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Hello! Hope you are having a wonderful week. Here, things are chugging along. The situation in Ukraine has me feeling just heartbroken. To witness this genocide in real time s so tragic and unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime. I am praying and hoping desperately for a miracle, a resolution of some kind to put an end to this tragedy. We are continuing to raise money via the campaign I am doing with UNICEF. We met our goal in 5 days so many many thanks to all! We are still raising money until March 21st.

Click below if you want to donate, no amount too small!

Busy with a new season lurking…spring! I cannot wait, though we have a few days in the next week with some snow in the forecast, I keep in mind that spring is only about 4 weeks away. Trying to throw my energies into something positive and happy is therapeutic for me and though my mind cannot get those images of war out of my head, I am pushing myself as I know it’s important to keep on moving.

Many of you ask about Palmetto Bluff and what is happening with this first building we are building, the cottage. The permit process took much much longer than I anticipated but we finally  got our final permits and they broke ground 2 weeks ago! We are on the way!

Not much to report quite yet but stating to put ideas together for various rooms. We are already needing to make plumbing decisions with many shortages still plaguing the industry. The silver lining is, that it has me making decisions and thinking about ideas much earlier than I normally would. So today, is about the powder room bath and what I am thinking…..



WALLPAPER I guess it kind of helps that I think I have the wallpaper picked out that I want to use:) I love this one from Schumacher,  it is so fresh and bright and cheery. I think with a white marble, this is a stunner. One big decision checked off my list:)

BATHROOM FAUCETS I know one thing I want for the plumbing is polished nickel finishes. I have always used polished nickel, I love the rich beautiful finish and just think it’s so classic. Of course my final decision will depend on what kind of sink I choose. These below are from Restoration Hardware

These below are from Perrin and Rohl,  classic and timeless. I actually have two of these in my current home, good things don’t go out of style!

BATHROOM VANITIES Love this look, these are from Palmer Industries. I just think its so pretty! Had these in our old PB house and just think it’s such a beautiful and classic look. Also for a powder room, you do not need any real storage so these work.

Here is my old powder room from our previous PB home.

 If I don’t go with a pedestal like above I will do a pretty lattice-y vanity painted in a beautiful blue to pick up the wallpaper

Some other vanity ideas that I have collected

LIGHTING I love both of these, they are like the new traditional, a cleaner, simple version of classic styling.

And of course I will use one of our new pleated shade sconce shades!


FLOORING I am a marble fan to the end. So marble it will be. I am thinking of either a simple marble in a Calcutta gold or Carerra or possibly incorporating Thassos with a soft green or Celeste blue. Never has there been such a plethora of incredible choices out there. I will start gathering samples and looking at them next to the wallpaper to see what works best, I don’t want anything too busy or that will compete with the pretty paper.

A few colored ideas-

DETAILS- You can make a real statement with a fun mirror and I think something along this line would be really pretty in this future powder room.

I am really drawn lately to the idea of painting the moldings a soft blue to pick up the wallpaper vs white. I just love this look!

And here is the overall mood board….so far



And just like that the powder room is almost done! It was cathartic to throw my energies into focusing on something I love doing. Love when my ideas come together relatively effortlessly, and I have the various files I keep handy, to thank for making this process a little easier. When I see something I love that inspires me, I will take a screen shot and keep it in a file on my phone or iPad. Then when I need to source something I refer back to those pictures. Ironically, my ideas from even several months ago have not changed. I tend to like what I like and do not waver much.

Lots more decision on the horizon and I look forward to sharing the planning with you as things move along! I do get a lot of questions, that I am not able to always get to so if you ave one, please leave it in the comments below.I will start answering questions on Palmetto Bluff and this building process in the next Diaries post.  Thank you for stopping by, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time…..

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LUV powder room ideas – BUT – you need to try a WALL MOUNT FAUCET – with a smaller vanity area – it opens up space – AND so much easier to not have to clean around. Wished all my bath’s had wall mount faucets. Just my opinion 🙂

Love this! Could anyone tell me when the term “powder room” changed to “powder bath” and why?

Lovely choices. Can’t wait to see what you choose. I’m curious as to what you use to clean your marble floors? Are they easy upkeep? Thx Tina!

I just donated, thank you for making it so easy and thank you for your passion!

Every single selection is perfection cannot wait to see this happen. Exciting to embark on a new project. .

I can’t WAIT to watch it all come together!!! I live vicariously through your building adventures!!! Remind me, is this cottage going to be the main house or is this a guest cottage that you can stay in while you build the main house? Also, were you going to build barns for horses?? It’s just going to be GORGEOUS!!!

Thank you for making the UNICEF donation so easy. I’ve been wanting to do it but didn’t;t quite know how to get from here to there. Thank you for showing the way!

Wonder! Love the wallpaper for powder room! Looking forward to following the process! Fun!

Your choices are so traditional and classic. I for one love a small vanity in the powder. Love having extra tp and guest towels handy. I also don’t like seeing exposed plumbing under, but that’s just me. Beautiful choices.

Do you know the manufacturer of the bamboo and the wicker look vanities you posted right before your lighting pictures ? Love you choices !

Looks beautiful! My heart breaks every day thinking and watching Ukraine. Unbelievable that this is going on in a modern world. Evil.

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