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Hi everyone. I have had such a hard time keeping this a secret (which as you know for me, is not easy to do). Frankly I was nervous about other companies copying, because that has been happening quite a bit lately (that’s a whole other story) so this was kept under wraps until today! Not sharing one bit even on Instagram was not easy:)

You will need to sit down for this one, I promise you will not regret it! This collection is so beautiful and I am extra proud of this amazing grouping of tole eggs, wicker bunnies and bunny napkin rings. Spring cannot come soon enough just so I can start accessorizing little areas in my home with these beautiful touches of spring! This was a long time in the making and our shipment is due here in less than 2 weeks! Don’t know about you but I am over winter and already dreaming of spring.

We even made a 24″ giant egg which we envision by a front door, or an entrance way to welcome guest. With several sizes, styles and colors, the mixing possibilities are endless! What I love about them is you will have them every year to bring out around spring time, or you might just love them so much, you may choose to keep them out year round. The beauty of the presale is getting them at their lowest price. So here are all the details-


Just read over these rules prior to placing your order-


  • There are only 2 ways to order- email or call. If emailing email [email protected] or call 1-800-804-9565 (9:30-5 EST)
  • These are not yet online and are available at this special presale pricing for 3 days
  • If emailing please include your name, address, phone, number, name of item as well as style/color and quantity
  • Any order over $250 will receive an additional 10% off
  • The eggs are handpainted metal tole and the bunnies and napkin rings are wicker
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • This is a presale and this container is due in within 2 weeks and will ship immediately upon receipt
  • Retailer who carries our product line? Please email [email protected]
  • Any questions please call 800-804-9565

Some fun production pictures-


And now for the best part, let me show you what I am talking about-


Some fun decorating ideas for the fabulous 24″ size!


Told you this collection was phenomenal! Now you can see why I am so excited about it. Want to get your home spring ready and place and order? Please email or call your order in.


[email protected]

Thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time……

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Love the wicker bunnies! A whole collection of eggs in multiple colors spread across the buffet would be such a great spring and Easter display!

These are just a wonderful addition to any collection. I think the front door eggs are such fun.

I want everything!! These are sooo wonderful Tina. I can’t decide want I am going to get! Thank you for being so creative!

OMG–how beautiful. Love the wicker bunnies and the floral/butterfly eggs. You have outdone yourself with this collection. Loving them all.

Oh, the green would look so lovely with my dining room colors of pale peach and green. These are all excellent! You always seem to have your finger on the pulse of what we love. My home is a lovelier place thanks to the items I have purchased in the past. Thank you, Kathleen

Wow. How fun and beautiful! I would definitely fill a large glass bowl or Easter basket with an assortment of those incredible eggs! So pretty!

I would choose the green floral egg. The pattern reminds me of old embossed book covers, and I would make a vignette using the egg set next to some of these books covered in green with embossed gold titles and art, with a touch of brass or gold candlestick, or perhaps pale yellow primrose, to complement the subtle yellow in the egg design. Perfect for any season, not just limited to spring.

I’ m seeing a blue bunny, flanked by a large nest full of chinoiserie eggs for my console table. They are all beautiful!

It all looks so pretty for spring and would love an assortment of the eggs for a etched crystal bowl on my dining table.

Beautiful! My front door vision-The pink floral egg with butterfly in the 24 inch size placed in urns surrounded by white and pink tulips.

I can see why it was hard to keep these all a secret. They are absolutely adorable! I would love a fun mix of all of them to fill a big wicker basket!!

The bunnies are irresistible!! I would put one in each of my four grandchildren’s Easter baskets which I still make for them. They would look adorable peeking out of the baskets, and then they could be treasured for years!

Those 24” eggs are brilliant! If we lived in a milder climate those eggs would decorate my garden beds.

What a darling way to think about Spring. Yes you can put all your eggs in one basket.

Oh, the green and pink floral would look so lovely with my dining room colors of pale peach and green. These are all excellent! You always seem to have your finger on the pulse of what we love. My home is a lovelier place thanks to the items I have purchased in the past. Thank you, Kathleen

Those wicker bunnies are adorable and I would love to use them with an assortment of your beautiful eggs on my entry table.

I have never seen so much cuteness in one place, love them all, My favorite are the wicker bunnies, would use them at Easter on my kitchen island and also in my granddaughters room year round.

I simply want them ALL – front porch, table scape, entry way! Give me all the eggs and bunnies!

Love it all, especially the wicker bunnies and the napkins rings! So cute! Thanks for designing such lovely Spring jewels!

My favorite is the green and pink egg with the butterfly. I would place it in a nesting of artificial green grass on a table, or kitchen countertop.

What a fabulous idea! Easter in the Midwest is often too cold for flowers outside, so our urns are empty until May. The green floral eggs would look spectacular against the pale grey stucco of our home and would be so practical for our climate! Thank you so much, Tina, for this beautifully innovative addition to decorating. And could there possibly be spheres for the coldest months, especially after Christmas when we all need a bit of color? The urns would be quite thrilled!

How fabulous is this spring collection 🐰 The 4 inch blue and white trellis eggs will be perfect in a mossy basket for a centerpiece in my dining room.

My favorite item are the large 24” eggs in green/ pink floral butterfly pattern.
Colors so charming and I love butterflies
I would use in the cherub stone urns that I have on each side of my front door
Would be so sweet and welcoming!!!
Please enter me in giveaway!

I love all of your designs they give a fresh update to Easter. Especially the 24inch eggs. Can’t wait to fill my Easter basket.

Oh WOW, absolutely stunning! The green & pink floral with butterfly is such a fun addition! And the dot & trellis eggs in all colors are just gorgeous! I would mix these colors w/ some blue & white chino eggs that I have. Amazing collection!

Love the way the largest eggs looked in your trellis urns. Fun idea! These are a great price. Saw them at another source and they were double in price. Keep creating, Tina!

These eggs are lovely, but my fave is the floral butterfly. It would look beautiful on brackets against a wall in between a big mirror.

Love the painted eggs… Would put a mix of them in a clamshell bowl on my console in family room. And a sweet wicker bunny for each daughter’s room!

wow, these are absolutely amazing, I have never seen such beautiful eggs!

I just ordered two of the 24 inch eggs which I will use as your have shown by my door and a bunch of assorted 4 inch eggs, I will do my spring decorating extra early this year😊

I love your incredibly beautiful sophisticated items and that you offered them. It’s such an affordable price.! Love your products!

Tina I was intrigued by your comment about other companies, copying, and I myself have seen that first hand.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the site Mrs. Alice. but it appears that everything you put out she seems to immediately do, you should look into that!

You are a creative genius, and this collection is incredible. I can see why you kept a secret.! Going place my order

I love the large eggs to flank the front door. Just beautiful! Instant “happy mood”!

The whole collection is unique and beyond adorable! Love the dot and trellis patterns. I would nestle the smaller eggs amongst my orchids, on the book case, on the bar cart, etc. etc. etc.!!!

What a joyful tablescape for spring using an assortment of sizes in the pink and green eggs, the wicker bunnies in white and those adorable napkin rings. I especially love the pink and green egg with butterfly to tie it all together! Perfect compliments to my pink, green and white placemats and napkins.

The joy of Spring!
The hope of Spring!
The Love of Spring!

The colors, designs and sentiments are so very uplifting!

Tina, these are so precious! Love them all, but my favorite is the green and pink floral with butterfly egg!. Can’t wait to decorate with these.

Love these. I wish the green trellis came in the larger sizes. Two 12 or 24” flanking a mantle or sideboard would be lovely.

I can see an assortment of eggs in the middle of the dining table and bunny napkin rings for everyone! So adorable!

When I came to the Wicker bunnies my mind immediately jumped to baby nurseries, or even toddler bedrooms! They are absolutely adorable in all the colors, and are not just for an Easter decor!!

hi tina, you should be so proud of yourself because this collection is the prettiest I’ve ever seen!

we always host of family brunch for my family and my husband and I can see one of the small eggs on each person’s plate as a special take home favor.

thank you for all that you do to make a world is much prettier place

Love the bunnies…and the green and white butterfly eggs…Would add them to my big orchid arrangement.

Ohmygosh! Is ANYTHING on ONE page this absolutely adorable!? The ideas are just flashing before my eyes, b/c like you, I am FINISHED with winter! It is nice to leave up some of the “winter things” and add hearts and add pink to the red to extend things but enough is enough! Bring on the eggs and darling bunnies and pastel colors!
What I would love to do with just one of the giant eggs in blue trellis is to sit it safely in an urn inside my entry foyer, right next to my 7-foot REAL, white twig tree that sees all the seasons special decorations. This is Fall through Easter (one time it sported little American flags for the 4th of July but only once) That tree sports blue and white eggs on ribbons for Spring! Next it would be fun to put a silver compote on either end of my formal dining rooms, antique hunt board and place an 8-inch Blue Floral egg in each compote. It would nicely compliment all my blue and white transfer wear and chinoiserie and they would be wonderful conversation pieces. Oh, I can just see it now!

I purchased your blue eggs last year and they are wonderful and great quality. 🌸

Oh, how will I be able to choose? Bunnies and Eggs or both. Not able to choose a favorite because I love them all. I have two wonderful outdoor planters on my front porch, and the 24″ eggs will look fabulous, greeting our guests at the front door with those beauties. Happy Easter to you and your family.

The eggs are beautiful! I plan to gather a bunch of them and put them in a grass filled wicker basket! Happy Easter! 🐇

Everything is so fresh and new it’s hard to pick just one! I love thé Blue Collection, yes ALL of it. I believe my favorite are the Blue Dot Eggs with the Bunnies a close second!

Beautiful!! They put me in mind of the Polish hand painted Easter eggs. Plan to order ( 2 ) 24″ for my front door pots

These large eggs are egg-ceptionally stunning!!! I’m going to nestle them in my garden and put them in large wicker baskets on my porch.

Tina, I love all things pertaining to Easter and your collection is beautiful!!! My favorite are the pink, green floral butterfly eggs. So unique and pretty. I would place two 24″ eggs by our front door. I bet I’d stop traffic with all that beauty!!!! The smaller eggs I place all around the house to enjoy. Happy almost Spring.

The Les Touches-like pattern is killing me! I may have to find a permanent home for one of those!

The 24″ Eggs are wonderful & how fun! Would look great if you placed a primitive ‘pinwheel’ twig wreath or green moss on the urn, setting the egg in the middle.
The 11″ Bunnies would be sweet sitting in an urn as well, surrounded by pansies and/or moss, flanking the front door.
The Bunny Napkin Rings are adorable, not only for an Easter table but I’d also use them for a Baby Shower or child’s birthday party.

The 24″ eggs are fabulous and are the perfect decoration on either side of a front door! How much fun!!!! Love all the patterns!

Ooooooh the wicker bunnies!! I would love them on my kitchen Island. My grandma name is “Bunny” so they would be perfect surrounded by lots of sugary chocolate for my Grandson!

Gorgeous Easter eggs and aren’t we all ready to welcome Spring! I would use one of the beautiful 8 inch eggs in a centerpiece by placing the egg in an Easter Basket filled with fresh flowers and a ribbon on the basket handle. I would make Easter bunny paw prints on the tablecloth using the cat’s paw dipped into Baby Powder. I do this in memory of my Momma who passed last Oct 4 at the age of 92. Momma did this for us when we were children and I did it for her in these last few years. A bright yellow cloth, or sometimes green, with the white paw prints showing how the Easter bunny jumped up on the table as we slept, bringing us the treasures placed so lovingly in the Easter basket.

Of course I especially love the blue collection and would use the eggs to decorate in my formal living room where everything is blue and white! So fun!

💕💕 thinking of all the possibilities mixing these beautiful eggs and especially love the pink and green floral egg!

Love the white wicker rabbits. Would arrange them along with the eggs on my kitchen counter which is where they would be seen best since the kitchen area is where family and friends gather.

The Green Trellis is my favorite. My grandmother painted “blown” eggs and often used that shade of green with intricate vines and leaves. I would use the eggs like she did to decorate the hearth with lights and greenery similar to Christmas decor.

Such a beautiful collection. Would use in a basket on the table. Lovely but still safe enough for grandchildren to pick up and admire!

So beautiful ! Iove the 24” . Place the egg in my big pots and plant pansies or Viola around .

Hard to choose a favorite but I did order some pink tole eggs so I guess those are my favorite picks, at least This Time !! Ha Ha !! So enjoy your posts and your always beautiful items !!!

Your Mom is definitely smiling down from heaven at this incredible collection. Dreaming of those 24″ floral butterfly.eggs with a collar of fresh magnolia flanking my entryway 🌷💕🌷. Such a fabulous welcome for Spring and the Easter Bunny. A true sense of renewal and anticipation of a new season filled with joy!

My favorite item is the 24″ Easter egg in the green and pink floral with butterfy. I have ordered 2 of these and one 4″ one. So cute.

My favorite IOS the green and pink with the butterfly….on my front porch in a planter for sure!
Plants and flowers and a bunny nearby!

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