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Hi there, as we near the last two months of work on our PB home, I am busy looking at wallpapers. I obsess over pretty wallpapers and am truly like a kid in the most wonderful candy store when I get to go wallpaper shopping. The minute I laid eyes on Danika Herrick’s papers, it was love at first sight. The hardest part was narrowing it down from her vast collection of truly incredible papers and fabrics. I was smitten literally with each and every one. My mind went to far away places, imagining a house with endless rooms so that I could use them to my hearts content.

Then I snapped right back to reality and had to narrow things down….and amazingly, I did! I found two dreamy papers for two bathrooms. I am also on the hunt for one for a small office and potentially a bedroom. And don’t even get me started on what I want to do for our house in NY! I already picked out my eventual office and master bedroom paper. So I want to welcome you to the beautiful world of Danika Herrick wallpapers and fabric.

You will see what the fuss is all about. If you see something you fall in love with, there is a discount code for 20% off all wallpapers and fabrics at the bottom!



Here is what I found and shared of a few that I fell in love with!

I started playing around with coordinating fabric samples with the wallpaper I selected for the powder room in PB and there are too many pretty ones! I love them ALL!

I have also fallen in love with this one for a bedroom….too many beautiful choices!

And here is a look at just some of the beautiful papers that caught my eye….

Here are my contenders that I have been playing with for 2 bathrooms in PB. I think I have made me decision and am so excited over how beautiful these are!



Told you this was a brand worth knowing about! I may never have to look at another wallpaper resource again:)  Only problem is I have fallen in love with so many of these, it’s been hard to narrow things down but I have for PB. Now I am looking for a pretty, soft quiet bedroom paper. 

I am including a discount code if you see something you cannot resist, click here to see her entire collection and be forwarded you will go down the most beautiful rabbit hole!

Please use code DANIKA2023 for 20% off orders.

I look forward to sharing my papers all hung in the next few months! Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time…..




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She is great, have known about her through Spoonflower and ordered many a fabric & wallpaper.
A great resource, for sure.

I’ve never seen so many beautiful wallpapers in one place thank you so much for the introduction. Just moved into a new home and have three rooms that were looking to add wallpaper to. I’m so excited!!

Tina, I completely agree…they are all stunning. One of my favorites is the combination of blue and green with the pagodas!

thank you for the introduction to this beautiful line of wallpaper and fabric. Incidentally, I am redoing our guest room and I see several that could work beautifully.

One is as pretty as the next, and I absolutely love your selections you have the prettiest taste. I can’t wait to see the finished rooms.!

I’m always looking for the flower arrangements that I see in your advertising photos but then can never find those exact ones EVER!!!! Why do you photograph them and then don’t carry them in your line of merchandise???????

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