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Hi there, if there is one way to cure those winter blues for me, it’s flowers! Few things make me so instantly happy and put a little pep in my step as flowers do. In the winter, it’s slim pickings in terms of what is readily available fresh and not crazy expensive. I will visit florists, Whole Foods and any other little local market but this winter the stock has been lower than usual.

I used to LOVE going to the NY flower market and likely will revisit this spring, but its such a hassle to fight the traffic both ways getting into the city, then driving in the city is a nightmare, its rather chaotic and you have to be up for it , which I have not been lately.

So I am thrilled to the hilt with our newest faux flowers, I am very discerning when it comes to them and I am astounded at how realist they are even paired with real flowers,as I will show you today. I think most people do not understand how easy it is to mix both together and what a wow effect can be achieved. And honestly, part of the fun is experimenting with different combinations, I am often surprised at some that I end up really loving (like the purple and white below) because I am not a huge fan of purple, so go figure!

I am here to demystify mixing these for you. And if you are feeling like you need to create a flower arrangement of your own, we also have 25% off today and tomorrow all lifelike flowers and our incredible French wire baskets (details at bottom). First time ever we have offered our gorgeous wire baskets on sale. Onward we go……


So here are a number of arrangements from the last few years mixing both real and faux and a few of these are strictly faux, see what I mean!

Here is a fresh arrangement filled in with purple hyacinth,  white hyacinth and some lily of the valley in our medium oval French wire basket, love this!

Adore this purple and white hyacinth faux arrangement in our blue/white vase

Close up!

Purple hyacinth in our small scalloped tole pot

Love how this came out, all purple and white hyacinth filed in with some lily of the valley

Close up!

Hard to believe it’s not fresh flowers!

All hyacinth, white lilac and white lily of the valley!


Love this larger scaled arrangement filed in with our Lily of the Valley and a few white lilac

Faux Oak Leaf hydrangea, white lilac and white hyacinth in our newest medium square French wire basket, love this so much

Our oak leaf hydrangeas close up

close up of the hyacinths, amazing!

A box of lily of the valley clusters

A touch of lily of the valley to finish this off

Added lily of the valley to a pretty fresh arrangement

Fresh flowers mixed in with some faux hydrangea and tulips

White kalanchoe on left (faux) and some real and some faux hydrangea on right with our cream peonies tucked in shown in our village scene footed vase

Faxu hydrangeas

Nothing as pretty as white flowers in a sea of blue and white vases (faux tulips and hyacinths)

Love the round French wire basket filled with faux tulips and lilac

Our white kalanchoe could fool anyone:)

Gorgeous luscious pink peonies (used 2 clusters in each)

Faux delphinium in three colors

Big bowl of faux tulips and hyacinths

The. magnificent magnolia makes quite a statement!

Close up

Faux tulips and hyacinths

The white amaryllis are also gorgeous!

Close up

Love this grand display of faux lilacs, one would never know!

Fresh mixed in with faux tulips, lilacs in both colors

All faux!

Tulips and faux lilac mixed in with fresh

I told you these are unbelievable !! Best part? No water or green thumb required. I couldn’t be happier with them and one of my favorite things to do is mix them in with real. I had a friend over who is in the fresh flower business and even she, could not believe it. That was a valid seal of approval if I ever heard one:)


If you need a “flower fix” enjoy 25% off savings off our incredible collection and our French wire baskets! Use code-floral

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Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time…….

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Your arrangements are lovely! When you combine fresh and faux flowers, do you need to protect the faux stems from the water in the vase? I would think the faux stems might absorb water that would damage them.

How do you prevent the faux stems from rusting when you put them into the water with the fresh flowers?

There is no substitute for fresh flowers. Although these faux flowers may look somewhat real, they are still synthetic. Nothing beautiful in this life is meant to last forever – and flowers least of all. So even if you can’t keep a fake plant alive for very long, it’s still going to look better than a fake one. Because yes, everyone can tell. That’s my humble opinion.

Jackie, the scent of many varieties of real flowers gives me a migraine, so I always use faux and I’m thankful I’m able to find some that look close to real.

I have used faux flowers for years. I switch them out depending on the seasons etc. They look so real. Guests still manage to go to the vases and touch them or smell them. (Purchase good quality, the flowers will look real and not cheap)

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