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Hi everyone, so you may remember, we were planning a small and impromptu party for my husbands birthday 3 weeks ago. Well, that small family party turned into a larger party with some close friends included, we ended up being around 45 people so by my definition that is not a small party:)

I was rusty to say the least yet forgot how much fun it can be to plan a party with all the fun details. I was thrilled to use our new lily of the valley hand blocked tablecloths and pierced white dinner dishes! And of course lots of little blue and white vases filled with roses hydrangea from the yard made it special. I dotted the very long tables  with our fabulous etched hurricanes and when the sun set, it was magical. Sorry to say did not get enough of those pictures!

Nest time I plan a party I will be SURE to have a photographer come! It was such a beautiful party and it would have been great to have captured them through the lens of a professional. This all came together literally 10 days before so I did the best I could.These are just some of the few I managed to take along with some others that people sent me. Not much narration. necessary, so here we go…..


Love a long blue and white table……my favorite!

This shrimp cocktail was huge, used in our 16″ Greek key centerpiece bowl, hard to gain perspective here but it was ginormous!

We had three cocktail tables filled with food, I made a huge shrimp cocktail with 3 charcuterie boards and 3 brushetta dishes.

Never met a charcuterie board I don’t just love and want to dive right into!

Getting hungry just looking at this!

Persian food for dinner which consisted of various steaks, fish and chicken off the grill with an assortment of different rices and a huge chopped salad, so good!

 I love our huge punch bowl filled with the chopped salad…..

Wish I had a better shot of the dessert table. it was so pretty! It had a huge fruit display and 7 cakes, next party….a photographer!

Guests mingling:)

Love when these etched hurricanes are lit….so so pretty!

My favorite shot of the night, this just felt magical and when the lights went down the flickering candles took over it was really special


And that’s a wrap on the party! I must say, it was a wonderful, beautiful and  enjoyable night. It was fun to be with friends and family together again after not having done anything like this for so long. Yes, its. a lot of work and the next day I was practically comatose but well worth the effort and aching feet:)

Only regret was not having a photographer there, which to my husbands credit, he suggested but I didn’t think was necessary. Lesson learned! I look forward to hopefully another party,possibly around Labor Day, these summer days are fleeting and I want to take advantage of every single one. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day! Until next time……

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Tina, the whole thing is gorgeous-what a knockout of a party-with or without a photographer-we certainly could see the fabulous decorations, food and a bevy of people obviously enjoying themselves which is the whole point of a party. Happy Birthday to your husband and YOU did a fabulous job.

Beautiful balance of nature and outdoor entertaining panache! Just gorgeous. All this amazing setting, and fabulous food too! Tina, you’re the BOMB!, Bet your hubby was thrilled with this party.

Absolutely beautiful! The greek key centerpiece bowl used for the shrimp cocktail presentation is wonderful!

I’m STILL saying, after 21 years, “we should have had a videographer” @ our daughter’s wedding…*sigh* franki

It just looked fabulous, fun and beautiful.
He will always remember it. Good job!

Ahh, everything looks sooo lovely! I hope your husband had a wonderful birthday filled with family and friends, and such a beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

So nice to see friends and family able to mingle and enjoy a beautiful evening celebrating your husband’s birthday. Your table, and food looked wonderful, but didn’t expect anything different from you. The last few years have made us appreciate getting together and celebrating life.

You can tell how much love you put into the party for your husband! No detail was overlooked and you enjoyed every aspect of the effort! Tina, thank you for sharing. Eagerly awaiting your decision to publish your very own lifestyle book!

Dear Tina … Most Impressive and Exquisite all!!! Re: The “Initialed Pot” used for ice??? From where can that be ordered? Beautiful … and multi functional! Thank you, Karen Murphy

Just beautiful! would it be possible for you to post a “recipe” for YOUR CHOPPED SALAD?? Also, some of the items you used on the boards. ESPECIALLY for the chopped salad though!

what an absolutely beautiful party. It looks like it could be a wedding, I am in love with how you did the big long table with your beautiful products on full display.

I suddenly and starving after seeing the delectable suits, well dressed crowd too! I bet your husband was overjoyed, thank you for sharing with us!

Such a beautiful party. A lovely table, gorgeous food, magical day turning into evening with flickering candlelight, and the love of family and friends. Your husband must have loved this! Now the world feels normal again. Thanks for sharing the party with us!!

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