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Hi this is going to be short but an update to a post I shared with you about a month ago about young Adriel Carignan who, wheelchair bound was pretty much left out of her school’s holiday concert which consisted of children in a circle singing and dancing. The video speaks volumes. (click here if you missed that post)

The outpouring of love, support, offers to help and anger were overwhelming. So many of you emailed to see what you could do and many generously donated to the fund that was set up for her to get a new wheelchair (an all terrain version so she could join her family on their walks in New Hampshire).

The family and I have kept in contact since this happened hoping and praying that the school would take accountability, and make amends. They did not do one thing. Not one.

That video was one I could not “unsee” it brought me to tears every time I looked at her sweet little face, awkwardly sitting there not knowing to do. It brought about a  fireball of emotions from such sadness to downright anger. Also as many have asked, her parents were not there. Her father works nights and her mother was home sick. A relative had brought here there. And YES, agree with everyone who says every one in that audience who stood by watching this happen is almost as guilty. Shame!

Fast forward as of yesterday a petition has been up to hold the school, Lisbon Regional Elementary School accountable. Sadly, they have elected to do nothing about what happened. They have not issued a public apology, no explanations, and most importantly  have not  come forth to announce any type of training for the teachers/staff about inclusion for every child, handicapped or not. This says a lot about the school and how they look at discrimination against those are handicapped. Not to mention, this is against a federal law.

Their silence is deafening, and despite hundreds of calls and emails from outraged citizens, they have not returned a single one. Hence, the petition. I hope you will sign it and feel compelled to share this as far as it can go within your circles. Social media, emails, etc…..

We are giving Adriel the voice she didn’t have that night. I cannot think of anything more important right now than imploring the school to accept responsibility for what happened that night, accept that it could have been done so differently and publicly state what they are doing to effect change going forward, to be sure this never ever happens again. But to not acknowledge it in any way, is simply reprehensible. (both to the family and to concerned citizens).

So the petition went live last night. I ask that you not only sign it, if this outraged you as it did me but to spread it far and wide however you can. Thank you in advance, I love that we can be the voice for sweet little Adriel!



This is the actual link to share-


Thank you in advance to everyone for your  compassion and concern! Wishing everyone a wonderful day, until next time……

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Signed, but just wondering why disabilities organizations have not reacted or have not been able to get results. If this violates the law to discriminate (and it does), then where are the authorities? Poor little girl! My heart breaks for her.

I couldn’t sign the document quick enough. I am sending it out to everyone in my email chain. This is absolutely despicable and I am so proud of you for taking a stand. No child should be treated this way much less someone who is physically disabled.!

thank you for being a person of principal and integrity Tina I cry

Signed, but could funding got toward a local private school where her needs would be met and her family would be listened to?

Signing💙 I can’t help but think how this precious child is ignored on a daily basis within the classroom and other actives. Seeing the blatant rejection in the setting of a school program with parents and others watching is very disheartening at the least. Bless the baby-child🙏 I know God sees and knows all about it. May changes be made for her good!

I couldn’t sign fast enough-so did my husband. My heart goes out to that darling little girl and her family and I think you’re a hero for doing what you are doing and staying on top of it-if I may say this-your mother would be proud of you and I know your Dad is.

Thanks, Tina, for the update. I am so thankful that you brought this to our attention — and the attention of so many others. Bless you for doing this — and especially at a time when your own heart was broken.

I have signed and donated and will be sending this out to all our friends so that they can get involved too. This is such a great cause!

Hope you have a good sleep tonight, Tina!

Well, what in the hell was wrong with that teacher? SHE is especially the one that ignored that little girl. I don’t think I would want my child in her classroom, ever. She’s the one those little guys mirror and look up to for socializing skills. She is their instructor and she is stereotyping handicapped children to be ignored and belittled. The principal needs to debrief all Adriel’s fellow classmates how to properly exist with handicapped people. And all the parents who have a child in the class need to talk with their kids, too. I know I certainly would. So, if that’s what is happening publicly, is she being ignored in classroom, too? So much for her to teach empathy and compassion for the handicapped. That little girl has enough to deal with because she is already living in a challenging world. She needs to be FIRED. 🤬😡

This just broke my heart. I can’t even stop crying. What a sweet beautiful little girl. Bless her tenfold. Wow.

I’d pull that little girl out of that school and pull that awful teacher’s license. That little girls life will be hard enough without a person like her keeping her on the outside of enjoying life. What a terrible person.

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