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Hello there. Hope everyone is off to having a great weekend. Still no snow. I am actually starting to see tulips trying to break through. It’s mid Feb! Strange weather and then to see blizzard warnings in San Diego shows just how wacky our weather really is!

Anyway as I do every Sat. I share a few emails from my dear Dad who has such wisdom and always an interesting perspective so I really do enjoy nearly all that he sends me, and apparently many of you do too, because I know many of you missed this post last Saturday. So we are now back on schedule…..


How Crypto Currency works… an analogy in layman’s terms.



Not long ago a merchant found a lot of monkeys that lived near a certain Village.  One day he came to the Village saying he wanted to buy these monkeys.   He announced that he would buy the monkeys at $100 each.

The Villagers thought that this man must be crazy.  How can somebody buy stray monkeys at $100 each?

Still some People caught some monkeys and gave it to this merchant and he gave $100 for each monkey.

This news spread like wildfire and People caught monkeys and sold them to the merchant.

After a few days, the merchant announced that he will buy monkeys at $200 each.

The lazy villagers also ran around to catch the remaining monkeys. They sold the remaining monkeys at $200 each.

The merchant then announced that he will buy monkeys for $500 each.

The villagers start to lose sleep.  They caught six or seven monkeys which was all that was left and got $500 each.

The Villagers were waiting anxiously for the next announcement.

Then the merchant announced that he is going on holiday for a week, but when he returns, he will buy monkeys at $1000 each!  He also said that his employee will be in charge, and would take care of the monkeys he bought pending his return.

 The Merchant went on holiday.

The Villagers were frantic and very sad as there were no more monkeys left for them to sell at $1000 each as was promised by the Merchant.

Then the Merchant’s Employee contacted them and told them that he would secretly sell them some monkeys at $700 each.

The news spread like wildfire.  As the Merchant promised on his return that he would buy monkeys at $1000 each, they would achieve a $300 profit for each monkey. The next day the Villagers queued up near the Monkey Cage.

The Employee sold all the monkeys at $700 each.  The rich bought monkeys in large lots.  The poor borrowed money from money lenders and bought the rest of the monkeys.

 The Villagers took care of their monkeys and waited for the Merchant to return. However nobody came!  Then they ran to find the Employee.  However he was not to be found.

The Villagers then realized that they have been duped buying the useless stray monkeys at $700 each, and were now unable to sell them.

 This Monkey Business is now known as Bitcoin!

And these are great for a good and light laugh….

I wanted to end this by sharing a picture that is very dear to me of my beloved mom and dad,  the last time they visited us at our home (this was 4 years ago). I just came across it. Makes me cry just looking at it, but blessed to have had the memories that we did together.

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Thanks Dad for your funny, insightful interesting emails that cover a broad array of subjects. You have developed a little fan club over here:) Hope you enjoyed, Wishing everyone a great day! Until next time…

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This is the best explanation of Bitcoin that I could ever get!! Your Dad is a veritable fountain of knowledge! And a source of such interesting observations!! Thank you for sharing him!!

I look forward to your Saturday sharing! It is interesting and fun to read. Thanks for the knowledge and memories.

I like your dad….a lot!!! That story was absolutely fantastic and sooo true!!!! Thank you.

Brilliant! Thank you for sharing his wisdom. Devastating what is happening to our beloved country. Your blog is wonderful!

Love reading your posts, especially on Saturdays. It’s wonderful that children can see their parents as a true love story.
From your posts, I can see how lovely they were together. Hopefully, your dad is doing well and managing life without his best friend. My dad missed my mom very much after her passing.

I really love the postings from your dad!! He sounds so wise & down to earth, too. And his sense of humor is delightful!!

Tina, I always enjoy your blog, however Saturdays with your dad is the best! Thanks for the wonderful words.

Great post, Tina! I always look forward to your Saturday Posts with your dear Dad. The picture of your Mom and Dad is lovely and such a beautiful memory. Enjoy your weekend.

I look forward to Saturdays with your dad. what a wealth of information he has. I think he should start his own blog and just watch how many followers he would acquire. He has such a talent and God has a purpose for this.

Saturday’s with your Dad are so entertaining, informative, and a walk down memory lane all in one! Thank you for sharing his wisdom. Your parents are blessed to have had each other and you!

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