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Good morning! Hope this finds you well. We have had some seriously cold weather here in NY and I am finding myself dreaming of spring suddenly. Only about 12 weeks away:) The older I get the more I realize winter is so not for me. It was different when the kids you were young  and we anticipated fun family ski weekends, but since those days are behind us I am fine to skip right over winter!

I occasionally share life’s happenings via these random musings post featuring pictures taken with my iPhone. It will be fun for me one day, to look back on these as it’s such a wonderful way to keep these memories alive through pictures. So, here is a look at the last two weeks or so………the good and pretty only of course:)


Brrrrr……love seeing the water in the dead of winter (from a distance)!

My favorite room in our our house when it snows, and here are my snow pictures……

So excited to have finally gotten in our pale blue Staffordshire dogs after waiting nearly 6 months!

With my husband being home for 5 days straight sick (flu not Covid) I had days of doing nothing but sitting in front the TV

Just smitten with our newest chinoiserie wastepaper baskets and tissues, this green duo went into my guest bathroom

Reality. Ate lunch in my car as I waited to be tested for Covid at a drive through…kudos to them they were super efficient and it was well organize. Thankfully, I was negative!

Greek style rainbow trout and chopped salad, a healthy meal after way too much indulging over the holidays!

An incredible sunset, no filter required!

Greek salad, a family favorite

Yes, I have a designated drawer for my basketweave flatware….one of my faves!

New Year’s Day dinner table


Got in a case of the most wonderful Chateaux Montrose from France from a very thoughtful relative…it was thoroughly enjoyed over maybe one too many cheese boards:)

Have you tried these cheese rosettes? They are so pretty and so tasty, they taste like a mild Swiss and add a lot to a cheese board display. Found them at Whole Foods

One way I know my boys will come home…..homemade bolognese sauce! Its a sure way to lure them over:)

My powder room……still 11 years later my little chinoiserie jewel box that I love walking into:)

Around the warehouse, we are trying to do a massive cleanup after a very successful but frenzied holiday season…

Love the way the sunlight hit this giant jar filled with cherry blossoms (yes I. know its not cherry blossom season, just never got around to changing them) Soon enough, it will be though:)

This covered jar has become one of my favorites, makes a gorgeous cookie jar or a fabulous oversized utensil holder! Click here to see

You know how much I love our wicker:)

A little sneak peek at some of the bunnies that we will have available for the prettiest spring decorating! We will hold an arrival sale on these next month. The porcelain eggs are on the way. ADORE them!


Day 3- Our porcelain sale is in full swing and things are going fast. Be sure to stop by, it is our biggest yet and filled to the brim with the most beautiful porcelains. These will start shipping next week! (ends tomorrow)

Click here to see the sale

Always appreciate you stopping in, hope you are having a great week. It has been so cold around here lately, that it makes me want to hibernate for the next two months. Slowly my Christmas decor is coming down, though full disclosure, my tree is still up! It’s not bothering anyone and it makes me happy:) Wishing everyone a great day, until next time….

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Even in my dreams, I have never been able to concoct anything so beautiful as your home. It is truly generous of you to share. Thank you.

Tina, I recently purchased the covered jar in this post. I got it for my kitchen; but was concerned it wasn’t food safe. I would love to use it as a cookie jar. Can you confirm it is food safe. Regardless I love it on my butler’s pantry.

Your home is beautiful.
Please… what are the ingredients of your Greek salad ?
Feta, cukes, tomatoes and what else – looks very yummy.

All so very beautiful! I am sick , sick, sick I missed out on a tablecloth. I set a reminder and was still not fast enough. 😩 If you ever have any recommendations for beautiful tablecloth’s, I would welcome them! I want all of your beautiful things! 😍

The snow and bitter cold of New England drove me to move South over 20 years ago. I just can’t do take it. We are cold here in GA right now might have some mixed perception in the next few days. Already got my supplies, won’t be opening the door lol🤭

Wow, your bathroom with that stunning wallpaper takes my breath away. It is gorgeous!

Always enjoy your posts- pictures & your comments- SO SWEET !! Just placed an order for some MORE blue & white porcelain- I’ve been wanting some “chunky” jars !! Can’t wait to get them ! Thank you so much for what you do !!!! ❤️

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