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***We are nearly done shipping out out all presale orders, last of them are shipping out today***

Hello! So today is all about our huge arrival for our April container. In perfect time for a spring refresh for your home. We have some beautiful pieces that have come in,  along with a few new additions. If you are familiar with our sales, you can scroll down but if you are new, please read over the rules prior to placing an order. This is one our largest containers in the last year so we are extra excited about this one!

Some items, we are very low in stock so all are subject to availability.  Perfect time for a spring refresh, and because they are in stock, its instant gratification!

This order was placed with spring and early summer  in mind, you will see more fishbowls and garden seats in addition to adding some of our best selling ginger jars back in stock.  So many spectacular pieces!

If you are new to these sales, please read over the rulers prior to placing an order.


  • There are TWO ways to  place an order-  you can either call or email your order in
  • You can call  at 800-804-9565 OR email [email protected] (office hours 9:30-5 EST)
  • For email order requests- to fulfill an order and send an invoice which you can pay online,  you must include your name, address and phone number in addition to your order request
  • When ordering, please use item numbers only not descriptions- ITEM NUMBERS ARE ON THE TOP OF EACH PRODUCT BEFORE DESCRIPTION
  • These items are in stock and ready to ship
  • Subject to availability, there are limited numbers of each item
  • Final sale
  • This arrival sale will end on Thursday (3 days)
  • Shipping is extra
  • We can ship some items internationally, if you need a quote please email [email protected]
  • Questions? Call 800-804-9565 or email us
  • Wholesale? Click here to register for an account or email [email protected]


Every order $300 or more will receive one of our beautiful porcelain bud vases!

Just some of the beauties up for grabs!


ITEM 1 LOW STOCK Our incredible pale blue cherry blossom jar is FINALLY returning. We have waited so long for this beauty. The pale pink and green will be back in April. This beautiful jar features a stunning raised white cherry blossom detailing.

Measures 8.75″ x 8.5″


ITEM 2 Finally getting these fabulous garden seats back just in time for spring!! These beauties features an elegant village scene with pretty piercing detail. This is a favorite, I have four of these by chairs around the pool, they make the perfect end tables.

These measure 18.5″ tall and are amazing indoors or out.

Specify hexagon or round


ITEM 3 NEW! If your pet deserves the very best…then these pet bowls are a must have! Offered in a medium (good for smaller dogs and cats) and large (for larger dogs). These are the height of stylish dining for your pet! Great gift idea for a new pet owner

Medium 7″ x 3″ $48.00

Large 9″ x 3.5″ $58.00

ITEM 4 NEW! Sometimes  you need  a smaller planter/fishbowl for a smaller topiary, flowers, a catchall, whatever.. these cuties are just the right size!. Absolutely love these, they are perfect for fresh flowers too as you will see below:)

Measures 5″ x 6.75


specify style when ordering




ITEM 5  One of my all time favorite footed planters is coming back in two stunning colors….the pale pink and the pale green. These are so beautiful filled with flowers, topiaries, boxwood balls, just such a pretty piece.

Measures 10″ x 8.5


Specify pink or green

ITEM 6 Get these while you can. We have been sold out for weeks and with spring around the corner, this is the season for these to shine! Tulipieres and spring go together like baguettes and Paris. These are the item to have for spring flower arranging! We are getting in the small,  med and large of the original and medium for the village scene.

These come in four pieces so you can easily fill each piece with water.


Small 13″ $120.00

Medium measures 22″ $195.00

Large measures 32″ tall $280.00

Village scene

Medium measures 22″ $195.00

ORIGINAL (small, medium and large)

VILLAGE SCENE (medium only)

ITEM 7 This beautiful square scalloped ginger jar is one we introduced about 4 months ago and it has become a quick best seller. It is so pretty,  a great size to fit into an existing vignette or start a new one.  Also due to the size a perfect jar for mantles, I have two on mantle and they are the perfect “mantle jar”.

Measures 13.5″


ITEM 8 Finally our fabulous mid sized dragon fishbowl is coming home, in perfect time for spring planting. These are a perfect size, and work beautifully for large boxwood trees or balls, topiaries, etc….

Measures 17.5″ x 16.5″


ITEM 9 Our best selling antiqued chunky ginger jar series is always a customer favorite, since we cannot seem to keep them in stock we have doubled up on our shipment of these beauties. Gorgeous as a pair.

Measures 18″ tall


specify open field,dragon, ph0enix or bird (shown in order)

ITEM 10 NEW! Hooray these very large foo dogs are finally back in stock.I am in love with these beauties, talk about impressive. These make a real statement and are really exquisite looking. Also a great pair for a mantle! Cannot wait for these to return

Measures 16″ x 12″

$175.o0 for the pair

ITEM 11 Another best selling ginger jar, our mid sized double happiness jar is coming home. A perfect mid sized jar. Also is gorgeous filled with flowers! This design also works beautifully with other patterns. Great mantle jar too!

Measures 15″


ITEM 12 And our best selling village scene garden seats are soon to be back in stock! Offered in beautiful blue or fresh green, these beauties feature an elegant all over village scene with pretty pierced detailing.

Measures 18′  x 14″ tall


specify blue or green

ITEM 13 One of our best selling ginger jars, this antiqued large cherry blossom jar is a showstopper. One of my personal favorites.

Measures 20″ tall


ITEM 14 By popular demand, our solid white fishbowl is coming back in stock. This is such an elegant piece and can work with any setting,  indoors or out. Perfect size for a large topiary or tree, boxwood ball or large flowering plant. Features the beautiful “lionhead” detailing with rings on either side.

Measures 16 x 16″


ITEM 15 Colored mini foo dog alert. These are so much fun to use just about anywhere, and also make a very stylish pair of bookends.

Measures 4″ x 6″

$55.oo for the pair

Specify white, celadon or navy

ITEM 16 For anyone who has been waiting for us to restock our largest fishbowls, here it is! Our best selling dragon  and floral jumbo fishbowl. This is a thing of beauty…..just stunning indoors or out. Ideal for a large tree or palm, boxwood ball or topiary. If you know the prices of these,  you will recognize the incredible deal on these gorgeous jumbo fishbowls.

Measures 23.5″ x 21″

Must ship freight due to size


ITEM 17 This stunning cherry blossom fishbowl is finally coming back in. Just adore this one, its perfect for a topiary or hydrangea tree, boxwood ball or fern. The beautiful cherry blossom design is on all sides of this fabulous planter/fishbowl.

Measures 11″ x 8,5″


ITEM 18 Our popular lotus jar is now coming in the jumbo size of 24″ tall. What a beauty!! If you want a jar with impact, this is the one. It is anitqued with the raised dot detailing, beautiful lotus design and charming foo dog lid.

Measures 24″ tall


 ITEM 19 Another favorite are these antiqued medium dragon flat tops. So classically gorgeous.

Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″


ITEM 20 For anyone who has been waiting on this customer favorite we are getting them back and doubled our normal quantities. These beautiful antiqued large bird ginger jars are simply stunning.  Beautiful solo or double the beauty as a pair!

Measures 20″ tall


ITEM 21 This all over floral with raised dot detailing and foo dog lid is another very elegant piece. A great pattern to mix in with an existing collection. It is delicately detailed in it’s design and a very elegant jar.

Measures 20″ tall


ITEM 22 Adore this small double happiness jar. Its like the proverbial cherry on top when you need something extra to finish off a vignette. Great size, also pretty with flowers.

Measures 5.5″


ITEM 23 And another double happiness flat top in the larger size. Great very versatile pattern and jar style.

Measures 9.5″

ITEM 24 One of my original jars and still one of my very favorites. This large chunky pheasant and floral jar is a real showstopper. Just so beautifully detailed. I have a pair on a chest and sometimes will add cherry blossoms or branches to them. Real standouts!

Measures 22″ x 14″


ITEM 25 Finally getting in a big stash of these super popular cylinder planters.I also use mine as a utensil holder and they have become very popular for that as well. Perfect for flowers, topiaries, etc….too.

Measures 7.5″ tall by approx 6.5″ wide


specify bird/floral or plum blossom

ITEM 26 Our incredible super versatile trellis bowl is returning. This is stunning with nothing at all as a display piece but also works really nicely as a planter for orchids, ferns, etc…

Measures 12″ x 6.5″


 ITEM 27 Getting in more of this incredible pierced footed blue and white bowls. Beautiful as a display piece all on it’s own, but makes a lovey fruit/candy bowl as well.

Medium 10″ wide $70.00

Large 12″ wide $90.00

ITEM 28 Very limited number of these antiqued large white foo dogs are coming back in. Very stylish and works beautifully with any other existing vignette

Measures 11″ x 8″

$145.00 for the pair


Now this is what I call one gorgeous container. Some items we have been waiting so long for, so it was a sight for sore eyes! If you see something you must have simply call us or email-


[email protected]


Thanks for stopping in. Wishing everyone a fabulous day……

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Sharon F. on

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Better than Christmas!!!!

S.Marie on

My heart is pounding away! I have my grandmothers Blue Willow, also, some Canton and Flow Blue!
HOW can “Brand New” be THIS nice! ;-D
Vintage/antiques of the future-FOR SURE!
I have NO hesitation adding some of your beautiful pieces to my antique collection!

Lisa Hollister on

Do the tulipieres come in any color other than blue?

Mary Lou Layden on

Hard to decide what to get
“ NEXT” !! Thank you for offering these gorgeous items at reasonable prices !!

JenBC on

Gorgeous pieces with so much inspiration provided as well! Happy Spring!

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