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Hello everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  I first want to announce the winner of the the gift box of goodies, congratulations goes to-

Really intrigued by the scalloped beaded plates/chargers ~ perfect proportions and design!

Please email [email protected] to provide your name, and address so your prize can be on the way!

Over here, smooth sailing. Enjoying a nice weekend, started by being the guest of a yummy lobster dinner, a get together with friends, \ and tonight going out with old friends. A nice,  relaxing and enjoyable summer weekend. All except for getting the beginnings of a migraine, thankfully was able to thwart it and salvage the weekend. It is crazy to think this is our last full weekend in August! Planning and trying to squeeze out every last drop of summer. Anywho, let’s move along to this weekends post…..

1 SUMMER IN PICTURES Just some pretty pics taken this past week that exemplify summer’s best if you ask me….


2 RECIPE OF THE WEEK This s soooo good. Definitely more of a summer thing. Ideal for a showstopping delicious lunch or maybe a smaller portion as an appetizer for dinner. If you want something fancy and amazingly tasty, this is it! I made it for a friend visiting from out of town and we were both gobsmacked by how good this was!

So basically its a bed of greens topped with a healthy helping of brushcetta (click here for my recipe)  with avocado and the crown jewel is a big scoop of heavenly lobster salad! Beyond delicious…I could eat this every night but then again my weekly market shopping bills would skyrocket:) Definitely a dish to impress. Here is what to do-

Get 1-2 cartons of prewashed mixed greens (I like mixing butter lettuce with either baby arugula or mixed greens)

2-3 avocados (ripe but firm)

2 cartons cherry tomatoes or 2-3 good sized juicy ripe tomatoes

1/4 red onion chopped

A big handful of fresh basil (chopped finely and I go heavy on basil)

1.5 lbs of lobster meat (this served a very healthy portion to 4 people)

About 1/4 cup Hellmans mayo

Juice of 1 large lemon

Salt and pepper to taste

Chives (4 thinly sliced)

2 stalks celery (thinly sliced)

What to do-

Placed bed of lettuce on entire plate. I then took my brushcetta (click here for my recipe) and add in 2 cubed avocados (only right before serving). Gently mix mixture together and add a good sized helping on top of lettuce bed.

To  make lobster salad- Chop up lobster meat small, add mayo, celery and chives. Fold in mayo and season with salt and pepper. Add lemon juice to taste ( I tend to go heavy on the lemon juice) This can be done ahead of time or right when you are preparing the salad

Add a good sized portion of the lobster salad on top of the lettuce bed with brushcetta mixture. For a finishing touch you can sprinkle a few micro greens on top, sit back and hear the oohs and ahhs!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST I love sharing my weekly favorites, what a beautiful bunch I rounded up this weekend!

4 A BEAUTIFUL MONOGRAMMED GIFT IDEA And yes, that includes to yourself:) I thought these are so beautiful and quite affordable considering what some charge for a custom monogram. These are so elegant, aren’t they? And who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a custom monogram that they could use for everything from stationery to towels and bedding and so much more, click here to visit Artisan Monograms.

5 THE PUMPKINS ARE HAPPENING!  You are getting to see them first!! I am OVERJOYED with these pumpkins, I cannot get them in a minute too soon. We will have a presale on these this coming Tuesday at 9am.

Our first batch will be here in just a few weeks and second batch around Oct. 9th! I mean, can you even believe how pretty these are? Doing them in both blue and in green and just look at how they mix and match! Don’t forget to check back on Tuesday:)

6 CUSTOMER PHOTOS You know how much I love getting you photos!! They make me so happy and I really enjoy receiving these, so thank you.


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY I have two quickie polls this week. Curious when you start thinking about you holiday planning? Are you one who buys gifts anytime during the year, when you see something you think is perfect for that gift recipient? Daydream about your holiday/Christmas table months in advance?

I have never really been a “far in advance” planner but I often like to think about themes, and colors of what I forecast for the season.  I have always admired those who have it all figured out well before even the Thanksgiving rush. Every year, I vow to join them but somehow it never happens.

However being in the business of home accessories, by default, it kind of forces you to think a season ahead. I am still learning but our holiday goods are well under way and we will start getting them in September (mostly for wholesale). Just curious where you fall in this camp?

Secondly, would love to know what time you read my blog and if you have personal preference as to when you get it in your mailbox….thanks in advance!


Today and tomorrow our entire chinoiserie tole collection is 20% off! Use code- tole

Click here to see the collection

Fall was Teddy’s favorite season too:)



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What is the blue and white china pattern in the first photo in part 6? It’s the octagonal plate. Thanks!

Great to see pumpkins in both blue and green! I have lovely green Bohemian glass goblets that blend beautifully with my grandmother’s depression glass dishes that she used at her summer cottage..I can see using the green pumpkins in various ways mixed with flowers as centerpieces. Good job!

What an incredible blog today, it’s like a magazine!

You had me at that lobster salad, that looks so delicious, we love lobster being from Massachusetts so this is something I must try!

Like you, I am very excited over your pumpkins what a beautiful collection cannot wait till Tuesday.

thank you for explaining the glitch I was wondering why I wasn’t getting your blog this week as I normally do and not seeing my comments, hopefully it will appear later today🤣

Thank you for sharing this recipe. I’m going to try it with shrimp that’s on hand. I am over the moon for the beautiful pumpkins. Definitely on my list! Christmas is my favorite holiday, therefore I like to be prepared for all the celebrations at home, and the lists begin for gift buying and getting the house ready. . Right now I’m planning our bi-yearly Halloween party that was stalled during the throes of COVID.
As always, I enjoy receiving your post each day—so many pretty-feel-good things. Thought I’d mention that someone’s name and email ( that is not mine) is populating in the fields for such. I’m going to replace them with mine and cross my fingers all goes well.

I loved seeing the last three photos of the lovely garden featuring your pieces! I had the good fortune to be a featured artist at the Indpls. Garden Walk and stationed in her beautiful space to paint plein aire. She incorporated your pieces beautifully into her garden. In fact, I was inspired to paint blue and white pieces based on her garden design. She’s a lovely open and sharing person! What a fun connection!

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