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Hi there!!  For all who inquired, our website was down for several hours yesterday. Trust me, you are not the only one who was in a panic:) We are back and fully restored. First order of business is to announce the lucky winner of the porcelain vase giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

Those Ralph vases are beyond beautiful!!! Also loving the straight sided fishbowls!!😍😍

Please email [email protected] your full name and shipping info so your prize can be on the way!


We have very, very cold weather here NY with some snow possibly on the way. I always say if we have to endure the cold, I am fine with a beautiful snowfall. I find them magical but only for short stints:) There is something to be said about escaping to warmer weather during long winters! Visiting my wonderful parents for a few days, so this was prepared beforehand. Hope it posts on time. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Onward we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday…..



1 LILY OF THE VALLEY I have so enjoyed the collaboration with Carolyne Roehm, one of my favorite style icons! We have reordered the very popular dinnerware a few times due to their immense success and have other fun projects up our sleeve. Our dinner ware will be back in stock on Monday. Click here to see the collection.  These were too pretty to not share. Say hello to our lily of the valley etched bar ware and hurricanes!

How beautiful are these lily of the valley sample glasses!!


Lily of the Valley hurricanes anyone?

These chargers are officially on order, with navy beading, green beading and white!



2 HERBED BUTTER If you want something that looks really fancy but is actually so easy for your next dinner party, then look no further. Honestly this is a piece of cake but is so heavenly good and quite elegant. Especially if you serve it  a petty little porcelain or silver dish. This s also wonderful used with steak and chicken. Your welcome:)

How to make- Take a full stick or half of good butter (I love Kerrygold) and a few tbsp of herbs, my favorite is chives and parsley. Chop very fine. Let butter sit at room temp until very soft. Once soft gently fold in the herbs. Add a pinch of sea salt and pepper. Put in a pretty little dish, serve and let your guests ooh and ahh over how fancy you are with your herbed butter:)



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST As I slowly wean myself off of the holiday pictures, I am focusing more on just all around beauty, interiors and delectable food! Topped off with healthily dose of travel pics because this is something I really really hope to do a lot more of in 2022!


4 A FEW FASCINATING DOCUMENTARIES By now,  you know I love and devour documentaries. I enjoy them on all subjects and like to share those that I find especially fascinating.  From chess to ballet,  porcelain to high fashion….love it all! Knowledge is power:)


5 A CAKE DECORATOR EXTRAORDINAIRE I have such a fascination with incredible “work of art” cakes, the artistry and precision with which some decorate cakes is on a totally iconic level of mastery. One of the Michelangelo’s of the cake world, Natasja Sati is one such name. She was a former wedding gown designer who turned into a baker and acclaimed cake decorator.

There are several I follow as I just enjoy seeing what they will come up with next.She never disappoints and clearly has gained a huge following which is understandable.. Look at the delicacy of her work, just astounding! Click here to see her on Instagram.’

Can you believe these are flowers made from sugar??

6 A REALLY GOOD MASK! I occasionally like to try new products and was given a sample of this and loved it. It left my skin feeling so hydrated and soft. I bought it and think its fabulous. It floods your skin with all kinds of rich moisture and hydration. Woke up with my skin feeling so soft and restored. I have dry skin so this was like a much needed tall glass of water, felt great! Can be purchased at Sephora and most dept stores cosmetics departments. 

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Have you traveled via plan to go anywhere since Covid began? I cannot believe I have not been on a plane for nearly 2 years, even saying it out loud sounds nuts. I have erred on the side of caution, admittedly. We were supposed to travel in Dec. but Covid, and other factors came into play and we canceled out trip (secretly I was kind of relieved). I am seriously contemplating a trip again, husband very anxious to travel. The thought of having to wear the mask on a plane, where I am such a bad flyer to begin with makes me anxious just thinking about it but then again, I am tired of waiting and letting time slip by.

So, curious where you stand on the subject of travel!


And that is a wrap for this Sunday! hope you enjoyed my post. Love hearing from you and wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Until next time……

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Oh my goodness! I am in love with the instagram page that features blue and white with the green! It takes the cake for me! pun intended.

Gorgeous everything. the Lily of the valley is breathtaking, love the chargers and glasses too!

trying herbed butter today! thank you for your blog and the best movie recommendations , my favorite!

And, yet we are currently experiencing a “winter nor’easter”…gaaaa….we just got power back here…8 days… wake me when it’s over…hibernation DOES have merit. franki

re. travel since COVID began: I haven’t gotten on a plane not because I am too afraid but because everywhere I want to go (Italy & France) are not completely safe or open for business like they used to be before all this. And in the US, I pretty much drive and stay anywhere I like–no concern there.

I’ve been flying since last summer, and I flew this past Thursday. The plane was not full. In fact it was quite empty, so I had a glass of wine and relaxed. Bliss. I head back home on Tuesday and will be making this flight much more often, since my mom isn’t doing too well. I wore an N-95 mask and felt like the plane was spotless.
Thank you for the herbed butter recipe. I’ll try that butter you used, too. Thanks for the dose of beauty. It’s much needed these days!

I especially love the mini documentaries!! I find them so interesting. Of course I love everything else in your blog as well! What a great way to spend Sundays… dreaming!

I have flown all over the country wearing the stupid useless face diaper (now even CNN “experts” admit masks are useless) I pray everyone is waking up to the fact that omicron is (thankfully) a bad cold for most … I pray people will stop living in fear.

I just love your blog, it is always such a nice combination of beauty, information, and things that make me happy and feel good!

I have been so pleased with all the products that I have bought from you I received the most beautiful tree table last week, so much better even in person!

Trying your herb butter tonight’

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