebo, the living room, the list could go on. Thanks for the preview!

Jennifer Reece on

Love the tablecloths!

Susan M. on

The Hydrangea Garden Melamine is my favorite!!

Francine W on

I love the Carolyne Roehm collection! The trellis place mats and tablecloth complement the dishes beautifully.

Mary Casey on

So many beautiful things. The wood brackets are nice! Thanks for a great giveaway.

Mia D on

So excited for all of your new things for Spring! They blue and green eggs and bunnies are a favorite as are the wicker items! You have me excited to put all the Christmas away!

Darcy Honick on

Oh my goodness, what a fabulous selection of goodies. I can’t wait for the French wire baskets to arrive, as a florist I can think of so many ways to use them.

AFN on

Thank you Tina. Happy New Year 2022. New start for all. I really like the green
Bunnies and eggs. Such a nice shade. Look forward to Seeing more of them.

Rose r on

Can not wait for the new linens to arrive. The placements are wonderful.

Sandy W on

There’s a whole lot of stuff to love here, but really like the linens and the new hydrangea melamine. The bunnies and eggs make me realize that spring will be here very soon!

Rose r on

The new linens especially the placements are wonderful.

Margaret Jones on

I do so love to colors and classic lines of the black chinoiserie tole! It just pulls me in and says “order me!”

Alicia on

Oh my, how to pick just one! I am in love with the hydrangea garden melamine pattern and have been watching for its arrival ever since you posted photos of that earlier this year! Can’t wait for that to come in. I really do enjoy your blog and following all of your beautiful and interesting posts.

Sara Jane Elliott on

Shopping in your store is like feasting on Birthday Cake year round!!!!! Choosing a favorite is VERY difficult, but I would say it is the beautiful wicker console. Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with good health, laughter and adventure and a less troublesome business year for you.

Ann on

Love all your gorgeous gift wrap, as well as those wonderful wall brackets! Happy New Year!

Regina on

I love the hydrangea melamine! It makes me anxious for spring.

Maria on

I really love the wrapping paper. I should order for next year and be ahead! It is beautiful and so unique! Happy New Year to you and your family! Fingers crossed for a great New Year ahead!

EF on

Love it ALL but my favorites are the tablecloth and pale pink ginger jar.

Philip on

Happy Holidays, especially New Years
Tina and Staff, so many fantastic items!!!
My favorite would have to be the custom tablecloth.
Thank you for all you guys accomplish and still carry on…

Liz on

So many lovely items but the wicker consoles are dreamy.

Debbie on

So much to love – the new cane wicker planters on the light blue are speaking to me! Always adore the wicker hurricane bases and candle holders. The white brackets are lovely too. Adore the green Carolyn collaboration plates – truly elegant. And that’s after narrowing it down a bit!!

Susan on

The giftwrap is gorgeous, the wicker planter boxes, wow and of course anything blue and white and a touch of silver, too tough to chooses a favorite.

Susan C. on

I love the blue and white porcelain bunnies and eggs. As I am putting my Christmas away, I see these eggs as the promise of spring.

Rose Haas-Frasher on

Love the lily of the Valley plates. It was my Mother favorite flower. Will have to order when available.

Darcy Janson on

Loving the French wire baskets!

Christina on

So many beautiful things! I’ll go with what I saw last – I adore the silver cup with the wreath! I’m still in the Christmas mood and love this little cup.

Jordan Welch on

Ah! Absolutely LOVE all of these new designs & additions! The bunnies and eggs are adorable, and I cannot stop staring at the BEAUTIFUL new white, green, & soft blue wicker planters, as well as the new bamboo tole planters! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Terri Winfield-Story on

Hi Tina. I look forward to all your posts. I have made some of the recipes you have posted (yummy) I love and adore my dog statues and can get enough silver items. I have tried to create my front porch the similar to yours with the dog statues it’s amazing. I keep missing the time when you send pictures. Thank you and Happy New Year to you!!

Susan Luka on

I have been eagerly waiting for the wood brackets to be offered! Happy to see them.

ReneP. on

Oh my goodness, I am in love with the French wire baskets! Just looking around my kitchen I can picture them in so many places! They are perfect, pretty, and will be useful too!

Joanne on

The wicker consoles are a stand out!

Heather K on

Can’t decide which one I like the best- Hydrangea plates or the Lily of the valley.

Cathy French on

Talk about the “agony and the ecstasy”—the agony of having to choose just one favorite and the ecstasy of all your beautiful offerings! I am in love with the large open porcelain bowl and I would use it for a table centerpiece with orchids in it. Thanks for the giveaway offer! ❤️

Susan Kayden on

So much beauty! I have my eye on the Lily of the Valley Trellis placemats and tablecloths, So fresh and gorgeous!

Patricia Sappington on

Wow!you’ve outdone yourself!the tablecloths are exqusite!exquisite! The hydrangea melamine is awesome!!I’ve just started ordering from you and products are fantastic!!Thank you for all your hard work!Happy New Year!

Sinead Cummins on

Love all your items shown, but my favorites are always the porcelains, particularly your blue and white large vases. And second, of course. the beautiful silver pieces. I Used your amazing candelabras this Christmas, as you have on your table. Always elegant and festive.

Nancy on

I love the Melamine, and I have my eyes on the white cane planter.

Fran W. on

Love the beautiful tablecloths! So lovely!

Kim S on

Now that Christmas is over, I”m loving the bunnies and Easter eggs. The pierced bowls and hydrangea dishes are also calling my name.

Susan Alexander on

It’s so much fun getting to see all of the goodies! I am especially excited about the wall brackets….can’t wait. The colors are soft and gorgeous!

Tricia on

There are so many beauties, hard to choose one but with spring coming the hydrangea Melamine with chargers is on my list.

Ann on

I’m excited about the beautiful hydrangea garden melamine and the blue & white eggs! Such beauties!

Tammy Ringeisen on

Everything is so beautiful! I love the wicker pieces and the French wire baskets that are coming and of course the porcelain item! Thank you and Happy New Year!

Sherri on

So many lovelies. I especially love the green and white chinoiserie tole floor planter. Gorgeous?

Dr Ari Karga on

Love everything! Would love to get contacted about the tablecloths!
How about the chinoiserie Christmas trees? I was so excited about them…they are gorgeous

Debra R. Hultquist on


Wishing you a Happy New Year. Your communications are very much appreciated. I feel like I know you!

Mary Anne on

Some of my favorites on your site are your Staffordshire Dogs, both the medium sizes I have and the little ornament sizes ! Also, the sparkling silver pieces are always magical !! Thank you and Happy Healthy New Year!

J. Murphy on

The wicker is gorgeous, the wrapping paper is gorgeous matter of fact, all of it is gorgeous. I can’t pick just one item.

Peggy kahle on

Your wicker is fabulous! Also like the French wire basket. Your design sense is fabulous

Jo Shafer on

Those three sitting Chinamen enchant my heart every time you feature them. One of these days I’ gonna succumb to their charm and invite them home with me!

Diane Massanelli on

I am in love with the French wire baskets! I so look forward to seeing your post. Love everything!

Dale on

The French wire baskets are lovely and I have just the place for them!

Pat on

I love the blue and white items. Especially the double happiness jar. We could all use a double helping of happiness in 2022.

Melissa Ritchie on

Oh my!! What to chose!! I think the wicker planters would be at the top of my list with the wire baskets coming in a very close second!!

Jane on

I love the hydrangea melamine. It is so pretty! My favorite flower!

Barbara on

Happy Holidays to you and yours! I love the Staffordshire dogs- they are adorable. It is hard to choose though, there are so many lovely things!

Susan M. on

Favorite item? Too many to choose from! Loving all the wicker and the French wire baskets. Happy New Year!

Mary Judith O'Malley on

First of all, thank you for all the time you spend on your posts. I know how much they brighten my day and I am sure many others. It is so hard to pick favorites, but now I am eyeing the beautiful linens. They remind me of spring, so I guess they will be my new favorites! Take care of yourself, and again thank you for all your beautiful ideas!

michelle l oleary on

I absolutely love the hydrangea melamine and chargers. Can’t wait to order for a “housewarming” gift for friend decorating new Florida home. Happy New year!

Dianne on

Love everything!!
I’m obsessed with the beautiful silver fork …guessing it’s a serving fork
It’s just stunning!!!

Karen B Markovich on

I love the silver items displayed in this post. Looking forward to seeing the other items coming. I used my
silver this year at Christmas and it made me think of my Mom who always set the table with her beautiful silver
flatware and serving pieces.

Sharon F. on

The scalloped wicker console is unique and gorgeous! It is a perfect piece for my sunroom.

Blair on

I am loving the new wall brackets!!

Lisa on

I just received the mint julip cups with the wreath – they are really beautiful, such good quality! I’ve now got my eye on that pretty green floor planter. Happy New Year!

Colleen Dumont on

My lovely tuliperes arrived and are so beautiful! Coco the Chihuahua is anxiously awaiting her Pagoda dog bed so she can sit and watch the Idaho snow!, Happy 2022 everyone!,

Teena Tucker on

I just adore my little silver etched planter! I use it all year everywhere!

Jane C on

I’m so excited to order one of those wooden sconces…..just have to decide which color!

Debra Thacker on

In love with the wicker console! Classic indoors are out.
Just finished a year end order. Anything from your shop is always a favorite gift request.
A South Carolina fan. Debra

B Healthier on

Definitely the custom tablecloth! Will the wider widths have a seam?

Angela B Coffey on

Love the custom tablecloth!

SherryB on

What is not to love! The tole collection, porcelain, wire baskets, Lily of the Valley, bunnies are all so pretty and make me long for spring. Thank you for the chance to win the giveaway surprise box.

Elizabeth Yingling on

I am beyond exited about your green French wire baskets! Cannot wait to order one. Thrilled, as well, about the wood brackets… I have places for both the white and the light green.

Eve Allen on

So glad to see the wooden brackets are coming in! They are so hard to find. I loved the brackets you offered years and years ago and own several. Happy New Year!

Maureen Winchell on

Everything is always fabulous. My favorite would be the bunnies and eggs. Apparently, I’m ready to start the Easter celebration! I also love that tablecloth.

June Duke on

All those lampshades are fabulous! Can’t wait to see what sizes you will have. Already looking around my home to replace some old shades!

Susan V. on

Love your dinnerware collaboration with Carolyne Roehm and look forward to adding some salad plates in the blue colorway. Both colors are equally fetching but I’m a die hard for blue and white>

Melissa Marsden on

The French wire baskets are tres chic! Would love to have a pair when they arrive! HappyNew Year to you and yours!

Suzanne on

I love the silver!! The beautiful pieces will make such a beautiful table.

Rebecca Lingerfelt-Brown on

Oh my stars! I just found you through SOUTHERN LADY! As for what I loved in this post the Hydrangea plates and chargers and the darling blue/white/green planters! Your items are gorgeous!

Charlotte Gibson on

The new hydrangea melamine with the pale blue chargers are absolutely gorgeous. I also fell in love with the sweet lamp shades.

Andrea on

So many beautiful things! The table cover is gorgeous! Hope to get one!
Lamp shades and the wicker pieces are so pretty!
All your gift wrap is gorgeous!
Happy, healthy New Year to you and your family!

Margaret Johnson on

My favorite thing? All of it! Especially the Hydrangea Garden Melamine.
Happy New Year!!!

Joy Searles on

I’m loving the hydrangea melamine! Just beautiful!

Nancy on

Everything is gorgeous. But I would love any one of the French wire baskets. Any one!

Patti S on

Really excited about the spring bunnies and eggs, love the green!

Rosanne Crocker on

The wicker console has been a favorite but sold out previously. Excited to see them back in stock!

Anne on

I just love the wooden brackets and have the perfect spot for one in a room I just completed a hand-painted palm leaf wall design….everything is beautiful! Happy New Year!

Karen F. on

Your pretty tole floor planters caught my eye today!

Cher on

I agree with several of your readers that there are just too many choices. With that being stated, I would choose something from your blue and white collection and a couple of rattan woven pots/ baskets to add texture to my Vignette.

Julie Hill on

I am looking forward to the wicker planters. We are building a new pavilion in our backyard and they will look so pretty filled with spring plants.

Jeana B on

I believe I saw one of your wicker urns in an Instagram post a few weeks ago. It was filled with hydrangea and was beautiful! I saved the picture to remind myself to grab one of yours when they come in.

Fanny on

So many wonderful things! I’m happy that I will be able to complete service for 12 of Carolyne’s dinner and salad plates. I love the hydrangea melamine plates too!!! Wishing you and yours a Happy and healthy 2022!


I’m all about the silver so I love the silver chargers and planters and wine holders. Anything for entertainment is just what I’m always coveting!

Sue on

Love the hydrangea garden melamine. Reminds me of the hydrangea flowers at my daughter’s bridal luncheon.

Charlotte Caruso on

I love love love the white tablecloth. I would love to have one grace my dinning room table. So elegant!!

Marjorie Andresen on

I love getting your posts in my email box, such beautiful items!! My favorite would have to be the silver. Thanks for all you do!

Diane Binz on

My favorite item is the cute Rufferee!! The bowl pool I’m in is heatin’ up and we could use him to settle some respectful disagreements!
I also love the wood brackets that I intend to order as soon as they hit the shop!🥰

Constance on

Very excited about the custom blue tablecloths. Truly gorgeous!

Ann on

I love the new green trellis tablecloth! Also love the green wastebasket. I’m definitely a “green” person.

Karen on

The floral design on the pastel ginger jars is beautiful!

Maria Clifford on

I love all the new lampshades and will definitely be ordering a few!

Kathryn Jackson on

Love that I may be able to get that beautiful tablecloth that will go to the floor on the sides!, lovely fabric ❤️❤️

Karen C on

Love the soft colors of the wicker planters! They would be great at the beach.

Carol Hingtgen on

LOVE everything!

Jill M on

Love…love your gift wrap patterns!

Marilyn on

The lampshades are gorgeous.

Cathy on

I love everything! I’m especially taken by the wicker planters. So unusual and would look wonderful on my lanai with a big ol’ Boston fern!

Marcia Moorhead on

Thanks for all your hard work. You are a rock star!

Eve on

The tablecloths are beautiful and love that they are machine washable. The wire baskets are another favorite.
Happy New Year!

Deborah A Parks on

How can I have favorites
When they’re all so devine!
I wish I had tender
To make them all mine!
So I will ponder and speculate
Which ones make my order,
Too many goodies
And I am a hoarder!

Anne Marie O’Connor on

Love your Carolyn Roehm Collaboration with the Lily of the Valley Pattern. A perfect addition with your other timeless pieces. I appreciate your Enchanted Home Shop News and your Posts are so enjoyable. Wishing You a prosperous 2022. Happy New Year to You and your Team. Cheers! 🥂

Brenda Stroud on

My favorite piece is the stunning Chinoiserie wood shelf in red!!! A pair of these would be a great addition to my home!

Laurie Ward on

I always love to see what beautiful things you are getting in! The hydrangea melamine ad your silver pieces are some of my favorites!

Joyce on

Love the footed blue and white bowls! You are so creative! Looking forward to the hydrangea melamine too!

Joyce on

Love the footed blue and white bowls! You are so creative!

Rhonda on

My favorite is the green colored wicker planter!

Jeanelle Roe on

So excited for the wicker console!

Collins Anne on

The wrapping paper is by far the best I have bought ever since my kids stopped selling wrapping paper as a fund raiser for their school 20 years ago! I bought extra heavy wrapping paper at A Hallmark store this Christmas and it tore when I made my first corner on a box. Never again

Lisa on

Everything is so beautiful. Your designs touch my heart. My favorite is the wicker planter, especially in the blue or white. Just gorgeous! They will look great with fabulous flowering plants

Colleen B. Frick on

I love the “RUFFeree” suit on your precious heart. Four new pictures. Beautiful family member and I know close to your heart.
I will reorder my CR dishes knowing they are arriving soon. Blessings in 2022!
Colleen in Jacksonville, FL
Ps. Received my First copy of the Flower magazine. Great suggestion! Palmetto Bluff was mentioned for the future Flower Show House.
Our very own outstanding Jacksonville, FL interior designer, Phoebe Howard Is going to be the designer for the house. Future trip for my SC college roomies and me.

Sandra K on

Love the bamboo Ginger jars! They are fresh and remind me of Spring!

Eileen on

I love everything, but especially the wrapping paper. Absolutely delightful patterns and colors.

Kelly on

I totally love the Lily of the Valley trellis linens in green!! Can’t wait to order!!!

Lucia Donahower on

Wow so many beautiful things coming in!
Love the white pierced porcelain compote and the wood brackets.
Can’t wait!

Mary Lou Layden on

I am most excited about the possibility of getting one of the custom tablecloths in the gorgeous pale blue ! However, if I miss out I would love some of the hydrangea melamine or the new French wire baskets.

Elaine McCarty on

Such beautiful gifts for our homes!♥️

Donna S on

Adore the wood brackets! Can’t wait to see the green ones on my wall!

Vicky on

How lucky are we to be the recipient of your great taste, discerning eye and beautiful products!
some of my most favorite pieces are from your beautiful shop. today I am in love with the melamine, of course all the porcelain, the new lily-of-the-valley linens, and those new tole planters are a must have!
I will also definitely be ordering the French wire baskets, those are hard to fine so that was a very good call, I found a pair at 1st Dibs but had to restore them. so nice to know I’ll be able to buy some brand new ones!

Carol Low on

My favorite is the wire baskets… We have an upscale garden and gourmet food store close by and I have often told them about your website to explore… Your items would fly off the shelves… I live in an area that would appreciate the beauty and quality of your product s. Please go to their website… Sickles market Little silver NJ

Sandy on

What a fabulous post – so so many gorgeous items! I can’t wait to order the hydrangea garden melamine for outdoor gatherings. Happy New Year!

JenBC on

The hydrangea melamine is so pretty and the chargers are just perfection. You must have so much fun seeing your vision come to life.

Laura Colvin on

Classic silver equals holidays!

Linda Berry on

Dear Tina

Everything in your catalogue is beautiful! I wish I could have one of every thing offered. I don’t have the space to store things after downsizing. But now will have to choose between what you offer and what I have in storage. Maybe thing will have to be used often.

Sue Gaston on

It’s very hard to pick one item but I love the scalloped wicker console table.!!!
Thank you for always inspiring me !

Mary on

The wrapping paper is just to pretty to cut. I have the ginger jars with red bows and could not bring myself to cut the entire roll. So I wrapped a few fake packages and will continue to enjoy them. It was too hard to see this beautiful paper ripped to shreds and crumbled up after gift exchanges. All of the paper is beautiful and such great quality. Cheers to 2022

Darlene Talbott on

Dear Tina,
Wishing you and those you love a very Happy, Healthy New Year!
I would love to own the new beautiful hydrangea dishes. They are gorgeous.
Thank you for all your wonderful items, and always looking forward to new ones in 2022.

Dawn Wilson on

I Love how your products makes a house a home. Each piece you can tell you have considered to become a forever piece for generations to come.

Diane Myers on

Those wicker consoles are so beautiful. I love wicker and what an addition to a foyer, living room, family room, or sun room. A must have.

Sharon on

My favorites are the gorgeous tablecloth and the gift wrap.

Tricia on

Do you have any Christmas wrap in reams? Thank you.

Mary on

Given everything in the world lately, I think you are doing a fantastic job!
Best customer service ever!
I have always admired your porcelains both quality and pricing.
Happy New Year!

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