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Hi friends, hope this finds you doing well and enjoying a nice weekend. Twice this past week we were promised a little snow, and it didn’t happen, not a single flake! Its been over 325 days since  NY got any snow, really incredible. I feel snow deprived:( I took a few baby steps by accepting invitations to 2 peoples homes for dinner, and it was admittedly,  relaxing. It was good to do something I enjoyed doing a lot before my mom got sick. But I still don’t feel “there”. I strangely enough, found socializing to be somewhat emotionally exhausting. I have read that this is very normal and it will take time. So I am doing things here and there but remaining low key still at least for now.

Our massive warehouse clean up is staring to finally take shape, every Saturday, we have a crew of 7 that goes in and we are tackling one section at a time. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and great progress has been made. So that has been my most productive accomplishment of this week! Ok, onto this post…..


1 NEW PRODUCTS COMING SOON! I am not very good at keeping secrets but this limited edition gardening line that I have been working on is coming out so beautiful, that I had to share! We are going to introduce a few caddy’s , a set of gardening tools and a matching apron in heavy duty cotton with big deep pockets (coming soon).

So we will definitely be doing this green, I am going to introduce one other color and that’s where I need your input.  Would also like to know your thoughts on offering all of these or narrowing it down. Please vote as to what other color you would love to see these in! (check all that apply in poll)


2 ARE YOU A CARDGIAN FAN? I am and have always been and my closet will prove it. I saw this roundup in Town and Country magazine featuring this fabulous roundup of cardigans from the label, Maje which I own a few things of and it was love at first sight. I ordered the blue one (has not arrived yet) but in case you too, love cardigans thought I would share! Click here




3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful roundup of elegant interiors , has me doing a  little daydreaming….




4 THE PERFECT LADIES LUNCH. These two recipes are two of my favorites, I could eat these every single day and if there was a restaurant that served this, it would possibly be my favorite lunch place. Had an out of town friend over the other day for lunch and this is what I made, it really is the prefect lunch food.

It is elegant and incredibly tasty. The chicken recipe is a variation from my beloved moms’s favorite, she loved it so much. Every-time I make it, I cannot help but think of her (through tears of course, especially this past week) and the salad I have made 3 times this week!  Recipes are below.


5 OUR INCREDIBLE NEW CHINOISERIE STORAGE BXOES ARE NOW ONLNIE!! Oh how I love these, I have one in my bedroom, in the family room and placed one in our guest rooms. Such a beautiful way to keep all those little odds and ends in one place concealed in such a pretty boxClick here to see along with many of our new arrivals.


6 A CHATEAU RESTORATION SERIES YOU MAY BECOME ADDICTED TO. I went down a rabbit hole and spent hours watching various videos from the “How to restore a chateau”. This very brave couple who had always dreamed of owning a chateau bought a dilapidated château and spent a few painstaking years restoring it. They sold everything they had, quit their jobs and took the plunge.

This is just one of their many videos, and I found this kitchen Reno particularly fascinating, thought you would too. If you like it, I highly suggest watching some of their others. Forewarning, you will get sucked in and hours may go by before you know it!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Do you get a newspaper delivered? Yes, as in a newspaper?  Or maybe you pick one up here and there. I know it seems almost archaic to some but when I spent several weeks t my parents home, and had time to actually sit down and read the papers that my dad gets delivered to the house, I forgot how pleasurable sitting down to read a paper can be. I know it seems like a dying industry, which is actually quite sad. We are used to instant news via our phones and various apps but there is something to be said about the crinkling of the pages and holding the paper in your hands while slowly sipping a cup of coffee. How about you?


And that my friends, is a wrap for today. Hope you enjoyed the post. I’m looking forward to a nice leisurely day at home, a little cooking, a little flower arranging, a little organizing, etc…..just the kind of day I need! My husband is supposed to attend the boat show so it will give me a chunk of time to do my thing. Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing day ahead, until next time……


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Where are your recipes? I don’t see them on this blog. I always enjoy your recipes and agree that everything I’ve made from you has been wonderful.

Sorry. The recipes did finally load. It took a while for them to come through. I’ll look forward to trying both of them.

I am obsessed with these gardening accessories, really pretty ones are impossible to find. I am a novice gardener, but my mother-in-law is a serious gardener and is teaching me so much. I cannot wait till these are available so I can give her them as a gift, she will flip.!!

I love your recipes and can’t wait to try both of them.

The cardigans are adorable but because I’m 5’10” they rarely are long enough. Have a great day Tina!

Thank you for a WONDERFUL post!
One of your best!!
Take Care & Always Know-
‘Life is Good!’ 😇❤️👌

Great post! I’ve looked for the oblong white bamboo planter that you recently filled with flowers. Love it. Although, I haven’t been able to find it on your shop’s site. Is it ceramic?

I think the garden accessories can be put to several other uses. In the bathroom, kids supplies like crayons and markers. They are beautiful.

What a delightful video of the Chateau Kitchen ! I have not renovated at chateau but have enjoyed that kind of work myself in many homes! Loved your garden tools too ! Your recipes are always very delicious ! Thank you ! I think it was wonderful to hear you’re making little steps toward your grief recovery . It takes time for certain. Lovely blog!! Always !!

What a wonderful and, as always, thoughtful post. Love your recipes and will give these two a try! I only know how to prepare my mother’s chicken salad but your mother’s recipe sounds devine.

What a wonderful and, as always, thoughtful post. Love your recipes and will give these two a try! I only know how to prepare my mother’s chicken salad but your mother’s recipe sounds divine!

Hi Tina!
I was unable to watch the video (I’m at work) but hope it’s “Escape to the Chateau” with Dick and Angel Strawbridge. I’ve been watching it for many years now and have fallen in love with them, their kids Arthur and Dorothy, the reno of the Chateau and everyone else on the British series.

I love this chicken salad recipe, we toast rounds of a French Baguette and serve it with petite tomatoes and sliced baby cucumbers on the side. White Chablis is a must and lots of laughter make this a lovely tea for two. Your post is something I love receiving, like finding the chocolate covered caramel in the box that’s already picked over.

Your momma was an elegant and beautiful woman. I’m sure she is pleased to know, you, her sweet darling daughter, brings so much joy to all of us followers.

Big Hugs, Suzanne

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