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Hi so this is good, really good. So many beautiful things coming in! We have had a lot happening around here lately, we are getting in one container this week and two more soon to follow.  Haven’t been this excited for a shipment in a while and you will see why:)

We have so many exciting and incredibly beautiful new additions coming in. Today is a presale/arrival sale on those items, many are coming in within the week,  so it’s almost an arrival sale. Next to each description will state when this shipment is due in. Ready for the fun part? First please read over all rules prior to placing your order.

  • There are TWO ways to order email- [email protected] or call 800-804-9565 (9:30-5 EST)
  • If you email your order, you must include, full name,address, phone number and item number along with color and quantity (if applicable)
  • This sale is on for 3 days
  • Shipping is extra
  • Large items will be billed at time of shipment
  • Shipping in the U.S. only for large items, smaller items can be shipped internationally (you can email for a quote)
  • Stocking dealer/retailer? Please contact [email protected]
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565


Now for the pretty part-



ITEM 1 These gorgeous new scalloped versions of our best selling wicker urns and pedestals are sensational looking. I have a spot for a pair of each! We are offering the scallop in both regular round and the square. To me, a scallop elevates everything. You can purchase the urn or pedestal or both! Beautiful with noting at all but the sky is the limit in terms of what you can do with these!

These are arriving in the next few days

Pedestal measures 11″ x 34″.  square $255.00.   round $245.00

Urn measures 14″ x 19″ square- $310.00.   round- $290.00

Urn and pedestal round $495.00

Urn and pedestal square $515.00

Urn and pedestal round $495.00

Specify round or square when ordering 

ITEM 2 Our incredible round wicker urn and pedestal by popular demand is now coming in three gorgeous colorways! What a beautiful way to welcome spring. We are offering this best selling style in pale blue, pale green and white. Limited numbers available.

These are due here on or around Feb 20th

Urn 14″ x 19″  $305.00

Pedestal 11″ x 34″  $255.00

Purchase both $535.00

Specify color when ordering- pale blue, pale green or white

ITEM 3 Our 48″ wicker scalloped console is finally coming back. We sell out of these so fast but doubled up this time. This is a gorgeous smaller version of our 60″ extra large wicker console. This scalloped beauty is a stunner and can easily work in the most sophisticated spaces. A real showstopper.

These are arriving within the next few days

Limited numbers available

Console measures 48″ x 33″ 14″


Specify color when ordering

Pictures below are of the 43″ size, the 48″ is the new size

ITEM 4 Calling all garden fans! These lattice clad aluminum urns and pedestals were an immediate home run as I suspected they would be. We sold out of our first shipment but have two more on the way. Right now we are offering them in four  colors.

Eventually we may consider offering these in other colors as well. These four colors offered,  seem to be the most popular. Seeing is believing and these in person are absolutely breathtaking. Perfect for indoors or out. These are done in cast Aluminum and resistant to rust so these are a beautiful addition to a garden or flanking a front door. This time I am making sure to put 4 aside to take home!

We have two shipments coming, one arriving around Feb 15th and the second one around March 2nd

Urn measures 19.5″ x 14″ $355.00

Pedestal measures 12″ x 34″. $455.00

Both $775.00

Specify color when ordering- white, lawn green, black or bisque





ITEM 5 Wicker tulipieres are really coming!!! At long last, have been waiting several months for these to come back. Worth the wait! These wicker beauties are incredible and lined with aluminum for water rentntion.THese come apart in four sections for ease. I just love these and can see them indoors or out. We are getting the medium, will eventually get large but this 24″ size seems to be the best selling size. I can see a beautiful spring table with these beauties!

These are coming within the. next few days

Measures 24″ tall

$150.00 each

Buy 2 for $280.00

As seen in Veranda Magazine!

Here they are with flowers shown next to our 10″ wicker box planters

ITEM 6 We are getting our best selling 33″ tall scalloped stool/end table doing double duty by opening up for storage~!! Very excited about this as I love that it can be sued to store things like blanks, books/magazines, kids toys, you name it! Same great look which doubles up as storage.

These are due here within the next few days

33″ tall


ITEM 7 Just love this scalloped large serving tray for indoors and out. It is such a great looking piece, and very substantial. The beautiful scalloped shape is a bonus with two  easy handles to carry.

These are due here this week

Measures 22″ x 17″x. 2″


ITEM 8  This fabulous new chunky hurricane is an instant favorite! Wonderful with pillar candles and can be used as an elegant floral vase too! Great for indoor or outdoor use (has glass enclosure)

These are due here this week

Small 6″ $45.00

Medium 10″ $60.00

Shown below is the 6″

ITEM 9 Our wicker storage stools have become a best seller, they are not only great looking as an end table/stool but have storage! Makes such a practical piece to have in any room.

These are due here this week

Square measures 20″ x 20″ x 20″


ITEM 10 We are getting in a shipment of our original round urn and pedestals! These are the original that started everything. These pieces are spectacular together but look amazing with other pieces too. Super versatile… moving around from room to room!

These are due here this week

Urn measures 13″ x 18.,5″ $285.00

Pedestal mesures 11″ x 34″ $235.00

Purchase  both $495.00


Now that I have your attention, would love your take on the introduction of new finishes for our super popular scalloped consoles!

Want to place an order?

Call 1-800-804-9565

Email [email protected]

Thanks for stopping in, I told you this was extra good! Wishing you a great day, until next time……

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The wicker urns and pedestals are wonderful! I am having difficulty choosing which I like more but I guess that means I like them equally. The out door urns and pedestals are incredibly beautiful. I can see the quality from your photos. Again, which color? Love them all.

Love the possible options for the scalloped consoles: is it possible to have an unvarnished option so that we can finish them to our own liking?

Such gorgeous new wicker items! I love everything! I am just trying to decide what needs to come and live in our home, Tina!

Every item you have in your inventory is absolutely beautiful! There’s just so much to love!

I would like to know if ITEM 10 for $495.00 is still available. I am a designer out of Delray Beach, Florida, and would like to know pricing, availability, and lead times. Thanks in advance for your help, Vanessa

Urn measures 13″ x 18.,5″ $285.00
Pedestal mesures 11″ x 34″ $235.00

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