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Hello! I first have to say I am so heartbroken over seeing the devastation and human loss caused by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The images are very hard to look at. It makes one feel so helpless when our lies go on as usual. We are having a special today on all new arrival and will donate 10% of sales to Samaritan’s Purse (see details below). I continue to pray for the countries and their people. It is almost a loss that is hard to comprehend with the numbers coming out of there. God speed to them all.

I haven’t done a Bluff Diaries in a few weeks but finally have some updates, things are definitely chugging along. We had some holdups due to windows that were arriving late but they arrived and everything started moving really quickly after that.

Insulation, sheetrock nearly done. We will be starting the bathrooms within the week, and we are slowly approaching that “exciting stage” where you really see it come to life. Below are a few pictures of how it looks lately and then some ideas and decisions I am mulling over/have made. So take a look…..


The windows we were waiting for have arrived!

OK now on to some decisions!

Made all our decisions for the 2 full baths and powder room.

This white thassos and blue Celeste beauty is going in the powder room-

This is the vanity

Overall mood board for powder room, the lantern and sconces are from our new line and I cannot wait to use them! I will do both in a soft pale blue.

They will available in ivory, pale blue and pale green (for now)


And here are the boards for the two full baths, I am may consider wallpaper once we are done and move in, will see

Lots more decision making to come! They are being made fast and furious now because we are slowly approaching the finish line (hope to be done by April-ish)

A special thank you to  (click on each name for information)-

Element Builders who are building our home and doing a fabulous job

Court Atkins, our very talented architect who we used for the second time (why change a good thing!)

I will share more resources and start building this list  as we start approaching the finishing stages!


Today and tomorrow, our new arrivals are all 25% off and we have some incredible new items!

And to make it even more meaningful, we are donating 10% of all sales Wed and Thus to Samaritan’s Purse.

So it’s a win/win. You save and are helping the victims of the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Click here to visit the new arrivals *use code- pretty

Another very important announce, we are nearly at 2000 votes for the potion to have Adriel’s school step up and be accountable. They have said NOTHING. Can you imagine? The video is so painful to watch, how she was blatantly left out of her own school’s concert but for the school to try to will this away is truly unconscionsable ! Please sign and please share, thank you!



Thanks as always for stopping in. Hope you enjoy the post. Wishing every one a fabulous day, hope the sun is shining and if you are getting snow, I am o officially jealous. 350 days no snow here in NY! Until next time…..

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Wonderful post!

Have a question! Will you be getting anymore blue and white bunnies in stock?

It’s all coming together now. The house looks wonderful. And it looks like PB got a little bit of rain!

Good for YOU and donating to SAMARITAN’S PURSE – they are a well run and top notch organization – AND – were MOST of donations go to the NEED – and not salaries, etc. Made my personal donation to them yesterday. Again, Kudos to U !

Tina, I enjoyed reading your latest Bluff Diary today! Your home there is looking so beautiful. I love the choices you have made for the power room and bathrooms. It won’t be long until you can go and spend some time there. You have such a lovely lot. Thanks for sharing with us!

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