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Hi there, hope this finds you doing well. It’s only Feb but I have a serious case of spring fever. The fact that we got into the 60’s more than a few days certainly has a lot to do with that. So strange! I do  miss my snow day but I am giving up hope and looking ahead to spring.

We are working with our architect to button up our renovation plans and are very pleased with how they are coming along. The renovation will involve taking the side of the kitchen and beyond down and adding a large new kitchen, slightly expanding current breakfast room, adding a family room, a pantry, a new laundry and mudroom and a smaller bedroom and bath plus a 3 car garage. We will also be redoing all bathrooms and reconfiguring our master area into a new master suite incorporating one of the bedrooms next to it. As I type this out, I realize that sounds like a lot. And I guess it is, I was convincing myself this will be a quick renovation but I have to be realistic about it too.

One decision we made is to add some glass to the front door to bring in some more natural light. We LOVE the surround and wouldn’t dream of touching it. One option that a woodworker who we know told us is he could remove existing wood panels and replace with glass or put in an entirely new front door. I played around with some ideas and would love your take.

So here is the door as is above. I realize it is very attractive and elegant but we are certain that we want to incorporate some glass into the door so here are some ideas. I am nearly sure I want to leave it white but curious if you could consider a color there or are like me, more inclined to keep it white(with some glass).  So here are some ideas, not necessarily every last detail but just a rough idea/concepts. Did my best to photo shop them on, just squint and imagine with the proper door hardware to get an accurate idea:)

UPDATE-Many of you are combining on removing the panels and replacing with glass thus to retain the same door. This is exactly what I wrote above as an option!















I am really curious to see which comes out on top. Remember, these are “concepts”not the exact door we will do but just ideas. Time to get my rusty wheels going again, as I will soon be faced with many many decisions. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time…..

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I had a hard time between 4 and 5. I feel that the door shouldn’t be too busy to compete with the Fanlight. The movement in the design of number 4 is eye catching but would definitely have to stay white to complete the picture. Somehow painting the door any other color than white would seem to take away from the grandeur of the door.

I would replace the door panels w/beveled glass… all of them.. the options you posted seem too busy w/that gorgeous horizon window above it…. Just my thoughts. Gorgeous home.

the door and surround is Georgian and always has a simple elegance-you can’t make a mistake, as long as you are determined to add glass, with choice number one and leaving it white is a surefire choice

I prefer #4 and keep the door white. Also, not crazy about your other glass inserts, they are to typical and they do not scream high end which the house needs to go along with its “ grandeur” entrance. Beautiful Home! PS I also think that too much gray can be tiresome, too trendy.

Tina, we had a mahogany door door just like yours. Ours had sidelights. We replaced the raised panels, all of them with heavy leaded glass. We replaced the sidelights with leaded glass to match the door. It was a stunning entrance when we were done and flooded the entryway with light.

Hi Tina,
Is that the original front door that came with the house??
If it is I would leave as is . I vote to paint white and leave existing door if it’s original to the house . Pleas let us know !

I prefer the door as is. I feel the alternative designs compete with the beauty of the original door surround, and move away from the present charming old world mood and mellow ambiance of the house………. from an old Virginian….Regards!

I came here to say pretty much what Betty Ann has said. I would remove all of the raised panels and replace them with glass.

Another idea would be to have a wooden storm door made that has glass panels lining up with the door’s raised panels. That way when you want the light you could simply open the main door and let the storm provide the light. When the main door is closed you would still have your privacy.

I would not change anything about this doorway. It is elegant, timeless, and architecturally spot on in every way.

I think it would be a mistake to change the original door. The others just don’t look like they belong and cheapen the look of the house. I would paint the door a high gloss black.

Our home is very similar to your new one. Is your current door old and thick, because it is quite lovely. Our home is historic with the original door and hardware. To bring in more light to the foyer, we open the door daily, quite removed from the street and put in a lovely beveled glass door in front, which we keep locked. Just a thought. I would keep it simple and not take away from the grandeur of the front door in white.

The door is perfect as is, in keeping with the timeless, elegant architecture. Changing it to incorporate glass with any of the options you provided diminishes the aesthetic.

Love your ideas Tina! Check out Farrow & Ball on IG for some additional front door ideas & paint colors; love their paints!

Please don’t use any of the pictures that you put on your blog. Your entry and door are stunning. Please consider having the existing 6 panels removed and retrofitted with beveled edged glass panels in their place. That would keep the integrity of the architecture.
My very best to you and your endeavor.
Debbie Fahy

None of these doors co ordinate with the Webbed glass above it.. It will be interesting to see what your Architect suggests and comes up with. Personally, i would not do this but its just my personal opinion. My background is Architecture and Interior Design with a background in Fine Arts also. Top Ten University graduate in these subjects with a background in the Georgian period..

Dear Tina, I didn’t vote, because I am not an expert on your particular period of home. I think the very most important thing to do is to look at door styles with glass that are correct for the exact period that your home was built. My guess is that it’s 1 or 6. I am sure your architect can guide you, but the ICAA, the Institute for Classical Architecture and Art, is the right resource. What a joy to choose your environment down to the details in two places at once! Best Wishes!

I usually favor traditional glass panes in a door — no leading or design, as I think the latter is too trendy. However, your door is stunning with the fan light and all that beautiful woodwork around it. I wouldn’t want to do anything to compete with that. I’d leave it as is and consider a crisp navy or black paint job if you really want something different.

Hi Tina. Your front door is stunning, elegant, goes completely with the house. I wouldn’t change a thing, and I would leave it painted white. Perhaps you could do something lovely with light as you come into the hall?

I would have a substantial wooden storm door custom built and have beveled glass panels to match the the existing door.
I would probably paint the storm door the color of the shutters….. or white.
PS…..I LOVE “Saturdays with Dad”

One person’s opinion…either replace the top two sets of door panels (4 panels total) with clear beveled glass or do a sheet of inset glass delicately etched to reflect the transom light pattern. 1st dibs has some inspiration. It all sounds so wonderful!

A beautiful doors around. Incidentally, I work with a very famous well-known Designer in fact, someone who you feature a lot on your blog. I work for her as an assistant, and I quickly showed her your blog post and she said she loves choice 4 in white or the idea of choice 1 replacing just the top panels with two panels of glass. For what’s it worth!! she asked that I’m not mention her name but it’s someone who’s opinion I know you would value. Can’t wait to see what you do!

A fan

None of them are right…..keep looking! I would keep it as OR study the Georgian period to stay original.

Choice 2 would be one of my favorites but the glass would have to be lower, providing a bigger border on top and less on the bottom. I like choice 4 but would probably keep the door white. Less busy, especially with planters and flowers.

Would you consider using the same 6-panel format of the door and substituting glass in each of the six panels? Perhaps using some style of privacy glass or beveled edge glass?

Hi, For sure you should leave the door with clear beveled glass in the raised panels. Or a clouded glass in the panels to match the glass in the tracery window above the door.
Less is always more!!!
What a beautiful entrance you have…

Please leave the exquisite front door alone! All glass inserts seem to cheapen its original beauty. Just because you have the funds to change something doesn’t mean that you necessarily should… ( And I mean that in the kindest way.) I recommend adding more lamps or unique sconces to your foyer area and/or increasing the wattage on the bulbs in your chandelier if you desire more light in your foyer.

You have a really fine Colonial Revival door and surround, original to the house. Leaving the door as is preserves the integrity of the facade. Painting it would give you a different look while maintaining the original characteristics. Charleston Green (a green/black) would look nice, as would black or navy, such as Farrow and Ball Blue Black. Magnificent house, can’t wait to see all the lovely things you’ll do with it. Wishing you much happiness in your new home.

Please do not replace the door. Can you have a custom air tight solid PLAIN glass storm door made?

The original fan light is so delicate and pretty that many of the choices seem to ‘fight’ with it. If the door and hardware are original then you might want to keep it as is or add new door handle hardware, a door knocker and kick plate. I’d almost be tempted to either a) remove the huge arborvitaes (keep the door) and install a smaller (hex or circular?), architecturally-accurate window on either side of the door to bring in more light or b) find a new door with full-length glass similar to #4. Anything with a half-window doesn’t seem formal enough given the grandeur of your lovely new home. The architect should be able to advise you – on both design and sources – for both new door and window ideas. (, etc.)

One thing you might not have thought of and am so glad I did was to put in a walk-in shower with a hand-held head, with plenty of room to hose down/shampoo a large dog in the mud room bathroom. We knew we’d be getting a dog once we moved in and the shower proved to be the best idea ever. Also perfect for teenagers coming in from sports practice – they go straight into the shower and dirty clothing gets dropped off in the laundry room next door. Helps keep dirt from being tracked through the house and up the stairs into their bedrooms. Since the mudroom door leads to the pool and patio, also great for guests to shower off and change in after a swim if they wish.

As an aside, not a huge fan of large arborvitae so close to a front door. Not only do they compete with the scale and height of your beautiful door and portico, but it’s not fun to have a catbird nest in one and ‘dive bomb’ anyone who uses that entrance. A smaller holly would be very pretty in their place.

So looking forward to seeing the renovation progress. I’m currently picking out the finishes for a new addition: a 3-car garage with guest quarters/home office above. I don’t live that far from you, Tina and will be sure to let you know when they remove the mudroom roof because you know that’s when we’ll get a 20″ dump! Am thinking of the narrower (20″) convection range and refrigerator from Unique for the kitchenette in the space. A good friend had their range in her lovely Toronto home and it was well-made and reliable. Has anyone had any experience with their smaller appliances?

Unless there is some way to replicate somehow at least part of the shape of the amazing fanlight into the pattern on the door below, I would not change it and would remain white. All the shown choices detract from the timeless style.

Tina, before you change out the door, I would research the history of that style. All your suggestions are so much more modern than the original architecture. We have a national historically designated home and the front door is one of the important elements. Consult with a historic expert on the period. Your front door is magnificent in its current state and you certainly don’t want to lessen the impact. Maybe even adding glass into the peak above the door (like a transom window) may provide you the light you need?

What if you retrofitted the existing door by taking out the top 4 wood panels and replacing with glass. That would keep the house closest to original, and living in an old house, I know it is probably a big beautiful thick door… hard to replicate.

Hello Tina!
That door is absolute perfection as it is!!! I like it SO MUCH BETTER than ANY of the options. I love it in white, but if you absolutely want to change the color, I would do a super high gloss black. I feel changing the door will reduce the quality of what is already a perfect door that looks very British and beautifully Georgian! I would never change such a perfectly made door, but of course, you should be happy and do what works for you. 🙂

I don’t feel they are compatible with the design over the door, they just don’t seem complimentary.
Have you considered taking the original door and having the six panels removed and replaced with glass, then add a small molding around the edge of each panel. It is a beautiful and classic transformation, leaving the original door but adding much light!
They turn out stunning!

Regarding the front door on your new house, why not just cut out the existing six panels and insert glass. You would retain the classic door and it would not detract from the gorgeous fanlight. I know it might not be the current trend but classic design always wins in the end.

Choice 4, painted a soft gray, is closer to the stately, colonial look of the entry than the others which look too country or Victorian. Although the topiaries in the planters are lovely they are too heavy a look and detract from the already elegant and detailed architecture of the entry. Just my opinion if course. Beautiful home. Thanks for allowing our view and input.

I agree with the idea of beveled glass inserts replacing the raised panels to bring in more light. I can also picture the white door as is with a gorgeous seasonal wreath on it!

None of these choices seem to “go” with that beautiful window above. I would leave this gorgeous original door just as it is..

Choice 1, 4 and 6 get my vote. I also like your suggestion of just replacing panels with glass on existing door. That could be very pretty too. Whatever glass version you choose I would personally keep it white. Looks very stately. I know with your excellent taste, you will make the right decision!

Love #4 and #6. I like white but you could also see black which is often done not here white clapboard Georgian homes. I. live in Millbrook, NY. practically the birthplace of this style home! One of my neighbors who has a most beautiful. home similar to yours did a door very similar to #6 and it is beautiful. He did navy shutters so painted the door navy too, it is quite lovely.
Beautiful home Tina and I can’t wait to follow along with you on this fun journey.

The door is beautiful AS IS. and It should remain white. There’s so much beautiful detail around the door that would be lost with a glass door The pictures take away the traditional look of the house. When I review them, over and over, and try to like them, I just can’t. I keep going back to the original and love its elegance. The only thing that needs changing are the door handle and lock and perhaps a door knocker, but, that’s all!
The pictures shown do not reflect the period of the house. Why change this beautiful IMPRESSIVE door and change the mood of the house? Besides holiday decor would not look as elegant as it would on a white door—my opinion.

The door is beautiful as it is. I would not put glass panels in, and I would leave the door white. I would not change a thing.

Oh Tina I can already see it! Number one is beautiful, although I would use simple two panels of beveled crystal glass, sparkling rainbows of color on your flooring. Maybe something that mirrors a foyer crystal chandelier would be breathtaking as you approach the door, allowing a clear peak indoors. I can just imagine how lovely you would have your entry at the season’s throughout the year. It would allow you to add a fabulous brass door knocker (a fox head?) between the panels and a brass kick plate below. The façade and the absolutely stunning woodwork is amazing! I would fresh coat this puppy with all white and new trend of super shiny white gloss paint. Any seasonal wreath on your new front door would make me tell my husband to slow down or backup so I could see it again. Merci for letting us enjoy this journey with you.
Hugs, Suzanne

Definitely understand wanting to bring more natural light in. That foyer is so pretty, I agree with your needing a little more light. I love choice 4 and 6 but also on board with what your carpenter suggests about carving out the panels and replacing with glass. See if he can give you some kind of mockup. I look forward to seeing what you do. You have exquisite taste.

I like the idea of adding the glass as long as its kept in the traditional manner which I am sure you will do. I personally love the glass on 8, 5 and 4. Good luck!

Your newest house’s front door…Because the examples within this blog post appear to be more for a secondary rear or side door for your newest residence and because your previous residence’s exterior front door displayed some similar concepts relative to the front door you are contemplating….Solution is to utilize the conceptual design of your previous front door with glass/black iron, etc and convert it to the necessary scale of your newest residence’s front door.

Please do NOT add most of those glass door choices to your beautiful existing entry. If your architect knows anything he/she will help you make the right choice. Several of your thoughts fight with the spiderwebbing in the arch above. It is such a classic deign.

What about removing all 6 panels & install beveled glass where panels were? A lot of Southern houses have done to update doors & is a nice look
Look forward to updates on your beautiful home renovation!

I like the door as it is. It is simple, beautiful and elegant. I am the first one to convert to glass because I love light, but all of the designs seem to detract from the beautiful fan light. My favorite idea is to add a storm door with a lock and glass panels that match the door, then open the existing door on days when you want to let in the light.

I have been giving this more thought since my initial reaction. I love glass doors but I agree with those who say they prefer the door exactly as is, for many reasons. Anything else would be “gilding the lily” in my opinion. I like the idea of a wooden storm door.

I would leave it exactly as is. All other choices compete and do not have the beautiful architectural integrity. The choices compete with the beautiful surround and window above! Would also keep white. So classic!!

Look at the Georgian doors of Dublin!
I would not change the door. None of the illustrations fit the architectural style.

People make me laugh when you say you have decided you definitely want to add glass and they tell you to keep it as is. Guess some don’t like to read.

I understand wanting to add glass, nothin like natural daylight plus your foyer floors as beautiful as they are dark so I say let the sun shine in! I work with Patrick Ahern for a few years and learned a lot. In this case it would be about symmetry, my first choice would be to cut out the 4 main panels and add glass. That would do the trick beautifully (leaded glass to be period correct)

The other door that I think is very pretty is door 6. If the iron work is fine enough to match the half moon grill, then that would be very lovely as well. I know you will make the right choice! Fun to go on this journey with you Tina.

I first of all would recommend white door.
Then, I did not see this as CD z as choice; however, I like the idea of taking/cutting out each of your original six panels of would from door and replacing each one with glass. I have seen this done and it is wonderful!!! Keep glass clear with NO designs in it. It has a very beautiful and stately entrance and let’s loads of light in through top, middle and bottom, especially if you have pets that like to look out.😊

I would do an all glass door with a great black wrought iron grille over the glass.

How exciting to ponder all these options that will be the “gateway” to your beautiful home!
Love the glass options ….. but I love the center door knob option regardless. …. projects are so fun with all the decisions to be made…..

I would definitely leave as is! Changing to the glass panels takes away historic architecture. The glass does not look good anyway.

Hi, Tina

I can’t vote for any of the choices (#4 is nice, but still seems too busy for the surround – it takes away from the Palladian window above the door). I would like to suggest that you consider your carpenter’s suggestion: remove the 6 panels and replace them with beveled glass panels. And YES, I would add the beveled glass panels AND paint the door to make it stand out and be more inviting. How about a BLUE – similar to, but a little brighter than the blue in choice 4 (Navy would be too dark — be guided by your blue & white ceramics). AND consider the look of the Brits and Dublin doors: choose a gloss finish (not flat, not semi-gloss). And don’t forget a lovely statement brass knocker!
What a gorgeous front doorway!!!

Best Regards
Maureen Halter

You have a very distinct and beautiful Georgian entrance. You need to make sure your door retains that style. There is a man named Brent Hull who is a Master Builder and Craftsman who produces period correct millwork and windows for historic restoration projects. You should contact him. He has a YouTube channel.

With the federal bell flower transom window above the door I would think that you would want to stay in line with the architectural details of the door. A cottage door or a leaded glass door that is of a different period don’t do justice to the details. It is a very formal surround and you need to stay with that or look silly. Remember the old saying that “less is more”? I would leave the door solid, paint it a wonderful blue and add a brass knocker, hinges and knob set.

I absolutely LOVE the front entrance to your home. I chose #4 for the glass door but would leave the door white. Question: can you come up with a design in the glass door that would incorporate a similar design as the fanlight, without overdoing it , and just Complimenting the glass design in the fanlight ? I think that is why I chose door number 4 because it has the Curves that mimic the curves in the fanlight.

Please leave your door as is! A wooden storm door with glass panels that correspond to the panels on the front door is a solution that has been used throughout the South. It adds elegance to the home and the front door can then be opened to bring in light. A win-win!!

I do not know the width of your door; however, if it is substantial I would consider French glass door in black and consider painting the decor detail above in black or to match the door hardware. What a lovely new home. Looking forward to seeing more pictures when you post them. Enjoy this new chapter.

Tina…the original door is the most elegant in both design and color. Something about the geometrics of the new glass inserts compete too much with the original glass above the door. The original is far and away the best solution unless you can figure out a way to add sidelights.

All of your glass options appear architecturally wrong for that house and would ruin its look. Instead consider adding another door in front of the existing door with beveled glass over the six panels of the existing door. That way you can leave the main door open and let more light in. Alternatively, if you can’t do that due to the structure And are willing to give up some privacy I would cut out the six panels on the existing door and replace those with beveled glass. In either case I believe a celadon exterior color for the door would be great particularly if you did it in a high lacquered finish. Likewise a gloss very dark green or black would also look well.

I think the best solution is to replace the wooden door panels with beveled glass. In Virginia we refer to it as a “Richmond Door” and it is often done on a storm door with replaceable screen and storm glass panels. The options presented compromise the design of the entrance and are too busy and not classic enough to complement the surround and fanlight. You could also add a door with glass panels in front of the current door so that you could choose privacy or additional light.
Someone once told me that a door should be a teaser as to what’s within and with your love of blue and white it could be blue.

I wouldn’t change the door, it is beautiful as is. The only change, if you feel the need to change it, would be to paint it black. Any of the choices you featured, just don’t seem to go with the facade and style of your home. You have exquisite taste, so no matter what you decide on, it is sure to be beautiful.

I think the glass design in the door should be similar to the glass design in the transom.

I would not change the door at all. Putting in glass panels cheapens the facade and is to italianate for a classic colonial home. I don’t remember if the house has shutters and if so, what color they are. Perhaps you could paint the existing door the same color as the shutters but I still love the door as it is.

I do have a suggestion that could achieve your goal of more light in the foyer. There are two very large shrubs flanking the door. If you removed those and then cut two beautiful round windows trimmed to go with the door on either side voila…you would have added another gorgeous architectural element to your classic home. Even if the windows would be in closets or a powder room it would still work. Just a thought….

To add to my first comment, if you can’t do the round windows on either side of the door, definitely go with the storm door as mentioned in a previous comment. We did that for our home in Michigan. It had a chippendale fret work on the lower third of the glass door and the rest was glass. I will send you a picture….it looked great and solved the problem.

Hey Tina ! I am a big fan and follow your blog and site for the last five years or so…..

RE: your front door….(.I am not a decorator, by the way) . I liked #5 as a choice of door glass….but another thing you might consider…the arch window on TOP of the front door is ok, with the current solid door, but this particular etched design looks like a spider web to me.

I would do # 5 and have the arch glass over the door replaced with glass MATCHING #5,

I think what throws it off, is when you look at the different choices of glass for the body of the door, and keep your current spider-web glass on the arch, is that they will not match and it will seem that there is less continuity .

And I would keep the glass pattern more vintage than some of the ‘harder edges or more contemporary designs….which is why I chose #5 .

So #5 on the body of the door and also replace the arch glass with #5, so it all matches.

Its Just a thought and I hope you don’t mind my suggestions.


My thoughts on your beautiful door…The details above the door are amazing. To highlight that fanlight I would do number 4 with some changes. I would keep the concept of 3 panels of glass going vertical but take out the details at the top of the glass, they are too distracting. I also think the door knob should remain in place where it is currrently. I do think the color should remain the same so it doesn’t distract or over power that beautiful fanlight. It’s an amazing entrance.

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