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Hi there, yes, we are really on Chapter 59! Has been awhile since I did one of these posts but you can expect these to become a regular post again as things start to rev up over in PB!

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Palmetto Bluff. We had to go down to check on progress and make several time sensitive decisions. All is proceeding at a great pace and we were overjoyed with how things are looking so far. The “cottage” is really more of a small house. It is absolutely charming and if there was one more bedroom in there, I think I would be tempted to call it quits there:)
Our dream plan aka long term plan is to build the main house, and three small cottages (one for each son who can eventually come and enjoy it with their own families).
This cottage is the biggest one as we will live in it until we move into the main house. We want to start the house when we are sure we are going to be spending about half the year there, that is the only way to warrant that. We also want to build a small barn and that is also something we are revisiting at the moment.
Palmetto Bluff never disappoints, it is always such a pleasure to be there, such a beautiful part of our country. Even a few short days has a way of restoring me and feeling recharged. When I say its my happy place, I mean it! If you have been, then you just know:) So wanted to share some progress with you and a few decisions we are needing to make right now, would love you to weigh in.

So here are a bunch of pictures taken from different angles, different times of the day. Some seem repetitive, yes I know, but I just can’t seem to help myself. No narration needed-

The scene truly takes my breath away

Love the wrap around porches (will have them upstairs too)

This is the view from upstairs deck


A few decisions on the front burner-

Lighting is something that we need to decide soon as many companies are running 4-6 months to deliver goods…..yes its still crazy out there! Will be putting an assortment of hanging gas lanterns and some wall mounted gas lanterns. In certain areas we need to go with a narrower profile, so I have narrowed it down to these below (they will all turn a oil rubbed bronze color so visualize that)I also don’t want anything super traditional or too “fancy”, something with cleaner lines. Here are three contenders. Would love to know if you have a definite favorite.





I am starting my list of resources, as I did last time, which I call my Gold List since these are only names I would recommend with 100% confidence. We got so many questions about resources, that this was a good way to share them. So, today’s list is short but it will grow very long very soon,  as we move along in the process!

And there you have the latest on the bluff. It’s chugging along and we are hoping for a December finish. I was actually hoping for a Thanksgiving completion which is not totally out of the question but would be a happy surprise:) Lots of decision making to come and I look forward to taking you along for the ride! If you have a favorite with the three lighting options, would love to know! Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time………


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Have a fabulous day, until next time……….


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Choice 1 – My favourite – But I am sure whatever you pick will look fabulous! Have a great day.

“I am not sure small is the right word, to most that really isn’t small and most are not in a family listed in the “Top 100 Riches Families in the Us”

SO beautiful!! what a gorgeous style home, absolutely love it. I will be following this project closely, we are going to start building our own home in September and will be looking to you for lots of ideas!
All the lanterns are beautiful but I am particularly fond of number two and three. Can’t wait to watch this unfold!
We were invited to a wedding at Palmetto Bluff about three years ago but I ended up having to have my wisdom teeth pulled and could not attend I was so upset!

I like number one and number three but they’re all beautiful.

What I love the most is the house in that setting… What a peaceful slice of heaven you’re creating.

I love 1 and 3!! We have Primo copper lanterns on our house. They are fabulous. Love these options from Bevolo! Obsessed with lighting! It really is the jewelry on a house.

I am leaning towards # 1
Will be fun to see which one you choose.
Your choice will be the perfect one!!

I love the first choice! If you put over doors like picture of fourth choice, they would be to long. Maybe use #1 by front doors and shorter ones over garage if they look good together.

Just love your “Bluff Diaries”. I look forward to following along as construction progresses. South Carolina’s low country is absolutely beautiful and has a peace that restores one’s soul.. I know “your happy place” will be perfect, as is everything you put your heart into.

no comments on the lighting because I think they are all beautiful but wow that house has taken my heart!

We love Palmetto Bluff what a magical place.

I like choice three. Wondering are you planning the three cottages for sons to be the same or are they all different.

I love #1 , the setting is so beautiful.
@Linda, such an unnecessary comment, if you don’t have anything nice to say, just move on!!

My choice would be #1. Clean and perfect. And I have been to Palmetto Bluff several times. It is a very happy place. I live in Santa Fe NM, another happy place!

It is easy to see why PB is your happy place. Your cottage is coming along nicely and I look forward to seeing it as the finishes go in. We just installed a gas lantern very similar to choice one, however waiting for final connection by utility company for 2 months! A gas lantern adds so much charm to the exterior and the curb appeal.

They are all beautiful but I’m leaning to option 1 with option 3 very very closed behind😊

I love choice #3 more so than choice #1 – there is just something “extra” about that one that makes it a bit different.

My vote is choice three!
I have that mixing bowl set. Got them from you a few years ago! I use them to take on our boat to bring meals.
They are so attractive and practical! I serve buffet style on the boat so love having pretty matching pieces! I highly recommend them!

Hi Tina – I like #1 the best – clean line & I prefer the elongated style!
Thank you for the deal of the day – I needed them!!

I like choice number 1. If you’re going for “ simple “ , then this is definitely the one to go with !

Was torn between 1 &3 but after going back and forth between the pics I would go with 3. I like the way it doesn’t taper towards the bottom.

I have to agree with most, #1 or #3. Both are gorgeous!

Such a beautiful place to live! Thank you for sharing!

Also, I have the mixing bowls and I use them all the time! They are so pretty!

Have a nice day!

Everything about your setting is absolutely stunning!
My favorite lantern is #1 without the glass insert. There isn’t an unattractive choice though, they are all gorgeous and perfect for the home. I really enjoy following along on your Palmetto Bluff projects, such fun!

Everyone is calling this a “house” but this is just one of 3 proposed “cottages”, correct? The main house is later? Like Marie Antoinette’s “petit fameau” was not the main house? 😍 Love seeing your selections!

#1 without the little balls on corners! The balls cheapen the look in my opinion.
We had three on our house on the island my husband called them our eternal flames.

I like choice one. You are incredibly blessed to be able to build a home and additional ones someday at Palmetto Bluff. It is so beautiful there. Sometimes I’ll drive there to look at the lights of Christmas and it’s magic. I’m one of your poor neighbors who lives in Sun City but still can enjoy the low Country.. However I have some of your wonderful products. Along with others I have a placesettings of the hydrangea dishes and chargers and cutlery. I bought a plain blue ruffle tablecloth from Mrs. Alice And napkins with embroidered hydrangeas from Etsy.I can’t wait to have my hydrangea luncheon. When I do I’ll send you pictures I think you’ll like it. Congratulations on your new home and also on your marvelous store.

Definitely prefer Choice #2 .. aesthetically and suits the architectural style .. classically comfortable! Choice #1, nice but not special; #3 old fashioned and squatty looking..

I enjoy your Bluff Diaries. You will make wonderful memories for years to come. I like #1

Beautiful cottage! Looking at the shape of your cottage from the pictures provided in this blog, I would select the third choice. They are all nice, however, I think the shape of lantern #3 suits the overall cottage shape better. ~Karen Hamilton

Hi Tina, I just realized that there were 4 choices. I really meant the #4 lantern appears to be a better shape for your beautiful cottage (not #3). 1 and 3 are simple straight lines, however, the #4 shape is an inverse of the smaller roof shape that protrudes in the center front of the house and should complement it well and add interest. #4 is my pick.

Bevolo would be my only choice not only for their impeccable design but more importantly their BTU ratings.
Love #1!

What a beautiful setting, its sure to be a true dream home! Based on the architecture of the house itself, my choice would be #3. Its shape coordinates well with the style of the house, plus it’s gaslit, a definite advantage in case of electric failure.

Another vote for 1…I like 3 too but not sure I can tell the difference between 1 & 3!

I prefer #2 My homeis on a river in Virginia and you need to be sure that they are storm proof . Copper is always a good choice because it ages well I can withstand salt and storms. Experience speaking here.

# 4 Love and mimics the style of your house.
What a big project! Will pray you, and your husband, will have all the wisdom, strength and organizational skills you need in the months ahead.
Blessings from Georgia!

Options 1 and 3 have the cleanest lines, in my opinion, and perhaps therefore fit your bill the most clearly. We’ve had gas lamps and they can be a pain in the butt, but they are sure beautiful.

Tina, now that I’ve been to Palmetto Bluff, I can actually visualize the place and space. How fun to be building something new. I personally like the 1st and 3rd lanterns~the clean lines. Will be so fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

I look so forward to each new Bluff Diaries!!! All the lanterns are beautiful, but I prefer #1 — understated elegance. Gas lanterns are my DREAM!!! I’ve never been to PB, but I can see why you love it. I also want to encourage you to ignore the nasty comments people leave you. Jealousy is SUCH an UGLY emotion, and I feel sorry for anyone who is so unhappy they would make such a “snide” comment. And I say that as someone who couldn’t afford anything in Palmetto Bluff. But I enjoy your posts and I love looking at the beautiful homes and area, even though it is way out of my price range. So please keep sharing pictures and plans for your family compound!! I’m so thankful I can enjoy seeing something that I cannot afford without being jealous. Apparently not everyone can. Anxiously awaiting Bluff Diaries #60!!!!

This home is beautiful—lovely architecture. The lighting you’re considering are all pretty and the finish is wonderful. My favorite is number 3, but again all are great.

If it were me i would sue one or four of the outdoor lights. My background is in Architecture and Design with a Fine Arts background if that helps.. I am sure you will chose well with your elegant taste. Love Palmetto Bluff..

I like number 2 for it’s straighter lines. Don’t like the curly edges for a cottage look.

Love the Bluff Diaries!! And that view from the upstairs deck….aaahhhhh. Option #1 is definitely my favorite. Looking forward to more PB 🙂

No. 4 gives relief to all the linear vertical lines and is more in line with the style of the house. The others have an almost medieval look that while gorgeous, would not go well with the style of the house. Maybe keep looking for something more in size with number 4 but not necessarily that one.

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