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Hello friends, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. We have one of my best friends staying with us this weekend so its been extra sweet. Tonight headed over to a small dinner party so it will be a nice way to end the weekend. Have had a few get together interrupted by Covid lately, at least around here,  its going around like wildfire. I am so sick of that word I can barely briny myself to say it.

Can you believe we are already in the first week of August. Summer is flying by and sure enough I saw the first batch of back to school supplies out…yikes! Too soon! Anywho onwards to the post this Sunday…..



1 SHELLS AND CORAL I have always been fascinated and loved the combination of shells and coral. For the longest time I have wanted to have a display of them and start collecting them. Of course you need the right interiors to make it work, it would not necessarily work so well in our NY home but a new opportunity to do this is going to present itself very soon (more on that later). In the meantime, can we talk about how gorgeous these are!

2 AMAZING ROSÈ SANGRIA Easy peasy and oh so good. We normally make red sangria but I actually think I prefer this one. It is quite simple and is best if you can allow about 4 hours for it to be refrigerated before serving. A perfect summer drink and bonus points for being extra pretty! Here is the scoop on how to make it-

  • 1 bottle of Rosè
  • 2 oranges cut up
  • 1 lemon cut up
  • 1/2 cup strawberries sliced
  • Berries or raspberries (one small carton)
  • Brandy
  • Fresh mint (chopped)
  • Sugar OR Stevia (I used stevia)
  • Sparkling water (optional)

Take all fruit and put in large container or pitcher, gently mix to macerate and allow it to sit for approx 25 min. Then add all liquid, gently mix. Put in refrigerator for 2-4 hours. 4 hours is optimal.  When you remove it, add sugar or stevia to your liking, I don’t like it too sweet plus the fruit gives it extra sweetness. Add sparkling water and a few sprigs of mint when serving. Enjoy!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always so many pretty things to share….



4 PRETTY NEW THINGS SOON TO COME I love sharing produciton shots with you as they get me so excited for what is to come. Loads of beautiful new things headed this way….

Lots of pretty chinoiserie tole will be arriving in September.

And a special sneek peek into a few holiday florals we are working on, these might be our prettiest yet. We are going to do matching garlands and possibly wreaths too. We will bring back the best selling styles from last year as well.

5 A MOST CHARMING HOME IN CONNECTICUT First off,  I am a HUGE fan of super talented Cathy Kincaid, her aesthetic  so appeals to me and her attention to detail is unmatched. I am literally in love with every single room in this gorgeous, welcoming beautifully curated home. Step on in!

6 TRAVEL TO A MOST MAGICAL PLACE VIRTUALLY! One place that I think I could move to in a heartbeat,  is Provence. When I first went there, I was completely in love with every thing about it. I long to go back, hopefully next spring. In the meantime, very much enjoyed this wonderful video on the incredible outdoor markets in Aix en Provence. Really something to experience!

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY I would love your opinion as I always greatly value what you have to say and you have definitely helped me make some important decisions.

Remember that incredible treillage urn/pedestal I shared a glimpse of with you? Well here is the finished product! I am needless to say, madly in love:) It does not have its final sealer on FYI.

This is an item that,  in the few places it is sold, sells for  thousands.  This is made of high quality aluminum which painted in a high grade weather resistant paint. Very substantial and the pieces can be used together or separately. I would start by offering it in 2 or 3 colors. My retail would be roughly $350-390 per piece. Would love to know your thoughts? And if you have an opinion on color options, would love to hear those too!


Our 20% off sale on new arrivals is on and ends tomorrow. We have never had so many amazing new things at once! Use code- love

Click here to visit our new arrivals

And that my friends, is a wrap! Hope you enjoyed this Sundays post. It was a fun one to put together. Wishing everyone a fabulous day and hope you have had a great weekend. It is hard to believe some have already gone back to school. Say it isn’t so. I do love fall more than any other season but I am not ready by any means to say goodbye to summer. Until next time…..

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Wow what a surprise to see the wallpaper in the Cathy Kincaid bathroom! I had that exact paper in the foyer of the house I lived in 40 years ago – when my kids were babies! Back then it was from the Williamsburg book and I didn’t realize that book still existed. Just classic!

I can’t wait to purchase one of the scalloped tables!
One can’t have too many scallops!

Actually I think a collection of shells in any home say’s “SUMMER”! I usually only put my collection out for others to enjoy in the summer months. I’d say go for it…..they are beautiful anywhere….just like flowers! Nature’s jewels!

My background is in Architecture and Design . I think I would like them offered in a Green with more Brown and Yellow in it and of course White and Black….These colors pretty much blend and go with any colors you put them with as accent pieces. Just my opinion; but backed with a background in Fine Arts also and many years of training in the Arts. Just thought it might help you in choosing colors to offer it in.. They are beautiful….like everything you offer here…Love your blog….Tasteful and beautiful…from your soul…..

With all respect, I urge you to work with a proofreader before you make your posts. Always enjoyable, but a bumpy read. Thank you!!!

Would love to see the treillage urn/pedestal in a cream color, and love the green shown.

The new trellis urn/pedestal is fabulous! I think it should be made in black, light green, (as shown) dark green, and white. A weathered bronze would also be a nice option. I don’t usually like Sangria, but your Rose version appeals to me – can’t wait to try it!

Love love love all these beautiful pictures. The two bedrooms are gorgeous. So different but warm and inviting

Absolutely love beyond love the pedestal/urn featured today. Would love in a classic white or hunter/Charleston green. You and your creative mind! Wonderful!

I too have over 40 years in design and furniture manufacturing and agree with Nancy (below) on the shade and/or tint of green. A bit more “Mossy”. I would also add black (not super shiny) and a rich cream.

Happy Sunday!
You’ve got a wonderful idea in the works—I love black accents, so for me I’d love to see it in black. Looking forward to seeing more.

For many years, I have loved the trellis-style urns made by “Accents of France” but given the cost (in the thousands) I have never purchased any. I have always hoped someone would make something similar albeit at a much lower cost and now you are doing it – thank you! As for colors, I would like to see the classics: White; Black; Cream; and a more “mossy” Green.

I love the new metal scalloped tables! I’d love to see a version of them with the top flipped over the other way on the legs so it looks more like a tray table. Just a thought!

Tina, always love and read your Seven on Sunday. I, too, really love the coral/shell displays but how do you keep them clean? I have a shell collection and it’s nearly impossible to get the dust out of all the nooks and crannies. But they are so beautiful! Yes, COVID here in Phoenix is rampant, but you don’t hear anything about it on the news. Funny how that is…

Great post! Love the treillage urn and pedestal as for colors, black,white and a really great dark green

Enjoy all the beautiful photos of beautiful
Places and items.. especially each Sunday morning.


I assume you are thinking someone might put a plant in it. I can envision a large green fern in it. If this is the case, you might consider making the urn a little wider and offering a separate liner. As for colors, I love the pale green shown, and suggest white and a white washed oak color.

so many beautiful things to talk about!

Love the combination of shells and coral and never thought of them together, the visuals are so pretty.

Love love love the holiday florals and the new urn and pedestal. I think the green you have shown it in is gorgeous and I could also see an ivory/cream and black.

so enjoy your Sunday posts!

Many more than seven scenes in this week’s “Seven on Sunday” but I enjoyed every one of them. Thanks!

I would love to have the beautiful treillage urn/pedestal in Black. So many new home builds today are white with black.

Treillage urn/pedestal – I would love to have 2 in that great soft blue/green you use on things. That pretty color on my chinoiserie lamp I purchased from you.

I’m sick of hearing covid too!!! It’s going around here in NC like wildfire also! We need to have answers to why covid still exist???? And correct information on vaccination and medicines!!!!!! Human life and health is more important than global warming!!!???? WE need to know more about CHINA!!! If we don’t get politics correct it won’t matter about global warming because no one will be living!!!! I know I’m going to make people mad but that’s my least concern!!!!!

In love with the urn and pedestals and would love to order two ivory!

this whole post is so beautiful and I’m so glad I didn’t miss it, your rosé recipe looks amazing.

Keep up the great work Tina😊

several years ago you mentioned in your blog a dry-cleaner in Manhattan who cleans white leather evening gloves and Hermes…I saved the name…we moved…I lost the name. Could you possibly send it to me again?
Thank you so very much!

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