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Hi friends! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Beautiful weather here and spring is in full swing, loving every minute of it. A bit under the weather since yesterday. Went out two nights in a row and just don’t know if I am run down or coming down with something. Today will be a day of rest and movie watching. Need to energize for the week ahead. Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. Here we go…..



1 CHINOISERIE PET BED FOR THE PET THAT DESERVES THE BEST! Our tole metal chioniserie pet beds are very popular. I had visualized a chinoiseire bed with the option of adding a pets name to it and would love your opinion as it’s always valued. You need to imagine it with a beautiful cushion:)

What do you think about adding the chinoiserie bed (with or without name)  in addition to our solid colors?

2 SWEETEST STATIONERY STUITE I saw this and it took my breath away! I adore lily of the valley and these are just stunning. This beautiful stationery is from Laura Vogel Design. Could this be any prettier? If this doesn’t make you want to sit down and do some serious corresponding, not sure what will. Saw these beautifully displayed over at Tallwood House on Instagram.  Love how everything is packaged in blue and white gingham, an extra bonus!  Click here to visit Laura Voegel Design.

LOVE her return address labels!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful roundup this week, spring is definitely in the air!


4 THE MOST REALISTIC TEA LEAF TOIPIARIES. I have a love/hate relationship with my myrtle topiaries. I have lost a few after having had them almost 2 years and have 3 survivors. The stress I take on caring for them is real! So I was practically doing cartwheels when I sourced these beauties…..faux tea leaf 18″ topiaries.

Added these to our beautiful new 6″ bamboo planters.They are SO realistic looking especially when you add moss and put them in your favorite planter. I am in love with these and they are now online! (click here)

5 FAVORITE GREEK SALAD Made this last week along with grilled branzino and lemon potatoes.  Now that produce is getting better and riper every day with the warmer weather, I have been making my chopped Greek salad more and more. It is a perfect with fish, chicken, as a side dish for a BBQ and could even be a meal. So easy and so delicious!

Here is what I do-

  • Take about 2 cartons of large cherry tomatoes or 3 very ripe large tomatoes
  • 1 yellow bellpepper
  • 1 green bellpepper
  • 1 vidalia onion
  • 1 package of good feta cheese
  • oregano, salt, pepper and olive oil

Cut tomato, bellpeppers and onion in large cubes (about 1″). Add cubed feta and season with salt, pepper, olive oil and oregano. Gently mix together. Can refrigerate for a few hours but do not recommend more than that. Absolutely heavily on it’s own but pairs wonderfully with fish, chicken, steak, everything!


6 A VERY ENLIGHTENING VIDEO ON THE FASHION INDUSTRY Not sure if you have seen this but it is worth every minute of watching. This explores the underbelly of the fashion trade and it is not always pretty as the facade makes things out to be. Really compelling and at times maddening. The dizzying rise of consumption,  is growing out of control yet seems unstoppable.  Definitely makes you look at the fashion industry as a whole with a very different lens. Can also access on Youtube.



7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY I realized lately that I am doing more and more of my shipping online. Even clothes which I swore I never would. I will mostly buy brands who’s sizing I am familiar with or things that are a no brainier. Toiletries, yep online. Basics like towels, sheets, etc…all pretty much online. All cleaning products (thanks Amazon). Let’s face it, buying online is so so easy. I am curious how many of you do the same or not?

There are exceptions however, if I need a special dress or outfit for an important occasions, most likely I will go to the stores and I would not be able to buy a piece of furniture like a sofa or chair online unless I know the brand well and have sat in those pieces. Where are you on this?


And that’s a wrap. Hope you enjoyed the post today and wishing everyone  a beautiful day. Thanks for stopping in and sharing your Sunday morning with me. Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping wherever you may be.  Until next time….

Today and tomorrow in anticipation of Mothers Day in a few weeks, our entire silver collection is 20% off! Use code shine, we are well stocked and anything silver makes a beautiful gift for the mothers in your life! Click here to visit the collection

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I have already bought one of your pet beds, I love it and I think they are wonderful, However, I would NEVER put any one pet’s name on it. Alas, as we pet lovers know…… the dogs (and cats, and others) we adore, live faster than we do, and they eventually leave us (although always in our hearts). An investment like this pet bed, I want for all my subsequent pets and I think putting a pets name on it, will limit its use. This is an heirloom item, how can my children use it eventually for their pets if it has a specific pet’s name on it? Its beautiful and perfect as it is. No name for me.

Feel the same way about shopping online. Crazy how easy is it and am doing it more and more.
Love to have you share what you get online and your favorite stores are!
You have such excellent taste. 💗

I have not made your Greek salad but I make your Mediterranean salad ( I think that is the name of it ) ALL the time. My family loves it!

Enjoy your week! 💕

I would love to buy more in person, but it seems like there is less and less inventory every time I go into the stores in our area. I can never find anything in person, so resort to online as a default.

That pet bed is too cute! I have the wicker pet bed and it’s a big conversation piece when anyone comes over.
salad looks yummy. I do almost all shopping online these days with twins who just turned 2 and working full time (from home) it is so much more convenient!
That stationery is beautiful

Those topiaries are amazing! you definitely had me fooled I also love the planters that they are shown in.

online shopping for me all the way😊

I never thought in a million years I would buy certain things online. But my job had me traveling all over the globe and it became almost a necessity. Then Covid hit and my travels ended (and job) and I had become pretty used to shopping online for many things. But now but almost everything online. Being able to shop the world without leaving the house is exciting and time saving. I tend to only shop where I know their customer service is excellent and returns are easy and free. I also read every detail and spec before buying and all reviews.
I’ve made some mistakes, but all and all been pretty successful.
Hope you’re feeling better!

The bed is adorable, but I agree with Marguerite-I would not put the name on it as pets leave us all too soon. This piece would be an heirloom for sure. I also agree with Lisa. I would shop in person more, but inventory seems to have decreased, and/or the shops were forced to close. I like online and I love your shop and blog! Have an “agreeable” day everyone!!!

Oh, please come out with that Pagoda dog bed!
Oh my goodness-how cute!
If the price is not outrageous-I just might order one!
THIS piece, for certain, would be a conversation starter!
I think cats might actually use more than a dog, but small dogs-if you make it comfy enough and keep leaving treats, they WILL use.
IF this is metal than the chewing factor w/the canine furkids is taken care of!

I wish more people would understand the impact on-line buying has on our environment! Yes, it’s convenient
but the amount of waste in packaging, energy, etc. is terrible. During our very real climate crisis we all need to
sacrifice some inconvenience for the future generations. Please google this subject on-line to become more
educated about this issue.

Your Myrtle topiaries look great in the blue planter boxes. They would look great on a table set for an al fresco dinner party. Your Greek salad looks so fresh and delicious! Had to pin that one to my “Food for thought” board.

I have one shopped online if product wasn’t available in thr store, which seems to be more often. Went to stores all during covid except first month or 2. Almost always disappointed with mail order, wrong item, damaged, poor quality.

Tina, thank you for posting the long video about the fashion industry. I have committed for several years to buying clothing second hand—that’s the only thing I can do as one person, it seems to me, in addition to raising awareness and sharing videos like this one.

I love shopping on line. So easy and not having to deal with stores that have low inventory and are out of items that you would like to buy. I hope you will consider looking into blue and white outside door mats.

For years I would not leave your postings without making sure I scrolled as far down as it took to see Teddy. I could tell how much he meant to you. I had my own Teddy (Conor) who was getting older and I knew someday I would be missing him in the same way. That has now happened. Keeping your lovely boy in your daily life and knowing you still love him dearly is giving me solace. Such a blessing and much missed.

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