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Hi there! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  So we got in a few containers lately, in fact, we got in so many good things that it felt like Christmas in July! Today is all about wicker and a few stunning new tabletop items, including some fabulous new arrivals and a few presale opportunities for items that often sell out before they even land in our warehouse.

Many of these would make fabulous Christmas gifts, no, not too soon to start thinking about it:) So let’s get started.

Please read over the rules prior to placing an order-

  • There are TWO WAYS to order. Email your order in or call. Call 800-804-9565 (office open 9:30–5 EST)  or email [email protected] (please use only this email address)
  • If ordering via email be sure you include your name, address and phone number along with ITEM NUMBER and color or style (if it applies)
  • If emailing your order we will send you an invoice that is payable online (payment must be done within 12 hours)
  • Submitting an order does not guarantee your order, only a paid order is considered confirmed
  • There are limited numbers of each item available
  • These are in stock and ready to ship (except the items on bottom stated as presale items)
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • Some items we can ship internationally, for an international quote please email [email protected]
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565 (office hours 9-5 EST)
  • Wholesale? Please register with your tax ID and click here or email [email protected]

Now for the fun part!



ITEM 1 NEW! So excited over our new colored flatware pieces. This super chic flatware sets come in four colors- navy, white, pale blue and green. Each one so striking and sure to add such beauty to any table they are used on.

Each place setting $28.00

Set of four place settings  $110.00

Set of eight place settings $215.00

Set of 12 place settings  $310.00

Specify white, navy, blue or green


ITEM 2 How about these fabulous new salt and peppers! Some beautiful new enameled styles and colored wicker. What’s not to love. Also a wonderful hostess gift idea.

Measures 3″ x 4″

$26.00 each set

Wicker navy

Wicker green (we do not have a green picture but it is same green as above flatware)

Blue/white pagoda enameled

Hydrangea Garden enameled


ITEM 3 Thrilled that these fabulous assorted salad servers have arrived! Each one as pretty as the next, talk about elevating our table setting game! Such a beautiful way to serve. What hostess wouldn’t love to get these. Perfect for indoors or out.

Set of salad servers $26.00

Specify style when ordering

Style 1-

Style 2-

Style 3

Style 4-

Style 5-

Style 6 (dark navy)

Style 7-

Style 8-

ITEM 4 Our new style wicker hexagonal planters are here!!  Both are so beautiful for your favorite flowers, topiaries, ferns and so much more. I even used the medium the other day, to make a beautiful housewarming basket for someone.

Small 12.5″ x 7″ $45.00
Medium 17″ x 8″ $65.00
Large 20″ x 9.5″ $80.00
Buy a set of three (one of each size)$180.00

ITEM 5 Our best selling colored wicker ginger jars are back in 3 sizes and 3 colors. Just love these, and these colors are so beautiful, even mixed together. I love them also with fresh flowers! It was such a welcome sight to see these stunning wicker ginger jars.

Offered in soft blue, soft green and white


Small measures 12″ $85.00

Medium measures 14″ $105.00

Large measures 16″ $120.00

Specify color when ordering

ITEM 6 Limited numbers of our best selling urns and pedestals. These are super stylish and work both indoors and out. Sold separately or together. Handcrafted wicker urn and pedestal. Urn comes with side rings. Pedestal can also be used for many things, looks fabulous with a porcelain ginger jar on top.

Urn measures 13″ x 18.5″  urn only- $255.00

Pedestal measures 11″ x 34″  pedestal only-$235.00

Urn and pedestal $475.00

Height with urn on top of pedestal 52″ tall

ITEM 7 Got back in some sizes/colors or our incredible wicker cane planters. Cannot tell you how much I  love these. I have used mine for so many purposes. They look fabulous with fresh flowers, a topiary, any favorite house plant. Offered in two sizes and three gorgeous colors.

Small measures 6″ x 6″ $48.00

Medium measures 8″ x 8″ $58.00

Specify green, blue or white

ITEM 8 We got in a small new shipment of our incredible wicker breakfast trays. I love mine and nothing makes me happier than to enjoy a meal in bed:) This also make a very special gift.

Offered in four colors- white, navy, soft green and pink

Measures-28″ length 16’5″ wide and height 11″ (opening in center measures 18″)


This is something I wish I could do more of!!

ITEM 9 Our gorgeous can wicker trays are now available in three wonderful sizes. These are not only super stylish but really functional as well.

Hexagonal cane wicker tray 16″ x 16″ x 4″  $90.00

Rectangular wicker tray medium 14″ x 12″ x 4″ $85.00

 Rectangular wicker tray large 20″ x 14″ x 4″  $105.00

ITEM 10 Love these classic wicker woven hurricanes which are beautiful filled with a pillar candle as they are a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Two great sizes.

Medium Measures 9.5″ x 8″ $50.00

Large Measures 11″ x 8″  $70.00

ITEM 12 Our fabulous wicker woven votive are back! These are 3.5″ tall and are gorgeous on a table.

Purchase 1-11 $6.00 each

Buy 12 or more $5.00 each

Cane (above)

Open weave (above)


ITEM 13 So we are getting in our newest shape in about 3 weeks, a stunning square pedestal and urn. I  have  feeling these will go awfully quick! Say hi to the new square urn and square pedestal. We  are offering a limited number on this sale. THESE ARE DUE IN AROUND SEPT 12TH

Urn measures 14″ x 19″  urn only- $275.00

Pedestal measures 12″ x 34″  pedestal only-$255.00

Urn and pedestal $510.00

Height with urn on top of pedestal 53″ tall


ITEM 11 NEW SIZE! Our scalloped wicker consoles are coming back in about 3-4 weeks and are a customer favorite.  We are often sold out of these before they even arrive so this is a great chance to get one if you have had your eyes on one. This size is a few inches bigger, 48″ wide and in Sept we will introduce the 60″ version! THESE ARE DUE IN AROUND SEPT 12TH

48″ x 12.5″ x 33″


ITEM 12 And this incredible scalloped stool is perfect as s small table/end table to be able to move around to your hearts desire. TWO sizes.  The new 33″is also arriving in this shipment. I love that these are light enough to move around, a really good looking piece! THESE ARE DUE IN AROUND SEPT. 18TH

25″ tall $235.00

33″ tall $265.00



One lucky winner will win a pair of our new salad servers and a salt and pepper set in the stunning new Hydrangea Garden pattern. I will announce the winner on Friday. Simply comment here telling us your favorite item and how you might use it and you are in the running!

And that is a wrap! See something calling your name? Just call or email your order in-


[email protected]

Thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a great day and smooth start to your week, until next time……….

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The new square urn and pedestal are beautiful and would love to have a place I could use one or two.

I can’t wait for the 60” wicker tables! That will be perfect for my sunroom!

Everything is so pretty!! I love the salt and pepper shaker and salad servers. They would look amazing on my back porch with the melamine hydraNgea plates I have. And I just got creamy wicker chairs for the round teak table. I can’t wait for my first dinner party there!

So much to love! adore the colored flatware pieces, those are a must have, happy you are doing more green products

The square urn and console are sensational and would be perfect for our lake house. Great job!

Still trying to educate my husband on the wicker urn and pedestal, which would be so spectacular in our dining room. “It will take another lifetime for her (in this case ‘him’) to understand wicker.”

Hi Tina, So many beautiful items that it is hard to choose. I love wicker. I’m thinking the planters might bring the warmth to my daughter’s apartment that she just moved into. Thank you!

The wicker urn with floral arrangement is stunning! Would love to experiment through the year with seasonal arrangements. The juxtaposition of wicker and holiday greenery is intriguing.

Love the pretty and feminine hydrangea pattern on the salt and pepper shakers. What a sweet addition to any summertime tablescape.

Love everything as always! The wicker ginger jars are a favorite as they would be so perfect in our sunroom. Your messages never fail to brighten my day.

I love the salad servers! These would be perfect for my monthly salad dinner with all of my girlfriends.

Good morning,
So excited to see new items coming in frequently.
The Wicker tabletop stool and table are my absolute favorite. I love the console also. I had posted before I was in Jupiter, Fl. Went to a beautiful coastal decorator’s shop. Guess What? They had my favorite scalloped console featured in the front window. The look is just incredible.

The salad servers are the perfect hostess gift…and perfect gift for just about anyone on any list. Colors are the best and pairing with the salt and pepper—gifts for anytime and for everyone

Love the wicker cane trays for holding utensils, napkins, those darling salt and peppers!!

I love the wicker console! I plan to bring it outside when entertaining as a bar serving area.

I really like your wicker trays. They are perfect for summer entertaining and are so versatile.

What an amazing collection of items you are offering! I love the round wicker stool or end table. I would use it as an end table on my Sun porch! Just love them!

Tina, I love the salad servers with matching salt and peppers! Adds style and joy to a summer table. Thank you.

I love the salad servers. They match the stacking bowl set and would be a great follow up gift. Everything is fresh and beautiful.

I love the small green wicker pieces. Wouldn’t they be beautiful on my screen porch with antique wicker furniture pieces.

Love the pagoda salt and pepper shakers as well as the wicker utensils. You have a knack for knowing what your customers love.

Thank you for all the beautiful wicker and the giveaway! I can see using the salad set and salt and pepper on my outside patio wicker table! These would add the perfect touch!

OMG – tho salt and pepper sets are sooo cute. I collect blue and white ones and these would fit right in!

Love the wicker console coming in larger size(s) and the NEW wicker stools for my grand nieces to sit on and easy to move.

Love the colored wicker, would use the navy with my cobalt splatterware and the green with my pagoda melamine table setting. Great products!

Oh my gosh, when I saw Style/Color #1 of the Salad Servers my heart skipped a beat. What a beautiful robin’s egg blue color! So pretty!!

Tina, it is always fun to see your new products. I love the scalloped table…just need to find a place for it.

What a great giveaway! I actually would choose the salad servers and s/p set for a summer BBQ buffet. Thank you for the chance to win.

Love all the new things but I have my eye on the 60” wicker console table. Also the pagoda salt and pepper shakers are darling. Always look forward to reading your post.

The Hexagonal cane wicker tray is perfect for use on my sunporch when friends come over
For lemonade and ice tea! I just love the design and it’s the perfect size!

The salad servers are perfect hostess gifts – and since the holidays are not as far off as we think they are – would also make lovely stocking stuffers for those young women (and men) in my life who are newly married and/or moving into their first apartments.

I love all the flatware with wicker handles!
Perfect for most any table setting!
But which color would I choose?!?
They are all great!

The wicker scalloped stool is a favorite. I would used it as a small table that could be moved around the house and porch where needed as a beverage table. Lots of temptation with the urns and breakfast trays too.

So hard to pick a favorite…I really like the flatware and serving sets but I think perhaps my very favorite are the wicker trays. I think they would make wonderful project trays. I could use a tray to pull together all the supplies I need for a particular project, such as the pens and papers for a calligraphy/lettering project, or the cards, stamps, stickers, address book when I’m preparing birthday and anniversary cards for the month. I really like the whole wicker line of products!

I love the pedestals. I have 2 corners in my foyer where they would look fabulous. Now I have to convince my husband. Any hints?
Everything is charming. The best eye candy I can think of.

I love how the hydrangea salt and peppers and the salad servers are just perfect to complete my table with the hydrangea melamine that I ordered earlier this summer!

What a fun and generous giveaway! The hydrangea salad servers are exactly the item I was planning to order. So pretty and reasonably priced.

I really love the look of the wicker console. I have a perfect spot for it near the atrium door to our back patio. We use this door for coming and going. I would put glass top on it with a container for mail and a bouquet of flowers. I might put a lantern on it, as well.

LOVE IT ALL !! Think the wicker planters will be my choice this time. They will work perfectly on my covered deck filled with plants and if the wind blows them over there will be no broken glass ! Thank you for all the lovely items !

I love the round urn with the pedestal. It goes perfectly in my den. I see a pretty fern for summer and a darling Christmas tree for Christmas. It’s just the two of us anymore. Kids all married and starting their traditions with their families!

I’ve got my eye on the gorgeous rectangle and hexagonal wicker trays! Both would be great for gathering a stack of magazines/books and a candle with a vase of flowers.

The green square planters are perfect size for small topiary plants and I would use them on my outdoor teak table. I use a splash of that color in every room at my house.

The small green wicker planters I would use on my outdoor teak table with topiary plants. I use a splash of green in every room in my house and also outside. I love them. Everything in house and outdoors is blue and white but that not of green makes it so much more special.

How wonderful to have a place to go for finding wicker accessories! They are few and far between to find in stores and your collection is simply beautiful. I am loving the scalloped stools, perfect as an accent table, can be used in so many different settings.

I’m obsessed with blue and white…the new salt and peppers and salad servers will be the perfect complement to any and all of the blue and white china I have!

I love the wicker urns. I would use them on my front porch with amazing bouquets from my garden to refresh regularly!

I have a perfect spot for the wicker console table at my beach house. Can’t wait for them to come in!

These serving items are lovely! Since blue hydrangeas are one of my very favorite flowers and I can’t have too many of them I was instantly drawn to the simplicity and beauty. Yet, I have a very dear friend that would appreciate them as much as I do, so…I would have to consider them for that reason too!

Love so many things in this new shipment. Your wicker pieces are beautiful and there are so many ways to use them.

I love item 11, the wicker console. It is so beautiful. I would use it in a hallway or as a bedside table.

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