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Hello and happy Sunday to you! I have been busy this week getting ready for a small parry, that has turned into a semi big party tonight. I haven’t thrown a party in such a long time, I found myself nervous and anxious about the entire process. I think it will all work out, but I tend to over worry about every detail….its a double edged sword. The last few days I have been burning the midnight oil.

Thankfully, it will be bright blue skies and sunny (and about 10 degree hotter than I would like but at least no rain) however it stars cooling off around 6 so we should be OK. Will recap of course, once it’s all said and done. For now, its onward to my post this weekend…..



1 A BEAUTIFUL SMALL SUMMER BUFFET TABLE SET FOR 6 This was rather impromptu but I loved the way it came out. Fortunately I had many of my favorite items on hand and had the last of my 3 week old (you heard right!) peonies to complete this pretty table.

One of my favorite tablecloths, available in 3 sizes comes in blue/white or green/white (click here)

Basketweave salt and peppers have been restocked!

Our wicker cloches have been flying off the shelves, such a beautiful and stylish way to set a table indoors or out! Click here

Loving our large wicker beverage holder (click here)

And of course, you. know how much I love our Caroylne Roehm plates in blue! They have just been restocked (click here)


2 WHITE FURNITURE FOR THE WIN! How I love white patio furniture, we looked to order the Calcutta collection from Brown Jordan a few months ago and were told 6-7 months, they were telling us Sept! Totally did not make sense for this year but I so love this collection so we will order in Jan. . Found a few others like it that I really love as well. Here they are.

These are from Frontgate

These are from Ballard

Some of the pieces from The Calcutta Collection from Brown Jordan, so classic!



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a pretty summery round up this weekend…..


4 A FAVORITE HEALTHY SUMMER DINNER We are back to trying to eat healthier and omitting as many carbs/processed foods as possible. There is an adjustment as I am a serious cheese lover and who doesn’t love Cape Cod Chips:) But this is a dish that is not only healthy, but super delicious and does not have you feeling like you are missing out or compromising. Also quite easy to make!

A simple butter lettuce salad with tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, red peppers seasoned with sea salt, pepper balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Grilled chicken cutlets with garlic and oil (p0unded very thin) season with sea salt and pepper

3-4vocados- a handful of cilantro, 2 diced jalapenos 2 small tomatoes, juice of one large lime, sea salt and pepper….all done!


5 FUN PRESS! Seeing The Enchanted Home on the pages of some of my favorite magazines is always so thrilling. What an honor to have our products featured in some of our favorite mags!

This pretty feature from House Beautiful features out Hydrangea Garden melamine-

Such fun seeing our wicker close in Southern Living!

And loved seeing our pale blue tole tray in the Hamptons RE Showcase in this wonderful article by Kelli Delaney!

6 SOME NEW PRODUCTS So many beautiful things on the horizon- scalloped lampshades, new hurricanes and so many beautiful planters….cannot wait! Just wait until you see this next shipment!  After this its a full focus towards the holidays,crazy as it sounds:)

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY July 4th is around the corner. This will feel like our first semi normal July 4th in a while. What are you up to?


And that my dear friends, is a wrap! Hope you enjoyed the post. Alwasy like hearing from you. I am off to put last minute finishing touches on a party that started as a small family casual get together and has now turned into a party for about 50.

I feel so rusty at this, as its been so long. So I have lists in my car, in my kitchen, on my bedside…to be sure nothing is forgotten.  The devils in the details and I am one who fixates on them, it’s both good and bad. I am not good at just “winging it” though I wish I could be! Wish me luck! Until next time…….

**********MONDAY ONLY*************

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We have two dogs, so our July 4th traditions include white noise, treats, and cuddles on the couch.

Have a wonderful time at your party tonight. Doing a big yard party on July 3rd with outdoor games and prizes, tons of food and much laughter! Summer is simply the best time of the year!

What are you preparing for your dinner party tonight (please don’t forget the recipes)?

Can’t wait to see some pics from your party! It will be fabulous, as all your parties are, and I hope you have some time to enjoy the day, busy as it is. We just came home from a 10 day trip and my son’s wedding, which was out of town, so I really don’t want to do anything for the 4th. But I think we’re going to our cabin with family.
Happy Sunday!

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