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Hi there, you know how much I love hosting our various contests. Haven’t done one in a while and this is about that time of year where we hold our spring version of Enchanted Home Love.

It is such fun to see the amazing talent out there and then when you factor in that the products being featured are from us, well that is the icing on a very sweet cake. So I am thrilled to announce the newest contest, Enchanted Home Love. And today we start taking your entries.

So today’s contest Enchanted Home Love is open to everyone who has a picture featuring a product they have bought from us. We love to see how you style your purchase and always enjoy the peek inside your beautiful homes.

This is a time to give it your best shot, as there is a lot of talent out there. We are taking your entries as of today and will continue to through May 7th  or until we have 80 pictures (whichever comes first). The contest will be held the week of May 9th.

A few rules to please read over prior to submitting a picture-

  • We are now open to taking your pictures 1-2 per person (must be your own picture)
  • Picture must feature an item(s) from Enchanted Home
  • Please send your entry to [email protected] (pictures sent to this email address only will be considered) and on subject line, put “Contest”
  • Please read over basic requirements below on this post
  • Picture can be from any time of year or a picture taken in the past (i.e. a previous holiday, a special event, etc…)
  • Taking up to 60 pictures or through through May 7th(whichever comes first)
  • Please be sure you first look at your entry(s) compared to the examples I have shown here, to be sure it is comparable in quality
  • We want to accept your pictures however if we cannot we will let you know and give you the chance to send a better shot (as long as there is room)
  • Questions? Please email or call us [email protected] or 800-804-9565
  • We will have 2 rounds, then a showdown round and finally a grand prize winner will be announced.
  • Winner will receive 3 months of amazing Enchanted Home goodies!


I always like to include a number of previous entries that exemplify what a ” good picture” should look like. Bright, crisp, sharp, at least 400 x 600, ideally taken during natural daylight. If you have an iPhone,  the portrait setting is a wonderful setting if you are shooting a vignette picture. It pays to take the time to submit a really good picture.

And please before you do, look at your picture next to these below (in terms of quality) and please be sure they are comparable. We hate having to turn pictures away but we do occasionally and will let you know if we cannot accept it. If room permits, we will give you a chance to resubmit another picture.  Here is a sampling of what a strong entry looks like (from previous contests)-

And a  few general suggestions-

  1. Most pictures look their best in natural day light with no lights or reflections of bulbs
  2. Every picture has to be at least 400 x 600
  3. Send only your finished cropped shot, we do not do any editing
  4. Cannot submit a previous entry
  5. Picture cannot be taken from the internet, must be your own
  6. Try to take pictures in bright light and be careful with mirrors as they often catch reflections of bulbs, etc…
  7. Clarity and sharpness matter, please do not send a blurry or out of focus pictures
  8. As long as you picture has an item from Enchanted Home in it, it is eligible for submission
  9. If the picture does not have an item purchased at Enchanted Home, it is not eligible
  10. You will get a confirmation either way to confirm if your picture has been accepted or will be offered the chance to submit another


So, what are you waiting for! Time to go and take your best shot and send them in! We love getting to see our super talented customers using our products and this is a perfect way to show your decorating chops with a chance to win 3 months of EH goodies!

All rules are listed above, please read over prior to sending in. If you have questions feel free to give us a call at 800-804-9565. All pictures to be sent to [email protected]. Thank you and good luck! Until next time……

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I hope you received my photo for your contest. I am not very tech savvy so I’m not sure I sent it correctly. I have no illusions of winning but your products make my home beautiful.

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