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Hello and happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a wonderful and enjoyable July 4th holiday. By the time you are reading this, ours will be just about over and I will be heading back to NY…..and back to reality:) So here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday……



1 NEW ARRIVALS! I am thrilled to announce that a number of incredibly new arrivals are officially for sale under presales. Many have written about various things like my new etched cake domes, the new style hurricanes (both wicker and glass etched), the new pagoda salt and peppers plus so much more. So now you can preorder which will guarantee you your order as soon as they arrive. Here is a sampling below. Click here to see all presale offers-


Say hello to my new favorite charger…LOVE this piece! This is now in stock, click here to see


These are such fabulous heavy pagoda salt and peppers that are also big, as in 6.25″ tall. Love these, we got a small shipment so have about 6 pair of each finish and the rest is due here within 3 weeks, offered in two fabulous finishes. Click here for gold and here for silver




How fabulous are these two new lamp finials? Offered in two style pagodas and four color ways, the perfect finishing touch for any lamp! These will be up for sale soon



Very excited over these fabulous new style etched hurricanes, the Greek key/garland above and the leaf/garland below, I can barely contain my excitement over getting these. They will call for a dinner party:) I see a big long table with these, and how fabulous for a wedding/event! Both exquisite:) Available for presale, click here for details

And of course the magnificent cake dome! There are several who have iron backorder, we are getting these in about 3 weeks and all backorders/presale orders will ship at that time, also now available for presale click here for details on the presale page


2 RECIPES BY POPULAR DEMAND When I posted pics of the dinner party I threw for my husband, many of you asked for recipes. Your wish is my command. I am going to do an entire post in a few weeks on putting together an impromptu dinner together, I am by no stretch an expert but you could say I certainly have a trick or towo under my sleeve which I am happy to share, so stay tuned. In the meantime here is how to make the bruschetta and the asparagus/proscuitto straws.



4-6 large ripe beefsteak tomatoes  OR 2 cartons egg tomatoes (I like to add yellow tomatoes as well for color)

Generous cluster of fresh basil and I do mean generous:)

Olive oil

1/2 red onion finely diced

1-2 TBSP of minced garlic

Sea salt and fresh ground pepper

Balsamic reduction/glaze

Key is simple- super ripe tomatoes and fresh basil. A kid could make this if the ingredients are super ripe. Dice tomatoes very small, finely chop the basil and onion. Gently mix together,add garlic then add sea salt and pepper to taste then a few tbsp of olive oil. I refrigerate it and keep it cold until the bread is ready. For the crostini part of this- I cut up a fresh baguette, drizzle olive oil over it, put it in 350 preheated oven (laid out on baking sheet)

Bake until almost crispy. The olive oil will soften the bread even if you cook it too long (which I have certainly done many times). Spoon bruschetta liberally over each crostini then add balsamic reduction/glaze.  I will often sprinkle freshly cut basil over the entire plate. Bon appetite!


Asparagus/prosciutto straws

Asparagus (look for bright green stalks, cut off ends about 2″)

Fresh, thinly sliced prosciutto

Fresh parmesan grated

Puff pastry or Phyllo dough


Lay out the slightly thawed dough and roll out, sprinkle liberally with the fresh parmesan . Cut into 1″ long slivers. Cut ends off asparagus and gently wrap the proscuitto around each asparagus stalk. Then wrap the dough around it, it will almost have a spiral effect. Spray or lightly coat parchment paper then place each dough wrapped asparagus on the baking sheet. Be sure the oven is preheated to 395 then put in oven for about 12-15 minutes. Once they are golden brown, they are done. Serve hot and sit back and enjoy the accolades:)


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a great roundup this week, with a little bit of everything from flowers, to food to beautiful parties and travel. Something for everyone…..


4 A SITE YOU WILL THANK ME FOR TELLING YOU ABOUT. WhenI read this, I thought G E N I U S!!! I mean we have all experienced those dreaded calls with ridiculous wait times, the boring elevator music and the robotic voices prompting us to press 2, then 3 then 1, and on it goes. Frustrattgin doesn’t begin to describe it!

So the CEO of Kayak recognizing this widespread frustration came up with the best idea!!!! Not only does it streamline the most important information, like the best number to call, how to reach a human voice but it even tells you in real time, how long the call times are! This is AMAZING and I for one, am super excited about discovering this site!


5 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK Just love this story, and what remarkable achievements from these incredible quadruplets! Truly remarkable and incredibly inspiring, if you have school aged kids, show them this video, anything is possible. I am officially impressed, kudos to the parents who were obviously a driving force behind their incredible achievements!

6 A NEW FAVORITE SUMMER DRESS And yes, its blue and white:) I loooove this dress, it might be my most favorite summer dress of 2019. It is super comfortable, easy, breezy, so light and airy. It is the kind of dress that is easy to dress down with flat sandals and a wicker bag or dressed up with scrappy tall sandals and a cute clutch and a gold bangle. Just love this dress! Click here


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY Your opinions are very valuable to me and your input helps me make big decisions. So here are two quickies. Very excited over this  new fishbowl and would love your take on it. It measures 17.5″ tall by about 17″ round. The picture tone is way off (very yellow) but rest assured the background is a soft white, I have to say I love these:)

>And the second question is we are in the process (crazy as it might sound) of starting the first batch of Christmas ornaments. The Staffordshire dogs were such a huge hit that I am going to introduce them in 2 new color-ways. So bringing back the blue/white, black/white and ivory/gold. Question is which two color ways would you most like to see?


And that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and always appreciate you stopping in. It’s like we meet every Sunday for a virtual coffee break:) Until next time……

PS Be sure to stop by the post from yesterday featuring all kinds of fabulous buys from Decor Market and throw your name in the hat for a fantastic rug giveaway, click here



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What a beautiful post- I am getting that dress!!! All the new items are so beautiful, can’t wait till those hurricanes come in. I also appreciate the tip on that new website about call times- waiting for prompts is an all time pet peeve!!

Your peach ice cream recipe!
I puréed the peaches with cinnamon, sugar and sherry and mixed into the HD vanilla ice cream. Top with warm Carmel sauce! TDF!

Everything coming is spectacular- love the hurricanes and cake domes- reminds me of William Yeoward. Also very much enjoyed your inspiring video!

Everything coming is spectacular- love the hurricanes and cake domes- reminds me of William Yeoward. Also very much enjoyed your inspiring video!

Yes the fish bowls are fabulous! What a great summer color for the patio!
Thanks again Tina.

Love the design on the new fish bowl. I just received the straight fishbowl with the 8 immortals on it. LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!

Tina ~ The survey isn’t showing up in the post…. But YES YES YES….LOVE the fishbowl planters. And the size is nice too. Happy Sunday. TJF

My Sunday favorite…. reading your post with my morning coffee in a blue and white mug!
Happy Sunday! And, thanks for all your wonderful posts. ❤️

Add some chopped capers to your bruschetta recipe. It will take it to another delicious and great tasting level.

Those young men are inspiring. Renews my faith and hope in young adults. They were blessed with wonderful parents, too.

It’s always a pleasure to read your post from france and actully from africa!!!! A frenchy girl crasy about chinese pot but I already bought 2 ginger jar in february

I wish you would make the some of the Staffordshire dog ornaments that face the other way. It would be so cute to have a pair facing each other on the Christmas tree or for a holiday table or for mantle decor.

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