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Hello and happy Sunday to you. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Spring is almost here but I am not ruling out snow (it’s happened before!). We have a dinner party and plans with friends, trying to keep moving though I must admit I am totally consumed with the situation in Ukraine. I really do go through such a range of emoticons from guilt,to immense anger, helplessness and deep sadness. It is hard to not think about the widespread human suffering happening while it’s life as normal in this part of the world.

Meanwhile,  we are trying to do our part, donating portions of proceeds for various campaigns (another one tomorrow)  and thanks to you, doing amazing!

I am doing a campaign with Unicef to raise $5000 by March 21st. In one day we are already at the halfway point!. Bravo to you! Please consider donating, no amount is too small. Unicef is well established and on the ground administering first aid, humanitarian relief in the name of food, supplies, etc….a wonderful organization that is already set up with many feet on the ground working around the clock at the border crossings.

Click below to donate and thank you!




1 A BEAUTIFUL SOUL I am so in awe of Josè Andrès and his incredible organization, World Culture Kitchen. He has been working around the clock in subzero temps providing meals for up to 4500 people in Ukraine at the Polish Border. I cannot even imagine the logistics it requires to get that rolling and operating on a daily basis.

He sure has earned his wings in heaven, along with so many others.I am honored to say that we  were able to make a generous donation yesterday as 10% of the porcelain sale proceeds went to WCK. His work is awe inspiring and is serving more than a plate of food, he is serving them a plate of hope. A remarkable man. Click here to read more about this incredible organization.



2 CUSTOMER PHOTOS Just love showing off my customer’s amazing pictures featuring our products. Such a beautiful testament to what I do and why I love doing it. You make us look so good, so thank you! Have one to share? Please send to [email protected]

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST At a time when our world feels dark and uncertain, it is refreshing and uplifting to share the beauty that is there as well. It is important to find and cherish the beauty in life around us.


4 A FEW PAIRS OF SPRING-Y SHOES! I love Jack Rogers and have worn them for years. I think these mid sized wedges are so cute, and such a practical height. Just enough for a little lift but not so much that you need to forgo comfort plus the comfort of a wedge is hard to beat. Offered in several colors and variation, I have 2 pair on the way just in time for spring! Click here to see their collection


5 COMING SOON! We have so many amazing goodies heading this way. Some stunning new linens, these fabulous aprons in 6 styles! Our Lily of the Valley linens and more. You are always the first to get a sneak peek…..


Lily of the Valley table linens will be here in less than 2 weeks! Perfect timing for spring!

We are putting the finishing touches on this fabulous flatware and salad server to work with our new Hydrangea Garden melamine! Cannot wait.

Calling all wicker lovers, we will soon get in this fabulous wicker beverage holder and scalloped wastepaper basket and tissue

And our next chinoiserie tole shipment is almost completed and will soon be on the way!

6 YUM! I have really enjoyed the incredible endless food vault that is Half Baked Harvest. I cannot look at her Instagram or website on an empty stomach. The one recipe I had made, since discovering her was out of this world delish. I love that most of her recipes have a healthy angle and use lots of herbs and lemon (a flavor I love).

Now I have my sights set on this one skillet chicken meatballs with lemon orzo and whipped feta. She said its one of the top ten of her all time most popular recipes. I mean look at this!! Click here to visit her site for the recipe (and so many more). This may well be on my menu today:)

How divine does this look?

This is her  creamy white bean lemon orzo soup, SO GOOD!

7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY I am so curious now that the mask mandates in most areas have been lifted, if you are still wearing one some, all or none of the time. I must admit, I still do in most public places.And surprsingly, when I was out and about yesterday, I would say about 50% of the people were too. Partially out of habit and partially because I still am fearful, though I recognize the chances of my contacting Covid is under 2%. Ironically we know 2 people who got Covid this week (one who works with my husband) so my mask remains on,  most of the time in public places And you?


And that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope whatever you are up to is enjoyable and relaxing. How lucky are we to live in freedom, to do as we please. Never has that been more on the forefront of my mind than it has now. They say freedom is never really free and what is happening in Ukraine is living proof of that. Russia is trying vehemently  to take away Ukraine’s land but they will never be able to take away their fighting spirit.

I am in awe of the Ukrainian people and their unrelenting spirit, courage and grit. To be admired. Prayers for their entire country as the days seem to get darker and more dire. Thank you for stopping by, wishing everyone a wonderful day!


10% of proceeds will go to Unicef

Click here to visit the shop (all categories and subcategories are on the left)


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You are correct on WCK (World Central Kitchen) – as I checked them out on CharityNavigator and they are TOP NOTCH !!. Donated yesterday to them via TripAdvisor as they were matching any donations up to $250K. NICE 🙂

Beautiful post and thank you for your continued efforts to support the horrors in Ukraine. I happily donated.

The new items are lovely especially those linens and aprons.

I always learn so much from reading your blog including having gotten many good recipes. Thank you.

I first want to thank you for your many efforts in helping out with the catastrophe in Ukraine. I am touched that you have taken so much time and use your platform to share as much information as you have, it speaks to your character and I am sad that many others have not done the same.

Always enjoy your seven on Sunday post because they are balanced and you share a bit of real life with beautiful and inspiring images. My Sundays would not be complete without these posts!

We have been supporting the world culture kitchen in recent months and his work is extraordinary. Thank you for donating to him and the organization, they do such good work.

I was very happy to make a donation to UNICEF as a friend of the enchanted home!

Counting down the days until the hydrangea melamine comes in and just love the matching cutlery

Love your Sunday blogs. Thank you for your caring responses and giving to help those in Ukraine. I too am consumed with the grief of such a senseless attack.
I have always followed and admired WCK and his work. Such a selfless soul. I have again donated to both WCK and UNICEF. Thank you to you and your help as well. Stay healthy.
(Yes. I too continue to mask up in public places out of respect and my own health. I can’t help others if I am not well).

it’s funny that you ask about the masks because my husband and I have differing opinions. He couldn’t get rid of his fast enough whereas I am still very cautious and wear mine to the market, I took my daughter to the mall the other day and wore it there, . I was also surprised at how many others were wearing their mask which I was happy to see. Until Covid is completely gone if you are immunocompromised like I am, I cannot take that chance. I think everyone needs to do what’s right for them as it’s a very personal decision.

I have so enjoyed your posts on Instagram about the crisis in Ukraine, it is very complicated but there’s no denying the tremendous suffering that is going on and I’m impressed with your commitment to it.

I also wanted to let you know I received my stunning lily of the valley plates, they are so much prettier in person and I set my first table with them last night!

The correct name of the food relief agency is WORLD CENTRAL KITCHEN. Not World Culture Kitchen.

Dearest Tina
I just wanted to send my heartfelt praise and thanks to you for all you are doing to support Ukraine. Like you I am heartbroken about this situation, and feel a very deep sadness at each news story but I owe it to honour the bravery of the Ukranian people to do what I can in my own prayers and support, I have donated to the Red Cross, and will donate to your charity Unicef page also. I hope you have been able to get some rest and relax a little over the weekend. Thank you for all the beauty you share today and always, which continues to lift my heart.
Happy International Womens Day, from across the miles
With Love, Sally xx

Thank-you for the pretty post and for your donation efforts. Busy day yesterday so this was a nice way to spend a few minutes this morning while I enjoyed my morning coffee.
Love the new wicker! Love even more how classic, elegant interiors are still in ‘style’!
I’ve always supported UNICEF, and I would bet that many of your readers who are over 40 can remember those little orange UNICEF boxes we’d take with us while Trick or Treating.
The whole ‘freedom’ protests over masks and vax’ing brings to mind a Theo Moudakis cartoon from the Toronto Star, showing Ukrainian women and children on the right, standing in front of their bombed-out apartment building and on the left, a ‘Freedom’ trucker in his rig saying “Let me tell you how rough we have it in Canada”….

I totally empathize with the situation in Eastern Europe right now. However, I do think the situation is a wee bit more complicated than people might think. First of all, the 2 regions in the east have been cut off from water, electricity, and heat from the rest of the country. They also have been persecuted for speaking there mother tongue which happens to be Russian. If it was not for Russia supporting them with food, water and electricity they would have never survived. Secondly, Ukraine has been a gigantic laundry machine for all sorts of Western corruption. This has been going on at an accelerated pace since 2014. I have been there traveled around the country and can confirm with my own eyes that this has happened. Thirdly, in 2005 senator Obama and another Senator from Indiana traveled to Odessa and introduced a bill to congress to send funding for Biolab in that city. This is similar to the lab in Wuhan. They conduct experiments that are not allowed in the US. Some of it like the research carried out on beagle puppies in North Africa. This of course goes against previous agreements in place signed with Russia. The only analogy that is similar would be to imagine if China or Russia set up various bio labs doing dangerous or unethical search in Mexico? Would the US be upset or even outraged by this? Do you think our government would wait and try diplomatic means to solve this for 17 years? Somehow I think not. This is just to say that everything is not as it seems. Compassion is extremely important for our fellow man. It is just rather disappointing that when Libya was bombed by US and NATO forces for the crime of wanting to sell their oil in their own currency. Libyans had the highest standard of living in all of Africa. They loved their leader, regardless of what the west thought of him. Now there are literal slave markets in Libya. The US has sent Billions upon Billions to the Ukraine already. Where is that money? I would wager very little of it actually saw the people on the street. Somehow, all this focus on this one region seems a bit manipulated. Perhaps my life abroad has made me cynical?

I am reading your Sunday post on Tuesday and it is just as sweet! Love your new table linens. Have a wonderful week, Tina.

oh my… i just saw where you had a one day sale to raise $ for Ukraine. Hope you have another soon…. i missed this one… love your selection and thank you for caring about those in need

We are grieved by the situation in Ukraine but we know that God is sovereign and He has the victory. So we pray for them to find refuge and courage in Him and His provision. Masks have been optional in Texas for some time; I have a compromised immune system so I still wear one in more crowded areas- at least until flu season is over. We have friends who were vaxxed and had it 2 and 3x- fortunately this strain is weak, for the vaxxed anyway. Your collection for spring is lovely as always- I can never have too much timeless wicker!

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