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Hello and happy Memorial Day weekend! Boy, this came on fast. I want to honor and say thanks to all who have died in the line of giving service to our country. There is no greater or more noble honor than to serve our wonderful country, and without these brave men and women, I would not be sitting here doing what I am doing, living a live of freedom. So, eternally grateful for their service and sacrifice.

Summer is unofficially here and except for the humidity I am thrilled:) Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend. So we were supposed to be in Italy right now (Lake Como), I was so disappointed it did not happen but there were a few reasons, two sick relatives, one had to have a fairly serious operation, it felt too heavy a burden to be out of the country at this time Sometimes, you have to succumb to things happening for a reason, so hopefully we will go later this summer!

And boy, when it rains it pours, I took a really bad fall by tripping over a door saddle of all things, Friday night and got quite banged up, fell face first onto blue stone. My face looks like I was hit by a truck, I am so lucky I didn’t  break any teeth or do damage to my eyes. I guess this is one way to get lip injections:) So weekend plans have come to an abrupt halt as I am in no shape to be seen, the soreness and bruising on my knee,  arms and face has set in so now its just a few days of rest:( (and of course lots of movie watching)

And sadly to top this all off, a friend of my sons from high school, who’s family is a family friend of ours as well, was having sushi a few nights ago and went into anaphylactic shock, then cardiac arrest within minutes. He is only 26 and now lies in a coma. Needless to say our entire community is just devastated and shocked. We are passing around something where you can submit a prayer for him and his family, click here if you want to do so.

Please, if you believe in the power of prayer, say a prayer for Austin for a miracle. We are all desperately hoping for him to come out of his coma. Sorry to burden you with such sadness for a Sunday morning but I have something good and pretty to share too, so on positive note, here is my post….



1 MY FAVORITE TABLE OF 2022 SO FAR! So I had such fun setting this beautiful table with my hydrangea melamine. Added our darling new bamboo planters and experimented with both the pale blue and white, fresh flowers and our new tea leaf topiaries. Our basketwork flatware, my favorite  tablecloth, our beautiful ginger jar salt and peppers and wow, it made such a beautiful table if I do say so myself:) Don’t forget starting this morning our entire shop site is 20% off for Memorial Day so all you see here can be purchased with the discount! Click here to visit shop (all categories are on the left)

Click here to see our Hydrangea Garden melamine

Love our wicker cloches, they have been flying all the shelves in anticipation of the alfresco season, they are so beautiful and stylish! Click here to see them

2 A FEW GREAT NEW DOCUMENTARY RECOMMENDATIONS I have a very wide variety of interests when it comes to movie watching. With the last two days being stuck at home, it has given me hours and hours to catch up on my doc and movies. Below are just some that I really enjoyed, again a wide gamut from Noma, the once best restaurant in the world to the shady world of “fast fashion”…something for everyone:)


3 A FANTASTIC HAIR PRODUCT Who doesn’t want shiny hair? I had seen this in a few places and decided to try and I really like it. It definitely does make your hair very shiny especially when you spray it on as you are blow drying your hair. This worked really well for my hair, granted everyone’s hair is different but I like this enough to buy again. Can be purchased at Sephora, Ulta or I am sure found on Amazon.

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always lots to love here! With the warmer months, the outdoors inspiration in particular is so beautiful.

5 CUTEST TRAVEL MUGS I am a huge fan of Giddy Paperie, someone who I not only call a friend but a very talented artist as well. I have a few of her travel mugs and every time I use them I always have someone asking where I got them. No one does them better! Here is just a sampling of her beautiful assortment.They also make the cutest gift idea.  Click here to visit her site.

6 A GORGEOUS WALLPAPER LINE TO SWOON OVER I so miss having a home project to do. Haven’t done one literally in years and getting the bug to do one again soon. I am already thinking about wallpaper for the PB and thought I was firm on one choice from Schumacher but then I see this line from Kristen Leigh Studio and everything suddenly goes right out the window:) I adore this line of wallpaper, it is so fresh and happy, light and welcoming. Sigh…..back to the drawing board:) Click here to see her wallpaper, textiles and full line of products

7  SEVEN ON SUNDAY So what are you up to this Memorial Day? Traveling, having a party, heading to the beach? Having a chill day at home? Do tell!





Thanks for stopping by. Hoping everyone is having a wonderful, relaxing and safe holiday. Until next time….

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So very sorry to about your fall as well… it’s been quite a month. Sometimes when it’s like this I just need to be still. That’s what I am feeling right now. No travel… just being still.
My big prayers and thoughts going to Austin. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
Take good care.

I am so sorry to hear all of the unfortunate news about you ,your family and friends. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Your positive attitude is something to emulate. Love the beautiful posts to brighten the day. Fell Better!

Tina, One of the things I believe that so endears you to your readers is your willingness to be open about your life, the good and the bad. You are an inspiration to me in so many ways. I have prayed for Austin and will continue to do so . Also I will pray for your healing and peace as you recover from your fall. My privilege to do so as we are “To bear one another’s burdens, and in this way we fulfill the law of Christ.”

Praying for Austin. Praying for your quick recovery and of course praying for all the children and their families from the Texas school shooting. Life is so fragile.
Love looking through your photos from Instagram/Pinterest. The one of the sun porch with lattice walls around the fireplace with wicker lounges and it took me back. I had almost the exact look back in the 70’s. It all comes back around doesn’t it.

I’m very sorry to hear about your friend. Austin is in my prayers. Best wishes for a blessed holiday Tina. As always I appreciate your lovely posts.

Prayers for Austin, his family and for you. Hope you have a lovely weekend in spite of everything.

Austin will be in my thoughts and prayers today. Sorry to hear about your accident. If you hit your head, you may want to get it checked out, just to play it safe.

I’m so sorry you fell and are laid up this weekend. I’m praying for a quick recovery for you and also for the young man who is in a coma. I hope you can enjoy some down time this weekend, and thank you for still sending out a beautiful post today. Feel better, and I love your documentary selections! I do recommend watching Inventing Anna, the limited series about Anna Delvey. Take care, Tina.

Prayers for Austin’s full and speedy recovery. May GOD comfort his family during this awful time.
Prayers for you too and so thankful you are ok!

offered my Holy Eucharist and prayers during Mass for Austin and asked for the intercession of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen-will continue to pray for Austin and his family and friends and also offer prayers for your healing, Tina. I’m very sorry about your fall and hope the bruises heal very soon-rest and relax as much as possible

so sorry to hear about your fall I hope you’ve had your head checked, it sounds like the best thing you can do is stay in and rest and take care of yourself. I will say a special prayer for your friend Austin, what a frightening situation. So hope he comes out of that coma.
on the bright side your table settings are always so beautiful I adore the travel mugs thank you for the intro..
Rest up!

so sorry to hear about your fall I hope you’ve had your head checked, it sounds like the best thing you can do is stay in and rest and take care of yourself. I will say a special prayer for your friend Austin, what a frightening situation. So hope he comes out of that coma.
on the bright side your table settings are always so beautiful I adore the travel mugs thank you for the intro..
Rest up!

Thanks for sharing your cares and concerns with us today. We appreciate you so much! You are a special person and you are the reason we keep coming back to read your wonderful posts.

Keeping you, your relative that had the surgery and Austin in our prayers and trust that healing will come for all of you.

Take care and get lots of rest. Bless you, Tina!

feel better Tina. I also have been staying in because of a surgery procedure due to a cancer tumor on right side of my nose. Crayola crayons can not duplicate the color of my swollen eyes. Mole checks are very important. Praying for your family friend.
I need to have a piece of triple berry pie about now.

Tina, I am so sorry to hear about your fall….sounds painful. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Thanks for the new documentaries to watch…I’ve been stuck trying to find new ones. Also, I love the dishes and enjoy my set all the time. Have a blessed Memorial Day. Such a somber holiday but we are fortunate to reap the results of those who are so brave.

Prayers to God Almighty for the needs you have brought before the Heavenly throne !! The lost children of Uvalde, Texas. Your family member to recover quickly from the serious operation. Austin to be healed by the power of God. The complete healing for your body after the fall. AMEN !!

My heart goes out to you, Tina. Prayers for your healing and also for Austin! Take care!

I’m so sorry to read you got hurt in that fall. I do hope you are healing well. Prayers for Austin, what an awful thing to happen.

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