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Hi there, it’s Saturday and a time for my dad to take the soapbox. Sharing my dad’s wisdom and his perspective which I am growing to appreciate more and more.

I thought this was a very interesting read, one of the best I have read in a long time and best part, is that it has nothing to do with party lines. Hope you enjoy it, its a long read but well worth it and a few funnies at the end, I promise!


And how about these to ponder over? I cannot disagree!


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Thanks Dad, keep them coming. I learn something new every-time and it certainly opens my mind to thinking about many things in a new light. Thanks for stopping in everyone, my dad is honored to have his own little fan club:) Enjoy your day, until next time

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So very true & so very sad that this country is falling apart!
Sadly I don’t believe people know how good we have it living in this country & what we should have learned from other countries that are governed by power & greed!!!

Magnificent! Many have no clue about how it was 100 years ago because our history is not a huge focus in schools much anymore. “Moms stayed home to raise their kids” was the line that stood out to me because when I see the kids of today I can only wonder what if moms were back in total charge of that one job instead of splitting their focus with some other one. at least until the kids went to school. Something is very wrong these days for sure and honestly the one thing that drives me berserk are those moms that are bringing their kids to those disgusting sexual Drag shows!! OMG so wrong and years ago something that could have your child taken away from you! Sorry, I cannot hold my tongue any longer.

And THIS is why we need term limits. It is why politicians get into office broke and come out extremely wealthy – Joe Biden, Barack o’bama, the Clinton’s, the Bush’s, pelosi’s etc. It is called deep state and is very very evil.

Tina, I’ve followed you since the time you were building your house. There was someone attacking you about something….building a big house, spending too much? I really can’t remember but you defended yourself beautifully. And I’ve been a follower since then. I hope that same person sees the post your dad sent today! It is brilliant! Mary

Loved the entire post and especially the last quote. Basically sums up society now, sad to say.

Share these truths with everyone you know….and thank you for sharing with us every week, Dad!!!

So, so good, so, so true. All of it. Thank you, and thank your dad.
I know “we”, the like minded, are out there. We are just not vocal.

Tina, I just look so forward to your posts with “Saturdays With My Dad”! The comments your dear Dad shared with us are so TRUE! I am going to share your dear Dad’s comments with many of our friends. The whole world needs to read this! We are so thankful for you and your dear Dad! I am so happy to be a part of your Dad’s Fan Club and look forward to his words of wisdom each Saturday! You are so blessed to have such a dear and precious Dad! Thank you, Tina, for sharing your Dad with us! He is loved for the wonderful man he is!

Wow, I love your Dad for sharing these facts that most of us have become so used to we don’t question. I am all for firing the entire group of politicians! And knowing all of those taxes have been imposed in the last 100 yrs. makes me so sad/angry. Why we put up with this is my question of the day!

Bravo !! Someone helping to dispel the myth of the 2-party system. Proof–all politicians work in concert against the American populace.

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