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Hello there! Can you believe we are already in February.  Had the busiest weekend I have yet since my mothers passing, which is not saying a lot but went out to dinner with friends to a restaurant believe it or not, for the first time since her passing. It was good to get out and see friends but I am still taking it slow and one day at a time. I have my good days and bad and know this is a process that is different for everyone.

I am looking forward to a relaxing day at home with no agenda whatsoever (my favorite kind of day). Also have a scratchy throat and feeling slightly under the weather,  so hope I can nip it in the bud. I will likely cook up something good hoping it might lure our boys home:) Our warehouse cleanup continues every Saturday and we are finally starting to make some real progress and will hold another warehouse sale in a week or so. So, it’s been a productive week and I have definitely earned my “day off” today! Onwards to my post……




1 PLASTIC IN A WAY YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN IT.  This is incredible and will certainly make you think of plastic in a whole new way. This is an immersive art exhibit/film experience started by Robin Frohardt,  that highlights the effects of  single use plastics on our environment. The exhibit is set up with thousands of items that have used single use plastic so it looks just like a supermarket (nothing is for sale) but is a powerful visual in showing us  our consumption of these plastics has been extraordinary. It sure raised my awareness as these are items I never even associated with plastic use. This one is in NYC, there is another soon opening in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Click here to find out more

2 FAVORITE WALLPAPERS OK when I fall in love with a wallpaper, I can’t let it go. I become determined on using it somewhere. The issue right now is that we will begin a pretty substantial renovation on this house (not entire house but a lot of it) so it would only make sense to use it in a spot that we will not be renovating so you can be sure my wheels are turning in fast motion on this one! Truth is though, it does not make sense to do anything right now, but it’s so darn temping. Though I think these are amazing for a bedroom or even a foyer, I may consider for our Palmetto Bluff powder room.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a pretty and fresh roundup, always such beauty and inspiration to be found….



4 OUR INCREDIBLE CAKE PLATFORMS AND A NEW WICKER ITEM!! Absolutely thrilled with these and cannot wait for them to come! These will be on their way in about 2 weeks for delivery early to mid March! We will have a presale on these in about 2 weeks so stay tuned:) Changed the gold from a bright gold to more of a toned down antique gold.

We will also offer it in ivory/gold. Very excited to get these, just in time for spring/wedding season!


And feast your eyes on this beauty, a scalloped wicker coffee table to compliment our console and wicker urns/pedestals! I am in love with this and will surely find a place for it. We will be offering these as a limited time item in the coming weeks. Measures 40 x 40. Will share more info within the next few weeks……

5 A SIMPLE VEGETARIAN SANDWICH/APPETIZER  I made these adorable modern versions of tea sandwiches (vegetarian style) which were so easy and so pretty. All you need is-

  • Daves 21 seeds multi grain bread (or your favorite bread)
  • Hummus
  • Pitted Kalamata olives
  • Very tiny slice cucubmer
  • Watercress of microgreens

I toasted the bread, used a cookie cutter to cut them into round shapes (about 4″). I spread. layer of the hummus added cucumbers, olives and topped with micro greens. Added another piece of bread on top to make the pretties little sandwich. You could also serve these open faced as an appetizer in which caseI would do 2 or 3″ rounds. Very tasty, guilt free pretty!

Wish I had gotten better pics but my phone died, but trust me these were so tasty and super easy!

This bread is so good!


6 VENETIAN VANITY MIRRORS! I posted these on instagram and people went crazy for them. So we have had our samples done and approve and I am so happy to announce these beauties will be here in March sometime.They will be offered in two sizes. As this will be a limited time offering, we will hold a presale so we can secure our numbers for manufacturing.

I searched high and low for a design customer and finally had two made about 2 years ago because I could not find one. I found one actually that was an “antique” and over $900 which was absurd. It was always in the back of my mind to do these in limited numbers. When I wanted to buy one and found that they are still surprisingly so hard to find, I decided to add these to our line. Stay tuned for our presale!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY What percentage of items that you buy from everyday cleaning products to clothing to every day household items, etc….do you have delivered vs going to buy in person?  It dawned. on me the other day that I am increasingly reliant upon good ol’ Amazon among many others for home delivery. I mean, it is just so easy.

I would rather pay an extra few dollars or so for let’s say, a huge bundle of paper towels rather than having to go and lug them home. Whether we like it or not, this home delivery concept has made life awfully and permanently  convenient. I would venture say 80% of what I buy is delivered. How about you? This should be interesting!



In the spirit of Valentine’s Day coming up, for the next 4 days,  we are offering all things pink at 25% off.

Click here to see our amazing pink collection.

Use code- love


And please if you have not already, please sign the petition for sweet little Adriel, we are asking the school to take responsibility for the way she was left out at her school’s holiday concert. The school has chosen to totally ignore this act of discrimination. Our goal is 2000 signatures and we are nearly there! Hope you will consider sharing as well….

Click here to sign


And that is a wrap. Hope you enjoyed my post. So looking forward to a low key day at home today, and definitely must make chicken soup to nurse my scratchy throat! Still no snow over here, its now broken a record. How I miss a good snow day. Anywho, wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, until next time.

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It is always a pleasure to have my Sunday coffee with you. Have a beautiful week!! franki

q is spending my Sunday mornings reading your blog. In love with all of your new products the coffee table, mirror and cake plates are so beautiful.

what a cute idea for the sandwiches even something I, someone who can’t cook to save my life could do!

Love the Plastic exhibit, something i would go to next time in NY. Amazon has changed my life!

I love the Sister Parish wallpapers you featured and they make the matching fabrics too., The top one is Dolly and it was a favorite of Sister Parish…Nice traditional choices.

Hi Tina,

I would wait on the wall paper until your renovation is all done . That’s what I am doing at my home. There’s too much dust and you still may change your mind . That wall paper would suit your Palmetto home!
You had mentioned that you may have to replace those gorgeous wood floors ! Why dont you try sanding them first and re-staining them . That herringbone design is so beautiful and there’s nothing like the old materials used to make this gorgeous home you now have !!
Love everything!!
Have a restful and peaceful Sunday !
Love , Dr. Caroline Engelhardt

Love the Sister Parish dolly wallpaper. The dolly pillows in my shop are among my bestsellers.

Have you seen the Beacon Hill Books and Cafe which is covered head to toe in Sister Parish? It is to die for.

A friend & I were just discussing “buy on line” v shopping “in person”. After reading several articles about how on-line shopping is taking jobs & much needed salaries away from the people who need them the most, I feel terribly guilty about buying on line. Surely there is a happy medium.

Take care of that scratchy throat! Hubby and I only now beginning to recover from a quite wicked head cold, the old-fashioned kind that hits suddenly with chills, followed by a sore throat, and progressing rapidly, sometimes with fever, sometimes not. Family and friends all over the country have been bedridden by this stuff. ‘Nuff fusssing.

Love those blue wall papers! And that loaf of nutty bread appeals to me right now, although I still have no appetite. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Yum?

Hello: I was a devoted follower for years but recently I never get any emails and I have to go online to see what’s happening. I entered my email and your site shows I’m already signed up. How do I get daily emails again? Thank you

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