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Hi friends, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. If I am lucky I will be heading somewhere warm for few days to visit friends. Fingers crossed it all works out and we don’t get bombarded with an out of the blue snowstorm:)

Busy week trying to get our warehouse in order as we prepare for a bunch of new spring arrivals. I recognize the need however to take a break and hopefully will be getting one. If you work hard, you get to play hard (at least sometimes) and I need to remind myself of that much more often ! I feel spring is near and at least in our office/warehouse, we are channeling spring fever big time. Hope you are having a great weekend, onwards to my Sunday post!



1 GREAT CUSTOMER PHOTOS Always such fun to see our products in your homes! Here are some recent beautiful submissions. The coffee table I could put out just with my customer’s pictures!

2 FAVORITE NEW PLANTER Really in love with this new trellis planter offered in a beautifuul shade  of grassy green and a soft blue. I put a bunch of our faux florals in oasis and made a beautiful arrangement. I didn’t have fresh so these are always a great back up. These are all part of our 25% off site wide today!

Flowers used were the white lilac, a few sprays of lily of the valley. white hyacinth, 12″ lily of the valley and a few stems of the pink magnolia

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such beauty and inspiration…..

4 EASIEST AND TASTIEST BRUSCHETTA This is so darn good. I often make it as a meal. It is easy, the real key is super ripe tomatoes and good sensoning. Here is what you need-

  • 2 cartons egg tomatoes (I buy them and leave them by a window for a few days)
  • 1/2 red onion
  • One bunch of basil chopped very fine
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • Balsamic reduction
  • Shaved Parmesan (as much or as little as you want)

Cut up the tomatoes very small, add finely diced onion then a good sized handful of chopped basil. Add salt and pepper, then olive oil and a dash of the vinegar. Lightly toast your bread, you can use French, a baguette, a ciabatta roll (it all works) and put topping liberally on bread, add your parmesan shavings and drizzle the reduction over it…yum yum!


5 A PERFECT SPRING CARDIGAN. I bought this and love it. Already wore it once but its a great transition piece as we go from colder weather to spring in the next few months. Great with navy or white, even jeans. Love everything about it, I sized up as I like to layer, click here for info


6 A FANTASTIC NEW PRODUCT (TO ME) I kept reading about how great the Chanel Healthy Glow bronzing cream  is, and I must admit its fantastic! I purchased it last week and its a cream base that you can apply with your hands or a stiff brush. It is super natural which is why I like it. Highly recommend. You can purchase at most dept stores and probably…you guessed it,  on Amazon:) I bought the medium just for reference.



7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY I admit I used to be new junkie. My kids made fun of me that whenever they walked in the house, they knew the news would be on. I have since been detoxing myself of the news (its rarely good anyway)! And you know what? I feel much happier about it.

Even on the way to my office which is a good 40 min drive I used to have noting but the news on, now I listen to either podcasts, spa music, jazz, whatever I feel in the mood for but rarely will you hear the news on in my car. I will admit I do watch in at night just to see a recap of the day. Curious where you stand on the subject?


This is our second and last day of our site wide say where everything is 25%  off! We are calling it our “Busting at the seams” sale because we are chock full (its a good thing)!


And the is a wrap my friend. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Until next time…..

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Those buckles on your striped sweater got me thinking…I’m going to add some to my striped sweater…a well overly used purse has similar on each side…hmmm…franki

Looking fwd to spring as well. Red Wing blackbirds have arrived. Bluebirds checking the cleaned out bird houses. Our herd of deer looking healthy. Red fox have grown. Bulbs coming up all over in the gardens. Can’t wait to get into the garden house and rearrange the decor in there. Evicting the spiders and washing those windows is a chore but worth the effort. Enjoy the sunshine everyone. Dig in the soil and plant something new. Try the angel wings its an annual. It looks fantastic well into fall.

Heavy news watcher here. When it gets too awful, I don’t cut back so much as make sure to rebalance with things that make me happy. The assured dose of pretty here is part of that — thank you. 🙂

I LOVE listening to 96.3 FM, The New Classical, “The World’s Most Beautiful Music,” in Toronto. Uplifting and only a small amount of news and I live in Denver! Wonderful! There is an app for the station or you can tune in on your browser. Has made my life so much calmer.

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