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Hello! Hope this finds you doing well. If all goes according to plan I will have been visiting my parents by the time you read this and will be “off the grid” for a few days. Never enough time spent with those you love!

We are continuing to raise money for Unicef . I am so thrilled to have far surpassed the goal we set ($5000)  and thank you sincerely for your contributions. Any amount, both big and small are so welcome and will be put to good use by the tireless people on the ground working with Unicef.

They are making the unimaginable idea of being displaced just a little bit easier with food, clothing, medical care and shelter.  Cannot believe we are under the $10,000.00 mark. Just imagine the difference it will make in so many peoples lives. Thank you!

Click here to donate


1 HYDRANAGEA GARDEN! So excited over spring/summer now that our hydrangea garden melamine will be arriving on Monday. For anyone who placed a preorder, we will start shipping out all orders Monday afternoon throughout the week. They are now online (click here) and through tonight they are 20% all melamine!

Besides the melamine we are working on some gorgeous hydrangea lines, some to die for pagodas and now just approved the prettiest flatware and salad served. It;s quite a collection and I think will be beautifying any al fresco tables this season!

How gorgeous!! We will have this available sometime late April, stay tuned!

And a sneak peek at the pagodas!

Would love your opinion on this metal urn. It is 20″ tall and about 12″ wide on the base, for indoor/outdoor use. I could so see this with a big flowering hydrangea bush and ivy…..

2 A ROBE YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE So I am going to anoint Heidi Carey, the queen of robes. She has mastered the perfect robe. I got in this light weight french terry robe which is a beautiful quality, perfect length, and then there’s the scallops. I am a sucker for anything scalloped, its such a feminine, delicate touch.

I take my pj’s and lounge clothes very seriously so suffice to say I have already ordered a second robe. These could be addicting! I ordered the blue scalloped French terry robe and have just ordered one of the cotton robes (blue and white) of course!

Here are some favorites, click here to see more.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful batch this weekend with a definite feeling that spring is in the air or at least getting very close!

4 THE NEW FLOWER SHOW HOUSE IN PALMETTO BLUFF  Fun fact here,  this charmer of a house was just a few houses away from our old house. Done by one of my favorite designers, Phoebe Howard. Enjoy this front row seat to this super charming home in PB recently completed to be part of a Flower showhouse tour for Flower Magazine.


5 YOU CAN DO SOMETHING! With the current situation in Ukraine, many of us are feeling incredibly helpless and feeling like donating and praying is just not enough. Well, there is a wonderful resource/website where you can find out whats happening in your neck of the woods. Rallylist lists all the various rally’s and protests happening around the country.

You can find out where to attend or even organize one yourself. There i a message board and lots of information if you want become an activist of some sort. Click here to visit the site


6 FAVORITE SIMPLE FISH DISH Have written about this Greek key before, it’s so easy and super healthy, not to mention quite delicious. You can use any white fish but branzino or red snapper are always my first choice. Sever this with a side of lemon potatoes, orzo, rice and a big salad and you have yourself a wonderful guilt free meal:)



Mild white flaky fish like red snapper, sole or flounder work perfect for this dish.

Line a balking sheet with parchment paper, generously add sea salt and pepper and oregano to both sides (I go a little crazy with the oregano) drizzle a little olive oil and thinly cut garlic cloves on top. Add thinly sliced fresh lemons on top.

Put in an oven preheated to about 375, ovens vary but the fish generally cooks within 10-12 minutes. Meanwhile, in  a skillet add 1/4 cup olive oil and 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice (either squeezed or fresh lemon juice in a bottle. Lightly saute and stir, you will add a little over fish when out of oven.

When fish is done, put on plate and pour a little bit of your sauce on top. Add salad and voila….you are off to enjoying a very tasty and most importantly guilt free meal!

Salad (this was for four)

1/2 each of yellow, red and green bellpepper

Very ripe tomatoes (these were Campari and I used one carton) or 3 medium ripe tomatoes

A nice quality feta cheese

1-2 cucumbers (cubed)

1 Vidalia onion (smaller or 1/2 of a large onion)

Olive oil


Lemon juice

Pinch of salt/pepper

Cut into cubes (under an inch). Mix together gently and season with salt, pepper and oregano. Add lemon juice and mix in…serve next to fish. This is one I would say you can make a few hours ahead of time but don’t put it in fridge, just don’t add your cheese until you are ready to serve. Best served room temp. So good!

7 SEVEN ON SUNDAY I was discussing the news the other day with a friend. We were talking about where we get our news, how we get our news, etc..I go with an equal opportunity approach and actually like to listen to about 3 or 4 different networks as they each have their own “angle”. I also listen to BBC which I like a lot. In addition, I will listen to a particular countries media source if I am interested in their perceptive (case in point, reading Ukrainian news to hear about the war). So, curious how about you?


And that’s a wrap for today! Hope you enjoyed the post, always appreciate you stopping in. Its a very stressful and uncertain time for our world so even being able to do simple, silly things gives me a new appreciation for them.

I hope better times are ahead of Ukraine, it is truly imaginable what is going on over there. Keep them in your prayers and be mindful of just how lucky we all are to live in a free country, they say freedom is never free and that is more true now then ever before. Hope you have a great day, until next time…..

Through tonight, our entire melamine collection is 20% off and that in includes our newest pattern, Hydrangea Garden!

use code spring

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hi tina, another wonderful post. All of those hydrangea pieces are so very pretty, cannot wait to buy this collection! they are perfect for our Lakehouse. I think I need a new robe those are gorgeous!

as far as the news, I used to have it on practically 24/7 much to my husbands horror but I realized that it was really affecting my mood and was just at times, too much for me. So I have allowed myself one hour of news a day and I’m a happy person! I will, like you, switch between different news networks.
thank you for your wonderful blog!

All networks “audience stroke” to keep their listeners happy, telling them
What they want to hear. Majority of the time, it is lies. I listen to all networks and do my own research.

March…winter storm…all these beautiful flowers covered in snow. Hopefully, all show homes on Virginia’s Historic Garden (1927) tours can recover in time…franki

Most people get news from online sites. Just take a look at dwindling viewership numbers for most major news outlets. haven’t watched network news in years, and I’m a news junkie!

Dreamy post, thank you!

Our minister just had this same discussion about the importance of not getting our news from cable TV. I too find myself listening to the BBC more and more.

Tina, your posts just seem to get better and better! The blue and white serving pieces are precious. I could not have enjoyed more the Flower Showhouse Tour! Such quality and creative decor! It was stunning! I’ve copied your recipes as usual and will try them soon. Poor Ukraine! Thank you for bringing attention to the suffering there. I incorporate a good amount of European news, BBC and RAI-TV, into my daily mix. They go into greater depth. Thank you for another entire interesting post!

The show house is beautiful, and it gave me some ideas for a home we’re completely renovating. I’m also very excited to see what you do with your new home in Palmetto Bluff. Thank you so much for the beauty. I’ve been glued to the news, so this is a welcome respite.

Love your Sunday posts!! Copied your recipe as always.
I ordered my hydrangea plates and can’t wait to mix them in on my new patio table.
Being married to a Kiwi and having spent years in other countries we watch all different new sources and read all different sources. We are defined junkies but are always amazed at how UNinformed so many people today are. Sad really. Praying for Ukraine daily. Have donated through UNICEF and WCK and several others. Wish I could do more.
Enjoy time with your parents. Mine are gone and I miss them so.

I wish you would make your hydrangea plates in china. They would be so much more versatile. The melamine plates cannot be put in a microwave oven. Just wishing and hopping !!

The flower show home was such a treat and very informative. Thank you for always sharing beauty.

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