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Good afternoon friends. Our service that we use to send out our posts as been wonky this week (not unlike so much in the world right now!)  Hope you are having a wonderful week.

Mine has been hectic with a capital H. Two days almost sent me over the edge, thank God I generally am a high energy person who can handle a lot but this week even for me, was a bit nuts and challenged me beyond words! Pressing a proverbial reset button and aiming for a great, fun and relaxing weekend, fingers crossed. I always like to share my weekly random musings with you, of course it’s a recap on the good and pretty:) So, here we go…..


Dinner with friends, almost felt like we were on an island:)

My absolute favorite shrimp scampi with mixed greens and avocado (will share recipe this soon)

Most relaxing spot to decompress

C0me on, tell me I am not the only one who’s back and occasionally front seat look like this

A perfect evening outdoors on a beautiful summer night

So in love with every detail of this table!

OK these might be a bit on the “unattractive side” but let me tell you they were heavenly good

Especially when it makes my yummy brushetta, could live on this!

My afternoon indulgence, tastes even better in our mug (getting more in Sept)

Another day, another farmstand and prettier tomatoes:)

Which made the best guacamole which I served with grilled chicken


Best crackers for cheese boards! So good!


Seriously rethinking wallpapering my bedroom again:)

Peaceful beach walk, one of my favorite parts of the day

I have a thing for dancing sprinklers:)

What a sky!!!!!

Dinner last night with friends at their marina, a perfect night to end the string of stressful days! We got a beautiful sunset:)


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And that friends, is a wrap for this week.Always fun to share these random posts especially because I know one day I will so enjoy getting to reminiscence about life “back then”. Pictures are priceless and this is such a fun way to keep these memories alive. Wishing everyone a wonderful end to your week and a super weekend! Until next time…..

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Absolutely looks like summer 🌞
Please share your shrimp scampi recipe. It’s delicious.

Tina: I was looking for one of your wonderful recipes so I went to your blog and I see that your recipes are not gathered in a recipes file. Like you need one more thing to do!! But . . . if any of the people who work for you ever need something to do–I’m sure all your readers would be ecstatic to more easily find your recipes!! Thank you

Which restaurant is that in the first picture – would love to go – assuming somewhere on Long Island.

I love it when you share your recipes. I have never been disappointed. They are always so good!

Rubbermaid bins are a busy woman’s (and who isn’t?) best friend. I keep two stacked in my car along with a few large sections of bubble wrap, just in case. They also keep bags of groceries from falling over, bottles from rolling around, etc. and help keep the clutter under control. I not only have a liner for the back of my SUV, but put down (clean) cardboard I’ve saved & cut to size whenever I know I’m popping into the local nursery. So much easier to just slide it out and shake off any bits of dirt.

These posts are such fun, all of your pictures are beautiful. Yes my backseat often looks like that because we go back-and-forth between our weekend lake house and I am forever changing things around!
You definitely need a book and I would love if you could include some of your fantastic recipes, every single one I have tried it has been a home run😊😊

My car often looks like that when I am in the process of creating. Also LOVE your cane bed where did you get it. I have looked at several but I like the two tone in yours.

Yes, wallpaper you bedroom wall with a BLUE and WHITE IKAT wallpaper. It will make the walls come alive.
Williamsburg, Virginia

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