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Hi there, hope this finds you doing well. I am trudging along, just heartbroken over what is happening in Ukraine and dealing with a other issues on the sidelines, so its been a fairly stressful couple of weeks. The peaks and valleys of life… is a new day and with spring at our doorstep, I feel a little better already.

The situation in Ukraine is just getting more dire by the day, truly gut wrenching to see the images. Makes my every day complaints feel so inconsequential. Moving along, periodically I share with you life through the lens of my iPhone. What would we do without them! Its a fun way to look back on the highlights or the good and pretty. So here is a look at the last week or so…..


So love this combination of colors, went to my favorite local flower market and made an arrangement in our tureen, wish I could freeze dry it:)


A sure sign this was a crazy week, when I couldn’t ind my foil, looked in the fridge and there it was:)

Made my sons fave, chicken parmigiano and broccoli rabe (and pasta not show)

Scenes from our latest snow, think the flowers were confused too!

Pretty gifts all wrapped up in our stunning reversible Lily of the Valley gift wrap!

Fun scenes from a little photo shoot we did this past week

So in love with our newest linen pattern, so fresh and perfect for spring!

When it comes to flowers more is more! Paired our faux (in center) with fresh on either side

How pretty are our new pale pink magnolia branches, love these (click here to see)

Feast your eyes on these! Eek, so excited about these new flatware pieces to coordinate with our new Hydrangea Garden melamine, stay tuned!

I am an eternal optimist, walked by my window and literally for 20 seconds though white azaleas were blooming early, turns out it was just snow:)


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And we are down to the last few days to donate to our fundraiser with Unicef towards the humanitarian effort in Ukraine! No amount too small, thank you in advance and a huge thank you to all who have so generously donated to this important cause.

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Elizabeth on

Love the flower arrangement Tina- beautiful flower and color combination !

Victoria Taylert on

You’re a breath of fresh air in a world sorely hurting with the situation in Ukraine. We have to remain optimistic that with the arrival of Spring will come a peaceful resolution to this crisis. Thank you.

Patti on

I’m heartbroken here in Canada as well. Please let there be a resolution very soon. Is there a recipe for the Chicken Parm? Looks like a great weekend dinner!

joyce gellenbeck on

are you going to offer the beautiful brocade table cloths again?

Charlene H. on

Lovely signs of Spring! Hope in a downcast time in our world🙏

We had a hailstorm in our area last night, signs for sure!

Anne on

such a pretty post, and just what I needed. Your flowers are always so breathtaking. Thank you for sharing the beauty, some thing we all need more of!

Teri on

Your snow is beautiful… because it’s there and not where I am. Lol. I just love Spring.
Any chance you will carry a custom line of linens like the brocades? I’m in search of white quilted or matlesse long table cloths. Yes, for Spring and summer.

Fran W. on

The foil in the fridge has me laughing out loud. Glad I’m not the only one!

Ms Tracey on

I was at my friends moms house and everyone was searching for the cordless phone. If was not on the base or in the couch cushions, the usual places. Something said go check the freezer. Sure enough the phone was in the freezer lol it happens Tina 😜😆

Fanny on

Thank you! Your arrangements are gorgeous and up-lifting. I especially loved the the large wicker vase with all the white flowers. My heart is heavy too and I have many bouts of tears but also saying many daily prayers for Ukraine.

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns on

The situation in Ukraine is dire, I am hopeful that there will be a resolution but I do not think it will come soon enough. Have a nice weekend Tina.

Robbie on

Congratulations on the linens on display in the May/June 2022 issue of Victoria Bliss magazine!
Pages 51 and 52!

Bren on

Hi Tina! I just received my May/June Victoria Magazine with the stunning photos of your beautiful home! I love your blue and white accents , and being a Francophile, your design elements and eye for detail just about brought me to tears it was so lovely. Thank you for sharing your home and for a much needed respite from this world which is too much with us these days. Xo

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