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Hello everyone! Hope this finds you doing well and having a good week. Flying by over there, July 4th now seems like a distant memory. Boy, summer is going by quickly. Anyone else feel that way?

Today is a recap of the highlights of the last week or so. It’s been a busy but productive week and it’s always fun to look back on the highlights. I imagine one day when I am old and gray, that I will get hours of enjoyment going through these posts getting to relive happy memories. Onward we go….


Very excited to announce that these chargers and dinner plates are a go!! We will soon be working on salad plates and soup bowls. I am so in love with these. I have an ivory and a white sample. A little impromptu poll if you are care to cast your vote for one or the other or both! We will offer these as a presale in about 2-3 weeks as many have asked.

Painting is not for the faint of heart! We are having all our windows and trim painted and I take my hats off to these guys who  are practically like acrobats the way they go up on those ladders!

Hydrangea garden melamine flatware has arrived!

Could not love it more!

A bunch of highlights from the July 4th weekend….above my favorite two grilled veges, portobello mushrooms and corn

Made chicken burgers and grilled teriyaki flank

Yummy Greek orzo goes with every BBQ! Brought a bowl to a friends house the previous day

Surely I am not alone in that I get excited over visiting farmstands this time of year!

The colors and scents just make me happy

Caught the most spectacular sunset the other day

Was at a friends house over the holiday weekend and she made these low cal drinks, with fresh fruit and tequila, so good!

Was sitting outside one afternoon and loved the cast of the soft golden light that the fading sun gave

Though I use white flowers, I was in awe of these enormous overflowing baskets of pink petunias at a nursery out east

Not much happening in my little greenhouse as I am focused on my garden but it still makes me happy just looking at it and come this fall, it will spring into action

Meanwhile my little garden is really chugging along, picked these string beans

And how cute are these little bellpeppers

First cucumber ready to pick!

Basil and cucumber, a good combination

Leftover party flowers were sprinkled into little vases and placed on my dining mantle, milked them till the very last minute

Love this arrangement so much, in our next flared square tole planter! (these are our drop in orchids)

Loved it so much added two to my kitchen island

Favorite new wastepaper baskets with matching tissues, is this super chic bamboo and floral in three colors (now online)


And there you have the highlights from the last week or so. I cannot wait to post about the party I threw last weekend, which I will next week. Hope you enjoyed the post. Wishing you a wonderful Friday and smooth end to your week. Until next time………

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Tina, thank you for the joy and beauty you bring to so many during a very difficult time and I love your appreciation and enthusiasm for so many simple, wonderful things in life which can bring so much gratitude and again, joy. Not taking for granted the things you grow in your garden, the flowers and so many other things. I am always excited to see your missives in my inbox. Barbara

Beautiful blog entry. Everything looks wonderful and delicious. I always say that after the July 4th holiday it seems like Christmas comes on fast. Time to get ready for Fall…..even though we are 110 degrees and knee deep in mesquite tree “beans”.

Great Great post!! Thank you for wonderful summer dinner / entertaining ideas & beautiful photos! 👌😊😎❤️ – and LOVE the new pierced dinnerware! Hope you will have some serving platters to go along with the plates/ bowls etc.👌❤️- Happy Summer to you & your family! 🌞🕶

What color white are you painting your trim? I hope you will answer! SO happy to see those all white dishes coming.

I always look forward to reading your posts. I was wondering if you would be willing to share you source for your outdoor wrought iron furniture. It is so classic and timeless! Thank you.

I have made your crostini in the past and it was so good! Please share your recipe for the orzo salad and your presentation makes everything look beautiful. Will be watching for those chargers! I sure enjoy your posts!

So many pretty things to take in! Love how you present your food,
continue to get such good ideas from you! Those orchids on your kitchen island are beautiful in those pots. Are you using any special supplements for your garden? looks great!

I have enjoyed your posts for a long time. The new white/cream chargers and dishes are right up my alley! I am typically drawn to the cream but love the white as well. Do you have a preference?

Do you sell art? The painting over your fireplace takes my breath away. I just don’t ever see anything like that in my area.

Keep up the beautiful offerings.

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