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Hello and happy Sunday to you! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Believe it or not, for one magical hour we got some snow! Not enough for accumulation but it was so beautiful while it lasted! I think my mom had something to do with that, as she knew how much I love snow. I had all but given up hope of seeing any and now can fully channel my energies towards spring, which suits me just fine.

Keeping busy between work, buttoning up PB project and working diligently with our architect on our renovations plans here. Keeping busy has helped in my grieving my mom. Though my happiest days are still when I am home. I am just not up to the kind of socializing we used to do but in time, I am sure that will change.  These projects keep my wheels turning which is exactly what I know my mom would want me to do. The renovation project is exciting but still feels a long ways away. OK, onward to my post this Sunday…..



1. BEAUTIFUL PAINTED CEMENT TILES During my search for the bathroom tiles, I was quite amazed at how far porcelain and painted tiles have come….incredible! Granted, I have not been “in the market” for many years so everything seemed new to me. There were a few of these painted tiles that I found that I did not necessarily have a spot for right now but made note of them just in case, because they are really pretty!

I think this is absolutely gorgeous, in person it is really stunning. I may consider this for part of my greenhouse. It is very heavy duty/durable. Click here for info

Could see this with beautiful painted soft blue cabinetry, this would be stunning for a pool house

Couldn’t this be so sweet for a girls bathroom or a garden space of some kind?

2. SOMETHING I HAVE BEEN DYING TO SHARE WITH YOU. I have been chomping at the bit to share these with you for a while but needed to put my ducks in order (filing for and getting a certificate of registration/copyright was one big one). I have been dreaming of this idea for quite some time.

 Came up with this idea for a new take on Charivari chairs. I could not love these more and I will be throwing a party in their honor. Maybe a summer party, they are coming in 2 styles and will have 3 fabric removable chair cushion styles! These will be here in 5-6 weeks and as we always do with new items, we will hold presale in about 2-3 weeks on these chairs. Fabulous for indoor/outdoor use!

I think these are great to have on hand, whether its a couple to store and have on hand when you need extra chairs or a bunch if you are a regular entertainer. Very excited to get these in!

Say goodbye to the plastic chair and hello to a major upgrade, our wicker stackable chairs!

3. A BEAUTIFUL STORY OF HUMANITY Not sure if you have heard of this story but its remarkrable. One of the most heartwarming stories I have heard in a long time. The heart of this school and the students is just was too good to not share today. This 80 year old janitor in a Texas high school was forced out of retirement due to an increase in his rent. Three ingenious students quickly went to work to raise money, their original goal was $10,000. As of a day ago, their Go Fund me page has reached an amazing $269,000. Inspiring what a group of kind hearted, empathetic students can do when they put their minds and hearts into helping others. Kudos to their parents for raising such good kids. Think it’s safe to say this hard working man will get the break and retirement he well deserves thanks to these exemplary human beings.

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Whenever I need inspiration of any kind, all I need to do is turn to Instagram. Ask and you shall receive.

5 OUR NEW LATTICE ALUMINUM PLANTERS Getting a lot of questions about these and where to find them/how to order. These are cast aluminum and part of our new lattice line which I am totally in love with. We had a small presale on a limited number about 6 weeks ago.  We sold out right away. We have more coming back in stock mid March. If you want to preorder, which will guarantee your order, you can do so by clicking here.

In addition,  this footed scalloped planter above is now going to be coming in a small tabletop version! An 8″ and 10″ version in three finishes will be here later March. We will be holding a presale on these and other items in about 2-3 weeks. These are so elegant for orchids, fresh flowers, ferns, etc….cannot wait!

6 DARLING FUN BAGS I spotted one of these and had to track it down, and my investigative work paid off:) They are from a small company, Duru bag, made in Turkey and every bag is handmade. I think these are such fun and have a Bottega Venetta ish vibe. I was shocked at the pricing which was a nice perk. Ordered the beige and that blue.  I  own a raffia Chanel bag from years ago that I love, that has a similar feeling (and was a whole heck of a lot more) Fun for evenings out and love that they have a crossbody strap so great to wear both daytime and evening.   They are all hand done, come in a big variety of colors and sizes and are just darling. Click here for her Etsy page.

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY I am always curious about my demographic, how many are from the U.S. and abroad. Male or female? Age group? Would love to know! Check all that apply.


We just got in a mega shipment of wicker. We have never been so well stocked on so many incredible wicker pieces. And if you have had your eye on something, today’s your day!

30% off the entire collection

Use code wicker

Click here to see collection and all the new arrivals!

And that is a wrap for this Sunday! Hope you enjoyed my post and wishing everyone a wonderful day and end to your weekend. Woke up to a very light dusting of snow today and it was a sight for sore eyes:) Though I am now very much anticipating spring, flowers, green grass and chirping birds! Until next time….

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Our granddaughter is out for Crew (luvs it!!) & it snowed on them while rowing on Occoquan…she said it was “totally magical.” franki

Hello I am new to discover your beautiful website. Am rather tech savy but do most things from my cell as work full time and on the run. Often you post something like the wonderful stackable chairs then no click there for more info. Price etc description. Keep up the good work but maybe have someone in your company handle product posts w/ easier price access and info combined w/ your magic esthetic appeal.
Am marketing person and said w/ positive vibes. Delegate. You are growing and may be losing portion of the working crowd with money to spend . I would forfeit being dazzled every minute by your products for easier accessibility. Sending my best to you . Your strength is your creativity and ability to transfer your ideas into wonderful products . Keep the average buyer on board as our world moves quickly and we buy quickly and often when it is easy.

The chairs are superb. Brava to you. I will certainly be on the lookout for those. I work with an event planner and those would be fabulous for wedding, events, etc…

Your blog is very enjoyable and always beautiful.

I am in love with those wicker stackable chairs. Well done Tina and those metal urns are a must have.
Your line just gets better.
The bags are really fun too, going visit her site now.
I am 51, from Boston, work part time in advertising, female and LOVE YOUR BLOG~

I’m from Colorado, which is considered Southwest, which wasn’t one of your choices. I said West, which wasn’t necessarily accurate.

The chairs are absolutely beautiful. I will be watching for that sale.!!

I have ordered two of the lattice pieces and cannot wait to add them to my garden.

I agree. Those bags are really fun product did something very similar to those it’s a great look for summer.😊

I just ordered one of those darling bags . Can’t wait to get it. Love the chairs. Great to use for extra seating.

I’ve always loved our Ballard Chiavari chairs. They’ve been so helpful for extra seating, and the size is perfect for tight spacing. The stackable feature is beneficial. I am concerned about the strength of your wicker version. I think they are beautiful and would be lovely for outdoor seating. But will they be sturdy enough to support an average man?

I’ve been following you for years. It has been your practice to give your readers a heads-up on what you are bringing to market without revealing a price. You always get there, Tina, and always worth the wait. Good luck!!

Those chairs!!!!! LOVE!

And those urns with the green patina, will fit beautifully into my new home. You have the best ideas and products.

We put painted cement tiles in our kitchen and adore them. Got ours from Country Floors, you should check them out, they also have some beautiful styles. Cannot wait to see your finish P.Bluff home!

Tina, didn’t see a choice of being from the southwest! Love everything today~Happy Sunday!

Always enjoy your posts and fabulous sense of style.
For demographics I checked West Coast but actually live a little further west…in Hawaii

Love, Love, Love the chairs. Would like to seem them done in white, black, gold, blue, green and pink.
I could use them in my eat-in-kitchen and my patio. Can’t wait….

Tina are you going to restock the small square wicker ginger jar? I have been waiting for this but have never seen it come back. Currently the only one available is the large. The small and medium are showing sold out. The small, which is my preference has been sold out for a good while. I so hope you will reorder this style. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Those handbags are beautiful! Give me a bag with a chain, and I’m in. Thank you for the shot of beauty on a late winter day. And those chairs! I need them and hope they’ll be in your shop very soon. Thank you so much, Tina. I hope you have a beautiful week.

You are one talented dynamo between the chairs and all the lattice pieces I’m in love!
The bags are fantastic going check out the website now. Have a nice Sunday!

Tina – I LOVE the lattice aluminum planters…so similar to the ones I have always admired from “Accents of France” but could never afford! I would like to use them outside, but the planter urns alone are a bit too short and on the stand, a bit too tall.
I would like to use them outside but am concerned that the base might be a bit too small to withstand the windy conditions without toppling over. What are the dimensions of the base on the planter?

Have you given any thought to making them in a larger size and/or with a shorter plinth? I have a pair of white porcelain lattice urns that I use almost all year round inside my home and they are spectacular. Every arrangement looks wonderful, but especially in the Spring with just a bit of dried green moss spilling through the lattice work. My pair measures 16″ H x 12.5″W from handle to handle – a perfect size and scale for my house inside.

I have always wanted several pairs of lattice urns, outside but need them to be larger – around 30″H would be just about perfect. At all times of the year I have 8-10 urns in use, either planted or with Holiday arrangements. Several need to be replace and would love to replace them with your gorgeous lattice urns.

Please let me know if have any intention on making the same urns in a larger size about 30″ high.
Thank you so much for all you do and all of the beautiful items you make available us!

Hi Tina,
Thank you for sharing the story about the 80 year old janitor in Texas . It brought tears to my eyes ! How wonderful of those HS students to raise so much money for this hard working man . And thanks for sharing your dads wisdom with us as well ! I miss my papas wise words as well ! Enjoy your DAds company it’s important as you know time goes by fast !
Love, Dr. Caroline Engelhardt

So glad I scrolled through your comment section before posting mine. I, too, noticed there was no ‘southwest’ on your survey list! Raised in southern New Mexico, lived in El Paso (the true southwest Texas), had my career in Arizona, and retired in Santa Fe, New Mexico. No more beautiful country, sunrise or sunset, than the southwest! Enchanted forests, rivers to raft and desert, both high and low, can fulfill everyone’s dreams. Come for a visit. And next time, include us “happy to be here” folks in your survey lists.

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