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Hi there, hope this finds you doing well considering that it feels like our world is falling apart. I am so heartsick over what is happening in Ukraine, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. I vacillate between deep sadness, anger, guilt….like so many that I speak to. All we can do is pray,continue to talk  about it in an effort to raise awareness and donate however, whenever we can. We are doing a few things- donating 10% from our current porcelain presale and will have 2 other promotions tomorrow and Monday where a portion will go to a needy charity for the critical humanitarian need.

Just this morning I am setting up a fundraising campaign with Unicef for donations to go to the children of Ukraine and the dire need for both first aid, medical care and essentials. There is no amount too small to donate. Every dollar will be put to good use. They already have many mobile units on the ground and are well underway with their mission. The work they do is extraordinary.

Hope you will consider helping “Friends of Enchanted Home”, there is no amount too small (or big)!

Click below to help (and thank you)!


It has been a very long time since I have featured my home in any way,  but I do still get lots of questions about specific rooms in my house. We received these incredible pictures back from a very talented interior/architectural photographer Josh Goetz, and these were just too pretty to  not share with you. I thought I would make a post out of it and address many questions I get on a regular basis. If something is not covered here and you still have a question,  feel free to leave it in the comments section.

And on we go………


Paint colors of the cabinets? Maybe the number one question (tied with marble questions). These ended up being  a custom color. We kept wavering on a final color so we mixed a few on sight and just went with it. One was too white and the other too creamy so we mixed them and loved the effect. Of course i also had a seroius case of paint fatigue at that point,  making multiple paint decisions at once. There is something to be said for  seeing the color/stain in a room. Lighting can really vary wildly. As an example,  in the morning when the sun is flooding in,  the cabinets looks much whiter than they do in the afternoon once the sun sets and they take on a warmer feeling.

Did you use a glaze? Yes, we used a very light application of a taupe glaze on top of the wood.

How long is the island? 13 feet, yes very big. And somehow, I manage to use almost all of it a regular basis:) Makes a great wrapping table for wrapping Christmas gifts!

Flooring details? These are reclaimed very large random pavers of reclaimed limestone. Bought them through Paris Ceramics who deals in reclaimed flooring, they have the most beautiful flooring. It is a great floor that I do would do over again in a heartbeat.

Is your island black or dark brown, a stain or a paint? It is a paint and is painted black.

Hardware colors and brand? Did two finishes, oil rubbed bronze and antique brass. I love mixing finishes. The brand is Perrin and Rowe

What kind of marble did I use? Is it sealed? This is honed Calacutta Gold. My absolute favorite. We sealed it when they put it in and only once since then.

Name of sealer? I think it was called Dupont Imprenator. Not sure if its still made, at that time, it was one of the most highly recommended ones.

It is high maintenance? Not at all. I always refer to Europe and their 200, 300 year old buildings, monuments, etc….still standing and the marble still looks amazing with that gorgeous patina that marble develops over time. Do you know how many feet have trampled over  over that stone? A  LOT!

A little common sense, goes a long way. I use a cutting board, do not put lemon or anything acidic directly on the marble and if something like red wine spills, I am sure to wipe it up right away. Have found interestingly, that a light dab of Soft Scrub or Barkeepers friend works like a charm for a stain.

How do I maintain it to look so new? It might look that way in pictures but there are surely small imprecations here and there, but it doesn’t bother me at all. This is a home after all and one that has seen lots of wear and tear in a good way. I wipe it down with water and that’s really about it. No marble cleaners, nothing. It’s a natural material so kind of takes care of itself:)

Details on the lights? The bell jars are from our etched belljars collection (click here). These are the jumbo sized with antique brass. Still love them!

Do I need to clean them often? Not really, we clean them maybe every 4 months or so, 3 times a year is not bad!

Details on the bar stools please! These are from Vanguard. I really like them, they are comfortable and substantial. I am a big fan of Vanguard, they make nice, solid, high quality furniture. I ordered it in a simple neutral fabric, vowing to change it but never did.

Range hood and stove details? The hood is limestone and it is from Francois and Co in Atlanta, the range is from Ilve (European range).

What is the backsplash? It is the same Calacutta Gold but in a herringbone pattern with a “frame” of marble around it

What is the name of my window treatments? This fabric is called Digby’s Tent from Brunschwig and Fils…still love it, 11 years later!

How about the tassel trim? The tassel trim is from Samuel and Sons, they make the best trim!

Who makes the sinks? These are Shaw’s and are their large farmhouse sinks in white

Please tell me about the beams. So we started looking for antique beams but had a hard time finding both the size and the quantity we needed. That is until we met a true master at his craft, Don the woodworker,  who has since retired to the mountain’s of the Carolina’s.

A true master craftsman, he made these antiqued beams on sight and it was so fascinating  to watch the process! The “beating” they took with chains, an axe, use your imagination, was remarkable and just look at the finished product!

What type of finish is on your ceiling? It is Venetian plaster with a very slight texture, it works really nicely with the rustic feeling of the beams.


 And there you have it, think I may have covered every inch of this kitchen but if there is still a kitchen related question you have, then have  at it and ask away in the comments.

Even over 11 years later, I still love walking into my kitchen. Its a happy place for me, that has seen lots of use. Its not one of those show kitchens but one where every square inch  gets used and often! Appreciate you stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time…..


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Always love seeing and hearing the details of your kitchen. I was lucky enough to follow while it was bring built and to see it all “first hand”. Happy weekend Tina!

My favorite type of post! Love all the choices you’ve made everything works so well and looks timeless and just right for your style of home. The sheer scale of the kitchen is impressive and yet it feels warm and homey.

Thank you for taking the time for a lovely show ‘n tell.

Well ….. you mentioned MIXING two (2) paint colors for your cabinets – but failed to say WHAT colors they were ??? Curious …

Thank you for your continued support for Ukraine, it is heartwarming. I just made a donation towards your campaign so thank you!

Now, this kitchen is “next level” (my daughters favorite word)! I absolutely love every single detail because it’s so timeless. You were so smart in your decision making because everything you did is as beautiful today as it was when you built it.

It is exquisite! I do have one question, only because we are currently remodeling a kitchen and I would love to know which appliances you used and if you were happy with them and endorse them?

Do you have any cats in the blue and white porcelain? I had one years ago when my kids were small, and one of their friends accidentally broke it. To this day, I have not seen another cat when I have seen the blue and white porcelain in stores. Your kitchen is gorgeous!

Your kitchen is exquisite! I love the light and the colors! I have followed you from the beginning and you are still my favorite blog,

So enjoyed reading about your kitchen. We did ours here over 15 years ago. Still love it! I think the key is really taking your time and thinking about what you love. Never thought to wrap my Christmas presents on my island! Good idea!

Great post & gorgeous, timeless kitchen!
Terry P: Mixing paint colors on site happens a lot, helps to take a note of colors & parts per (1/2 & 1/2, etc). I just finished a kitchen project, Ben Moore’s ‘French Canvas’ is very close to this color, or might be a good place to start. You can always go lighter.
Those limestone floors are gorgeous. Love how deep your window sills are so that you can accommodate a potted plant.
I also have honed Calacutta Gold marble on my island. There are the occasional miniscule imperfections and it will develop a patina with use. And yes, Soft Scrub is a gal’s best friend. When I clean my stove, I’ll put down a large green garbage bag and then a large sheet of cardboard, then set the heavy burner grates on that. Marble is a ‘softer’ stone compared to granite, and it does require a bit of babying.

Thank you for making it so easy to contribute to UNICEF today. It was on my “To Do” list before this day was over and your link made it so easy to do something I have been meaning to do all week. I am heartbroken for the people of Ukraine, and particularly the children. Innocent victims in a heartless and cruel war. Thank you for all you do to help us remember there is beauty and goodness in the world.

I love your kitchen. I have a question unrelated to Kitchen that I have searched for on your blog. Please provide the color of the wall paint in your living room.

Very beautiful kitchen. What are ceiling heigths? What are kitchen dimensions height and width? Is the stone hard on your legs or feet?how wide is the island? I know length is 13 ft. Why two sinks next to each other?

I love your creamy, fresh kitchen. The color is fabulous! Thank you for sharing.

What a stunning kitchen, timelessly beautiful
Love all the details and thank you for sharing all this good information. I am going to look up Paris ceramics because we are looking for similar floors for a new build!
Thanks for your efforts with Unicef, such a wonderful organization.

What beautiful pictures! I would love to see where your food pantry is located and how you store/organize your food. You do such a great job of being able to host people at the last minute. I would love to see the foods you keep on hand in your pantry for last minute guests.

Just echoing several things I already see in other comments ~ first and foremost, thank you for providing the link to UNICEF and making it easy to contribute. As someone else noted, I had been meaning and wanting to do that… and felt confident with your link to get it done. I also love the decor and details in your kitchen… your photos are an inspiration… and like Pamela said, it would be interesting to see a picture of your pantry and the various special foods you keep on hand for making a quick company dinner.

Loved your kitchen post. Question Why did you choose lLve range? Did you consider LaCornue?

Beautiful details all throughout your lovely kitchen! I was wondering how wide your kitchen is? Would love to know the dimensions for scale. That stove is a work of art!

Love this kitchen, I am using it as inspiration for my new house and hope I will get close to the look and feel of a beautiful kitchen!!

Did you mix Farrow and Ball Satin Slipper and String for your kitchen cabinets? Thank you for your time.

No it was mixed on site.I was overwhelmed with what I thought would be an easy color section (warm white) so we ended up custom mixing right on site! It was a great idea as lighting plays such a huge role in colors.

Thank you Tina for your kind response. I appreciate your time and you have a beautiful kitchen!!! Thank you for sharing all your decorating tips! All your ideas are simply beautiful! Have a happy new year! 🙂

Do you know the brand and color of black paint for the island? I love this kitchen! Will you do the same in new house or change it up a bit?

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