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Good morning! So here I am with another post on our new home. If you missed the 2 previous posts, click here. I am going to take you into the living room today.We are settling in really well and are actually incredibly happy here. It feels like home. Not something neither myself or my husband expected to feel so soon.

Last time, I  shared mostly the foyer and the small changes we have made, strictly cosmetic. Everything here is a work in progress, we are doing very little, anything we are doing is strictly decorative since our renovation will take place if all goes according to plan in early fall.

We are being very mindful of what we want to do and taking it slow and steady.  Hired our old architect (who built our old home) and is a architectural genius who happens to also be an architectural purist especially when it comes to renovations.

The good news is that we have narrowed down the objectives and have a fairly complete floor plan for the changes we want to make. Renovating the baths is simple, but a renovation as some of you may know can be tricky. We are  really happy with the progress of the plans and have the first floor done, now working on the new section of the second floor. We hope to wrap up our plans in the next 4 weeks and then we can file for permits!


So the living room is a large beautiful space with elegant moldings and fabulous window casings. This is the same size as our old living room but a little over a foot wider. The ceilings are 10 vs 12. I really like this room, the gold tone chinoiserie grasscloth though very pretty,  will come down when we begin our work. It’s been here a long time and there are several areas where its deteriorated, but of course you have to look for it.

Plus its too gold of me, I am visualizing a beautiful tonal Gracie chinoiserie or something from Paul Montgomery. The furniture is for the most part temporary but some pieces came from our old house and we will incorporate ways to use them. Overall though,  the color scheme that I foresee is that of pale blues with a touch of green.

We will keep the mantle,  want to add sconces (4 total) and hang two chandeliers. We will do this when the renovation begins. We will also keep the moldings and window casings as they are but eventually paint them to compliment whatever wall treatment I do.The beautiful herringbone floors have some areas that need to be touched up but for the most part are in excellent condition. So likely we will just recondition them.

Here is a before of the living room (before we closed) Very elegant and old world. They created 3 separate sitting areas which is we have done for now as well.

Here it is now as things stand now –

Above and below is the far right end of the room, one of three conversation areas

Above is the other end of the room

Walking into the living room from foyer, to the right is one conversation area and to the left are two others

The middle conversation area (will eventually do a gallery wall of paintings here)

The trim/moldings are just spectacular

This will all stay as is we will just repaint to match whatever I do on the walls

French doors opening to the living room with an entrance to the sunroom beyond

We had just moved about 6 weeks before Christmas but it felt like home when we put up a tree:)

A peek into the sunroom


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So, this is how things stand as of now. It is very comfortable and elegant. We are limited with what we can do since the house will undergo a renovation in early fall, but I am having fun starting to plan the various rooms with how I envision them. It is definitely a process and one we need to be patient for, but since this really and truly is our last hurrah as far as building/renovations goes, getting it right is most important.

The positive thing about the living room is that there is very little that needs to be done, so once I add the new paper new paint, get the floors retained, some electrical fixtures added, its really all about furniture. Will be sure to take you along for the ride!

Thanks for stopping by, next time we will go into our sunroom. Wishing everyone a great day, until next time…..



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so love the molding and trim…. it really adds a special feel to the room…. so happy for you and your family

My goodness I just love that vintage mirror near the sofa in the living room. What a gorgeous space it offers. A grand piano would be lovely in there! I can see why you want to remove the old wallpaper, it’s had it’s time. Love the bones of this house!

You are one lucky lady living in such a grand home. It really must be a passion for you to redecorate all that space. I feel thrilled for you and your family, but also so happy to be able to go along for the ride. Can’t wait for the sunroom. Enjoy your journey!

Do love the architectural detail, wallpaper and window treatment. Must say I prefer the more traditional exquisite furnishings displayed in your previous house but taste can change and it really boils down to style preference. I am sure that it will all come together nicely.

thank you for taking us in this spectacular living realm. I love your taste in furnishings and even though I know you’re saying it’s temporary it’s so well done. It’s a perfect blend of traditional with a slightly more current touch. You are definitely one talented lady, I really really love this new house!

A beautiful home with great details! I am sure it will be spectacular when you are finished decorating with your gorgeous furnishings.

Elegantly beautiful! It will be a joy to watch you add your magic touch of creativity, expertise, and welcoming warmth to your exquisite stately home! I guess we have to exercise patience as well…I can hardly wait. Thank you for taking us along for this exciting ride!

The size of this room is wonderful as are all the beautiful moldings. It is beauty now! I’m looking forward to seeing your design and colors come to life. Always fun. Love your style.

Just gorgeous! I can only imagine how much more beautiful it will be once you add your updates!

A beautiful room in a gorgeous home! it was elegant in the “before” but just can’t put my finger on exactly WHY, but it is so very much better now! I think you have the knack for making things look like they GREW there (were ALWAYS there!)
Are YOU the lucky one to own this home or is it the home that is lucky to have YOU there??

Thanks for the lovely pictures, Tina. Your home is so beautiful! How nice that you have three sitting areas in your living room. The woodwork and coving is so classy. I know that once you add all your personal touches, your living room will be lovely. You have been blessed with having a very special gift and it is so evident with all your special design details. You will enjoy making all these changes to suit your beautiful style. May you be blessed with many wonderful times in your gorgeous new home! Just think how proud your Mom would be to see you and your dear hubby enjoying your beautiful new home!

Oh my, someone had exquisite taste that decorated that room. Looking forward to see how you decorate the room. Love the floor plan.

Your home is needs of pops of color in the form of throw pillows, Asian divider screens and wallpaper. Try THAIBUT wallpaper for inspiration and SCHUMACHER Asian fabric prints for throw pillows. CHARISH, 1st dibs, and CIRCA WHO have wonderful inspired Chinoiserie objects of desire.

Lovely home and a beautiful job as always. You are so talented! I actually love the wall paper, but I can see why you prefer something more in tune with your blue/green color tone preference.

Did you ever share why you decided to sell the previous home that you had built? Although much larger than I could ever afford, your previous brick and limestone house was my absolute dream home! To me it was positively timeless. You have said that the grounds surrounding your new house are exquisite. I think you mentioned that this home is on the water….Was that your reason for making the move? Is this home smaller than your last? Just time for a change? Would love to know your thoughts….

I love building / renovating. and could do it year after year until I ran out of land! It seems you thrive on that as well! Love all that you share with your followers. Thank you!

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