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Hi friends, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I like so many, have not been able to stop thinking about the earthquake in Turkey/Syria. Feel so helpless, but we are donating 10% of all sales through Monday to Samaritans Purse. I feel like all I can do is pray and donate. Such a sad humanitarian crisis. Hard to wrap your brain around the catastrophe. Prayers for both these countries.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Had people over for the first time for dinner last night and it was very nice. Dinners at home, to me are always so much more enjoyable and intimate, especially in the winter. In the summer, it’s fun to be out and about and dining al fresco. We are busy working on our renovation plans and its coming along very nicely. I will share things as they happen. It is exciting and I hope we can do it as fast as possible, never renovated before so fingers crossed.

Look forward to a day at home, an early dinner with friends then will tune into the Super Bowl. I know this day is HUGE for so many. Onward to my post this Sunday…..



1 A BOOK YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED When I get a book that I know you will love, I feel like I must tell you about it. The new book put out by Victoria, The Art of Beautiful Tables, is out of this world. It’s not one of those books that has 10 great pages and the rest are meaningless Every single page is a delight, one you will want to soak in every detail. So much beauty! And then to have been featured under the Tastemakers chapter was an absolute thrill and the icing on an already very sweet cake.

. If you love a good coffee table book on table settings/entertaining, this is one not to be missed. Also makes a wonderful gift idea. One of the best tabletop books I have seen yet.  Click here to get yours.


2 A SPRING/SUMMER BAG YOU NEED I have always loved anything with raffia, and a bamboo motif gets my attention every tine. So seeing this beauty from the newest line of Pamela Munson, was love at first sight. This is the perfect bag to go out with in the evenings. Summer chic at it’s prettiest.  Just adore it and cannot wait to start using it. The entire spring line is fabulous. Click here to see more of this incredible spring line..


Some more from this fabulous collection-

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST My favorites from this week……



4 MY DINNER TABLE SETUP After not entertaining for several months we had 2 couples over for dinner on Sat. I felt a bit rusty but also forgot how nice it can be to entertain at home. It was a fun, warm and intimate evening. I had such fun setting my table, and despite being in the middle of February, went for a very springy vive.  Here are a few pictures…….


5 OUR FABULOUS LATTICE ALUMINUM PIECES!! So we got another shipment of these, nearly all were presales and have gone out, but we have a few pieces left We will get another large shipment by end of March/early April. I grew tired of wanting to take something new home, only for us to sell out so this time I grabbed a few, had them loaded into my car to make sure they went home with me. I cannot wait till spring to start filling these beauties with flowers, plants,etc….These are one my most favorite things we have ever carried, really special!

If you want to preorder yours click here (as of now we have a few of the green, black and white in stock)

6 PETITION FOR ADRIEL I know so many of you were affected by the horrible treatment that sweet little Adriel Carignan revived for her school concert. Sadly, the school up until now has refused to take accountability. must less state that they are making it right by educating their teachers about inclusion. A petition was started and now the goal is 2500 signatures. I implore you to sign, takes just a second. and I hope you will feel inclined to share it as well. If you want to read more about what happened and see the video, click here to ready my post. No child should ever have to be discriminated against much less one who is physically handicapped.   Click here to sign


7  SUNDAYS’ SURVEY How can my survey not be about the Super Bowl? Are you watching? An avid fan? Could care less? Look at it as a great time slot to go shopping knowing stores will be empty? I am little of all the above, not a huge football fan but am often lured into the excitement by my son who is a fanatic as well as my dad. So we will watch just because it feels like the American thing to do:)




Our newest scalloped 24″ stool which opens for storage is our deal of the day. These are so fabulous and make the best tables which can easily be moved around. So stylish with the scalloped shape, move them indoors and out. Perfect storage for blankets, books, magazines, toys, etc….

Click here to see

Also we are donating 10% of all sales through Monday to Samaritans’ Purse to help with the relief effort


And that is a wrap! Enjoy the post? Anything particularly resonate? I know it’s a big big day for those football fans. We are having an early dinner with friends then will watch. My son on the other hand lives for football so I know this is a huge day for the football fans:) Wishing everyone a fabulous day, football or not, until next time….

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enjoyed your post today as always but very glad to hear a quiet happiness is slowly coming back to you

Well…”if” the Bengals w/h won…we w/have watched…since Joe Burrow is a cousin. AND, I miss the BUDWEISER Clydesdales…*sigh* franki

So much beauty on this page! Love the bags, your beautiful new lattice pieces **SIGH**. Must find a place for them. Ordering the book now especially because you are in it!

Super Bowl- thank goodness I am saved from 3 hours of torture. My husband his two law partners go every single year. They are having such a good time and I am perfectly happy to be home bing watching The White Lotus. Win/win.

Love all you do Tina.

Hi Tina. Your table setting is just beautiful. I especially love the white and pale pink tulips.
Happy Valentine’s Day

Your table setting is unbelievable! I bet your guests felt like royalty. Would love you to do a post and walk us through the process of how you set up a table.
Ordered the book, can’t wait!
Not a huge football fun but coming from a family of them, I join in on the fun once a year. We host a party for about 25 of my husbands loudest football crazed friends (and their wives). Its fun, they watch the game and we go and eat and drink wine:)

Hi Tina, I noticed you have pictures of your greenhouse in todays post. Did you move it to your new home? If not, will you build one at your new location?

Thank you so much for your kind heart. The story of Adriel is heartbreaking, cruel and …well I don’t think you’d appreciate all the many swear words I have ready to explode out of my mouth. I’ve signed the petition and donated. That teacher should be held accountable and terminated. I worked in Special Education for many years. Thank you also for your late night (so sorry you’re not sleeping….grief is a terrible journey’) doggedness to find her family and she’d a bright light on this sweet girl. May God richly bless you for your thoughtfulness and action.

We have lived through 3 whole house renovations. Prepare for them to always go longer and you might be pleasantly surprised. There will come a time during the renovations that you will ask yourself ” What was I thinking? ” but then you start putting it back together and you get so excited! Even a new toilet will make you happy! Have fun ! Linda Wolf

Pamela Munson bags are a great addition to your accessory collection. Beautifully made …..the collections are not to be missed……you might find “duplicates” these days but you cannot replicate the quality and attention to detail from a bag from Pamela Munson. HUGE FAN!

The flowers on your table for dinner last evening are simply beautiful. The colors you chose are so lovely that I hope to be able to recreate it one day soon when I have friends over for dinner. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

Just love Pamela Munson bags! I have a collection of three! I know that I will be adding more as time goes by!
I am going to order the Table Top Book. I really like Victoria Magazine. Already have one of their books!

Thanks for all you share with us!

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