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Hi everyone happy Sunday to you. Hope you are having a great weekend. We are seeing little signs of spring around here and I am loving it. I am done with this crazy, wacky winter weather!  Onward with my post this Sunday, but first I want to announce the 2 lucky winners of our bud vase giveaway-

Please email us your name and shipping address so your prize can be on the way!


1 WALLPAPER TORTURE I don’t know why I torture myself by looking at wallpaper for a house that we will soon be renovating (not entirely) but it will still be a huge mess. I have fallen madly in love with these two gorgeous papers and could so see them for a master bedroom. They are so soothing and just what I would want to walk into at the end of a day!

The one on right,  is on grasscloth and I love the texture. Last house,  I spoke about wallpapering my bedroom for years, never did it (also had a tricky ceiling) but this time when the time is right and our master bedroom redo is done, I am jumping on this immediately!


2  A VERY INTERESTING DOCUMENTARY SERIES Started watching Explained on Netflix and couldn’t stop. I found it fascinating, it covers almost every subject from Bitcoin to plastic surgery, hurricanes to dance crazes and more. I found it very entertaining!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never a shortage of beautiful and inspiring Instagrams to share!

4 A CHIC SUMMER TOTE I love Pamela Munson’s bag line, they scream  chic spring/summer dressing. This fabulous effortless mid sized tote can now be monogrammed with your initials or with your favorite motif, for a limited time (until March 20th)! They have partnered with Faît a Main who does monogramming for such names as Goyard and others to offer this extra service to personalize your tote in the prettiest way possible , click here to find out more.

5 Edible Lily of the Valley First, did you know that lily of the valley is one of the most toxic flowers on the planet? I told someone this who is a very avid gardener and she was shocked. I was too when I first found out. What a paradox, one of the most beautiful, delicate flowers is filed with poison, in fact it has over 30 cardiac glycosides!

So just a word to the wise, be careful with your pets and small kids around them. Makes our incredible faux lily of the valley that much more appealing:) When I found about these incredible sugar edible lily of the valley flowers, I couldn’t click add to cart soon enough. They should be here very soon. I have no idea what I am going to do with with them,  will have fun experimenting so stay tuned! Click here to see

6 OUR NEW FRETWORK PEDESTALS I designed these and could not love them more. They are large and wide, so perfect for a large scaled ginger jar. These are now online as of yesterday. We only have a few white left, a few natural (which can be painted any color) and have pale pink and pale blue coming in! Love them! I am going to try them in my dining room and sunroom too, they look great everywhere and just love the way they elevate a typical round pedestal.

We have a handful left of large in white and natural and the medium,  we have some natural and you can preorder the white. Click here to see

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Two people I know recently got nail infections from visiting a nail salon (different salons). One of them was pretty intense and required several rounds of antibiotics.  Definitely made me think twice about going again to my local salon, though I did. I normally get a pedicure every three-four weeks but don’t do my nails (unless I am going to a wedding/event, I will get them painted). How about you? Do you have an opinion on any hesitance on visiting a nail salon?



And that’s my post for today. I hope you enjoyed it. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful almost spring weekend. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day!

Until next time…..

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Beautiful post. Love the pedestals! And your bedroom. That wallpaper is gorgeous. Can i ask who makes it? I can see why it might be temping! Love P. Munson bags and own a few. Going to check out explained, sounds interesting. Your movie and docu recommendations are always spot on.

What wonderful wallpaper options!
I agree with you on your choice. Are you removing the curtains in lieu of having Roman shades? If do, that would show off your wallpaper even more……have fun!

Tina I am a retired Architect, Designer . Go to Paul Montgomery Murals and Wallpapers and have a look. Also look at Society Social Wallpaper’s .I think you might like her Wallpapers. Many are Peel and stick and I believe pre pasted. Her Wallpapers look like something you would like and do not break the bank. On other products she offers custom colors.

I get my hands and feet polished and treated once a month at someone who used to do this at my dermatologist , and now does it privately. I began this to treat cracked heels and now that they have healed , with this maintenance I never have that again, and they do the manicure and pedicure, and keep up with thick skin etc. I have my own “kit” and all equipment is sterilized. This gives me a great deal of confidence I will not encounter nail fungus etc, which is so easy to catch and then never goes away. I am sure there are similar services near you.

I love the two choices of wallpaper. I favor the ivory background, it will keep the room refreshing.

Those fretwork pedestals are so beautiful! I need a pair for my dining room.

Great paper choices and such an elegant room. can’t wait to follow along.

Adorable totes too!

I love the wallpaper options. The light background is the one I would choose. Also, I have loved your bedding for years! Any chance you might offer bedding in the future? Or, please share who makes your bedding? I didn’t think I could love any house more than your French manor, but this house is even more wonderful. I can’t wait to see all the design ideas and changes you will be making.

I love, love the wallpaper you picked out for your bedroom. Please share where to order it.
I also look forward to your Saturday and Sunday posts!!!!

Love the wallpapers! Please share the source for them if you don’t mind. Am loving your Saturdays with your Dad!

Hi Tina,
Thank you for always having such an interesting and informative blog. I look forward to reading it every Sunday morning!

Now, RE: your beautiful wallpaper choices. If you would like an opinion I am here to offer it. Go with the pale blue….it is gorgeous, love the grass cloth texture and know it will add an extra bit of warmth to your beautiful retreat of a cocoon.

While I like the white one, It just blended in with the bedding and trim…which is beautiful by the way.

So here are my thoughts and just know that I am filled with admiration for what you do!

The grasscloth is beautiful. It adds a wonderful layer and the color is so soothing for a bedroom retreat.

Tina, did you keep bedroom furniture from PB? I like the lighter background wallpaper; however, they are both beautiful.
As for the nail salon question, I have a mani/pedi done at my hair salon, every two weeks. I know that I am safe there, with the same person every time. She is the BEST!

The new pedestals are so pretty! I love the size of the base and the traditional but updated look! Beautiful! Tina, I love how you find the beautiful posts on Instagram. I originally joined for the beautiful pictures and have been cleaning out my account to look at the beauty again. Thank you for the reminder not to waste time on IG if it doesn’t bring joy!

Did you sell the house that started this blog? Are you in another home? It seems strange not to see you puttering around that house.

I clicked on the link for the lily of the valleys. Be careful as they state they are not edible as they contain floral wire, etc. They also say they are for decorative purposes only. Didn’t want you to take a bite and be sorry!

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